Philippe Brunel
Rennes-le-Château Documentaries Project

Paul Smith

24 September 2017
Put online at: 6:24 PM GMT

22 August 2017: Documentary-maker Philippe Brunel started the Projet Kisskissbankbank, (“L’abbé, le diable et les chercheurs”, Little Big Films) hoping to attract enough subscribers to plan about 6-7 documentary episodes about the subject matter of Rennes-le-Château (reported in La Dépêche du Midi on 2 September). An online appeal for donations quickly attracted the sum of over 5.000 Euros from 40 people. The unrelenting and voracious appetite about the mystery and treasure of Rennes-le-Château continues unabated in 2017 – despite the existence of evidence showing that Bérenger Saunière amassed over 200,000 francs between 1896-1915 from trafficking in masses – was summoned to a trial in 1910-1911 to explain his actions – was stripped of his priesthood – and planned to move to Lourdes, but was unable to do so because he could not sell his property (through the Banque Petitjean) to finance his plan.

The popular versions of the story involving Amazing Stories are generally hoaxes perpetrated by charlatans (parchments, stones, gravestones, Merovingian genealogies, Saunière protected by the Vatican, trips to Paris, etc).

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