Note: By 2 April 2012 “Ben Hammott” admitted this was all a hoax on his website found here.

Tomb of Mary Magdalene discovered in Rennes-le-Château!

Paul Smith

It has been announced that the "tomb" of Mary Magdalene has been "discovered" in the region of Rennes-le-Château (amongst other vitally important relics)!

So far, no serious official archaeological excavation has taken place, although those claiming to have made the discovery are repeatedly claiming that it will take place – they have also contaminated the archaeological site – by removing various artefacts and relics from it to other countries for analysis and examination (hair strands from a mummy, parchment from a bottle, wooden chest, etc) – although there is absolutely no evidence in existence that they have received official permission to carry out such activities from the French organisation in charge of archaeological affairs: DRAC (Directions régionales des affaires culturelles). Also there is no evidence that DRAC is taking any of this seriously.

Bloodline: a "documentary" by Bruce Burgess, tentatively supported the people behind this discovery, but disastrously failed to convince anyone else! A book has even been written and published – in advance of any official archaeological excavation and forensic analysis to determine authenticity!

If the "tomb" of Mary Magdalene really does exist in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Château, and if all of this happens to be genuinely overlooked by DRAC and French archaeology – then it is vitally important for somebody to inform Christine Albanel, the French Minister of Culture and Communication – who is in charge of DRAC – about this state of affairs! This is important!

Christine Albanel,
the French Minister of Culture and Communication