Henry Lincoln quoting Louis Charpentier

Paul Smith

4 June 2017

Here from the 1979 documentary The Shadow of the Templars, Henry Lincoln quotes an alleged passage by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux from Louis Charpentier’s 1966 book The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral – but Charpentier’s account was pure invention because Saint Bernard said no such thing. It’s all a fake. Henry Lincoln didn’t bother to check. It’s a pity that Henry Lincoln accepted Gérard de Sède just as seriously in 1969.

Louis Charpentier’s fake quote (in full) attributed to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux:

“The work has been accomplished with our help. And the knights have been sent on the journey through France and Burgundy, that is to say, Champagne, under the protection, as we shall see, of the Count of Champagne, where all precautions can be taken against all interference by public or ecclesiastical authority; where at this time one can best make sure of a secret, a watch, a hiding-place.”

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