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Château d’Hautpoul – No Visigothic Evidence
Julian Doyle and The Crucifixion
Who Killed Jesus? by Julian Doyle
Les Pontils Tomb – French Believers Fake News
Le Petit Parchemin, Henri Buthion et Philippe de Chérisey
Rennes-le-Château Tunnel Vision – French Believers
Henri Boudet & R. P. Vannier
Marco Rigamonti – “The Priory of Sion” of 2017
The Message of a Sacred Enigma – Jean-Luc Chaumeil
Philippe Duquesnois & Philippe de Chérisey's Parchments
Jean Girou & The Story of Saunière’s Treasure
Rennes-le-Château Believers’ Polemic
Jesus & Mary Magdalene, but nothing to do with Saunière
Rennes-le-Château and Muddling of Basic Facts
Georges Boyer, A clarification and a warning (1967)
Henri Boudet & l’Hermitage
Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Black Madonnas and 1980
Jean-Luc Chaumeil & Stone and Paper
Rennes-le-Château & Notre Dame de Marceille
Abbé Henri Boudet and La Saponaire
Jean Fourié & Saunière’s “Deathbed Confession”
The Messianic Legacy – Acknowledgments
Vindicta Salvatoris – “Tomb of Christ” Translation
Letter to Bérenger Saunière, 24 January 1908
Historical Study Is Crucial
Robert Richardson and Pierre Plantard (again)
Jesus Christ as Homo Sapiens
How the ‘Jesus' Wife’ Hoax Fell Apart by Jerry Pattengale
Rennes-le-Château, St Sulpice, Signol, and Reversed N
Dan Brown and The Priory of Sion in 2017
Dan Brown’s unoriginal “Origin”
Rennes-le-Château Celebrations, September 2017
Islamic Fundamentalism & Rennes-le-Château Fantasies
Marie Dénarnaud Fake Facts
Marie Dénarnaud “Walking on Gold”
Antoine Captier and Marie Dénarnaud’s “Gold”
Bérenger Saunière, Henri Boudet & Marie Dénarnaud
Bloodlines, Treasures, Mysteries & Secrets
The Journal of Rennes-le-Château Studies
Montségur Reconstituted
Bérenger Saunière Letter Requesting Masses, 1913
The Priory of Sion and The Grail
Pierre Plantard, Point of View of A Hermeticist (1962)
Tomb of Jesus Christ in Septimania
Saunière’s ads for Masses – Rhedesium Website
The Pierre Plantard Split with Baigent, Lincoln & Leigh
François Mitterrand and the Mysteries of Rennes-le-Château
Pierre Plantard Letter, 4 April 1989
Holy Blood Holy Grail Study Guide
Paul Jude et son carnet de recherches
Le Sot Pêcheur
Bergere pas de tentation...
Interview with Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair, 1989
Philippe Brunel Rennes-le-Château Documentaries Project
Pierre Plantard, Gino Sandri and Rennes-le-Château
Dan Brown’s “Origin” not so Original
A War In Trafficking – Rhedesium Website
Pierre Plantard and The French Police
Pierre Plantard Facts From Monsieur Claude Charlot
Pierre Plantard in Prison
Letter about the Priory of Sion dated 8 June 1956
The Da Vinci Code & The Last Supper
The Word, Jesus Christ & Rennes-le-Château
Alfred Leslie Lilley – Evidence He Was In Paris
The Representatives of the Prieure of Sion Rose Croix Veritas ...
Pierre Plantard and Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
The Priory of Sion, in “the shadow of the Alpina”...
Selling Rennes-le-Château Books
Alfred Leslie Lilley in Paris
Jim Marrs, RIP
Pierre Plantard & Jesus Christ
Esoteric Angle of Roman Catholic Traditionalism
Robert Ambelain and Christianity
The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail - Book Review
République française
Pierre Plantard – The Traditionalist Roman Catholic
Coume Sourde Stone invented by Philippe de Chérisey
The New Tolkien Newsletter (1984)
The Secret Life of Mary Magdalene
Mysteries and the Inner Man
Laurence Gardner, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, 1997
The Jesus Bloodline – So What?
Bérenger Saunière’s Vesting Prayer
Abbé Henri Boudet & “Treasure”
Niven Sinclair, RIP
Bérenger Saunière & Comtesse de Chambord
Henry Lincoln and the “treasure” of Rennes-le-Château
Bérenger Saunière & “Terribilis est locus iste”
Bérenger Saunière, Hungarian Lottery, Habsburgs
Bérenger Saunière, Nicolas Poussin, David Teniers
Bérenger Saunière and Fulcran Vigouroux
Abbé Rivière and Espéraza Great War Memorial
Émile Hoffet – Fantasies and Realities
Fringe: Mitterrand & Priory of Sion
Bérenger Saunière & Banque Petitjean
Believers in Fringe History of Rennes-le-Château
Bérenger Saunière Was A Crook
Henry Lincoln quoting Louis Charpentier
The Devil of Rennes-le-Château is not “Asmodeus”
Pierre Plantard's Family-Tree
Secrets d'Église Rennes-le-Château 2017
Philippe de Chérisey’s Treasure of Rennes-le-Château
Saint-Thibéry (Saint Tiberius), Blessed Martyr
Pierre Plantard: Dotty Fantasist
Rennes-le-Château Tourism & Claudia Procula
Rennes-le-Château, Vindicta Salvatoris, Doumergue
Plantard, de Chérisey and Hexagonal France
Holy Blood and Holy Grail Schlimazel 1982-2017
The Octopus and the Priory of Sion
Michael Baigent's Dishonest Claims
De Chèrisey's Big Parchment: Why Stephen Anderson Is Wrong
Abbé Mazières, Patrick Mensior and Coume Sourde “Stone”
Coume Sourde “Stone” Questions & Answers
Coumesourde “stone” Revelations 1962-1967
Le Serpent Rouge – Classic Fake
Philippe de Chèrisey and his Rennes-le-Château “facts”
Philippe de Chèrisey, Oulipo and Georges Perec
Philippe de Chèrisey's “Gladio” in Circuit
Jesus, his wife and the Merovingians by Philippe de Cherisey
The Fantasy “Temple Rond at Blanchefort”
Pierre Plantard's Rubbish
Pierre Plantard and the “tomb of Gnaius Pompey”
Pierre Plantard and the Vichy Regime
Pierre Plantard’s TEMPLE ROND – Timeline
Pierre Plantard and his “Underground Temple”
Pierre Plantard and Roque Négre (Mount Blanchefort)
Pierre Plantard, Saviour of France… by Jean-Jacques Bedu
Pierre Plantard and World War 2
Pierre Plantard and Captain Way
Pierre Plantard – The False Prophet
Pierre Plantard Criminal Convictions 1953 and 1956
File GA P7, Police Reports on Pierre Plantard
The Real Historical Origin of the Priory of Sion
Priory of Sion Archive – Interview with Jean-Luc Chaumeil
Rennes-le-Château and Priory of Sion – English language books
The 1989 Plantard Comeback
Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre and the End of the Priory of Sion

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