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Authors - A

David Aaronovitch
-Voodoo Histories: The Role of The Conspiracy Theory In Shaping Modern History (2009)

Bernard S. Aaronson (Bernard Seymour Aaronson), 1924-1990; Humphry Osmond (Humphry Fortescue Osmond), 1917-2004; Editors
-Psychedelics: The Uses and Implications of Psychedelic Drugs (1970)
* Humphry Osmond first coined the term “Psychedelics” in 1957 when addressing a meeting of the New York Adademy of Sciences
* Humphry Osmond first introduced psychedelics to Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) in May 1953

Gerard Aartsen
-George Adamski: A Herald For The Space Brothers (2010; Revised Edition, 2012)
-Priorities For A Planet In Transition: The Space Brothers' Case For Justice and Freedom (2015; Revised Edition, 2015)

Peter de Abano (Pietro d'Abano, Petrus De Apono, Petrus Aponensis), 1257-1316
-Heptameron Or, Magical Elements of Peter Abano [with] The Arbatel of Magick (Limited Edition of 1,000 hand-numbered copies, 2004; 2010; 2014; Heptameron was originally published in 1492, republished in circa 1600 entitled “Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy” attributed to Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa [1486-1535], translated into English in 1655 by Robert Turner [active 1654-1665])

David P. Abbott (David Phelps Abbott), 1863-1934
-Behind The Scenes with The Mediums (1916)

Lyman Abbott, 1835-1922
-The Theology of An Evolutionist (1900, 2008)

Edward Abdill
-The Secret Gateway: Modern Theosophy and The Ancient Wisdom Tradition (2005)
-Masters of Wisdom: The Mahatmas, Their Letters, and The Path (2015)

George O. Abell (George Ogden Abell), 1927-1983; Barry Singer; Editors
-Science and The Paranormal: Probing The Existence of The Supernatural (1981, 1983)

David F. Aberle (David Friend Aberle), 1918-2004
-The Peyote Religion Among The Navaho (appendix by Denis F. Johnston [1924-2014], 1967)

David F. Aberle (David Friend Aberle), 1918-2004; Omer C. Stewart (Omer Call Stewart), 1908-1991
-Navaho and Ute Peyotism: A Chronological and Distributional Study (1957)

“Dante Abiel”
-Necromantic Sorcery, with The Forbidden Rites of Death Magick presented by E. A. Koetting (Limited Velvet Edition of 372 copies; Deluxe Hardcover Pigskin Bound Limited Edition of 72 copies, 2013)
-Manifestations of The Left Palm: An Addendum To Necromantic Sorcery (circa 2014)

Hiram Abiff (or Adoniram; empyrean concept modelled upon Hiram in Old Testament)
* See Samuel Prichard
* See Gérard de Nerval, 1805-1855
* See Jeremy L. Cross, 1783-1860 [Amos Dolittle, 1754-1832]

Lyndy Abraham
-Marvell & Alchemy (1990)
-Harriot's Gift To Arthur Dee: Literary Images From An Alchemical Manuscript (1993)
-A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery (1998)
* See also Arthurus Dee, 1579-1651

Ralph Abraham (Ralph H. Abraham)
-Chaos, Gaia, Eros: A Chaos Pioneer Uncovers The Three Great Streams of History (1994; Fourth Edition, 2011)
* See also Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph H. Abraham, Terence McKenna, 1946-2000

Charles E. Abrahamson, 1917-2007
-Eternal Recognition of Operation Sunbeam: Based on A Lecture Given by Dr George King (1983)
* See also George King, 1919-1997

Charles E. Abrahamson, 1917-2007; Editor
-The Holy Mountains of The World: Charged In Operation Starlight (1994)

Dorothy Louise Abrams
-Identity and The Quartered Circle: Studies In Applied Wicca (2013)

Lesley Abrams, James P. Carley; Editors
-The Archaeology and History of Glastonbury Abbey: Essays In Honour of The Ninetieth Birthday of C. A. Ralegh Radford (1991)
* See also C. A. Ralegh Radford, 1900-1999
* See also James P. Carley

Nancy Abrams (Nancy Ellen Abrams)
-A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and The Future of Our Planet (forewords by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Paul Davies, 2015)

Nancy Ellen Abrams, Joel R. Primack
-The New Universe and The Human Future: How A Shared Cosmology Could Transform The World (The Terry Lectures Series) (2012)
* See also Joel R. Primack, Nancy Ellen Abrams

“Acharya S” (Dorothy Milne Murdock, 1960-2015)
-The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold (introduction by Kenn Thomas, 1999)
-Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled (2004)
* See also D. M. Murdock

Joel Achenbach (Joel Leroy Achenbach)
-Captured By Aliens: The Search for Life and Truth in a Very Large Universe (1999)

Peter Ackroyd, CBE, FRSL
-The House of Doctor Dee (Novel, 1993)

Derek Acorah (Derek Francis Johnson)
-The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah: Star of TV's “Most Haunted” (2004, 2005, 2010)
-Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah: Star of TV's “Most Haunted” (2005)
-Haunted Britain: Over 100 of The UK's Scariest Places To Visit (2006)
-Haunted Britain and Ireland: Over 100 of The Scariest Places To Visit In The UK and Ireland (2006)
-Ghost Towns: From The Hit TV Series (2006)
-Derek Acorah: Amazing Psychic Stories (2006)
-Derek Acorah: Extreme Psychic (2007)
-Haunted! Scariest Stories From The UK's No. 1 Psychic (2008)
* See also Philip Solomon
* See also Gill Paul

Derek Acorah (Derek Francis Johnson), John G. Sutton
-The Psychic World of Derek Acorah: The Essential Guide To Developing Your Hidden Powers (1999, 2005)

Aaron Adair
-The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View (foreword by Bob Berman, 2013)

Jean-Pierre Adam
-Roman Building: Materials and Techniques (foreword by Professor Michael Fulford, 1993; Revised Edition 1999; originally published in French in 1989 entitled La Construction Romaine: matériaux et techniques)
* This book demonstrates how the megaliths at Baalbek, Lebanon were constructed and positioned into place – information dodged by fringe historians
* See also L. Sprague De Camp, 1907-2000

Cameron Adams, David Luke, Anna Waldstein, Ben Sessa, David King; Editors
-Breaking Convention: Essays on Psychedelic Consciousness (2014)
* See also Ben Sessa

Evangeline Adams (Evangeline Smith Adams), 1868-1932
-The Bowl of Heaven (1926)
-Astrology: Your Place In The Sun (1927)
-Astrology: Your Place Among The Stars (1930)

Frank O. Adams
-Sindon: A Layman's Guide To The Shroud of Turin (with contribution by John A. DeSalvo; 1982)

Mark Adams
-Turn Right At Machu Picchu: Rediscovering The Lost City One Step At A Time (2012)
-Meet Me In Atlantis: My Obsessive Quest To Find The Sunken City (2015)

Paul Adams
-Haunted Luton & Dunstable (2012)
-Ghosts & Gallows: True Stories of Crime and The Paranormal (2012)
-Haunted St Albans (2013)
-The Little Book of Ghosts (2014)
-Written In Blood: A Cultural History of The British Vampire (2014)
-Haunted Stevenage (foreword by Eddie Brazil, 2016)
* See also Tony Broughall, Paul Adams

Paul Adams, Eddie Brazil
-Extreme Hauntings: Britain's Most Terrifying Ghosts (foreword by Guy N. Smith, 2013)

Paul Adams, Eddie Brazil, Peter Underwood
-The Borley Rectory Companion: The Complete Guide To 'The Most Haunted House In England' (foreword by Colin Wilson [1931-2013]; 2009)
-Shadows In The Nave: A Guide To The Haunted Churches of England (Shadows series) (2011)
* See also Peter Underwood, 1923-2014

W. H. Davenport Adams (William Henry Davenport Adams), 1828-1891
-Curiosities of Superstition and Sketches of Some Unrevealed Religions (1882)
-Witch, Warlock, and Magician; Historical Sketches of Magic and Witchcraft In England and Scotland (1889)

W. Marsham Adams (Walter Marsham Adams), 1838-date of death unknown
-Zenobia; or, The Fall of Palmyra: A Tragedy. In Three Acts [and in verse] (1870)
-The House of The Hidden Places: A Clue To The Creed of Early Egypt (1895)
-The Book Of The Master; or, The Egyptian Doctrine Of The Light Born Of The Virgin Mother (1898)
-Book of The Master of The Hidden Places (omnibus of The House of The Hidden Places and The Book of The Master; edited with a foreword by E. J. Langford Garstin [1893-1955], 1933, 1980)

George Adamski, 1891-1965
-Questions and Answers by The Royal Order Of Tibet. Wisdom of The Masters of The Far East, Volume 1 (as “Professor” George Adamski; 1936, 1974; Revised into a monograph series entitled Science of Life Study Course, 1964)
-Petals of Life: Poems (pamphlet, 1937)
-Pioneers of Space: A Trip To The Moon, Mars and Venus (Novel, ghost-written by Lucy McGinnis [nee Lucy Rutt, 1901-1982], 1949; the existence of this novel was revealed in 1967 by Frank Edwards [1908-1967]. Attributed to “Professor” George Adamski, introductions by Timothy Green Beckley and William Hamilton III, 2008)
-In My Father's House Are Many Mansions (pamphlet, 1955; also entitled Many Mansions, 1974)
-Inside The Space Ships (foreword by Desmond Leslie [1921-2001], 1955, 1956, 1966, 1971; Revised Edition with portions from Flying Saucers Have Landed, 1980; also entitled Inside The Flying Saucers, 1967, 1974)
-Press Conference with Detroit Ministers (pamphlet, 1955)
-Religion and Saucers (transcript of public lecture, pamphlet, 1955)
-Private Group Lecture For Advanced Ministers [Lecture, Detroit, May 4, 1955] (pamphlet, circa 1955)
-The World of Tomorrow (pamphlet, transcript of public lecture, 1955)
-Cosmic Science (monograph series of pamphlets, 1957)
-Cosmic Science Questions and Answers: 2 Parts (1958)
-Telepathy: The Cosmic or Universal Language (monograph series of pamphlets, 1958)
-Flying Saucers Farewell (1961; also entitled Behind The Flying Saucer Mystery, 1967)
-Cosmic Philosophy (1961)
-Special Report: My Trip To The Twelve Counsellors Meeting That Took Place On Saturn (pamphlet, 1962; circa 1983)
-A Challenge To Spiritual Leaders (pamphlet, 1965)
-Answers To Questions Most Frequently Asked About Our Space Visitors (1965)
* George Adamski Founded The Royal Order Of Tibet during the 1920s
* George Adamski claimed he met extraterrestrial Orthon from the planet Venus on 26 November 1952 at Desert Center, California
* See also Desmond Leslie, 1921-2001; George Adamski, 1891-1965
* See also Gray Barker, 1925-1984
* See also Colin Bennett, 1940-2014
* See also Louise Zinsstag, 1905-1984; Timothy Good
* See also Eileen Buckle
* See also Norman Oliver
* See also Giorgio Dibitonto
* See also Reverend John Miller, STM
* See also Robert Perry Collins
* See also William L. Moore; Editor
* See also Ruth E. Norman, 1900-1993 (1974)
* See also Richard Ogden
* See also Dr Delbert Blair, 1934-2016

John Addey (John Michael Addey), 1920-1982
-Astrology Reborn: Being The Second C.E.O. Carter Memorial Lecture Delivered at The Astrological Association Conference, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 1971 (C.E.O. Carter Memorial Lectures) (booklet, 1971)
-Harmonics In Astrology: An Introductory Text-Book To The New Understanding of An Old Science (1976)
-A New Study of Astrology: Together with Astrology Reborn and The Documentation of Birth Types (1996)
* John Addey Founded “The Urania Trust” in 1970

John Addey (John Michael Addey), 1920-1982; Editor
-Harmonic Anthology (1976)

Charles G. Addison (Charles Greenstreet Addison), circa 1812-1866
-The History of The Knights Templars, The Temple Church, And The Temple (1842; 1997 reprint contains introduction by David Hatcher Childress)

Arno Adelaars, Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Christian Rätsch
-Ayahuasca: Rituals, Potions and Visionary Art From The Amazon (2016)
* See also Surendra Bahadur Shahi, Christian Rätsch, Claudia Müller-Ebeling
* See also Dr Christian Rätsch, Claudia Müller-Ebeling

Margot Adler
-Drawing Down The Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess Worshippers and Other Pagans In America Today (1979, 1986; revised and expanded edition with a completely updated resource guide, 2006)
-Heretic's Heart: A Journey Through Spirit And Revolution (1997)
-Vampires Are Us: Understanding Our Love Affair with The Immortal Dark Side (2014)

Carol Adrienne
-The Numerology Kit (1988)
-Your Child's Destiny: A Numerology Guide For Parents (1994)
-The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place In The World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, And Uncommon Sense. “As Seen On Oprah” (foreword by James Redfield, 1998, 1999)
-The Purpose of Your Life Experiential Guide (1999; also entitled Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life: Getting To The Heart of Your Life's Mission, 2001)
-When Life Changes or You Wish It Would: How To Survive and Thrive In Uncertain Times (2002)
* See also James Redfield, Carol Adrienne

Thomas Ady, flourished 17th century
-A Candle In The Dark, or A Treatise On The Nature of Witches and Witchcraft: Being Advice To Judges, Sheriffes, Justices of The Peace and Grand-Jury-Men, What To Do, Before They Passe Sentence on Such As Are Arraigned for Their Lives, as Witches (1656)
-A Perfect Discovery of Witches. Shewing The Divine Cause of The Distractions of This Kingdom, and Also of The Christian World (1661)
-The Doctrine of Devils, Proved To Be The Grand Apostacy of These Later Times. An Essay Tending To Rectifie Those Undue Notions and Apprehensions Men have About Daemons and Evil Spirits (1676)

Murtada ibn al-‘Afif (Murtadi, the son of Gaphiphus), 1154-1237
-The Egyptian History, Treating of The Pyramids, The Inundation of The Nile, and Other Prodigies of Egypt, According To The Opinions and Traditions of The Arabians (Translated by John Davies [1625-1693], 1672, 2011; also entitled The Prodigies of Egypt, 2015; published in French in 1666 entitled L'Egypte de Mvrtadi Fils Dv Gaphiphe, Ov Il Est Traité Des Pyramides, du débordement du Nil, & des autres merueilles de cette Prouince, selon les opinions & traditions des Arabes)
* See also Jason Colavito; Editor

“Philo Agape” (allegedly Winton Schartz Redondo)
-Inter-Planetary Love: A Manual (1965; also entitled Cosmic Pleasure, 1970; also entitled Extraterrestrial Ecstasy, 1974)
* See also Winton Schartz Redondo

Doris Agee
-Edgar Cayce on ESP (edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce [1907-1982], 1969, 1987, 1988)

“Jeanette Agnes” (pseudonym)
-The Seventh Seal (1920, 2010, 2013)

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim), circa 1486-1535
-Henrie Cornelius Agrippa, Of The Vanitie and Vncertaintie of Artes and Sciences (1575; also entitled The Vanity of Arts and Sciences, 1684; 1974; originally published in Latin entitled De incertitudine et vanitate scientiarum atque artium declamatio invectiva, 1526)
-Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1651; Revised translation 1898; Latin Text with English Translation edited by V. Perrone Compagni, 1992; originally published in Latin entitled De Occulta Philosophia Libri Tres, Book I, 1531; Books II, III, 1533)
-Female Pre-Eminence; or, The Dignity and Excellency of That Sex, Above The Male (1670; 1996; originally published in Latin entitled Declamatio de nobilitate et praecellentia foeminei sexus, 1529)
* Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa first took seriously the accusations that the Order of Knights Templar practiced Witchcraft and Magic; that has since been widely accepted within modern popular culture
* See also Donald Tyson, Editor
* See also Marc Van der Poel
* See also Christopher I. Lehrich

Diane Ahlquist
-Moon Spells: How To Use The Phases of The Moon To Get What You Want (2002)
-White Light: The Complete Guide To Spells and Rituals For Psychic Protection (2002)
-The Complete Idiot's Guide To Fortune Telling (2006)
-The Complete Idiot's Guide To Life After Death (2007)
-The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Law of Attraction (2008)

Khwaja Nazir Ahmad, 1897-1970
-Jesus In Heaven on Earth (as Al-haj Khwaja Nazir Ahmad, 1952, 1956, 1972, 1988; also entitled Jesus In Heaven on Earth: Journey of Jesus To Kashmir, His Preaching To The Lost Tribes of Israel and Death and Burial In Srinagar, 1998, 2011)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, 1835-1908
-Jesus In India: Jesus' Deliverance From The Cross & Journey To India (1944, 1962, 1973, 1978, 1989, 1991, 1995, 2003; originally published in Urdu entitled Masih Hindustan Mein, 1908; the introduction was written in 1899)
* Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Founded The Ahmadiyya movement
* Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that the remains of Yuz Asaf in the shrine of Roza Bal in Srinagar are those of Jesus of Nazareth (pages 61-62, 1944 Edition)

Naisha Ahsian, Robert Simmons, Hazel Raven
-The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach (2005, Revised Edition 2007)

Raje Airey
-50 Natural Ways To Relieve A Hangover (2003)
-Natural Magic: How To Use The Forces of Nature For Personal Empowerment, White Witching and Good Spellweaving (2004)
-50 Natural Ways To Better Breathing: Beat Allergies, Fight Respiratory Ailments and Boost Energy (2004)
-Feel Better Naturally: Over 250 Tips For Feeling Great and Performing Better. The Complete Guide To Health, Harmony and Simple Ways To Stay On Top of Life (2005)
-Making Spells For Good Magic (2005)
-Spells, Charms & White Magic: A Practical History of Natural Witchcraft (2006)
-Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally (2006)
-Nature's Scents: Harnessing The Powers of Aroma For Health & Well-Being (2008)
-Ayurveda: A Concise Guide To Using The Ancient Indian System of Holistic Healing (2013)
-50 Ways To Cure A Hangover: Natural Remedies and Therapies (2013)
-50 Natural Ways To Relieve A Cold: Instant, Simple Hints and Tips For Curing The Common Cold (2013)
-50 Tips To Cure A Headache: Natural Ways To Activate The Body's Own Healing Process (2013)
-Energy Healing: Using The Powers Of Nature. Therapies For Mind, Body And Spirit (2014)
-Healing With Touch: Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki. A Concise Guide To The Therapeutic Power of Hands (2015)
* See also Mark O'Connor, Raje Airey

Raje Airey, Jessica Dolland
-50 Natural Ways To Feel Sexy (2004)

Raje Airey, Jessica Houdret
-The Handbook of Alternative Healing (2004)
-The Practical Encyclopedia of Self-Healing: A Mindful Approach To Holistic Fitness (2016)

Raje Airey, Charlotte Melling
-Holy Smoke: Using Incense and Scent In The Home (2003)
-Incense And Scent In The Home (2006)

Susanna Akerman
-Queen Christina of Sweden and Her Circle: The Transformation of a Seventeenth-Century Philosophical Libertine (1991)
-Rose Cross Over The Baltic: The Spread Of Rosicrucianism In Northern Europe (Brill's Studies In Intellectual History 87) (1998)
* See also John Christian Laursen, Richard H. Popkin, 1923-2005; Editors

Steven L. Akins
-The Lebor Feasa Runda: A Druidic Grammar of Celtic Lore and Magic (2008)
* Translation of the only extant transcription of the now lost alleged “Black Book of Loughcrew”, giving the doctrines of the Celtic priesthood, considered to be fraudulent

Craig Albanese
-Nature Religion In America: From The Algonkian Indians To The New Age (foreword by Martin E. Marty; 1990)

Walter J. Albersheim, 1897-circa 1982
-The Conscience of Science and Other Essays (Rosicrucian Library XL) (1982)
* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

Alaric Albertsson
-Travels Through Middle Earth: The Path of A Saxon Pagan (2009)
-Wyrdworking: The Path of A Saxon Sorcerer (2011)
-Perception (Novel, 2011)
-To Walk A Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality For Every Day (2013)

“Frater Albertus” (Frater Albertus Spagyricus; Dr Albert Richard Riedel, 1911-1984)
-The Alchemist's Handbook: Manual For Practical Laboratory Alchemy (foreword by Israel Regardie [1907-1985], 1960; Second Revised Edition with new preface by author, 1974; 1987)
-From 'One' To 'Ten' (Limited First Edition of 500 copies, 1966; 1998 Limited Edition entitled Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica, Plain and Honest Directions on How To Make The Stone & From “One” To “Ten”; contains two works – Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica being an anonymous manuscript first published in 1711 in Leipzig)
-Men and Cycles of The Universe (1970)
-The Alchemist of The Rocky Mountains (Limited Edition of 500 copies, 1976)
-Gently I Answered and Said... (Limited Edition of 500 copies, 1978)
-The Seven Rays Of The QBL (1981, 1985)
* Frater Albertus Founded The Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City in 1960, later becoming The Paracelsus College in 1980

James E. Alcock
-Parapsychology: Science or Magic? A Psychological Perspective (1981)
-Science and Supernature: A Critical Appraisal of Parapsychology (1990)

James E. Alcock, Jean Burns, Anthony Freeman; Editors
-PSI Wars: Getting To Grips With The Paranormal (2003)
* See also Jim Channon
* See also Elmar R. Gruber
* See also John Herlosky
* See also Lyn Buchanan
* See also Loyd Auerbach
* See also W. Adam Mandelbaum
* See also Edwin C. May, Sonali Bhatt Marwaha; Editors
* See also Jonathan D. Moreno
* See also Joseph McMoneagle
* See also David Morehouse
* See also Paul H. Smith
* See also Michael D. Mumford, Andrew M. Rose, David A. Goslin

Roy Ald
-The Case For An Afterlife: A New And Startling Report (1968)
-The Youth Communes: An Articulate Analysis of The Movement of American Youth Toward Communal Living (1970)
-The Man Who Took Trips: A True Experience In Another Dimension (1971)

Clifford Lindsey Alderman, 1900-1988
-The Devil's Shadow: The Story of Witchcraft in America (1967)
-A Cauldron of Witches: The Story of Witchcraft (1973)
-Witchcraft in America (1974)
-Symbols of Magic: Amulets and Talismans (1977)

Wagner Alegretti
-Retrocognitions: An Investigation Into Memories of Past Lives and The Periods Between Lives (preface by Waldo Vieira, 2004)

Eben Alexander (Eben Alexander III)
-Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into The Afterlife (2012)
-The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving The Afterlife (2014)
* “Seeking Heaven: Sound Journeys Into The Beyond” Audio CD, 2013

John B. Alexander
-UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities (foreword by Jacques F. Vallée, introduction by Burt Rutan, commentary by Tom Clancy [1947-2013], 2011)

Marc Alexander
-A Companion To The Folklore, Myths & Customs of Britain (2002, 2006)

Rolf Alexander, 1891-date of death unknown
-The Power of The Mind: The System of Creative Realism (1956; 1989 Edition entitled The Healing Power of The Mind: Practical Techniques For Health and Empowerment)
-The Mind In Healing: A Practical Guide To Full Mental and Physical Health (1958)

Steven Alexander, Karen Alexander
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2000: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (foreword by John Mitchell, 2000)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2001: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2001)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2002: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2002)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2003: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2003)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2004: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2004)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2005: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2005)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2006: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2006)
-Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries (2006, 2009)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2007: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2007)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2008: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2008)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2009: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2009)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2010: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2010)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2011: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2011)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2012: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2012)
-Crop Circle Yearbook 2013: A Pictorial Tour of Crop Circles And Their Landscapes (2013)

William Henry Alexander
-Antoine Court de Gébelin and his Monde primitif (PhD Thesis, 1972)
* Antoine Court de Gébelin (Antoine Court), circa 1719-1784

Alan F. Alford, 1961-2011
-Gods of The New Millennium: The Shattering Truth of Human Origins (1997, 1998, 2001)
-The Phoenix Solution: Secrets of A Lost Civilization (1998, 1999)
-When The Gods Came Down: The Catastrophic Roots of Religion Unveiled (2000)
-The Atlantis Secret: A Complete Decoding of Plato's Lost Continent (2001)
-Pyramid of Secrets: The Architecture of The Great Pyramid Reconsidered In The Light of Creational Mythology (2003)
-The Midnight Sun: The Death and Rebirth of God In Ancient Egypt (2004)

John Algeo
-The Black God and The White Prince: Names of Krishna and Arjuna In The Bhagavad Gita (pamphlet, 1980)
-Reincarnation Explored (1987)
-Senzar (booklet, 1988)
-Getting Acquainted With The Secret Doctrine: A Study Course (1990)
-Unlocking The Door: Studies In The Key To Theosophy (Wisdom Tradition Books 3) (2001)
-Theosophy: An Introductory Study Course (2003)
*John Algeo was Vice President of the Theosophical Society Adyar

John Algeo, Shirley J. Nicholson
-The Power of Thought: A Twenty-First Century Adaptation of Annie Besant's Classic Work 'Thought Power' (2001, 2006)
* See also Shirley Nicholson

“Abdul Alhazred”
-Al Azif: The Necronomicon (Limited Edition of 348 numbered copies, preface by L. Sprague de Camp [1907-2000]; designed by Robert Dills; 1973)

Brian J. Allan
-The Believers: A Reinterpretation of Mystical and Religious Phenomena (2008)
-Heretics: Past and Present – Can We Now Explain The Unexplainable? (2010)
-The Dark Messiah: Magick, Gnosis & Religion (2010)
-Revenants: Haunted People & Haunted Places (2010)

D. S. Allan (Derek S. Allan), 1917-date of death unknown; J. B. Delair (J. Bernard Delair)
-When The Earth Nearly Died (1994; also entitled Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence Of A Cosmic Catastrophe In 9500 B.C., introduction by Rand Flem-Ath, 1997)

John Marco Allegro, 1923-1988
-The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Story of The Recent Manuscript Discoveries and Their Momentous Significance For Students of The Bible (1956, Revised Edition, 1958; Second Revised Edition entitled The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Reappraisal, 1964; 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992; 1964 Second Revised Edition also entitled The Mystery of The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed, 1981)
-The People of The Dead Sea Scrolls (1958, 1959)
-The Treasure of The Copper Scroll: The Opening and The Decipherment of The Most Mysterious of The DEAD SEA SCROLLS, A Unique Inventory of Buried Treasure (1960; Second Revised Edition, 1964; 1981)
-Search In The Desert (1964, 1965, 1966)
-The Shapira Affair (1965, 1981)
-The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: A Study of The Nature and Origins of Christianity within The Fertility Cults of The Ancient Near East (1970; Abridged Paperback Edition, 1973; 1974; 40th Anniversary Edition, preface by Jan Irvin, foreword by Judith Anne Brown, Fungus Redivivus by Carl A. P. Ruck, 2009)
-The End of A Road (1970, 1971, 1972; Second Edition, introduction by Judith Anne Brown, edited with contribution by John Bolender, 2013)
-The Chosen People: A Controversial History of The Jews (1971; also entitled The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish History From The Time of The Exile Until The Revolt of Bar Kocheba, 1971; 1972; 1973, 1998; Second Edition, new introduction by James M. Donovan, 2015)
-Lost Gods (1977, 1978)
-The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Christian Myth (1979; Second Revised Edition, foreword by Mark Hall, 1992)
-All Manner of Men (1982)
-Physician, Heal Thyself... (1985)
* In three short radio broadcasts on the BBC Northern Home Service, in January 1956, Allegro claimed that the Teacher of Righteousness had been martyred and crucified by Alexander Jannaeus, and that his followers believed he would reappear at the End-time as The Messiah (based on Qumran document “Commentary on Nahum” 1.4-9 [4QpNah])
* See also Robert Graves, 1895-1985
* See also Oskar K. Rabinowicz, 1902-1969
* See also John C. King
* See also John H. Jacques
* See also Judith Anne Brown
* See also J. R. Irvin
* See also G. A. Wells, 1926-2017

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* See also Kevin M. Kruse
* See also Steven K. Green

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* An early self-empowerment title

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* See also Mark Fisher, Marc Allen

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* See also Christopher S. Hyatt, 1943-2008; Antero Alli

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* See also John Davis

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* See also Lisa Isherwood, Mark D. Jordan; Editors
* See also Donald Boisvert, Jay E. Johnson; Editors
* See also Kittredge Cherry
* See also Susannah Cornwall
* See also Raymond-Jean Frontain; Editor
* See also Robert Goss
* See also Deryn Guest, Robert E. Goss, Mona West, Thomas Bohache; Editors
* See also Terrence McNally
* See also Ivan Petrella
* See also Ken Stone
* See also Patrick S. Cheng
* See also Stephen D. Moore

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* See also Lisa Isherwood

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* Heather Ash Amara Founded The Toltec Center of Creative Intent (TOCI)

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* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

Petter Amundsen
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Ancient Aliens, Producers
-Ancient Aliens®: The Official Companion Book (foreword by Kevin Burns, 2016)
-Ancient Aliens: The Coloring Book (illustrated by Kathleen Edwards, 2016)
* “Ancient Aliens”, a biased and uncritical documentary series, was first broadcast on 20 April 2010. The Pilot Episode was broadcast on 8 March 2009
* The documentary “Ancient Aliens Debunked”, produced, written and narrated by Chris White, became available in 2012

Alex Anderson
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* See also Greg King, Penny Wilson
* See also Peter Kurth
* See also Frances Welch

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Ken Anderson
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-America Not Discovered by Columbus: An Historical Sketch of The Discovery of America by The Norsemen In The Tenth Century (1874)
* Originator of Leif Erikson Day (9 October) in 1930 in the state of Wisconsin (currently observed in eight American states)
-Another View of The Kensington Rune Stone (pamphlet, offprint from “Wisconsin Magazine of History”, Volume III, Number 4, June 1920)

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* See also T. C. Clarie
* See also F. Leigh Gardner

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* Grand Master of AMORC in Britain 1921-1946
* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

Johannes Valentinus Andreae, 1586-1654
* See Christian Rosencreutz

Dennis Andres
-What Is A Vortex? Sedona's Vortex Sites: A Practical Guide (2000)
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* See also Edward N. Lorenz, 1917-2008

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Colin Andrews, Synthia Andrews
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* See also Synthia Andrews, Colin Andrews

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* See also David Solomon, 1925-2007; George Andrews, Editors

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Synthia Andrews
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Synthia Andrews, Colin Andrews
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* See also Colin Andrews, Synthia Andrews

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* See also Steven D. Farmer

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-Million Year Prophecy! (brochure, 1959, 1968, 1983)
-Concrete Evidence (brochure, 1959; Second Edition, circa 1967, 1983)
-Again: We Exist (brochure, 1960)
* See also Truman Bethurum, 1898-1969
* See also Arthur Crockett

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* See also Kim Carlsberg, Darryl Anka

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* See also Clifford A. Wilson, 1923-2012; John Weldon

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Robert Ansell; Editor
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* See also Hans Holzer, 1920-2009

Mark Antonacci
-The Resurrection of the Shroud: New Scientific, Medical and Archaeological Evidence (2000)
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* Mark Antonacci Founded The Resurrection of The Shroud Foundation

George Applegate, 1922-2015
-The Complete Book of Dowsing: The Definitive Guide To Finding Underground Water (1997, 2002)

Marshall Applewhite (Marshall Herff Applewhite, Jr), 1931-1997
* See Rio DiAngelo
* See George D. Chryssides; Editor
* See Rodney Perkins, Forrest Jackson
* See Bill Hoffmann, Cathy Burke
* See Brad Steiger, Hayden Hewes
* See Benjamin Zeller
* See David Pietras
* See Tom Brown
* See T.J. Carlson

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* Michael A. Aquino Founded The Temple of Set in 1975, being its High Priest 1975-1996
* See also Don Webb

Fabio Araujo
-Mother Shipton: Secrets, Lies, And Prophecies (2008)
* See also Mother Shipton, 1488-1561

Ethel Archer (Mrs. E. J. Weiland), 188?-1961
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* First book of poems by Ethel Archer, addressed to Victor Neuberg [1883-1940] and other Crowley intimates
-The Hieroglyph (1932)
* Described the Astral Travels within the A∴A∴
* Ethel Archer was married to artist Eugene J. Weiland whose surname was used as publisher of The Equinox, and both were members of the A∴A∴ and the O.T.O

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-The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology (foreword by Brian Swimme, 1987; Second Edition 1996)
* In the 1987 First Edition Argüelles claimed that on 21 December 2012 Earth would pass through a great “beam” (of some sort) from the centre of the galaxy, and that the Maya had aligned their calendar to predict this event.
-Surfers of The Zuvuya, Tales of Interdimensional Travel (introduction by Marilyn Ferguson [1938-2008], 1988)
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-Time and The Technosphere: The Law of Time In Human Affairs (2002)
-Manifesto For The Noosphere: The Next Stage In The Evolution of Human Consciousness (2011)
* José Argüelles Founded the Whole Earth Festival (WEF) in 1969
* José Argüelles initiated the Harmonic Convergence Global Peace Meditation, that first happened on on 16-17 August, 1987
* José Argüelles received The Nicholas Roerich Peace Medallion in 2011
* See also Stephanie South

José Argüelles, 1939-2011; Lloydine Argüelles
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* See also Stephanie South

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Chad Arment
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* See also Josef F. Blumrich, 1913-2002
* See also W. F. Lofthouse, 1875-1965
* See also C. P. S. Menon
* See also Arnold Whittick, 1898-1986

Herbert W. Armstrong, 1892-1986
-The United States and Britain in Prophecy (1954)
-Mystery of The Ages (1985)
* Herbert W. Armstrong Founded the Radio Church of God in 1933, later changed its name to the Worldwide Church of God in 1968

Zella Armstrong, 1872-1965
-Who Discovered America? The Amazing Story of Madoc (introduction by William F. Ogburn [1886-1959], 1950, 2017)
* See also George Burder, 1752-1832
* See also Thomas Stephens, 1821-1875
* See also Benjamin F. Bowen
* See also Richard Hakluyt, 1552-1616
* See also Thomas L. James, 1831-1916
* See also Richard Deacon, 1911-1998
* See also Gwyn A. Williams, 1925-1995
* See also Bernard Knight
* See also Dana Olson
* See also Gwyn Thomas
* See also Paul Muldoon

Kevin Arnett
-Mysteries, Myths Or Marvels? (1977)

Kenneth Arnold (Kenneth Albert Arnold), 1915-1984; Ray Palmer (Raymond Arthur Palmer), 1910-1977
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* On 24 June 1947 while flying over Mount Rainier in Washington, private pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a formation of nine shiny crescent shaped objects flying in a chain at the speed of 1900 kilometers per hour. In press interviews Kenneth Arnold described the objects shape as resembling a flat saucer or disc. From his descriptions the press coined the term Flying Saucer (“Supersonic Flying Saucers Sighted by Idaho Pilot”, The Chicago Sun, 26 June 1947)
* Ray Palmer Co-Founded Fate magazine in 1948, inaugural issue launched in March
* Ray Palmer edited Flying Saucers magazine during the 1950s and 1960s
* See also Ray Palmer, Richard S. Shaver, 1907-1975
* See also Fate Magazine, Editors

Angeles Arrien, 1940-2014
-The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols (1987; new introduction, 1997)
-Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How To Use Them (1992, 1998)
* Recipient, “Benjamin Franklin Award” 1993
-The Four-Fold Way: Walking The Paths of The Warrior, Teacher, Healer, and Visionary (1993)
-The Nine Muses: A Mythological Path To Creativity (2000)
-The Second Half of Life: Opening The Eight Gates of Wisdom (2007)
-Living In Gratitude: Mastering The Art of Giving Thanks Every Day, A Month-by-Month Guide (2011, 2013)
* Audio CD, “Gathering Medicine: Stories, Songs and Methods for Soul Retrieval”, 2006

Angeles Arrien, 1940-2014; Editor
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Stephen Arroyo
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* Recipient: “British Astrological Association's Astrology Prize”
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* Audiobook on Cassette, narrated by Stephen Arroyo: “The Psychology of The Sun Signs” (1991)

Stephen Arroyo, Liz Greene
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* See also Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo

James Arthur
-Mushrooms and Mankind: The Impact of Mushrooms on Human Consciousness and Religion (2000)

Robin Artisson
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Elisabeth Arweck, Peter B. Clarke
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Asatru Folk Assembly
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* See also Stephen A. McNallen

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W. Michael Ashcraft
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* See also Katherine Tingley, 1847-1929
* See also Eugene V. Gallagher, W. Michael Ashcraft; Editors
* See also Dereck Daschke, W. Michael Ashcraft; Editors

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki (nee Dolores Ashcroft)
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Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Editor
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* See also J. H. Brennan

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Stephanie V. Norris
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Bethsheba Ashe
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Bethsheba Ashe, Steven Ashe
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* See also Steven Ashe, Bethsheba Ashe

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-“A Certain Very Ancient Book”: Traces of An Arthurian Source In Geoffrey of Monmouth's “History” (Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies, Volume 56, Number 2, pp.301-323, April 1981)
* Proposed that the legend of Arthur was based on Riothamus, a Romano-British military leader, active circa AD 470
-A Guidebook To Arthurian Britain (line drawings by Ian Newsham, 1980; Revised & Expanded Edition, 1983)
-Kings and Queens of Early Britain (1982)
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* See also Norris J. Lacy
* See also Thor Heyerdahl, 1914-2002; Geoffrey Ashe

Geoffrey Ashe (Geoffrey Thomas Leslie Ashe, MBE); Editor
-The Quest For Arthur's Britain (1968)
-The Quest For America (1978)

Jonathan Ashe, 1766-1842
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Steven Ashe
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Steven Ashe, Bethsheba Ashe
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Maxine Asher (Maxine Klein Asher), 1930-2015
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Maxine Asher (Maxine Klein Asher), 1930-2015; Ann Miller (Johnnie Lucille Coiller), 1923-2004
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Mike Ashley
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Elias Ashmole, 1617-1692, Editor
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* Elias Ashmole co-Founded The Royal Society in 1661
* See also John Dee, 1527-1608
* See also Edward Kelley, 1555-1597
* See also C. H. Josten, 1912-1994

Edward Ashpole
-The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (foreword by Dr Robert Dixon, 1989; Revised Edition entitled Where Is Everybody? The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, 1997)
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-Signatures of Life: Science Searches The Universe (2013)
* See also Vladimir Rubtsov, 1949-2013

John Ashton, 1834-1911
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Isaac Asimov (Isaak Ozimov, 1920-1992), Frank White
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* See also Frank White

Stephen T. Asma
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Egil Asprem
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Egil Asprem, Kennet Granholm; Editors
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-Another Fine Myth (Parody, 1978, 2002, 2005)

Juan Garcia Atienza, 1930-2011
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Terry Atkinson
-Sacred Mushroom/Holy Grail: The Long-Lost Origin of Our Most Intriguing Legend (2013)

William Walker Atkinson, 1862-1932
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* See also “Magnus Incognito”
* See also “Swami Panchadasi”

Bhikhan Lal Atreya, 1897-1967
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Tunde Atunrase
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P. M. H. Atwater (born Phyllis Marie DeKeyser)
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* John Aubrey had originally intended to write a book entitled “Templa Druidum”, but this ultimately developed into a chapter contained in Monumenta Britannica
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* See also Jim Channon
* See also Edwin C. May, Victor Rubel, Loyd Auerbach

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* See also Annette Martin

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* Director of Edgar Cayce Foundation
* Director of Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
* Editor of monthly newsletter, “Living In The Light”

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* See also Lora H. Little, Gregory L. Little, John Van Auken
* See also Gregory L. Little, Lora H. Little
* See also Gregory L. Little, Lora Little, John Van Auken

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* See also Maria Valtorta, 1897-1961

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* See also Mark Moran, Mark Sceurman

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* See also George King, 1919-1997; Kevin Quinn Avery

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* See also Thomas Crawford Johnson
* See also Charles M. Boland
* See also Cyrus H. Gordon, 1908-2001
* See also Ronald H. Fritze
* See also Eugene R. Fingerhut

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