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Paul Smith


Authors - K

Amber K
-True Magick: A Beginner's Guide (1990, reprinted 14 times; revised and expanded edition 2007)
-Coven Craft: Witchcraft For Three or More (1998, 2003)
-Pagan Kids' Activity Book (1998)
* Amber K co-Founded The Coven of Our Lady of The Woods (OLW)
* Amber K co-Founded The Ladywood Tradition of Wicca

Amber K, Azrael Arynn K
-Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach (2002)
-Candlemas: Feast of Flames - Brigit's Festival of Light & Life (2003)
-RitualCraft: Creating Rites For Transformation and Celebration (2006)
-How To Become A Witch: The Path of Nature, Spirit & Magick (2010)

Richard Kaczynski
-Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley – Hardcover Full-Leatherbound Deluxe (Limited Edition of 111 copies, 2002)
-Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley – The Definitive Biography of The Founder of Modern Magick (2002; revised and expanded edition 2010)
-Blue Equinox Journal Issue 1: Perdurabo Outtakes (2005)
-Panic In Detroit: The Magician and The Motor City (Blue Equinox Journal, Issue 2, O.T.O., 2006)
-The Weiser Concise Guide To Aleister Crowley (edited with introduction by James Wasserman; 2009)
-Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis (privately printed, Limited First Edition of 777 copies, 2012)
-The Billionth Monkey: Based On Actual Fictional Events (2015)
* See also “Hymenaeus Beta”, Richard Kaczynski; Editors

Richard Kaczynski, Frater Iskandar
-Success Is Your Proof: One Hundred Years of O.T.O. In North America. A Festschrift In Honor of Hymenaeus Beta (2015)

Shelley Kaehr (Shelley A. Kaehr)
-Origins of Huna: Secret Behind The Secret Science (foreword by Raymond A. Moody Jr, 2002)
-Gemstone Journeys (foreword by Gary Fleck, 2002)
-Galactic Healing (2003; Second Edition entitled Galactic Healing: Introduction To The Galactic Healing Energy Modality, 2016)
-Lifestream: Journey Into Past and Future Lives (2003)
-Beyond Reality: Evidence of Parallel Universes (2004)
-Divination of God: The Obscure Ancient Tool of Prophecy Revealed (2005)
-Edgar Cayce Guide To Gemstones, Minerals, Metals, and More (2005; also entitled Edgar Cayce's Sacred Stones: The A-to-Z Guide To Working with Gems To Enhance Your Life and Health, 2015)
-Lemurian Seeds: Hope For Humanity (2006)
-Explorations Beyond Reality: Living Evolution Through Genetic Memory (2006)
-Just Write It: Step By Step Guide To Writing & Pubishing Your First Book (2006)
-Crystal Skull Consciousness (edited by Linnea M. Armstrong, 2007)
-Sales 101: Simple Solutions For Sales Success (edited by Linnea M. Armstrong, 2007)
-Beyond Physical Reality: Expanding Awareness Through Holographic Mapping (2007)
-Top Ten Healing Stones of All Time (2009)
-The Life You Deserve: Step by Step Guide To Passion, Purpose and Profits (2009)
-Gemstone Roadtrip (2012)
-With This Ring: Making The Ultimate Commitment To Yourself (2013)
-Multidimensional Minerals (2014)
-Reincarnation Recollections: Geographically Induced Past Life Memories (2016)
-Familiar Places: Reflections on Past Lives Around The World (2016)
-Holographic Mapping: Energy Healing Made Simple (2016)
-Supretrovie: Externally Induced Past Life Memories (2016)

Shelley Kaehr, Steven “Crystalmaster” Rosley
-Gemstone Enlightenment (2007)

Paul Kagan, 1943-1993
-New World Utopias: A Photographic History of The Search For Community (1975)

Gary H. Kah
-En Route To Global Occupation: A High Ranking Government Liaison Exposes The Secret Agenda For World Unification (1991)
-The Demonic Roots of Globalism: En Route To Deception (1995)
-The New World Religion: The Spiritual Roots of Global Government (foreword by Grant R. Jeffrey, 1999)

Jeffrey Kahan
-Reforging Shakespeare: The Story of A Theatrical Scandal (1998)
-Shakespiritualism: Shakespeare and The Occult, 1850-1950 (2013)

Jeffrey Kahan; Editor
-Shakespeare Imitations, Parodies and Forgeries, 1710-1820 (Subcultures and Subversions 1750-1850) (Three Volumes, 2004)

Henry Kahane (Henry Romanos Kahane), 1902-1992; Renée Kahane, 1907-2002; Angelina Pietrangeli, 1907-1984
-The Krater and The Grail: Hermetic Sources of The Parzival (1965)

David E. Kahn, 1893-1968, as told to Will Oursler (William Charles “Will” Oursler), 1913-1985
-My Life With Edgar Cayce (1970)

Samuel Kahn, 1898-date of death unknown
-Rorschach Resume: Rorschach Ink Blot Personality Testing (1956)
-An Introduction To Parapsychology (1965)

Sudhir Kakar
-Shamans, Mystics and Doctors: A Psychological Inquiry Into India and Its Healing Traditions (1991)
-The Analyst and The Mystic: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Religion and Mysticism (1992)

Sudhir Kakar, Jeffrey J. Kripal (Jeffrey John Kripal); Editors
-Seriously Strange: Thinking Anew About Psychical Experiences (Boundaries of Consciousness Series) (foreword by Helga Breuninger, 2012)
* See also Jeffrey J. Kripal

Wyatt Kaldenberg
-A Heathen Family Devotional: Odinism Begins At Home (2011)
-Why Nazism and White Racism Suck: And Do Nothing But Empower Leftists And Hurt The White Race (2011)
-Perceived Heathenism & Odinic Prayer: A Book of Heathen Prayer and Direct Contact with Our Living Gods (2011)
-Odinism: Inside The Belly of The Beast: Essays on Heathenism Inside The New World Order (2011)
-Odinism In The Age of Man: The Dark Age Before The Return of Our Gods (2011)
-Odinism: The Religion of Our Germanic Ancestors In The Modern World: Essays on The Heathen Revival and The Return of The Age of The Gods (2011)
-Heathen Family Prayer For Beginners: A Collection of Odinic Prayers For Families New To Odinism (2012)
-Folkish Odinism (2013)

Raven Kaldera
-The Urban Primitive: Paganism In The Concrete Jungle (with Tannin Schwartzstein, illustrations by Sean Petrin and W. Michael (Wolfie) Dooley; 2002)
-Handfasting and Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera's Blessing (with Bridgett Harrington [Lee Harrington]; 2003)
-MythAstrology: Exploring Planets & Pantheons (2004)
-Pagan Polyamory: Becoming a Tribe of Hearts (2005)
-Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and The Ordeal Path (with Bridgett Harrington [Lee Harrington]; 2006)
-The Jotunbok: Working With The Giants Of The Northern Tradition (2006)
-Wightridden: Paths of Northern-Tradition Shamanism (2007)
-Wyrdwalkers: Techniques of Northern-Tradition Shamanism (2007)
-The Ethical Psychic Vampire (2009)
-Pagan Astrology: Spell-Casting, Love Magic, and Shamanic Stargazing (2009)
-Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook (2009)
-The Pathwalker's Guide to The Nine Worlds (2010)
-Power Circuits: Polyamory In A Power Dynamic (2010)
-The Northern Shamanic Herbal (2011)
-Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key To Your Destiny (2011)
-Pagan Astrology: Spell-Casting, Love Magic, and Shamanic Stargazing (2012)
-Extraordinary Deviations: Transgender Erotica (eBook, 2013)
-Candles In The Cave: Northern Tradition Paganism For Prisoners (2014)
* See also Kenaz Filan, Raven Kaldera
* See also Galina Krasskova, Raven Kaldera

Raven Kaldera; Editor
-Sacred Power, Holy Surrender: Living A Spiritual Power Dynamic (2011; eBook, 2015)
-Kneeling In Spirit: Disabled Submissives (2013)
-Hell On Wheels: Disabled Dominants (2013)

Raven Kaldera, Galina Krasskova
-Neolithic Shamanism: Spirit Work In The Norse Tradition (2012)

Isidor Kalisch, 1816-1886
-Sepher Yezirah: or The Jewish Metaphysics of Remote Antiquity (Rosicrucian Library XXIII) (1950, 2002; English translation, preface, explanatory notes and glossary by Isidore Kalisch; originally published in 1877)
* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

William Kalush, Larry Sloman
-The Secret Life of Harry Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero (foreword by John E. McLaughlin, 2006)

Wendy Kaminer
-Sleeping With Extra-Terrestrials: The Rise of Irrationalism and Perils of Piety (1999)

Beverley Kane, Jean Millay, Dean Brown (H. Dean Brown), 1927-2003; Editors
-Silver Threads: 25 Years of Parapsychology Research (1993)
* See also Jean Millay; Editor

Ida M. Kannenberg (Ida Marguerite Kannenberg), 1914-2010
-UFOs and The Psychic Factor: How To Understand Encounters With UFOs and ETs (1992; also entitled UFO Initiation: Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers, introduction by Dr R. Leo Sprinkle, 2013)
-The Alien Book of Truth: Who Am I? What Am I Doing? Why Am I Here? (1993)
-Project Earth: From The ET Perspective (1995; also entitled Project Earth From The Extraterrestrial Perspective: Mind and Species, foreword by Krsanna Duran, 2014)
-A Time of Innocence (2003)
-How To Come To Terms With Your UFO-Alien Encounter (2007)
-A Son of Old Atlantis (2008; also entitled A Son of Old Atlantis: A Russian-Atlantean Time Traveler's Autobiography, introduction by Krsanna Duran, 2014)
-Time Travelers From Atlantis: The Collected Essays of Ida M. Kannenberg (2007; foreword by Krsanna Duran, 2013)

Ida M. Kannenberg (Ida Marguerite Kannenberg), 1914-2010; Lee Trippett
-My Brother Is A Hairy Man (2009; also entitled My Brother Is a Hairy Man: An Extraterrestrial View on Bigfoot and Human Genesis, 2013)

Spencer Kansa
-Wormwood Star: The Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron (2011; Revised Edition with new author's note, 2014)

Immanuel Kant, 1724-1804
-Critique of Pure Reason (Translated by Francis Haywood [1796-1858], 1838, Revised Translation, 1848; introduction by Ludwig Noiré [1829-1889], 1881; Translated by Werner S. Pluhar, 1996; originally published in German entitled Kritik der reinen Vernunft, 1781; Second Edition 1787)
-Critique of Practical Reason (Translated by Thomas Kingsmill Abbott [1829-1913], 1879; Translated by Mary J. Gregor [1928-1994], 1997; originally published in German entitled Kritik der praktischen Vernunft, 1788)
-Kant's Critique of Judgment (Third Critique) (Translated with introduction and Notes by J. H. Bernard [1860-1927], 1892, Second Revised Edition, 1914; Translated by Werner S. Pluhar, 1987; originally published in German entitled Kritik der Urteilskraft, 1790)
-Foundations of The Metaphysics of Morals (Translated by Thomas Kingsmill Abbott [1829-1913] entitled Fundamental Principles of The Metaphysic of Morals, 1895; edited by Mary J. Gregor [1928-1994] entitled Groundwork of The Metaphysics of Morals, 1998; originally published in German entitled Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten, 1785)
-An Immanuel Kant Reader (edited by Raymond Bernard Blakney [1895-1970], 1960)

James A. Kapalo (James Alexander Kapalo), Éva Pócs, William Francis Ryan; Editors
-The Power of Words: Studies on Charms and Charming In Europe (2013)

David E. Kaplan, Andrew Marshall
-The Cult At The End of The World: The Terrifying Story of The Aum Doomsday Cult, From The Subways of Tokyo To The Nuclear Arsenals of Russia (1996; also entitled The Cult At The End of The World: The Incredible Story of Aum, 1996)

Jeffrey Kaplan
-Radical Religion In America: Millenarian Movements From The Far Right To The Children of Noah (foreword by Michael Barkun, 1997)

Louis Kaplan
-The Strange Case of William Mumler, Spirit Photographer (2008)

Matt Kaplan
-Medusa's Gaze and Vampire's Bite (2012; also entitled The Science of Monsters: The Origin of The Creatures We Love To Fear, new afterword, 2013)
-Science of The Magical: From The Holy Grail To Love Potions To Superpowers (2015)

Stephen Kaplan, 1940-1995
-In Pursuit Of Premature Gods & Contemporary Vampires (1976)
-Vampires Are (1984)

Stephen Kaplan, 1940-1995; Roxanne Salch Kaplan
-The Amityville Horror Conspiracy: The Dramatic True Story of An Incredible Twenty-Year Investigation (introduction by Joel Martin, 1995)

Stuart R. Kaplan (Stuart Ronald Kaplan)
-Tarot Cards For Fun and Fortune Telling: Illustrated Guide To The Spreading And Interpretation Of The Popular 78-Card Tarot 1JJ Deck of Muller & Cie, Switzerland (1970, 1975, 2005)
-James Bond 007 Tarot Book: The Only Complete and Authentic Illustrated Guide To The Spreading and Interpretation Of The Popular James Bond 007 Tarot Fortune-Telling Deck With Cards, Based Upon Fregus Hall's Unique Paintings (as used in the James Bond film Live And Let Die; 1973)
-Angel Tarot (78 Cards; 1980)
-Tarot Of The Witches Book: The Only Complete and Authentic Illustrated Guide To The Spreading and Interpretation of The Popular Tarot of The Witches Fortune-Telling Deck With Cards (1981)
-The Classical Tarot: Its Origins, Meanings and Divinatory Use (1984)
-Visconti Sforza Tarocchi Deck: Fifteenth Century (74 Cards; 1988)
-Universal Waite Tarot Deck (illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith and Mary Hanson-Roberts; 1992)
-Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set: Featuring The Smith-Waite Tarot Centennial Edition Deck (illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith; 2009)

Stuart R. Kaplan (Stuart Ronald Kaplan), Jean Huets
-The Encyclopedia Of Tarot, Volume I (1978)
-The Encyclopedia Of Tarot, Volume II (1986, 1994)
-The Encyclopedia Of Tarot, Volume III (1996)
-The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume IV (2004)
-The Encyclopedia of Tarot, 4 Volume Set (2006)

M. W. Kapp (Michael William Kapp), 1866-1945
-Glands: Our Invisible Guardians (Rosicrucian Library XVIII) (chapter one: “Divine Alchemy” by H. Spencer Lewis [1883-1939], 1939, 1949, 1958, 1966, 1968, 1973, 1977, 1979, 2011)
* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

Shafica Karagulla, 1914-1986
-Breakthrough To Creativity: Your Higher Sense Perception (1967)
* See also Viola Petitt Neal, 1907-1981; Shafica Karagulla

Shafica Karagulla, 1914-1986; Dora van Gelder Kunz (Theodora Sophia van Gelder), 1904-1999
-The Chakras and The Human Energy Fields (1988, 1989, 2002)
* See also Dora van Gelder Kunz

“Allan Kardec” (Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, 1804-1869)
-Heaven and Hell; or, The Divine Justice Vindicated In The Plurality of Existences (1878; originally published in French entitled Le Ciel et l'Enfer, 1865)
-Genesis: The Miracles and The Predictions According To Spiritism (1883; originally published in French entitled La Genèse, les Miracles et les Preditions selon le Spiritisme, 1868)
-The Book on Mediums: Guide For Mediums and Invocators (1970; originally published in French entitled Le Livre des Médiums, 1861)
-The Spirits' Book (1972, 1975, 1996, 1998, 2006, 2007, 2010; originally published in French entitled Le Livre des Esprits, 1857)
-The Gospel According To Spiritism: Contains Explanations of The Moral Maxims of Christ In Accordance With Spiritism and Their Application In Various Circumstances of Life (1987, 1993; originally published in French entitled L'Évangile Selon le Spiritisme, 1862)
-What Is Spiritism? (2011, originally published in French entitled Qu'Est-ce Que le Spiritisme, 1859)
* These five books by “Allan Kardec” introduced the Christian concept of Spiritism
* See also Emma Bragdon

Barb Karg
-The Girl's Guide To Vampires: All You Need To Know About The Original Bad Boys (2009)

Barb Karg, Rick Sutherland
-The Angel Companion: Experience The Love And Devotion Of Guardian Angels (2006)
-Secret America: The Hidden Symbols, Codes and Mysteries of The United States (2010)
* See also John K. Young, Barb Karg

Barb Karg, Rick Sutherland; Editors
-Angel Over My Shoulder: 40 True Stories of Angelic Encounters (2004)

Barb Karg, Arjean Spaite, Rick Sutherland
-The Everything Vampire Book: From Vlad The Impaler To The Vampire Lestat. A History of Vampires In Literature, Film, and Legend (2009)

Barb Karg, John K. Young
-101 Secrets of The Freemasons: The Truth Behind The World's Most Mysterious Society (2009)
* See also John K. Young, Barb Karg

Jason Karl (Jason Dexter Karl)
-Jason Karl's Great Ghost Hunt: A Spectral Journey Through Britain's Haunted Realms (2004)
-Haunted Places of Lancashire (2006)
-21st Century Ghosts: Encounters With Ghosts In The New Millennium (2007)
-An Illustrated History of The Haunted World (2007)
-The Secret World of Witchcraft (2009)

Jason Karl (Jason Dexter Karl), Adele Yeomans
-Preston's Haunted Heritage (2007)
-Blackpool's Haunted Heritage (2009)

Nicholas J. Karolides, Margaret Bald, Dawn B. Sova
-100 Banned Books (1990; Updated Edition entitled 120 Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature, 2005, 2011)
* See also Dawn B. Sova

George Karolyi (György Károlyi)
-An Excursion Into The Paranormal (2003, Revised Edition 2009)

Reba Ann Karp (Reba-Ann Karp)
-Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing: Alternative Therapies From America's Best-Docunented Psychic – 190 Common Ailments Described, Analyzed and Explained (foreword by William A. McGarey, edited by Thomas Cayce [1942-2016], 1986, 1998, 1999)

Don Karr
-Liber Lunae: Book of The Moon & Sepher ha-Levanah (foreword by Stephen Skinner, 2012)
-Approaching The Kabbalah of Maat (foreword by Colin Low, 2013)

Don Karr, Editor
-Sepher Raziel: A Sixteenth Century English Grimoire (2010)

Aziz Kashmiri (Abdul Aziz Kashmiri)
-Christ In Kashmir (1968, 1973, 1988; originally published in Hindi entitled Hazrat Isa aur Isayyat, 1954)

Steve Kass
-How To Grow Magic Mushrooms: The Journey Awaits You (eBook, 2017)

Lauren Kassell
-Medicine and Magic in Elizabethan London, Simon Forman: Astrologer, Alchemist and Physician (2005)

Len Kasten
-The Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology and The Coming New Race (2010)
-Secret Journey To Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel (2013)
-Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan To Divide and Conquer The Human Race (2017)

Jane Katra, Russell Targ
-The Heart of The Mind: How To Experience God Without Belief (foreword by Marianne Williamson, 1999, 2000; also entitled The Heart of The Mind: Using Our Mind To Transform Our Consciousness, 2011)
* See also Russell Targ, Jane Katra

David S. Katz
-The Occult Tradition: From The Renaissance To The Present Day (2005)

Debra Lynne Katz
-You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing (2004, 2015)
-Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques To Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities (2008, 2009)
-Freeing The Genie Within: Manifesting Abundance, Creativity and Success In Life (2009, 2015)

Ronald G. Kaufmann (Ronald Heridonius Kaufmann)
-Lazarus: The Lost Prophet (1988)
-The Last Psychic Definition: The Unlocking of The Mind To Addiction (1995)
-Man's Distant Reality (Prophesy: The Twenty First Century) (1996)
* See also “Ramtha”
* See also J. Z. Knight, “Ramtha”
* See also Deborah Kerins; Editor

Ronald G. Kaufmann (Ronald Heridonius Kaufmann); The Enlightened One (Spirit)
-Between Two Worlds: The Message of Ramtha (1987)

William H. Kautz
-A Method For The Realization of Transfer Impedance Functions (1948)
-Approximation Over A Semi-Infinite-Interval (1949)
-Earthquake Prediction Technology (1975)
-Opening The Inner Eye: Explorations on The Practical Application of Intuition In Daily Life and Work (2003)
-The Story of Jesus: An Intuitive Anthology (2012)
* William H. Kautz Founded the Center For Applied Intuition

William H. Kautz, Melanie Branon
-Channeling: The Intuitive Connection (1987)
-Intuiting The Future: A New Age Vision Of The 1990s (1989)

William H. Kautz, Kevin Ryerson
-A New Jesus: Rediscovering His Deeper Teachings Through Intuitive Inquiry (2011; Revised Edition 2011)

Bill Kaysing (William Charles Kaysing), 1922-2005; Randy Reid
-We Never Went To The Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle (1976, 1981, 2017)
* Bill Kaysing is considered the inspiration of the ‘Moon Hoax Movement
* See also Philippe Lheureux
* See also William L. Brian II

Leslie Kean
-UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record (foreword by John Podesta, 2010)
-Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence For An Afterlife (2017)
* See also Jim Oberg

Victor J. Kean, 1931-2003
-The Disk From Phaistos (1985, 1998)
-The Ancient Greek Computer From Rhodes: Known as The Antikythera Mechanism (1991)
* See also Derek de Solla Price, 1931-2003
* See also Jo Marchant

John A. Keel (John Alva Keel, born Alva John Kiehle), 1930-2009
-Jadoo (Strange Worlds Volume 1) (1957; also entitled Jadoo: Mysteries of The Orient, 1957; Expanded Edition entitled Jadoo, 2013)
-Three Women: An Original Novel (as “Harry Gibbs”, 1965, 2017)
-UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970, 1971, 1976; also entitled Operation Trojan Horse, 1971; also entitled Why UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, 1976; also entitled Operation Trojan Horse: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs, 2013)
-Strange Creatures From Time and Space (1970; Revised Edition entitled The Complete Guide To Mysterious Beings, 1994; 2004; Special “Retro” Edition, 2016)
-Our Haunted Planet (1971; Revised Edition 1999)
-The Eighth Tower: The Complete Force Behind All Religious, Occult and UFO Phenomena (1975; also entitled The Cosmic Question, 1978; also entitled The Eighth Tower: On Ultraterrestrials and The Superspectrum, 2013)
-The Mothman Prophecies (1975; also entitled Visitors From Space: The Astonishing True Story of The Mothman Prophecies, 1976)
-Strange Mutants of The Twenty First Century (introduction by Gray Barker [1925-1984], 1979, 2014)
-Disneyland of The Gods: An Investigation Into Psychic Phenomena And The Outer Limits of Human Perception (1988, 1995)
-The Flying Saucer Subculture (1994; reprinted from “Journal of Popular Culture” 8, Number 4, 1975)
-The Best of John Keel: From The Files of Fate magazine (edited by Andrew Honigman, 2006)
-Flying Saucer To The Center of Your Mind: Selected Writings of John A. Keel (Trilogy 1:1) (edited by Andrew B. Colvin, introduction by Tessa B. Dick, 2013)
-The Outer Limits of The Twilight Zone: Selected Writings of John A. Keel (Trilogy 1:2) (edited by Andrew B. Colvin, introduction by Leon Davidson, foreword by Doug Skinner, 2013)
-Searching For The String: Selected Writings of John A. Keel (Trilogy 1:3) (edited by Andrew B. Colvin, 1970 introduction by Gray Barker [1925-1984], 2014)
-The Great Phonograph In The Sky: Selected Writings of John A. Keel (Trilogy 2:1) (edited by Andrew B. Colvin: collection of articles dating from between 1958-2003, 2015)
-The Passionate Percipient: Illusions I Have Known And Loved. Selected Writings of John A. Keel (Trilogy 2:2) (edited by Andrew B. Colvin, 2015)
-The Perspicacious Percipient: How To Investigate UFOs and Other Insane Urges. Selected Writings of John A. Keel (Trilogy 2:3) (edited by Andrew B. Colvin, 2015)
-The Book of Mothman: Everything You Wanted To Know About Reality Distortion But Were Afraid To Ask (Trilogy 3:1) (edited by Andrew B. Colvin: selected articles from “New Saucerian” magazine, 2015)
-I Never Would Have Slept With You If I Had Known You Were A Giant Birdman From Outer Space: Ancient Aliens and Other Mysteries of The Modern Mind (Trilogy 3:2) (anthology of articles published in “Saga” magazine, introduction by Andrew Colvin, 2016)
-Pursuing The Addenda: Supernatural Reports From The Natural World (Trilogy 3:3) (collection of articles from “Pursuit” magazine, publisher's note by Andrew Colvin, introduction by Ivan T. Sanderson [1911-1973], 2016)
-The Big Breakthrough: Confronting UFOs, Men In Black, Mothman, and Mysterious Humanoids, Trojan Horses of A Breakaway Civilization? (compilation of essays, introductory note by Andrew Colvin, 2017)
* See also Andrew B. Colvin

Sam Keen
-To A Dancing God (1970; also entitled To A Dancing God: Notes of A Spiritual Traveler, new preface, 1990)

Sam Keen, Anne Valley-Fox
-Your Mythic Journey: Finding Meaning In Your Life Through Writing and Storytelling (1990; also released as audio-cassette)

M. Lamar Keene (Morris Lamar Keene), 1936-1996 [as told to Allen Spraggett]
-The Psychic Mafia: The True And Shocking Confessions Of A Famous Medium! (introduction by Reverend William V. Rauscher, 1976; additional foreword by Ray Hyman, preface by Allen Spraggett, 1997)
* See also Allen Spraggett

Alice Beck Kehoe
-The Ghost Dance: Ethnohistory and Revitalization (foreword by George Spindler [1920-2014] and Louise Spindler [1917-1997], 1989; Second Edition 2006)
-Shamans and Religion: An Anthropological Exploration In Critical Thinking (2000)
-The Kensington Runestone: Approaching A Research Question Holistically (2005)

Thomas Keightley, 1789-1872
-The Fairy Mythology: Illustrative Of The Romance And Superstition Of Various Countries (as T. K., dedicated to The Right Honourable Lord Francis Leveson Gower [1800-1857], drawings and etchings by W. H. Brooke [1772-1860], 1828)
-Secret Societies of The Middle Ages (published anonymously, 1837; also entitled Secret Societies of The Middle Ages: The Assassins, The Templars & The Secret Tribunals of Westphalia, with introduction by James Wasserman, 2005)

Arthur Keith (Sir Arthur Keith), 1866-1955
-The Antiquity of Man (1915; Second Edition 1925; Seventh Edition, Two Volumes, 1929)
-A New Theory of Human Evolution (1948; Third Edition 1950)

Jim Keith, 1949-1999
-Saucers of The Illuminati (originally as Jay Katz, foreword by Kenn Thomas, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2004)
-Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce For The New World Order (1994)
-Casebook on Alternative 3: UFOs, Secret Societies and World Control (1994)
-Okbomb! Conspiracy and Cover-Up (1996)
-Casebook on the Men in Black (1997)
-Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control (1997)
-Black Helicopters II: The End Game Strategy (1998)
-Biowarfare In America (1999)
-Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness (2003)
* See also Kenn Thomas, Jim Keith

Jim Keith, 1949-1999; Editor
-Notes From The Hangar: The Underground Base at Dulce, Scientology, Wilhelm Reich, and The Biological Theory of UFOs (Volume 1, Number 1) (1990, 2017)
-The Gemstone File (1992)
-Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History (1993)

William H. Keith
-The Science Of The Craft: Modern Realities In The Ancient Art of Witchcraft (2005)

Colm A. Kelleher, George Knapp
-Hunt For The Skinwalker: Science Confronts The Unexplained At A Remote Ranch In Utah (2005)

Daria V. Kelleher
-The Templar Tarot Mysteries (2007)

Daria Kelleher (Daria V. Kelleher), Stephen Dafoe
-Templar Tarot: The Journey (introduction by Etienne Thevou, Second Edition, 101 Card-Deck, 2009)
* See also Allen Chester, Daria Kelleher
* See also Stephen Dafoe

Edward Kelley (Edward Talbot), 1555-1597
-Sir E. Kelle's Worke. Sir Ed. Kelley concerning The Philosopher's Stone written To His Especiall Good Freind, G. S. Gent (1651; contained within Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum by Elias Ashmole [1617-1692], 1652)
-The Alchemical Writings of E. Kelly. Translated From The Hamburg Edition of 1676 (edited with biographical preface by A. E. Waite [1857-1942], 1893, 1973)
* See also John Dee, 1527-1608
* See also Elias Ashmole, 1617-1692

Ruth Edna Kelley, 1893-1982
-The Book of Hallowe'en (1919)

Aidan A. Kelly
-Hippie Commie Beatnik Witches: A History of The Craft in California, 1967-77 (1978; also entitled Hippie Commie Beatnik Witches: A Social History of The New Reformed Orthodox Order of The Golden Dawn, 2011)
-Moving Into Space (The Myths & Realities of Extra Terrestrial Life) (1980)
-The Evangelical Christian Anti-Cult Movement: Christian Counter-Cult Literature (Cults & New Religions) (1990)
-Neo-Pagan Witchcraft I (Cults and New Religions) (1990)
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-Aradia and The Books of The Sacred Marriage: A Tale of Love, Witches, and Gnostics (Novel, 2015)
* Aidan A. Kelly founded the “New Reformed Orthodox Order of The Golden Dawn and of The Covenant of The Goddess”
* See also James R. Lewis, Aidan A. Kelly; Editors
* See also J. Gordon Melton, Jerome Clark, Aidan Kelly, Editors
* See also Larry Geis, Alta Picchi Kelly, Aidan A. Kelly; Editors

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* See also Cornelia R. Ferreira

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* See also Joan Grant, 1907-1989; Denys Kelsey

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Daren Kemp, James R. Lewis; Editors
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* See also James R. Lewis; Editor

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Gabriel Kennedy
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Kennewick Man
* See Douglas W. Owsley, Richard L. Jantz; Editors

J. Douglas Kenyon, Editor
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* J. Douglas Kenyon is the Editor and Publisher of Atlantis Rising magazine. Issue Number 1 is dated November/December 1994

Tom Kenyon (C. Thomas Kenyon)
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* See also Virginia Essene
* See also Orpheus Phylos, Virginia Essene

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* See also Martine Vallée

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Deborah Kerins; Editor
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* See also J. Z. Knight, “Ramtha”
* See also “Ramtha”
* See also “Ramtha”, Douglas Mahr

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* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

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* See also Elmar R. Gruber
* See also Elmar R. Gruber, Holger Kersten

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* See also Doris Chase Doane, 1913-2005; King Keyes

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Geoffrey Keynes (Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes), 1887-1982; Editor
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“Khan Khaled” (Aleister Crowley, 1875-1947)
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* Originally written in 1924

Vikas Khatri
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* See also Stanley Krippner

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William Kiesel; Editor
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-Picatrix: Goal of The Wise (Ghayat Al-Hakim), Volume Two (Books 3 and 4) (introduction by William Kiesel, 2008)
* Translated from the Arabic into English for the first time by Hashem Atallah and Geylan Holmquist.
* The Picatrix is a 400-page book of Magic and Astrology originally written in Arabic entitled Ghayat al Hikam (“The Aim of the Sage”), dating from circa 10th-11th century. It got the title “Picatrix” when it was translated into Latin during the 13th century.
* See also John Michael Greer, Christopher Warnock (Translators)

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-The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook: The Essential Guide To Ayahuasca Journeying (2014)

Walter J. Kilner (Walter John Kilner), 1847-1920
-The Human Atmosphere (1911; also entitled The Human Aura, 1965; also entitled The Aura, 1984)
* W. J. Kilner was the first person to study the phenomenon of the Human Aura and its changes in appearance during sickness and health
* See also Carl Reichenbach, 1788-1869
* See also Oscar Bagnall, 1893-1978
* See also Dora van Gelder Kunz, 1904-1999
* See also Dolores Krieger

Paul Kimball
-The Other Side of Truth: The Paranormal, The Art of The Imagination, and The Human Condition (foreword by Greg Bishop, 2013)

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* See also Brian Innes, 1928-2014; Francis King, Neil Powell

Francis X. King (Francis Xavier King), 1934-1994, Editor
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George King, 1919-1997
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-The Importance of Commemoration: Spiritual Happiness (1962)
-The Nine Freedoms: An Authoritative Metaphysical Treatise on The Progress Through Ascension To Cosmic Existence (1963)
* “This book is dedicated to that Cosmic Adept known simply as Mars Sector 6, Who, in compassion for humanity, gave the Mystic Text at this most significant time in the history of Earth”
-Space Contact In Santa Barbara (1964)
-The Flying Saucers: A Report On The Flying Saucers, Their Crews, And Their Mission To Earth (1964)
-The Day The Gods Came (1965)
-This Is The Hour of Truth: A Vital Message From An Interplanetary Master To All New Age Workers (circa 1965)
-A Special Assignment: A Report of Vast Cosmic Movement (1965, 1988)
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-The Five Temples of God (1967; Revised Edition, 1975)
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-The Atomic Mission: Occult Revelations of An Atomic Crisis In The Hells In 1973. It Could Happen Here! (circa 1973)
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-You Too Can Heal: An Illustrated Explanation of A Well-Tried Technique of Spiritual Healing Which Anyone Can Use (Deluxe Edition, 1976; 1990)
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-Operation Space Magic: The Cosmic Connection (1982)
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-Operation Space Power: The Solution To The Energy Crisis (1987)
-Contact With A Lord Of Karma (1989)
-The Heather Angel Story (1989)
-Wisdom of The Planets: Selected Transmissions From Out-of-Print Issues of “Cosmic Voice” (2014)
-“Cosmic Voice”: Wisdom of The Masters Delivered Through Dr George King, Volume 1 (numbers 1-6; 2014)
-“Cosmic Voice”: Wisdom of The Masters Delivered Through Dr George King, Volume 2 (numbers 7-10; 2014)
* George King Founded The Aetherius Society in 1955. Issue Number One of its journal, Cosmic Voice, edited by George King, is dated June 1955
* See also Charles E. Abrahamson, 1917-2007

George King, 1919-1997; Kevin Quinn Avery, 1933-1984
-The Age of Aetherius (1975; Revised Edition, 1982)
* See also Kevin Quinn Avery

George King, 1919-1997; Richard Lawrence
-Contacts With The Gods From Space: Pathway To The New Millennium (1996)
* The foreword reveals that the book was written by Richard Lawrence alone
-Realize Your Inner Potential: A Spiritual Workbook For The New Millennium (1998, 2004)
* See also Richard Lawrence

George King, 1919-1997; Mary King
-Cosmic Voice: Mars and Venus Speak To Earth (circa 1965)

Godfré Ray King (Guy Warren Ballard), 1878-1939
-Unveiled Mysteries (1934)
-The Magic Presence (1934)
-The Saint Germain Series (Three Volumes, 1934, 1935; omnibus of “Unveiled Mysteries”, “The Magic Presence”, “The "I Am" Discourses”)
-The “I Am” Decrees (1937)
* Guy Warren Ballard claimed to have met Saint Germain while hiking on Mount Shasta in California in 1930
* Godfré Ray King co-Founded The “I Am” activity Ascended Master Teachings religious movement during the 1930s
* The monthly magazine The Voice of the “I AM” contains Ascended Master Teachings for the Student of Light. The Number 1 issue is dated March 1936
* See also Dr G. B. Bryan, 1893-?
* See also Geraldine Innocente, died 1961
* See also Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1939-2009
* See also Werner Schroeder

Godfré Ray King (Guy Warren Ballard), 1878-1939; Lotus Ray King (Edna Anne Wheeler Ballard), 1886-1971; “Chanera” (spirit)
-“I Am” Adorations and Affirmations: Part I; “I Am” Decrees: Part II (1937)
-Music Of The Spheres (1938)

Godfré Ray King (Guy Warren Ballard), 1878-1939; Saint Germain (Spirit)
-The “I Am” Discourses (1934, 1942)

Greg King, Penny Wilson
-The Resurrection of The Romanovs: Anastasia, Anna Anderson, and The World's Greatest Royal Mystery (2011)
* See also “Anna Anderson”, 1896-1984
* See also Peter Kurth

John C. King (John Charles King)
-A Christian View of The Mushroom Myth (1970)
* See also John Marco Allegro, 1923-1988

Anna Kingsford (Anna Bonus Kingsford), 1846-1888
-Astrology Theologised (1885)
-Health, Beauty and The Toilet: Letters To Ladies From A Lady Doctor (Second Edition, 1886, 1889)
-Dreams and Dream-Stories (edited by Edward Maitland [1824-1897], Second Edition, 1888, 1889, 1908)
-The Nature and Constitution of The Ego: with An Appendix “Concerning The Mysteries”, and A “Hymn To The Planet-God” (1888)
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-The Credo of Christendom: And Other Addresses on Esoteric Christianity (edited with biographical preface by Samuel Hopgood Hart [1865-1958], 1916; also entitled The Hermetic Kabbalah of Anna Kingsford, 2007)
* President of the Theosophical Society 1883-1884
* See also Edward Maitland, 1824-1897
* See also Samuel Hopgood Hart, 1865-1958
* See also Alan Pert

Anna Kingsford, 1846-1888; Edward Maitland, 1824-1897
-The Virgin of The World, of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus (1885, 1977, 1987, 2002)
-The Perfect Way; or, The Finding of Christ (1882; Revised Edition, 1887; 1924, 1972, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2011)
-The Perfect Way In Diet: A Treatise Advocating A Return To The Natural and Ancient Food of Our Race (1898, 1902, 1904, 1906, 1972; Translation being a Revised and Enlarged Edition of De l'Alimentation Végétale chez l'Homme, 1880)
-Addresses and Essays on Vegetarianism (edited with biographical preface by Samuel Hopgood Hart [1865-1958], 1912)
* Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland Founded the Hermetic Society in Britain in 1884
* See also Edward Maitland, 1824-1897
* See also Alan Pert

William Kingsland, 1855-1936
-The Mystic Quest: A Tale of Two Incarnations (1892)
-The Esoteric Basis of Christianity (1895)
-Scientific Idealism (1909)
-The Physics of The Secret Doctrine (1910)
-Our Infinite Life (1922)
-Rational Mysticism (1924)
-An Anthology of Mysticism (1927)
-The Real H. P. Blavatsky (1928)
-Christos: The Religion of The Future (1929)
-The Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom In The Christian Scriptures or, The Wisdom In A Mystery (1937, 1954, 1956)
-The Great Pyramid In Fact and In Theory. Part I (1932)
-The Art of Life and How To Conquer Old Age (1934)
-The Great Pyramid In Fact and In Theory. Part II (1934)

Sean Kingsley
-God’s Gold: A Quest For The Lost Temple Treasures of Jerusalem (2007)
* See also Daniel Costa

Jay Kinney
-The Inner West: An Introduction To The Hidden Wisdom of The West (2004)
-The Masonic Myth: Unlocking The Truth About The Symbols, The Secret Rites, and The History of Freemasonry (2009)
* Jay Kinney was Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Gnosis magazine from 1985-1999
* See also Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney

Herman Kirchenhoffer
-The Book of Fate, Formerly in the Possession of Napoleon, Late Emperor of France, and now first rendered into English, from a German Translation, of an Ancient Egyptian Manuscript, Found in the Year 1801, by M. Sonnini, in one of the Royal Tombs, near Mount Libycus, in Upper Egypt (1822; also entitled The Oracle Or Book Of Fate: Formerly In The Possession Of The Emperor Napoleon 1835, 2010)
* See also Bonnie Parker

Eleanor Kirk (Eleanor Maria Ames, née Easterbrook, 1830-1908)
-The Influence of The Zodiac Upon Human Life (1894; Re-Edited version entitled Character Readings From Birth-Dates; or, The Influence of The Zodiac Upon Human Life, 1916)

Robert Kirk, 1644-1692
-The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies: A Study In Folk-Lore & Psychical Research (1691, 1815, 1853; edited with introduction by Andrew Lang [1844-1912], 1893; introduction by Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham [1852-1936], 1933; edited by Stewart F. Sanderson [1924-?], 1976; edited by R. J. Stewart, 1990; edited by Michael Hunter, 2001; introduction by Marina Warner, 2006)

Gary Kirkland
-The UFO Abduction of Antônio Vilas Boas (2014)

Paul F. Kisak; Editor
-Gods & Saviors Throughout History: “The Many Faces of The Jesus Narrative” (2015)
-The Multiverse: “The Theories of Multiple Universes” (2015)

Lynne D. Kitei
-The Phoenix Lights (foreword by Paul Perry, introduction by Gary E. Schwartz, 2004; Revised and Expanded Edition entitled The Phoenix Lights: A Sceptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone, 2010)

Glenn D. Kittler, 1920-1986
-Edgar Cayce on The Dead Sea Scrolls (edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce [1907-1982], 1970)

“Kenyon Klamonti”
* See Hilton Hotema, 1878-1970

Elizabeth Klarer, 1910-1994
-Beyond The Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer. A Romantic Story of The Encounter Between A South African Woman and A Man From Meton, A Planet In Proxima Centauri (1980, 2008, 2009)
* One of the first women to claim a sexual relationship with an extraterrestrial

Philip J. Klass (Philip Julian Klass), 1919-2005 (UFO Debunker)
-UFOs: Identified (1968)
-Secret Sentries In Space (1971)
-UFOs Explained (1974)
-UFOs: The Public Deceived (1983)
-UFO Abductions: A Dangerous Game (1988; Updated Edition 1989)
-The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup (1997)
-Bringing UFOs Down to Earth (1997)
* Philip J. Klass featured on the BBC 1982 Horizon documentary “The Case of the UFOs” (written and produced by John Groom)

Art Kleps (Arthur John Kleps), 1928-1999
-The Boo Hoo Bible: The Neo-American Church Catechism (includes a review by Timothy Leary [1920-1996], 1971)
-Millbrook: The True Story of The Early Years of The Psychedelic Revolution (1975, 1977, 2005)
* Art Kleps Founded the Neo-American Church and strived for legal rights to use marijuana and hallucinogens as religious sacraments

Stephen Klimczuk, Gerald Warner
-Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries: Uncovering Mysterious Sights and Societies (2010)

Jon Klimo
-Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information From Paranormal Sources (foreword by Charles T. Tart, 1987, Revised and Updated Second Edition with new preface by the author, 1998; also entitled Psychics, Prophets and Mystics: Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, 1991)

Jon Klimo, Pamela Rae Heath
-Suicide: What Really Happens In The Afterlife? (2006)

Milton V. Kline (Milton Vance Kline), 1923-2004; Editor
-A Scientific Report on “The Search for Bridey Murphy” (introduction by Harold Rosen [1919-2008], 1956)
* See also Morey Bernstein, 1919-1999

Edwin Eugene Klingman
-The Atheist and The God Particle (2008)
* See also Ian Sample
* See also Scientific American, Editors
* See also Leon M. Lederman, Christopher T. Hill
* See also Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi
* See also Jim Baggott
* See also Sean Carroll

Chase Kloetzke, Richard M. Dolan
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* See also Richard M. Dolan

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* See also Time Magazine, Editors
* See also Life Magazine, Editors

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* See also Adam Weishaupt, 1748-1830
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* See also Robert Lomas

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* J. Z. Knight claims to be the channel of a spiritual entity named Ramtha, a warrior who died 35,000 years ago, who first appeared in her kitchen in 1977
* See also “Ramtha”
* See also “Ramtha”, Douglas Mahr
* See also Deborah Kerins; Editor
* See also J. Gordon Melton

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* See also Dion Fortune, 1890-1946
* See also Margaret Lumley Brown, 1887-1975
* See also Paul Sédir, 1871-1926

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* See also D. J. Conway, Sirona Knight

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* See also D. J. Conway

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* See also Patricia J. Telesco

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* See also Taylor Ellwood

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* Leader of the Theosophical Society 1971-2006
* See also Charles J. Ryan, 1865-1949
* See also Katherine Tingley, 1847-1929
* See also Gottfried de Purucker, 1874-1942

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* Line 80 of an inscription in Hebrew text discovered in circa 2000 was initially translated by Isræl Knohl as: “In three days, live, I, Gabriel, command you” relating to a rebel named Simon killed by the Romans, but Knohl has since abandoned it
-Jesus Uncensored: Restoring The Authentic Jew (2013)
* See also Matthias Henze; Editor

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* See also Harry Carr, 1900-1983; Editor

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* See also Hadley Cantril, 1906-1969

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* See also John Yarker, 1833-1913; Editor
* See also Manly P. Hall, 1901-1990
* See also Darius A. Spieth

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* Koetting founded “The Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnali”
* See also “Dante Abiel”
* See also T. Donaghue, E. A. Koetting; Editors

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* See also Chris Bennett, Neil McQueen

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* See also Nicholas Campion

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* See also Donald N. Yates

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* See also Brad Steiger

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* Karl König founded the Camphill Movement in 1939, inspired by Anthroposophy

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* Cyrus Reed Teed Founded The Koreshan System of Religio-Science
* See also Sara Weber Rea

David Koresh, 1959-1993
* See Bonnie Haldeman, 1945-2009
* See Sheila Martin
* See Clive Doyle
* See Dick J. Reavis
* See Jayne Seminare Docherty
* See Kenneth G. C. Newport
* See Stuart A. Wright; Editor
* See James R. Lewis, Editor
* See James D. Tabor, Eugene V. Gallagher

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* Kal K. Korff is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Critical Thinkers

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* Suggested that Barney Hill's descriptions of the aliens while under the hypnosis session dated 22 February 1964 were inspired by the television episode “The Bellero Shield” from the science fiction series “The Outer Limits”, shown on 10 February 1964 (Season 1, Episode 20; directed by John Brahm, 1893-1982)
* See also John G. Fuller, 1913-1990
* See also Dr Benjamin Simon, 1904-1981
* See also Betty Hill, 1919-2004
* See also Stanton T. Friedman, Kathleen Marden
* See also Robert Sheaffer

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* See also Olav Hammer, Mikael Rothstein; Editors
* See also Tim Jensen, Mikael Rothstein; Editors

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* See also Raven Kaldera

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* Former member of Ken Kesey's “Merry Pranksters” and co-founder of the Yippies (Youth International Party) on 31 December 1967

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* Dolores Krieger Co-Founded Therapeutic Touch (TT) during the 1970s with Dolores Kunz, 1904-1999 (former President of The Theosophical Society 1975-1987)
* See also Dora Kunz, 1904-1999; Dolores Krieger
* See also Carl Reichenbach, 1788-1869
* See also Walter J. Kilner, 1847-1920
* See also Oscar Bagnall, 1893-1978

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* See also S. Douglas Woodward

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* See also Sudhir Kakar, Jeffrey J. Kripal; Editors
* See also Whitley Strieber, Jeffrey J. Kripal

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* See also Montague Ullman, 1916-2008; Stanley Krippner, Alan Vaughan, 1937-2001
* See also Stephen Kierulff, Stanley Krippner
* See also Jeannine A. Davies, Daniel B. Pitchford; Editors
* See also David Feinstein, Stanley Krippner
* See also Adam J. Rock, Stanley Krippner
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* See also John White, Stanley Krippner; Editors

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* See also Adam J. Rock

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* See also Harris L. Friedman, Glenn Hartelius; Editors

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* See also Edgar D. Mitchell

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* See also Alberto Villoldo, Stanley Krippner

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* See also Brooke Allen
* See also Steven K. Green

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* See also Derek L. T. Gill
* See also Richard Worth

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* During the 1950s, Richard Kieninger had been a student of the Lemurian Fellowship in Ramona, California, which teaches Lemurian Philosophy
* Richard Kieninger Founded Stelle, Illinois in 1973
* Adelphi, Texas was Founded in 1976 by The Adelphi Organization (Kieninger was ousted from the organization in 1985)
* The periodical of The Stelle Group, “The Lemuria Builder”, was published 1966-1971

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-Devic Consciousness (booklet, 1989)
-The Personal Aura (1991)
* President, Theosophical Society in America 1975-1987
* See also Shafica Karagulla, 1914-1986; Dora van Gelder Kunz
* See also Carl Reichenbach, 1788-1869
* See also Walter J. Kilner, 1847-1920
* See also Oscar Bagnall, 1893-1978
* See also Dolores Krieger
* See also Kirsten van Gelder, Frank Chelsey

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* Dora Kunz and Dolores Krieger co-Founded Therapeutic Touch (TT)
* See also Dolores Krieger

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* See also “Anna Anderson”, 1896-1984
* See also Greg King, Penny Wilson

Lester R. Kurtz
-The Politics of Heresy: The Modernist Crisis In Roman Catholicism (1986)
* See also Adolf von Harnack, 1851-1930
* See also Alfred Loisy, 1857-1940
* See also Martin Dibelius, 1883-1947
* See also Rudolf Bultmann, 1884-1976
* See also Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965

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-Media-Graphy: A Bibliography Of The Works Of Paul Kurtz 1952-2003 (compiled by Ranjit Sandhu & Matthew J. Cravatta, 2004)
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-The Turbulent Universe (2013)
* Paul Kurtz Founded The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) in 1976, now known as The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI)
* Paul Kurtz Founded The Council for Democratic and Secular Humanism (CODESH) in 1980, now known as The Council for Secular Humanism
* Paul Kurtz co-Founded The Committee for The Scientific Examination of Religion (CSER) in 1983
* Paul Kurtz Founded The Center for Inquiry (CFI) in 1991

Paul Kurtz, 1925-2012; Editor
-The Humanist Alternative: Some Definitions of Humanism (1973)
-A Skeptic's Handbook of Parapsychology (1985)
-Skeptical Odysseys: Personal Accounts by The World's Leading Paranormal Inquirers (2001)
* Published on the 25th anniversary of the Committee For The Scientific Investigation of Claims of The Paranormal (CSICOP)

Paul Kurtz, 1925-2012; Barry Karr, Ranjit Sandhu; Editors
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The Kybalion
* See “Three Initiates”

Sandra Kynes
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-Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom For Pagans & Wiccans (2017)


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