Paul Smith  

26 January 2018

Put Online at 22:40 GMT

Sandy Hamblett is repeating canards originating from Philippe de Chérisey – who spun some fables about the Countess of Blanchefort’s gravestone and even at one stage claimed to possess an infra-red photograph of it. This inspired accretions. Sandy Hamblett’s deep research...

Below, a well-known photograph of the fake gravestone of the Countess of Blanchefort (one of several) – that Henry Lincoln peddled as being authentic (photo from page 159 in Jean-Pierre Monteils’ book, Nouveaux Trésors à Rennes-Le-Château, 1974).

Below, some more photos purporting to be the gravestone of the Countess of Blanchefort, taken from various sources. The gravestone was either in the cemetery of Rennes-le-Château or in the possession of a private individual in Carcassonne – the believers are unable to make up their minds and produce a coherent story.

Rennes-le-Château Timeline