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Authors - E

Betty J. Eadie (Betty Jean Eadie)
-Embraced By The Light: The Most Profound and Complete Near-Death Experience Ever (foreword by Melvin Morse, 1992)
-The Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey To Love (1996, 2012)
-The Ripple Effect: Our Harvest. Teachings From Embraced By The Light (1999)
-Embraced By The Light: Prayers & Devotions For Daily Living (2001)

Jeanne White Eagle (Jeanne Lane Pehrson)
-Grace: A Journey From Betrayal To Healing (foreword by Susan Mehrtens, 2012)
-Eyes Open: Looking For The Twelve – Blueprint For A New World (foreword by Edgar Mitchell, 2014)

Ray Eales, Vance Borland; Editors
-The Equinox Volume VII, Number 1 (1992)

William Eamon
-Science and The Secrets of Nature: Books of Secrets In Medieval and Early Modern Culture (1996)
-The Professor of Secrets: Mystery, Medicine, and Alchemy In Renaissance Italy (2010)
* See also Leonardo Fioravanti, 1517-1588

“Tony Earll” (anagram of “not really”, Raymond Buckland)
-Mu Revealed (1970)

Mitch Earleywine
-Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at The Scientific Evidence (2005; 2009)

Mitch Earleywine; Editor
-Mind-Altering Drugs: The Science Of Subjective Experience (2005)

Robert S. Easley, Rick R. Hilberg
-Saucer Album-Two: "A Look at Things Ufological" (1970)
* See also Rick R. Hilberg

Barry Eaton
-Afterlife: Uncovering The Secrets of Life After Death (2011, 2013)
-No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights From The Other Side (2014)

Heather Eaton
-The Encyclopedia of The Divine, Spiritual, and Occult, A-G: Volume 1 of 3 (2012)
-The Encyclopedia of The Divine, Spiritual, and Occult, H-P: Volume 2 of 3 (2012)
-The Encyclopedia of The Divine, Spiritual, and Occult, Q-Z: Volume 3 of 3 (2012)

Jim Eaton
-Ghosts Caught on Film 2: Photographs of The Unexplained (2009)
* See also Melvyn Willin, Jim Eaton

Morris Eaves; Editor
-The Cambridge Companion To William Blake (2003)
* See also S. Foster Damon, 1893-1971

Morris Eaves, Robert N. Essick, Joseph Viscomi; Editors
-The Early Illuminated Books of William Blake (1993)

Florian Ebeling
-The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus: Hermeticism From Ancient To Modern Times (foreword by Jan Assmann, 2007; originally published in German entitled Das Geheimnis des Hermes Trismegistos, 2005)

George M. Eberhart
-A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies: Primary Access To Observations of UFOs, Ghosts, and Other Mysterious Phenomena (1980)
-UFOs and The Extraterrestrial Contact Movement: A Bibliography (Two Volumes, Volume I: “Unidentified Flying Objects”; Volume II: “The Extraterrestrial Contact Movement”; 1986)
-Mysterious Creatures: A Guide To Cryptozoology (Two Volumes, 2002)

George M. Eberhart; Editor
-The Roswell Report: A Historical Perspective (1991)
* Intended as a supplement to UFO Crash At Roswell by Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt (1991)

Reinhold Ebertin, 1901-1988
-The Combination of Stellar Influences (1960, 1970, 1972, 2004; originally entitled Kombination der Gestirneinflusse)
-Rapid & Reliable Analysis (1970)
-Fixed Stars & Their Interpretation (1971)
-Transits: What Days Favor You? (1971)
-Auxiliary Tables for the Calculation of The Stellar Positions (1971)
-Directions: Co-Determinants of Fate (1976)
-The Annual Diagram: Forecasting Using The 45 Graphic Ephemeris (1980)
-Astrological Healing: The History and Practice of Astromedicine (1989)
-Cosmic Marriage (1974, 2004; first published in Germany in 1973)
-Applied Cosmobiology (1972, 2006; first published in German in 1949 entitled Angewandte Kosmobiologie)
-The Contact Cosmogram (2011, first published in Germany in 1976)

Martin Ebon, 1917-2006
-Prophecy In Our Time (1968, 1971, 1973, 1979, 1981)
-They Knew The Unknown: Fascinating Case-Studies of Famous Men and Women In History who Explored The Reality Beyond Our Senses (1971, 1972)
-Witchcraft Today: Sybil Leek, Louise Huebner, Charles Manson, Anton LaVey – Do They Have The Power To Help, Or To Kill? (1971)
-The Devil's Bride: Exorcism, Past and Present (1974; also entitled Exorcism: Past and Present, 1975)
-Saint Nicholas: Life and Legend – The Fascinating Illustrated Story of How The Reverend Bishop Nicholas of Myra Evolved Into Jolly Old Santa Claus (1975, 1976)
-What's New In ESP? (1976)
-The Relaxation Controversy: Can You Have Relaxation Without Meditation? (1976)
-The Evidence For Life After Death (1977)
-Atlantis: The New Evidence (1977)
-The Cloning of Man: A Brave New Hope – Or Horror? Including A Full Investigation of The Controversial Best Seller IN HIS IMAGE (1978)
-Psychic Warfare: Threat or Illusion? (1983, 2006)

Martin Ebon, 1917-2006; Editor
-Beyond Space and Time: An ESP Casebook (1962, 1967)
-True Experiences In Prophecy (1967)
-True Experiences In Telepathy (1967)
-True Experiences In Exotic ESP (1968)
-True Experiences In Communicating With The Dead (1968; also entitled Communicating With The Dead, 1968)
-Maharishi: The Guru, An International Symposium (1968)
-True Experiences With Ghosts (1968, 1978)
-Reincarnation In The Twentieth Century (1969; Revised Edition 1969; 1970)
-The Psychic Reader: A Leading Expert Presents The Most Dramatic and Authentic Reports on The Amazing Powers of The Human Mind (1969, 1970)
-Test Your ESP (1970, 1971, 1974, 1986, 2000)
-Psychic Discoveries By The Russians: Exciting and Important Revelations From Russia's Drive To Conquer “Inner Space” (1971)
-The Psychic Scene: Sensational New Explorations Into Telepathy, Psychic Phenomena, Mysticism, The Life Beyond, Reincarnation (1974)
-Exorcism: Fact Not Fiction (1974)
-The Amazing Uri Geller. Extra Special Feature: Uri Geller Explains His Phenomenal Powers! (1975)
-The Riddle of The Bermuda Triangle (1975, 1980)
-Mysterious Pyramid Power (1976, 1988)
-The Satan Trap: Dangers of The Occult (1976)
-Maharishi: The Founder of Transcendental Meditation – His Life/His Times, His Teaching/His Impact (1976)
-TM: How To Find Peace Through Meditation (1976)
-Dooms-Day? How The World Will End – And When (1977)
-The Signet Handbook of Parapsychology: From ESP To Out-Of-The-Body Experiences – Your Guide To The Incredible World of The Paranormal (1978, 1988, 1991)
-Demon Children: Terrifying But True Case Histories of Child Possession Documented by Leading Psychic Investigators (1978, 1979)
-The World's Weirdest Cults: From The Guyana Massacre To Secret Satanic Masses, The Amazing But True Stories of Mysterious Sects From Around The Globe (1980)
-The World's Great Unsolved Mysteries (1981)
-Miracles: From The Turin Shroud To The Magic Pearl of Tahiti, Documented Histories of Wondrous Occurrences From Around The World (1981)

John C. Eccles (Sir John Carew Eccles, AC FRS), 1903-1997
-The Human Mystery (The Gifford Lectures) (1979, 1984)

Umberto Eco, 1932-2016
-The Search For The Perfect Language (The Making of Europe) (1995, 1997; originally published in Italian entitled Ricerca della lingua perfetta nella cultura Europea, 1993)
-The Book of Legendary Lands (2013; published in Italian entitled Storia delle terre e dei luoghi leggendari, 2013)

Mary Baker Eddy (Mary Morse Baker Eddy), 1821-1910
-Science and Health. With Key To The Scriptures (as Mary Baker Glover, 1875, Revised Editions to 1910)
-Unity of Good (1887)
-Retrospection and Introspection (1891)
-Manual of The Mother Church: The First Church of Christ Scientist In Boston, Massachusetts (1895)
-Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896 (1896)
-Christian Science versus Pantheism (1898)
-Mary Baker Eddy, Speaking For Herself: Autobiographical Reflections – Retrospection and Introspection; Footprints Fadeless (2002)
* Mary Baker Eddy Founded the Religion of Christian Science in 1879

Donna Eden, David Feinstein
-Energy Medicine (foreword by Caroline Myss, illustrated by Brooks Garten, 1999)
* See also David Feinstein, Donna Eden

Jerome Eden, 1925-1989
-Orgone Energy: The Answer To Atomic Suicide (foreword by Richard A. Blasband, 1972)
-Planet In Trouble: The UFO Assault On Earth (foreword by Elsworth F. Baker [1903-1985], 1973)
-Animal Magnetism and The Life Energy (1974)
-View From Eden: Talks To Students of Orgonomy (1976)
-The Emotional Plague Versus Orgonomic UFOlogy (1981)
-Scavengers From Space: The UFO Hostility Hypothesis (introduction by Wilhelm Reich [1897-1957], facsimile, 1988)
* See also Wilhelm Reich, 1897-1957

Morton Edgar
-The Great Pyramid: Its Scientific Features (1924)
-The Great Pyramid: Its Spiritual Symbolism (1924)
-The Great Pyramid and Its Time Features (1924)

Hoyt L. Edge, Robert L. Morris, 1942-2004; Joseph H. Rush, 1911-2006; John A. Palmer
-Foundations of Parapsychology: Exploring The Boundaries of Human Capability (foreword by Theodore Xenophon Barber [1927-2005], 1986)

I. G. Edmonds, 1917-2007
-The Girls Who Talked To Ghosts: The Story of Katie and Margaretta Fox (1979)

Francis Edmunds (Louis Francis Edmunds), 1902-1989
-Rudolf Steiner's Art of Education (1947; Revised and Enlarged Edition entitled Rudolf Steiner Education: The Waldorf Impulse, 1962; Third Edition entitled Rudolf Steiner's Gift To Education: Waldorf Schools, 1975; Revised Edition Updated by Matthew Barton entitled An Introduction To Steiner Education: The Waldorf School, 2004)
-Rudolf Steiner Education: A Brief Exposition (as Louis Francis Edmunds, 1955, 1956)
-Anthroposophy: A Way of Life (foreword by John Davy [1927-1984], 1982; also entitled From Thinking To Living: The Work of Rudolf Steiner, 1990; Edited, Revised, Updated with afterword by Matthew Barton entitled An Introduction To Anthroposophy: Rudolf Steiner's World View, 2005)
-Quest For Meaning (as L. Francis Edmunds, edited by Elizabeth Edmunds, 1997)
-An Introduction To Anthroposophy: Rudolf Steiner's World View (afterword by Matthew Barton, 2006; Edited, Revised and Updated Edition of Anthroposophy: A Way of Life)

Simeon Edmunds, 1917-1969
-Hypnotism and Psychic Phenomena (1961, 1972, 1974, 1977)
-Hypnotism and The Supernormal (1961, 1968)
-Miracles of The Mind: An Introduction To Parapsychology (1965)
-ESP: Extrasensory Perception (1965, 1972, 1973, 1975)
-“Spirit” Photography (1965)
-Spiritualism: A Critical Survey (foreword by Sir George Joy [1896-1974], 1966)
-Hypnosis: Key To Psychic Powers (1968)
-The Psychic Power of Hypnosis (1968, 1978, 1982, 1981; also entitled The Psychic Power of Hypnosis: Paranormal Abilities and The Hypnotic State, 1982)

Frank Edwards (Frank Allyn Edwards), 1908-1967
-Strangest of All (1956, 1958, 1962, 1974, 1984, 1987, 1991; also entitled Strangest of All: Authentic Stories of Fantastic Powers and Astounding Events That Science Cannot Explain, 2017)
-Stranger Than Science (1959, 1963, 1965, 1967, 1973, 1987, 1992, 2017)
-Strange People (1961, 1963, 1966, 1970, 1974, 1988, 2017)
-Strange World (1964, 1969, 1973, 1977, 1979, 1992; also entitled Our Highly Strange World, 2017)
-Flying Saucers: Serious Business (1966, 1967, 2017)
-Flying Saucers: Here and Now! (1967, 1968, 2017)
-The Strange World of Frank Edwards (introduction by Lyle Stuart [1922-2006], edited by Rory Stuart, 1977, 1979; also entitled The Strange World of Frank Edwards: A Psychic Investigator's Most Terrifying Encounters With The Unknown, 2017)

Harry Edwards (Henry James Edwards), 1893-1976
-The Mediumship of Jack Webber (1940, 1941, 1946, 1953, 1962, 1978)
-The Mediumship of Arnold Clare, Leader of The Trinity of Spiritual Fellowship (1941, 1942)
-The Science of Spirit Healing (1943, 1945, 1953, 1957)
-Psychic Healing (1946, 1948, 1952, 1954)
-The Evidence For Spirit Healing (1953)
-The Truth about Spiritual Healing (1956)
-The Hands of A Healer (1959)
-A Guide For The Development of Mediumship (1961, 1996; Revised and Enlarged Edition 2003)
-The Way of Absent Healing (1961)
-The Power of Spiritual Healing (1963, 1968)
-The Healing Intelligence (1965, 1971)
-The Power of Healing (1967)
-Harry Edwards: Thirty Years A Spiritual Healer (1968)
-A Guide To The Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing (1974)
-Life In Spirit: With A Guide For The Development of Mediumship (1976, 1985)
* See also Paul Miller

Harry Edwards
-Magic Minds, Miraculous Moments: Is This The Evidence In Support of Reincarnation, Telepathy, Faith Healing, UFO Abductions, Spiritualism, Telekinesis and Other Paranormal Phenomena? (1994)
-A Skeptic's Guide To The New Age, Separating Fact From Fiction: An Examination of Pseudoscience and The Paranormal (1995)
-A Skeptic's Casebook: Australia's Foremost Investigator of Paranormal Claims Exposes The Charlatans, Frauds and Quacks (1997)

Kathryn A. Edwards; Editor
-Werewolves, Witches, and Wandering Spirits: Traditional Belief and Folklore In Early Modern Europe (Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 62) (2002)
-Everyday Magic In Early Modern Europe (2015, 2016)
* See also Christophe Mercier, died 1680

Daniel H. Efron, 1913-1972; Bo Holmstedt, 1919-2002; Nathan S. Kline, 1916-1983; Editors
-Ethnopharmacologic Search For Psychoactive Drugs: Proceedings of A Symposium Held In San Francisco, California January 28-30, 1967 (1967, 1979)

James Alan Egan
-Elizabethan America: The John Dee Tower of 1583, A Renaissance Horologium In Newport, Rhode Island (2011)
-The Newport Tower Is John Dee's 1583 New World Church of The Holy Sepulcher, Volume 11 (2012)
-The Works of John Dee: Modernizations of His Main Mathematical Masterpieces (2012)
-The Newport Tower Is John Dee's 1583 New World Church of The Holy Sepulcher (2012)
-Pythagoras' Secret Code: See and Hear how Number, Shape, and Sound Are All Related! (2013)
-The History of The Newport City Flag: Newport, Rhode Island (2014)
-Squaring The Circle Is The Key To John Dee's Design For The 1599 Globe Theater (2014)

Danielle Egnew
-True Tales of The Truly Weird: Real Paranormal Accounts From A Real Psychic (2012)
-Daily Spiritual Insight: 365 Lessons For Lifetime Growth (2014)
* Danielle Egnew is a singer-songwriter-composer who has achieved several musical awards; she has composed themes for television films and documentaries as well as having produced her own syndicated Talk Radio Programme, “The High Road” (2004-2006)
* Danielle Egnew experienced an alien abduction involving mystical euphoria and believes in different types of “OffWorlders” (ETs) – Insectoids, The Grays, etc (mentioned in The Book of Enoch, “The Watchers”), some of which are sexless that genetically create themselves and are therefore devoid of human traits like empathy (the ETs study that in humans); the “OffWorlders” are contracted to work with the military, starting historically with Nazi Germany. Danielle Egnew and her grandfather enjoyed times together involving beliefs in UFOs and together looked for them in the sky

Jan Ehrenwald, 1900-1988
-Telepathy and Medical Psychology (foreword by Gardner Murphy [1895-1979], 1948)
-Precognition In Dreams (1951)
-New Dimensions of Deep Analysis: A Study of Telepathy In Interpersonal Relationships (1954)
-The ESP Experience: A Psychiatric Validation (1978)

Jan Ehrenwald, 1900-1988; Editor
-From Medicine Man To Freud: An Anthology (1956)
-The History of Psychotherapy: From Healing Magic To Encounter (1976)

Bart D. Ehrman (Bart Denton Ehrman)
-Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument For Jesus of Nazareth (2012)
-Jesus Before The Gospels: How The Earliest Christians Remembered, Changed, and Invented Their Stories of The Savior (2017)
* See also Shirley Jackson Case, 1872-1947
* See also Frank R. Zindler, Robert M. Price; Editors
* See also Michael F. Bird; Editor
* See also Earl Doherty
* See also G. A. Wells, 1926-2017
* See also Michael Lawrence

Dana D. Eilers
-The Practical Pagan: Commonsense Guidelines For Modern Practitioners (2002)
-Pagans and The Law: Understand Your Rights (2009)

Lena Einhorn
-The Jesus Mystery: Astonishing Clues To The True Identities of Jesus and Paul (2007; originally published in Swedish entitled Vad hände på vägen till Damascus, 2006)
-A Shift In Time: How Historical Documents Reveal The Surprising Truth About Jesus (2016)

Jule Eisenbud, 1908-1999
-The Use of The Telepathy Hypothesis In Psychotherapy (1952)
-The World of Ted Serios: “Thoughtographic” Studies of An Extraordinary Mind (1967; Revised Edition, 1989)
* Reprinted from Fate magazine, December 1962
-Psi and Psychoanalysis: Studies In The Psychoanalysis of Psi-Conditioned Behavior (1970)
-Paranormal Foreknowledge: Problems and Perplexities (1982)
-Parapsychology and The Unconscious (1993)
-Love and Hate In The Nursery and Beyond: Voice From The Unconscious (1996)

Robert Eisenman (Robert H. Eisenman)
-Maccabees, Zadokites, Christians and Qumran: A New Hypothesis Of Qumran Origins (1983)
-James the Just in the Habakkuk Pesher (1986)
-James the Brother of Jesus: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls (1996)
-Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians (1996)
-The New Testament Code: The Cup of The Lord, the Damascus Covenant and the Blood of Christ (2007)
-James The Brother of Jesus and The Dead Sea Scrolls II: The Damascus Code, The Tent of David, The New Covenant, and The Blood of Christ (2012)
-The New Testament Code: Gospels, Apostles and The Dead Sea Scrolls (edited by Dennis Walker, 2014)
-The New Testament Code: Companion Edition (2016; only contains newly revised endnotes, original pictures, genealogical charts to The New Testament Code, 2007)

Robert Eisenman (Robert H. Eisenman), Michael Wise (Michael Owen Wise)
-The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered: The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of 50 Key Documents Withheld For Over 35 Years (1992, 1994, 1995, 2004)
* See also Michael O. Wise

Riane Eisler (Riane Tennenhaus Eisler)
-The Chalice And The Blade: Our History, Our Future (1987)
-Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth, and The Politics of The Body – New Paths To Power and Love (1995)

Will Eisner (William Erwin “Will” Eisner), 1917-2005
-The Plot: The Secret Story of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion (introduction by Umberto Eco [1932-2016], 2005)
* See also Matvei Golovinski, 1865-1920
* See also Maurice Joly, 1829-1878
* See also Norman Cohn, 1915-2007
* See also Cesare G. de Michelis
* See also Esther Webman, Editor
* See also Herman Bernstein, 1876-1935

Mircea Eliade, 1907-1986
-The Myth of The Eternal Return. Or, Cosmos and History (1955; Second Printing with corrections 1965; new introduction by Jonathan Z. Smith, 2005; published in French entitled Le Mythe de l’éternel retour: archétypes et répétition, 1949)
-Birth and Rebirth: The Religious Meanings of Initiation In Human Culture (1958; also entitled Rites and Symbols of Initiation: The Mysteries of Birth and Rebirth, 1965; new foreword by Michael Meade, 1998; published in French entitled Naissances mystiques, essai sur quelques types d'initiation, 1959)
-The Sacred and The Profane: The Nature of Religion (1959; published in German entitled Das Heilige und das Profane, 1957)
-Myths, Dreams, and Mysteries: The Encounter Between Contemporary Faiths and Archaic Realities (1960, 1975; published in French entitled Mythes, rêves et mystères, 1957)
-The Forge and The Crucible: The Origins and Structures of Alchemy (1962, 1971; Second Edition with new preface and updated appendix, 1978; originally published in French entitled Forgerons et Alchimistes, 1956)
-Myth and Reality (1963, 1964; originally published in French entitled Aspects du mythe, 1963)
-Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy (1964; new foreword by Wendy Doniger, 2004; published in French entitled Le Chamanisme et les techniques archaïques de l'extase, 1951)
-The Quest: History and Meaning In Religion (collection of essays, 1969; Revised Edition, 1984)
-Myths, Rites and Symbols: A Mircea Eliade Reader (Two Volumes, edited by W. C. Beane and W. G. Doty; 1976)
-Occultism, Witchcraft, and Cultural Fashions (Essays In Comparative Religion) (Six Essays, 1978, 1995, 2009)

Mircea Eliade, 1907-1986; Editor In Chief
-The Encyclopedia of Religion (Sixteen Volumes, 1987)

David Elkington, Jennifer Elkington
-Discovering The Lead Codices: The Book of Seven Seals and The Secret Teachings of Jesus (2014)
* See also Margaret Barker, Philip Davies, David Elkington, Jennifer Elkington, Keith Hearne

David Elkington, Paul Howard Ellson
-In The Name of The Gods: The Mystery of Resonance and The Prehistoric Messiah (foreword by Jean Houston, 2000)

Alvar Ellegård, 1919-2008
-Jesus: One Hundred Years Before Christ. A Study In Creative Mythology (1999; originally published in Swedish entitled Myten om Jesus, 1992)

J. Harold Ellens
-Sex In The Bible: A New Consideration (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) (foreword by Donald Capps [Donald Eric Capps, 1939-2015], preface by Wayne G. Rollins, 2006)
-The Spirituality of Sex (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) (foreword by Donald Capps [Donald Eric Capps, 1939-2015], 2009)
-Light From The Other Side: The Paranormal As Friend and Familiar (Real Life Experiences of A Spiritual Pilgrim) (foreword by F. Morgan Roberts, 2011)
* J. Harold Ellens was the Founding Editor of “Journal of Psychology and Christianity” in 1982

J. Harold Ellens; Editor
-The Destructive Power of Religion: Violence In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Contemporary Views on Spirituality and Violence) (Four Volumes, 2003; Updated Edition, 2007)
-Miracles: God, Science, and Psychology In The Paranormal (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) (Three Volumes, 2008)
-Heaven, Hell, and The Afterlife: Eternity In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) (Two Volumes, 2013)
-Seeking The Sacred with Psychoactive Substances: Chemical Paths To Spirituality and God (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) (foreword by Alexander Riegel, Two Volumes, 2014)

J. Harold Ellens, Thomas B. Roberts; Editors
-The Psychedelic Policy Quagmire: Health, Law, Freedom, and Society (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality) (2015)

Cynthia Eller
-Living In The Lap Of The Goddess: The Feminist Spirituality Movement In America (1993)
-The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory: Why An Invented Past Won't Give Women A Future (2000)
-Am I A Woman? A Skeptic's Guide To Gender (2004)
-Gentlemen and Amazons: The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory, 1861-1900 (2011)

Rose Elliot
-I Met A Monk: 8 Weeks To Happiness, Freedom and Peace (2015)
* Rose Elliot is the daughter of Joan Hodgson, 1913-1995

Bill Ellis
-Raising The Devil: Satanism, New Religions, and The Media (2000)
-Aliens, Ghosts, and Cults: Legends We Live (2001)
-Lucifer Ascending: The Occult In Folklore and Popular Culture (2004)

D. J. Ellis (David J. Ellis)
-The Mediumship of The Tape Recorder: A Detailed Examination of The (Friedrich Jürgenson, Raudive) Phenomenon of Voice Extras on Tape Recordings (1978)
* Friedrich Jürgenson, 1903-1987; Konstantins Raudive, 1909-1974

Jeanette Ellis
-Forbidden Rites: Your Complete Introduction To Traditional Witchcraft (2009)

Ralph Ellis
-The True History of Religion Revealed (1998; Second Revised Edition entitled Jesus, Last of The Pharaohs: The True History of Religion Revealed, 1999; Revised Edition entitled Jesus, Last of The Pharaohs: A Study of Biblical & Egyptological Records, Redefining The Biblical Patriarchs, 2001; also entitled Jesus, Last of The Pharaohs: Jesus Was An Egyptian Prince In Exile, 2004, 2006)
-Thoth: Architect of The Universe: Controversial and Revolutionary Answers To The Design and Function of The Great Henges and Pyramids (1998, 2001)
-Tempest & Exodus: The Biblical Exodus Inscribed On An Ancient Egyptian Stele (2000; Revised Edition, 2001; also entitled Is The Biblical Exodus Inscribed On An Ancient Egyptian Stele? 2003; sequel to Jesus, Last of The Pharaohs)
-K2, Quest of The Gods: The Location of The Legendary Hall of Records (Megalithic Monuments 2) (2001; sequel to Thoth: Architect of The Universe)
-Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt: The United Monarchy In Egypt (Egyptian Testament 4) (2002)
-Solomon, Falcon of Sheba: The Tombs of King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba Discovered In Egypt (2003)
-Cleopatra To Christ: Jesus was The Great Grandson of Queen Cleopatra VII (The King Jesus Trilogy) (2006)
-Scota, Egyptian Queen of The Scots: An Analysis of Scotichronicon, The Chronicle of The Scots (Egyptian Testament 5) (2006)
-Cleopatra To Christ (Jesus Was The Great Grandson of Cleopatra) & Scota, Egyptian Queen of The Scots (Ireland and Scotland were Founded by An Egyptian Queen) (Two-books-in-one, 2006)
-Eden In Egypt: Adam and Eve Were Pharaoh Akhenaton and Nefertiti (Egyptian Testament) (2008)
-King Jesus: From Kam (Egypt) To Camelot. King Jesus of Judaea was King Arthur of England (2008; sequel to Cleopatra To Christ)
-Mary Magdalene: Princess of Provence and The House of Orange (Egyptian Testament) (2011)
-Jesus, King of Edessa (2012, 2013; sequel to King Jesus)
-The Grail Cypher: The Secrets of Arthurian History Revealed (2016)

Richard Ellis
-Imagining Atlantis (1998, 2012)

Gracia Fay Ellwood
-Good News From Tolkien's Middle Earth: Two Essays on The 'Applicability' of The Lord of The Rings (1970)
-Psychic Visits To The Past: An Exploration of Retrocognition (1971)
-The Uttermost Deep: The Challenge of Painful Near-Death Experiences (2001)
-Are Animals Our Neighbors? Taking The View From Below (2006)
-Taking The Adventure: Faith and Our Kinship With Animals (preface by Carol J. Adams, 2014)

Robert S. Ellwood
-The Feast of Kingship, Accession Ceremonies In Ancient Japan (1970)
-One Way: The Jesus Movement And Its Meaning (1973)
-The Eagle And The Rising Sun: Americans And The New Religions of Japan (1974)
-Many Peoples, Many Faiths: An Introduction To The Religious Life of Mankind (First Edition 1976)
-Words of The World's Religions: An Anthology (1977)
-Alternative Altars: Unconventional and Eastern Spirituality In America (1981)
-Finding The Quiet Mind (1983)
-Theosophy: A Modern Expression Of The Wisdom Of The Ages (1986)
-Comparative Religion and Religious Mythology (1986)
-Zen In American Life And Letters (1987)
-The History and Future of Faith: Religion Past, Present, And To Come (1988)
-Islands Of The Dawn: The Story Of Alternative Spirituality In New Zealand (1993)
-Introducing Religion: From Inside and Outside (1993)
-The Sixties Spiritual Awakening (1994)
-The Cross And The Grail: Esoteric Christianity For The 21st Century (1997)
-The Fifties Spiritual Marketplace: American Religion In A Decade Of Conflict (1997)
-The Politics of Myth: A Study of C. G. Jung, Mircea Eliade, and Joseph Campbell (1999)
-1950: Crossroads Of American Religious Life (2000)
-The Dictionary of Religion (2001)
-Finding Deep Joy (2001)
-Frodo's Quest: Living The Myth In The Lord Of The Rings (2002)
-Cycles of Faith: The Development of The World's Religions (2003)
-Myth: Key Concepts In Religion (2008)
-Tales Of Darkness: The Mythology Of Evil (2010)
-Mysticism and Religion (2012)

Robert S. Ellwood, Gregory D. Alles
-The Encyclopedia of World Religions (2009)

Robert S. Ellwood, Barbara A. McGraw
-Many Peoples, Many Faiths: Women and Men In The World Religions (6th Edition 1999, 10th Edition 2013)

Taylor Ellwood
-Pop Culture Magick: An Exploration of Modern Magick (edited by Storm Constantine, 2004)
-Space/Time Magic (introduction by John J. Coughlin, 2005, 2010)
-Inner Alchemy: Energy Work and The Magic of The Body (introduction by Lupa, 2007)
-Multi-Media Magic: Further Explorations of Identity and Pop Culture In Magical Practice (2008)
-Magical Identity: An Exploration of Space/Time, Neuroscience and Identity (introduction by Bill Whitcomb, 2012)
-A Magical Life: The Magical Journal of Taylor Ellwood, 2008-2010 (Volume 1) (2013)
-Mystical Journeys: The Magical Journal of Taylor Ellwood, 2011-2012 (Volume 2) (2013)
-Manifesting Wealth: Magic For Prosperity, Love and Health (2014)
-Magical Movements: The Magical Journal of Taylor Ellwood 2013-2014 (Volume 3) (2015)
* See also Shauna Aura Knight, Taylor Ellwood; Editors
* See also Bill Whitcomb, Taylor Ellwood
* See also David Michael Cunningham, Taylor Ellwood, T. Amanda R. Wagener

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* See also Lupa

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* See also Ian Middleton, Douglas Elwell

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* See also Donald L. Zygutis

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* A version of Aleister Crowley's “Liber 777” Magical Ritual
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* About the 30 Æthyrs of the Enochian system of magic that Aleister Crowley and his protégé Victor Neuburg experienced in December 1909 in Algiers (as originally developed by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 16th century) and evoking the Demon Choronzon – first published in 1911 as a supplement to The Equinox Volume 1, Number 5 entitled Liber CCCCXVIII (XXX Aerum) [vel Saecvli sub figura CCCCXVIII, Being of the Angels of the 30 Aethyrs, the Vision and the Voice]
-Pearls of Wisdom: Gems From The Journal Black Pearl (2013)
* “Black Pearl” was the College of Thelema's biannual journal 1997-2002
* James A. Eshelman is Chancellor of College of Thelema (T.O.C.) and Prolocutor General of the Temple of Thelema

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* See also Tom Kenyon (C. Thomas Kenyon), Virginia Essene
* See also Orpheus Phylos, Virginia Essene

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* Said to be the first article on ESP
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* See also R. Gordon Wasson, 1898-1986; Willard Rhodes, 1901-1992; George Cowan, 1920-2012; Florence Cowan
* See also Jerome Rothenberg; Editor
* See also Donald F. Sandner, 1928-1997; Steven H. Wong; Editors
* See also Roberta Sterman Sabbath; Editor

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-TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction (2014)
-Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering The Masses (2015)

Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church
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* See also Jeff A. Brown & The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church

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* See also Jeff Davis, Al Eufrasio

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Arthur Evans, 1942-2011
-Witchcraft and The Gay Counterculture: A Radical View of Western Civilization and Some of The People It Has Tried To Destroy (1978)
* This book led to a gay conference that partly influenced the formation of The Radical Faeries movement, co-Founded by Harry Hay (1912-2002) in 1978

Bergen Evans (Bergen Baldwin Evans), 1904-1978
-The Natural History of Nonsense (1946, 1958)

Christopher Evans (Dr Christopher Riche Evans), 1931-1979
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* See also Colin Wilson, 1931-2013; Christopher Evans, Editors

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* See also Ronald Hutton

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* See also Robert E. Bartholomew

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* See also Patrick Huyghe

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* See also John Spencer, Hilary Evans, 1929-2011; Editors

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* See also Andrew Jackson Davis, 1826-1910

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* Rose Vanden Eynden Founded the United Spiritualists of The Christ Light Church (USCLC) in 2000

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