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Authors - L

Gary Lachman (Gary Joseph Lachman, also known as Gary Valentine)
-Two Essays on Colin Wilson: World Rejection and Criminal Romantics & From Outsider To Post-Tragic Man (Colin Wilson Studies 6) (1994)
-A Secret History of Consciousness (foreword by Colin Wilson [1931-2013], 2003)
-Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and The Dark Side of The Age of Aquarius (2003)
-The Dedalus Book of The Occult: A Dark Muse (2003; also entitled A Dark Muse: A History of The Occult, 2005)
-In Search of P. D. Ouspensky: The Genius In The Shadow of Gurdjieff (2006)
-Into The Interior: Discovering Swedenborg – An Introduction To The Life and Work of Emanuel Swedenborg (2006)
-Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction To His Life and Work (2007)
-Politics And The Occult: The Left, the Right, and The Radically Unseen (2008)
-The Dedalus Book of Literary Suicide: Dead Letters (2008)
-Jung The Mystic: The Esoteric Dimensions of Carl Jung's Life and Teachings (2010)
-The Quest For Hermes Trismegistus: From Ancient Egypt To The Modern World (2011)
-Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality (2012)
-Swedenborg: An Introduction To His Life and Ideas (2012)
-The Caretakers of The Cosmos: Living Responsibly In An Unfinished World (2013)
-Aleister Crowley: Magick, Rock and Roll, and The Wickedest Man In The World (2014)
-The Secret Teachers of The Western World (2015)
-Revolutionaries of The Soul: Reflections on Magicians, Philosophers, and Occultists (2015)
-Beyond The Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson (2016)
-Lost Knowledge of The Imagination (2018)
* See also John Shand, Gary Lachman

Gary Lachman; Editor
-The Dedalus Occult Reader: The Garden of Hermetic Dreams (2005)

Norris J. Lacy, Editor
-The Arthurian Encyclopedia (1986; Revised Edition 1991 entitled The New Arthurian Encyclopedia)

D. Ladewig (Dieter Ladewig), A. Pletscher (Alfred Pletscher), 1916-2006; Editors
-Fifty Years of LSD: Current Status and Perspectives of Hallucinogens, A Symposium of The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Lugano-Agno (Switzerland), October 21 and 22, 1993 (1994)

Olof Lagercrantz (Olof Gustaf Hugo Lagercrantz), 1911-2002
-Epic of The Afterlife: A Literary Approach To Swedenborg (2002; originally published in Swedish in 1996 entitled Dikten om livet på den andra sidan)

Kay Lagerquist, Lisa Lenard
-Numerology: The Complete Idiot's Guide (1999, Second Edition 2004)
* See also Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur, Lisa Lenard

Keith Laidler
-The Divine Deception: The Church, The Shroud and The Creation of A Holy Fraud (2000)

Richard Laing (Richard R. Laing); Editor
-Hallucinogens: A Forensic Drug Handbook (2003)

Rav Michael Laitman, Collin Canright
-The Complete Idiot's Guide To Kabbalah (2007)

Joyce LaJudice, 1933-2005; Paula M. Vogt
-Lily Dale: Proud Beginnings (“A Little Bit of History”, Series 1, Volume 1) (1984)
* See also Ron Nagy, Joyce LaJudice

Janja Lalich
-Bounded Choice: True Believers and Charismatic Cults (2004)
* See also Margaret Thaler Singer, 1921-2003; Janja Lalich

Lee Lamb
-Oak Island Family: The Restall Hunt For Buried Treasure (2006; 2012; eBook entitled Oak Island Obsession: The Restall Story, 2012)

Richard S. Lambert (Richard Stanton Lambert), 1894-1981
-Exploring The Supernatural: The Weird In Canadian Folklore (1955, 1966)
-Myths, Legends & Fables (1967)
* See also Harry Price, 1881-1948; R. S. Lambert, 1894-1981

John Lamond (Reverend John Lamond), 1855-1932
-Modern Palestine; or, The Need of A New Crusade (1896)
-Kathleen. A Study of The Supernormal [A Biography of, and An Account of Spiritualistic Communications With, The Author's Daughter, K. O. Lamond] (1925)
-Miracles In Modern Life (1928)
-The Origin, Phenomena and Teaching of Modern Spiritualism. Three Lectures (1929)
-Arthur Conan Doyle. A Memoir (epilogue by Lady Conan Doyle [Dame Jean Elizabeth Leckie Conan Doyle, 1874-1940], 1931, 1972)

Frederic Lamond
-The Divine Struggle (1990)
-Religion without Beliefs: Essays in Pantheist Theology, Comparative Religion and Ethics (1997)
-Fifty Years of Wicca (2004)

Peter Lamont (Dr Peter Karl Lamont)
-The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick: How a Spectacular Hoax Became a History (2005)
-The First Psychic: The Peculiar Mystery of A Victorian Wizard (2006)
* The life of Daniel Dunglas Home, 1833-1886
-Extraordinary Beliefs: A Historical Approach To A Psychological Problem (2013)

Jacob M. Landau
-Middle Eastern Themes (Papers In History and Politics) (1973, 2013)
* Section I, Chapter 2: Prolegomena To A Study of Secret Societies In Modern Egypt
* See also Darius A. Spieth

Alan Landsburg (Alan William Landsburg), 1933-2014
-In Search of Lost Civilisations (foreword by Leonard Nimoy [1931-2015]; 1976)
-In Search of Extraterrestrials (foreword by Leonard Nimoy [1931-2015]; 1977)
-In Search of Myths and Monsters (foreword by Leonard Nimoy [1931-2015]; 1977)
* The 1978 documentary Manbeast! Myth or Monster, directed by Nicholas Webster [1912-2006], narrated by Peter C. Byrne, was based on this book (Alan Landsburg Productions)
-In Search of Magic and Witchcraft (foreword by Leonard Nimoy [1931-2015]; 1977)
-In Search of Strange Phenomena (foreword by Leonard Nimoy [1931-2015]; 1977)
-In Search of Missing Persons (foreword by Leonard Nimoy [1931-2015]; 1978)
-Secrets of The Bermuda Triangle (1978)
-In Search Of... Lost Civilizations, Extraterrestrials, Magic and Witchcraft, Strange Phenomena, Myths and Monsters (Abridged, 1978)
* Companion books to the In Search Of… Television Series 1976-1982, presented by Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015 (Alan Landsburg Productions); also released on video-cassette, the complete series was released on DVD in 2012
* The First Pilot to the Television Series was the 1973 TV Movie documentary In Search of Ancient Astronauts, narrated by Rod Serling (1924-1975), directed by Harald Reinl (1908-1986), that was a re-edited version of his 1970 cinema-release documentary “Chariots of the Gods” (German title, “Erinnerungen an die Zukunft”). The Second Pilot was In Search of Ancient Mysteries, also narrated by Rod Serling, directed by Fred Warshofsky. Harald Reinl also directed the German 1976 documentary “Botschaft der Götter”, the English Version of which was modified and directed by Charles Romine, entitled William Shatner’s Mysteries of The Gods, presented by William Shatner
-The Insects Are Coming (1978)
* Tie-in to 3 Television Movies to which Alan Landsburg was Executive Producer: The Savage Bees (directed by Bruce Geller [1930-1978], 1976), Ants! (directed by Robert Scheerer, 1977), Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (directed by Stuart Hagmann, 1977)
* See also Charles Fiore, 1935-2003; Alan Landsburg

Alan Landsburg (Alan William Landsburg), 1933-2014; Sally Landsburg
-In Search of Ancient Mysteries (foreword by Rod Serling [1924-1975]; 1974)
-The Outer Space Connection: Astonishing New Proof That We Are Not Alone In The Universe (foreword by Rod Serling [1924-1975], photographs by Andrew Reichline, 1975)
* The 1975 documentary The Outer Space Connection predicted the return of the extraterrestrials on 24 December 2011, directed by Fred Warshofsky and narrated by Rod Serling (released on video cassette in 1987, on DVD in 2009)

David Christopher Lane
-The Spiritual Guru Test: A Critical Guide To America's New Cult Leaders (eBook, 2011)

W. H. Lane (Lieutenant Colonel William Horsburgh Lane), 1874-1946
-The Home of The Loch Ness Monster (1934)

Andrew Lang, 1844-1912
-The Folklore of France (1878)
-Custom and Myth (1884)
-Myth, Ritual and Religion (Two Volumes, 1887)
-Perrault's Popular Tales (1888)
-The Blue Fairy Book (1889)
-The Red Fairy Book (1890)
-The Green Fairy Book (1892)
-Kirk's Secret Commonwealth (1893)
-The Yellow Fairy Book (1894)
-My Own Fairy Book (1895)
-The Nursery Rhyme Book (1897)
-Modern Mythology (1897)
-The Pink Fairy Book (1897)
-The Book of Dreams and Ghosts (1897)
-The Making of Religion (1898)
-The Grey Fairy Book (1900)
-The Violet Fairy Book (1901)
-Magic and Religion (1901)
-The Crimson Fairy Book (1903)
-Social Origins (1903)
-The Story of The Golden Fleece (1903)
-The Snowman and Other Fairy Stories (1903)
-The Brown Fairy Book (1904)
-Historical Mysteries (1904)
-The Clyde Mystery. A Study In Forgeries and Folklore (1905)
-The Secret of The Totem (1905)
-The Orange Fairy Book (1906)
-The Olive Fairy Book (1907)
-Tales of A Fairy Court (1907)
-The Origins of Religion (essays, 1908)
-The Lilac Fairy Book (1910)
-Method In The Study of Totemism (1911)
-Old Friends Among The Fairies: Puss In Boots and Other Stories. Chosen From The Fairy Books (1926)
* Andrew Lang co-Founded The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in 1882
* President of The Society For Psychical Research 1911
* See also Robert Kirk, 1644-1692

Noel Langley, 1911-1980
-Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation: Fully Documented Case Histories of Rebirth That Can Help You Achieve The Potential of Your Inner Self (edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce [1907-1982], 1968, 1989)

Nicolas Langlitz
-Neuropsychedelia: The Revival of Hallucinogen Research since The Decade of The Brain (2012)

Vittorio Lanternari, 1918-2010
-The Religions of The Oppressed: A Study of Modern Messianic Cults (1965; originally published in Italian entitled Movimenti religiosi di libertà e di salvezza dei popoli oppressi, 1960)

Jack “Kewaunee” Lapseritis
-The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection (preface by Dr R. Leo Sprinkle, foreword by Dick Robinson, afterword by Standing Elk, 1998, 2005; also entitled The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection, preface by Christopher L. Murphy, foreword by Lee Trippett, artwork by Jesse D'Angelo, 2010)

Michael Largo
-God's Lunatics: Lost Souls, False Prophets, Martyred Saints, Murderous Cults, Demonic Nuns, and Other Victims of Man's Eternal Search For The Divine (2010)
-The Big, Bad Book of Beasts: The World's Most Curious Creatures (2013)

Lissette Larkins
-Talking To Extraterrestrials: Communicating With Enlightened Beings (2002; Revised Edition entitled Talking To Extraterrestrials: Transforming Our World With The Help of Enlightened Beings, 2013)
-Calling on Extraterrestrials: 11 Steps To Inviting Your Own UFO Encounters (2003)
-Listening To Extraterrestrials: Telepathic Coaching By Enlightened Beings (foreword by Dutchie A. Kidd, 2004)
-Difficult People: A Gateway To Enlightenment (2011)

Brian Larkman, Philip Heselton
-Earth Mysteries: An Exploratory Introduction (stapled pamphlet, 1985)
* See also Philip Heselton

Christina Larner (Christina Jessy Larner), 1933-1983
-Enemies of God: The Witch-Hunt In Scotland (foreword by Norman Cohn [1915-2007], 1981, 2000)
-Witch Beliefs and Witch-Hunting In England and Scotland (“History Today”, Volume 31, Number 2, 1981)
-Witchcraft and Religion: The Politics of Popular Belief (edited with a foreword by Alan Macfarlane, 1984)

Christina Larner, 1933-1983; Christopher Hyde Lee, Hugh V. McLachlan; Editors
-A Source-Book of Scottish Witchcraft (1977, 2005)
* See also Hugh V. McLachlan; Editor

Egon Larsen (Egon Lehrburger), 1904-1990
-Strange Sects and Cults: A Study of Their Origin and Influence (1971)

Ludwig B. Larsen, 1864-1929
-“The Little Book”: Key To The Bible and Heaven (1919)
-Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom (1941)

John Lash (John Lamb Lash)
-The Seeker's Handbook: The Complete Guide To Spiritual Pathfinding (1991)
-Twins and The Double (1993)
-The Hero: Manhood and Power (1995)
-Tai Chi Journey (1997)
-The Spirit of Tai Chi: Essential Principles (2002)
-The Yin of Tai-Chi: Tao, Tai-Chi & The Mysterious Female (2003)
-Not In His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and The Future of Belief (afterword by Derrick Jensen, 2006)
-Quest For The Zodiac: The Cosmic Code Beyond Astrology (2007)
-Tai Chi: The Moonlit Path To Mother Tao (The Way Of The White Crane 1) (2013)
-Wu Chi: The Womb of Mother Tao (The Way Of The White Crane 2) (2013)
-White Crane: Taoist Meditation (The Way Of The White Crane 3) (2014)
-Tai Chi: Mother Tao's Magic Journey (The Way Of The White Crane 4) (2014)

Arnaud de Lassus
-Unholy Craft: Freemasonry and The Roots of Christophobia (foreword by Anthony Fraser, 2012)
* See also G. M. Pachtler, 1825-1889
* See also George F. Dillon, 1836-1893
* See also Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, 1858-1926
* See also Reverend E. Cahill, 1868-1941
* See also Vicomte Léon De Poncins, 1897-1975
* See also John Vennari
* See also Deanna L. Spingola
* See also John Salza
* See also Bro. Charles Madden
* See also Pope Leo XIII, 1810-1903

Ervin László
-Essential Society: An Ontological Reconstruction (1963)
-Introduction To Systems Philosophy: Toward A New Paradigm of Contemporary Thought (1973)
-A Strategy For The Future: The Systems Approach To World Order (1974)
-Goals For Mankind: A Report To The Club of Rome on The New Horizons of Global Community (1977)
-Inner Limits of Mankind: Heretical Reflections on Today's Values, Culture and Politics (1978)
-The Systems View of The World: A Holistic Vision For Our Time (1982, 1995; also entitled The Systems View of The World: The Natural Philosophy of The New Developments In The Sciences, 2001)
-Europe In The Contemporary World (A Special Issue of World Futures) (1986)
-Evolution: The Grand Synthesis (foreword by Jonas Salk [1914-1995], 1987, 1992)
-The Age of Bifurcation: Understanding The Changing World (1991)
-The Choice: Evolution or Extinction? A Thinking Person's Guide To Global Issues (afterword by Federico Mayer, 1994)
-Vision 2020: Reordering Chaos For Global Survival (1994)
-The Interconnected Universe: Conceptual Foundations of Transdisciplinary Unified Theory (1995)
-The Creative Cosmos: A Unified Science of Matter, Life and Mind (foreword by Karl H. Pribram, 1996)
-Beyond Scepticism and Realism: A Constructive Exploration of Husserlian and Whiteheadiam Methods of Inquiry (1996)
-Third Millennium: The Challenge and The Vision (foreword by Peter Ustinov [1921-2004], 1997)
-Whispering Pond: A Personal Guide To The Emerging Vision of Science (1999)
-The Connectivity Hypothesis: Foundations of An Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, and Consciousness (foreword by Ralph H. Abraham, 2003)
-Science and The Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything (2004, Updated Second Edition 2007)
-The Chaos Point: The World at The Crossroads – A Window In Time To Avert Global Collapse and Begin Worldwide Renewal (foreword by Arthur C. Clark [1917-2008], 2006, 2010)
-Chaos Point 2012 and Beyond: Appointment with Destiny (foreword by Barbara Marx Hubbard, 2006, 2010)
-Science and The Reenchantment of The Cosmos: The Rise of The Integral Vision of Reality (2006)
-Quantum Shift In The Global Brain: How The New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and Our World (2008)
-Worldshift 2012: Making Green Business, New Politics & Higher Consciousness Work Together (forewords by Deepak Chopra & Mikhail Gorbachev, 2009)
-You Can Change The World: The Global Citizen's Handbook For Living on Planet Earth (introduction by Mikhail Gorbachev, postscript by Paulo Coelho, 2010)
-Simply Genius! And Other Tales From My Life (foreword by Deepak Chopra, 2011)
-The Akasha Paradigm: Revolution In Science, Evolution In Consciousness (2012)
-The Self-Actualizing Cosmos: The Akasha Revolution in Science and Human Consciousness (2014)
-What Is Reality? The New Map of Cosmos, Consciousness, and Existence (introduction by Stanislav Grof, foreword by Deepak Chopra, edited by Kingsley L. Dennis, 2016)
* See also Kingsley L. Dennis; Editor
* See also Gyorgyi Szabo

Ervin László; Editor
-The Relevance of General Systems Theory: Papers Presented to Ludwig von Bertalanffy on His Seventieth Birthday (1972)
-The World System: Models – Norms – Variations (1973)
-The Akashic Experience: Science and The Cosmic Memory Field (2009)

Ervin László, Allan Combs; Editors
-Changing Visions: Human Cognitive Maps, Past, Present and Future (1994)

Ervin László, Jude Currivan
-Cos Mos: A Co-creator's Guide To The Whole World (2008)
* See also Jude Currivan

Ervin László, Kingsley L. Dennis; Editors
-The New Science and Spirituality Reader: Leading Thinkers on Conscious Evolution, Quantum Consciousness, and The Nonlocal Mind (foreword by Deepak Chopra, 2012)
-Dawn of The Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and The Future of The World (2013)
* See also Kingsley L. Dennis

Ervin László, Stanislav Grof, Peter Russell
-The Consciousness Revolution: A Transatlantic Dialogue (foreword by Ken Wilber, afterword by Yehudi Menuhin [1916-1999], 1999)
* See also Peter Russell
* See also Stanislav Grof

Raphael Lataster, Richard Carrier; Editors
-Jesus Did Not Exist: A Debate Among Atheists (2015)
* See also Richard Carrier

Minor White Latham, 1881-1968
-The Elizabethan Fairies: The Fairies of Folklore and The Fairies of Shakespeare (1930)

Don Lattin
-Following Our Bliss: How The Spiritual Ideals of The Sixties Shape Our Lives Today (2003)
-Jesus Freaks: A True Story of Murder and Madness on The Evangelical Edge (2007)
-The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed The Fifties and Ushered In A New Age For America (2010)
-Distilled Spirits: Getting High, Then Sober, With A Famous Writer, A Forgotten Philosopher, And A Hopeless Drunk (2012)
-Changing Our Minds: Psychedelic Sacraments and The New Psychotherapy (2017)

Dorothy Spence Lauer, Brad Steiger (Eugene E. Olson)
-How To Use ESP: The Hidden Power of Your Mind (1969, 1998)

Charles D. Laughlin
-Communing with The Gods: Consciousness, Culture and The Dreaming Brain (2011)

L. W. de Laurence (Lauron William de Laurence), 1868-1936
-The Lesser Key of Solomon: Goetia, The Book of Evil Spirits (1916)
-The Illustrated Key To The Tarot (1918; 1972; plagiarism of Pictorial Key To The Tarot by A. E. Waite [1857-1942])

Theodor Laurence, 1935-2009
-The Sexmaster's Guidebook (1969)
-The Orgasm Masters: Pioneers In Perverstion (1970)
-How The Tarot Speaks To Modern Man (1972)
-The Foundation Book of Astrology (1973)
-The Sexual Key To The Tarot (1973)
-Satan, Sorcery, and Sex (1974)
-Helping Yourself with Spells, Prayers, Curses, and Chants (1975)
-Helping Yourself With Psycho-Symbology (1976)
-The Miracle Power of Believing (1978)
-The New Miracle Dynamics: Amazing Power For Daily Living (1981)
-The Parker Lifetime Treasury of Mystic and Occult Powers (1982)

Duncan Laurie
-The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology For The Creative Individual (2009, 2013)

John Christian Laursen, Richard H. Popkin (Richard Henry Popkin), 1923-2005; Editors
-Millenarianism and Messianism In Early Modern European Culture, Volume IV: Continental Millenarians - Protestants, Catholics, Heretics (International Archives of The History of Ideas 176) (2001)

Anton Szandor LaVey (Howard Stanton Levey), 1930-1997
-The Satanic Bible (hardcover first edition contains introduction By Michael A. Aquino; 1969)
-The Satanic Witch (introduction by Zeena LaVey [Zeena Galatea LaVey], 1970)
-The Compleat Witch, or, What To Do When Virtue Fails (1971)
-The Satanic Rituals: Companion To The Satanic Bible (1972)
-The Devil's Notebook (1992)
-Satan Speaks! (introduction by Blanche Barton, foreword by Marilyn Manson; 1998)
-Letters From The Devil: The Lost Writing of Anton Szandor LaVey (designed by Kevin I. Slaughter, 2010)
* Anton LaVey Founded The Satanic Church, later renamed The Church of Satan, in 1966
* See also Maurice Bessy, 1910-1993
* See also Jack Fritscher
* See also Burton H. Wolfe
* See also Nikolas Schreck, Zeena Schreck (Zeena Galatea LaVey)

Gilbert R. Lavoie
-Resurrected: Tangible Evidence That Jesus Rose From The Dead. Shroud's Message Revealed 2000 Years Later (foreword by Gary Habermas, 2000)

Jeffrey D. Lavoie
-The Theosophical Society: The History of A Spiritualist Movement (2012)
-A Search For Meaning In Victorian Religion: The Spiritual Journey and Esoteric Teachings of Charles Carleton Massey (2014)

Michael Lawrence
-Astonishing Credulity (2010; Revised Second Edition, 2011; Third Edition, 2014)
-Contra Ehrman: Jesus Did Not Exist (2015)

Richard Lawrence
-Unlock Your Psychic Powers: How To Master Your Latent ESP (1993, 1994, 1995; Revised Edition, 2008)
-Journey Into Supermind: Unlock Your Inner Potential (1995, 1996)
-The Meditation Plan: 21 Keys To Your Inner Potential (Piatkus Guides) (1999)
-Little Book of Karma: The Secret of Success In Every Aspect of Your Life (2000)
-The Magic of Healing: How To Heal by Combining Yoga Practices with The Latest Spiritual Techniques (2001; also entitled The Magic of Healing: Heal Yourself and Others With These Ancient and Modern Healing Techniques, 2004)
-Little Book of Yin and Yang (2002)
-UFOs and The Extraterrestrial Message: A Spiritual Insight Into UFOs and Cosmic Transmissions (2010)
* See also George King, 1919-1997; Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence, Mark Bennett
-Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels (2007)
-Prayer Energy: Rediscover The Power of Prayer To Bring About Change (2009)

Ian Lawton, Chris Ogilvie-Herald
-Giza: The Truth - The Politics, People and History Behind The World's Most Famous Archaeological Site (1999; Revised & Updated Edition, 2000, 2001, 2002)
* See also Chris Ogilvie-Herald
* See also Andrew Collins, Chris Ogilvie-Herald

Donald Laycock, 1936-1988
-The Complete Enochian Dictionary, A Dictionary of The Angelic Language as Revealed To Dr John Dee and Edward Kelley (preface by Stephen Skinner, foreword by Lon Milo DuQuette; Limited Gilded Cover First Edition, 1978; Standard Edition, 1978)

Joseph Laycock (Joseph P. Laycock)
-Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism (2009)
-Dangerous Games: What The Moral Panic Over Role-Playing Games Says about Play, Religion, and Imagined Worlds (2015)

Joseph Laycock (Joseph P. Laycock); Editor
-Spirit Possession Around The World: Possession, Communion, and Demon Expulsion Across Cultures (2015)

Meade Layne, 1882-1961
-Concerning Mediums and Mediumship: A Publication of The Borderland Science Research Associates (1949)
-The Morley-Martin Experiments and The Experiments of Dr Charles W. Littlefield (1950)
-The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution: Flying Discs (1950)
-The Coming of The Guardians: An Interpretation of The “Flying Saucers” As Given From The Other Side of Life (1954, 1957, 1964, 1972, 2009)
-The Flying Saucer Mystery and Its Solution (circa 1961)

Deborah Layton
-Seductive Poison: A Jonestown Survivor's Story of Life and Death In The People's Temple (foreword by Charles Krause, 1998, 1999)
* See also Leigh Fondakowski
* See also Tim Reiterman, John Jacobs
* See also Jeff Guinn
* See also Mary McCormick Maaga

Henry Charles Lea, 1825-1909
-A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages (Three Volumes, 1887, 1922)
-Materials Toward A History of Witchcraft (Three Volumes, 1890)
-A History of The Inquisition of Spain (Four Volumes, 1906-1907)

Thomas Simcox Lea, 1857-1939; Frederick Bligh Bond, 1864-1945
-Materials For The Study of The Apostolic Gnosis (1919)
* See also Frederick Bligh Bond, Thomas Simcox Lea

C. P . Leacock
-Roswell: Have You Wondered? Understanding The Evidence of UFOs At The International UFO Museum and Research Center (1998)

C.W. Leadbeater (Charles Webster Leadbeater), 1854-1934
-The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena (1895)
-Dreams: What They Are and How They Are Caused (1896)
-The Devachanic Plane: Its Characteristics And Inhabitants (1896)
-Invisible Helpers: A Story of Helping at Night The So-called "Dead" by Those Who Are Still In The Land of The “Living” (1896)
-Reincarnation (1898)
-Our Relation to Our Children (1898)
-Clairvoyance (1899)
-The Christian Creed: Its Origin and Signification (1899, 1904)
-The Unseen World (1901)
-An Outline of Theosophy: A Simple Elucidation of Theosophical Principles (1902)
-Man Visible and Invisible: Examples of Different Types of Men Seen by Means of Trained Clairvoyance (1902)
-The Smaller Buddhist Catechism (1902)
-The Other Side of Death: Scientifically Examined by Clairvoyant Observation and Carefully Described (1903)
-Some Glimpses of Occultism, Ancient and Modern (1903)
-Guardian Angels And Other Unseen Helpers (1903)
-Some Glimpses of Occultism, Ancient and Modern (1903)
-The Law of Cause and Effect: A Lecture (1903)
-Life after Death: The Heaven World. A Lecture (1903)
-Theosophical Talks at Adyar (1910)
-What Theosophy Does For Us (1910)
-Adyar: The Home of the Theosophical Society – Views Taken Expressly by Alcyone (J. Krishnamurti) (1911)
-The Inner Life (Two Volumes, 1911)
-The Perfume of Egypt and Other Weird Stories (1911)
-The Power and Use of Thought (1911)
-The Life After Death and How Theosophy Unveils It (1912)
-A Textbook of Theosophy (1912, 1926, 1941)
-Pañcha Sila: The Five Precepts (1913)
-To Those Who Mourn: Solace For Bereaved Person Based on Principles of Evolution and Reincarnation (1913)
-Some Occult Experiences Described by Johan van Manen and Annotated by C.W. Leadbeater (1913)
-Vegetarianism and Occultism: On The Effects of Meat Eating and Slaughter of Animals Quoting Scientists' Views of 1913 In Defence of Vegetarianism (1913)
-The Hidden Side of Things: A Treatise on The Occult Realities Behind Ordinary Experiences, Ceremonies, Etc. by A Seer (1913)
-Australia and New Zealand as The Home of A New Sub-Race: Four Lectures Delivered Under The Auspices of The Theosophical Society at Sydney, August, 1915 (1915)
-Why A Great World Teacher? Address Given by Mr C.W. Leadbeater, at Concordia Hall, Sydney, on Sunday, 23 May 1915, To The Order of The Star In The East and Visitors (1915)
-An Occult View of The War (1917)
-Starlight: Seven Addresses Given For Love of The Star (1917)
-The Coming of The World-Teacher and Death, War and Evolution (1917)
-Ancient Ideals In Modern Masonry: An Address Given To The Sydney Lodge No. 404, 1915 (1917)
-The Fourth Dimension (1918)
-Difficulties In Clairvoyance (1919)
-The Monad, and Other Essays Upon the Higher Consciousness (1920)
-The Inner Side Of Christian Festivals (1920)
-The Science of the Sacraments (1920)
-Talks on “At The Feet of The Master”: A Commentary In Thirty Two Talks (1922)
-Healing Forces and Healing Angels (1925)
-The Masters and The Path: A Treatise on The Path To Perfection with Its Initiations and Ultimate Goal From A Theosophical Viewpoint (1925)
-Glimpses of Masonic History (1926)
-The Hidden Life in Freemasonry (1926)
-The Chakras: A Monograph (1927)
-Spiritualism and Theosophy Scientifically Examined and Carefully Described (1928)
-The World-Mother As Symbol And Fact (1928)
-How Theosophy Came to Me: Autobiographical Reminiscences (1930)
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* C. W. Leadbeater co-Founded The Liberal Catholic Church (LCC) in 1916
* See also Annie Besant, 1847-1933; C. W. Leadbeater
* See also A. P. Sinnett, 1840-1921
* See also W. Scott-Elliot, died 1930

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* See also Joanna Harcourt-Smith

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* Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert Founded The International Foundation for Internal Freedom in 1962
* Timothy Leary Founded The League For Spiritual Discovery in 1966
* See also John Bryan, 1934-2007
* See also Robert Forte
* See also James Penner
* See also Robert Greenfield
* See also Joanna Harcourt-Smith
* See also Michael Horowitz, Karen Walls, Billy Smith

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* See also Michael Horowitz, Cynthia Palmer; Editors

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* See also Ralph Metzner
* See also Ram Dass

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* See also Ken Goffman a.k.a. R.U. Sirius, Dan Joy

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* See also Robert Anton Wilson, 1932-2007

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* See also Christopher L. Murphy

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* See also Ian Sample
* See also Edwin Eugene Klingman
* See also Scientific American, Editors
* See also Jim Baggott
* See also Sean Carroll

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* Mirceal Ledwith was involved with the 2008 DVD, “ORBS: Clues To A More Exciting Universe”
* See also Klaus Heinemann, Gundi Heinemann

Dave Lee
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* See also Peter Carroll
* See also Phil Hine
* See also Andrieh Vitimus
* See also Gordon White

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* Gloria Lee Founded the Cosmon Research Foundation to spread the spiritual teachings of a space entity from Jupiter known as JW
* Gloria Lee was a follower of John Ballou Newbrough's OAHSPE

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* See also Christine Jones

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* See also Andrew Collins
* See also Graham Phillips

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* Nikola Tesla, Luther Burbank, Oliver Lodge, and Albert Einstein
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* William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Rembrandt, Richard Wagner
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-The Essential Enochian Grimoire: An Introduction To Angel Magick From Dr John Dee To The Golden Dawn (2014)
* See also Michael Ceccetelli, Aaron Leitch, Frater Ashan Chassan
* See also Judith Page, Aaron Leitch

Charles G. Leland (Charles Godfrey Leland), 1824-1903
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* See also Gary R. Varner, 2010

John LeMay
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* See also Noe Torres, John Lemay

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Lisa Lenard
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* See also Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur, Lisa Lenard
* See also David Hammerman, Lisa Lenard, Carol Bowman
* See also Robin Gile, Lisa Lenard

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* See also Susy Smith, 1911-2000

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* See also Lawrence Gustave Desmond

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* See also William J. Birnes

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* Desmond Leslie wrote the story to the 1954 movie Stranger From Venus (US Title, Immediate Danger), directed by Burt Balaban (1922-1965)
* See also George Adamski, 1891-1965

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* See also Greywolf, Bobcat, Ronald Hutton, Andy Letcher, Brian Bates

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* Lethbridge was Honorary Keeper of Anglo-Saxon Antiquities at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, 1923-1957
* See also Tom Graves, Janet Hoult; Editors
* See also Terry Welbourn

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* See also Tom DeLonge, Peter Levenda

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* With Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873) evoked up the spirit of Apollonius of Tyana in 1854

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* See also Liz Greene

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* See also Tracy R. Twyman

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* Harvey Spencer Lewis Founded The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) in 1915
* The Rosicrucian Digest was first published in 1915 entitled American Rosae Crucis, then The Triangle, then The Mystic Triangle
* Harvey Spencer Lewis opened The Rosicrucian Egyptian Oriental Museum in 1928. His son Ralph Maxwell Lewis (1904-1987) later opened a new building in 1966 called The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum [REM] & Planetarium at Rosicrucian Park in the Rose Garden neighbourhood of San Jose, California
* Harvey Spencer Lewis (Sar Alden) co-Founded Fédération Universelle des Ordres et Sociétés Initiatiques (FUDOSI) in 1934
* See also A.M.O.R.C.
* See also Wishar S. Cervé
* See also Ralph M. Lewis, 1904-1987
* See also Raymund Andrea, 1882-1975
* See also Ulrich Steindorff Carrington, 1888-1978
* See also Many Cihlar, 1901-1989; Editor
* See also Stanley K. Clark, 1888-1970
* See also Savitri Devi, 1905-1982
* See also Laura DeWitt James
* See also Isidor Kalisch, 1816-1886
* See also M. W. Kapp, 1866-1945
* See also Walter J. Albersheim, 1897-circa 1982
* See also Héléne Bernard
* See also Raymond Bernard, 1923-2006
* See also Rodman R. Clayson, 1903-1988
* See also Ron Dalrymple
* See also Ralph Whiteside Kerr
* See also Cecil A. Poole
* See also Pierre S. Freeman

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* See also S. Baring-Gould, 1834-1924
* See also Lionel Smithett Lewis, 1867-1953
* See also J. Armitage Robinson, 1858-1933
* See also Cyril C. Dobson, 1879-1960

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* James R. Lewis co-Founded The International Society For The Study of New Religions
* James R. Lewis is Editor-In-Chief of The Alternative Spirituality & Religion Review (ASSR).
* See also Diana G. Tumminia, James R. Lewis
* See also Aidan A. Kelly, James R. Lewis
* See also Asbjorn Dyrendal, James R. Lewis, Jesper Aa. Petersen

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* See also Henrik Bogdan, James R. Lewis; Editors
* See also Daren Kemp, James R. Lewis; Editors
* See also Shelley Rabinovitch, James Lewis; Editors

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* See also Olav Hammer; Editor

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* See also Aidan A. Kelly

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* See also S. Baring-Gould, 1834-1924
* See also J. Armitage Robinson, 1858-1933
* See also Cyril C. Dobson, 1879-1960
* See also Henry A. Lewis, 1879-1957

Pepper Lewis
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* See also Martine Vallée

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* Ralph M. Lewis was the Imperator of AMORC 1939-1987
* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

Ralph M. Lewis (Ralph Maxwell Lewis), 1904-1987; Editor
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* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

Philippe Lheureux
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* See also Bill Kaysing, 1922-2005; Randy Reid
* See also William L. Brian II

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* George Pickingill, 1816-1909

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Life Magazine, Editors
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* See also Kelly Knauer
* See also Time Magazine, Editors

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* This book inspired the 1978 novel “Altered States” by Paddy Chayefsky (1923-1981) that was later adapted into a 1980 film of the same name directed by Ken Russell (1927-2011)
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* See also Francis Jeffrey, John C. Lilly

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Chang Ping Lin, flourished 18th century
* See Stephen Skinner

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* See also Grace Cooke, 1892-1979
* See also “White Eagle” (Spirit)
* See also White Eagle Publishing Trust

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* See also Roger Bacon, 1214-1294

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* See also Mark Hofmann
* See also Steven Naifeh, Gregory White Smith, 1951-2014
* See also Linda Sillitoe, 1948-2010; Allen D. Roberts
* See also Richard E. Turley, Jr

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* Guido von List created the doctrine of Armanism and founded his religion of Armanenschaft, believing the Swastika to be a uniquely Aryan symbol
* Guido von List prophesied that a German Messiah would save Germany after World War I and establish an Aryan-dominated world order
* The Guido von List Society (Guido-von-List-Gesellschaft) was formed in 1908
* See also Arthur de Gobineau, 1816-1882
* See also Houston Stewart Chamberlain, 1855-1927
* See also Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945
* See also Alfred Rosenberg, 1893-1946
* See also Karl Maria Wiligut, 1866-1946

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* See also John Van Auken

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* This story was covered in the American magazine Popular Science in an article by David Scott, “New Evidence Spurs Hunt For The Loch Ness Monster” (Volume 189, Number 5, November 1966, pp.112-115, 212, 214, 216)

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* W. F. Lofthouse suggested that the symbolism contained within Ezekiel's vision could have been inspired by the religious sculptures of Babylon
* See also Josef F. Blumrich, 1913-2002
* See also C. P. S. Menon
* See also Arnold Whittick, 1898-1986
* See also Hart Armstrong, 1912-2001

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* Alfred Loisy was excommunicated by The Vatican on 7 March, 1908
* See also Adolf von Harnack, 1851-1930
* See also Martin Dibelius, 1883-1947
* See also Rudolf Bultmann, 1884-1976
* See also Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965
* See also Lester R. Kurtz

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* See also Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas

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* Claimed that the man in the ape-suit in the Patterson Film was Bob Heironimus
* See also Roger Patterson, 1926-1972, Christopher L. Murphy

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-A General Letter To All F.T.S. (1960)
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* Leader of the Theosophical Society 1951-1971
* Founded the Theosophical journal Sunrise (magazine)

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-Evidence Of The Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences (2011)
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* See also Dannion Brinkley, Paul Perry
* See also Raymond Moody, Jr., Paul Perry
* See also Melvin Morse, Paul Perry

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* See also Robert Huntington Fletcher, 1875-1919; Roger Sherman Loomis

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* See also Joshua David Stone, 1953-2005; Marcia Dale Lopez, Reverend Linda L. Schweke

Garman Lord
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* Garman Lord co-Founded The Coven Witan of Anglo-Saxon Wicca in 1971
* Garman Lord Founded The Witan Theod in 1976
* Garman Lord co-Founded The Miercinga Rice

Peter Lord; Editor
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* See also Geraldine Cummins, 1890-1969

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* See also Andy Andrews
* See also James Gleick
* See also John Holte; Editor
* See also Benoit B. Mandelbrot, 1924-2010

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* Coral and Jim Lorenzen Founded the Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation (APRO) 1952-1988

Jim Lorenzen (Leslie James Lorenzen), 1922-1986; Coral Lorenzen, 1925-1988
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-The Living Light Cards (88 page Guidebook, 78 Card-Set, 2011)
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Frank Lost
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Mary Losure
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* See also Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-1930; E. L. Gardner, 1870-1970
* See also Edward L. Gardner, 1870-1970
* See also Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood, 1897-1965; Editor
* See also Fred Gettings, 1937-2013 (Ghosts in Photographs: The Extraordinary Story of Spirit Photography, pages 67-72, 1978)
* See also Frances Mary Griffiths, 1907-1986; Christine Lynch
* See also Geoffrey Crawley, 1926-2010
* See also Joe Cooper

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Rita Louise, Wayne Laliberté
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* The Necronomicon was first mentioned in Lovecraft’s short story “The Hound”, published in Weird Tales, Volume 3, Number 2, February 1924

Raoul Loveday (Frederick Charles Loveday), 1900-1923
-The Abbey of Do What Thou Wilt (1995)
* First unabridged version of the essay written shortly before Loveday's death at the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Sicily. The abridged version was published in John Symonds, King of The Shadow Realm, 1989)

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* See also John J. Guthrie Jr, Phillip Charles Lucas, Gary Monroe; Editors

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“Lucia” (Pseudonym)
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* See also Joseph Balsamo, 1743-1795

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