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Authors - S

Messod Sabbah, Roger Sabbah
-Secrets of The Exodus: Did The Pharoahs Write The Bible? (2002, 2003; also entitled Secrets of The Exodus: The Egyptian Origins of The Hebrew People, 2004; originally published in French entitled Les Secrets de l'Exode: l'origine Égyptienne des Hébreux, 2000)

Roberta Sterman Sabbath; Editor
-Sacred Tropes: Tanakh, New Testament, and Qur'an As Literature and Culture (2009)
* Part IV, Chapter 23: “The Shaman Meets The Poet: Maria Sabina and The Curative Powers of Language” by Viviana Diaz Balsera

Michael B. Sabom
-Recollections of Death: A Medical Investigation (1982)
-Light & Death: One Doctor's Fascinating Account Of Near-Death Experiences (1998)

Margaret Sachs
-The UFO Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive A To Z Guide To The UFO Phenomena (1980)

Margaret Sachs, Ernest Jahn
-Celestial Passengers: UFOs & Space Travel (1977)

Mouni Sadhu (Mieczyslaw Demetriusz Sudowski), 1897-1971
-In Days of Great Peace: At The Feet of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Diary Leaves From India (1952; Revised and Enlarged Edition entitled In Days of Great Peace: The Highest Yoga As Lived, foreword by M. Hafiz Syed, 1957, 1965, 1970, 1974; Limited Edition, 2001)
-Concentration: A Guide To Mental Mastery (1959, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980; also entitled Concentration: An Outline For Practical Study, 1959, 1964, 1970, 1973)
-Ways To Self-Realization: A Modern Evaluation of Occultism and Spiritual Paths (1962, 1963, 1964, 1973, 1975, 1977)
-Samadhi: The Superconsciousness of The Future (1962, 1976, 1980, 2004)
-The Tarot: A Contemporary Course on The Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism (1962, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1990, 2004, 2007)
-Theurgy: The Art of Effective Worship (1965, 2004)
-Meditation: An Outline For Practical Study (1967, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1978, 2007)
*See also Paul Sédir, 1871-1926

Sonja Sadovsky
-The Priestess & The Pen: Marion Zimmer Bradley, Dion Fortune & Diana Paxson's Influence on Modern Paganism (foreword by Donald Michael Kraig, 2014)

Carl Sagan (Carl Edward Sagan), 1934-1996
-“Direct Contact Among Galactic Civilizations by Relativistic Interstellar Spaceflight” (Planetary and Space Science, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp. 485-498, May 1963)
-The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective (produced by Jerome Agel, 1973)
-The Dragons of Eden: Speculations On The Evolution of Human Intelligence (1977)
-Broca's Brain: Reflections On The Romance of Science (1980)
-Cosmos (1980; edited by Daniel Ortega entitled Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, 2016)
* Thirteen-Part Television series based on Carl Sagan's book was shown in 1980, directed by Adrian Malone (1937-2015); a second Thirteen-Part Television Series was shown in 2014 entitled “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”, directed by Brannon Braga, Anne Druyan & Bill Pope
-Contact: A Novel (1985)
* Adapted into a 1997 movie starring Jodie Foster, directed by Robert Zemeckis
-Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of The Human Future In Space (1997)
-Billions & Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at The Brink of The Millennium (epilogue by Anne Druyan, 1997, 1998)
-Conversations With Carl Sagan (edited by Tom Head, 2006)
-The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of The Search For God (edited by Ann Druyan, 2007)
* See also I. S. Shklovskii, 1916-1985; Carl Sagan
* See also Charles Ginenthal
* See also Donald L. Zygutis
* See also Timothy Ferris

Carl Sagan (Carl Edward Sagan), 1934-1996; Ann Druyan
-Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1993)
-The Demon-Haunted World: Science As A Candle In The Dark (1996)

Carl Sagan (Carl Edward Sagan), 1934-1996; Thornton Page (Thornton Leigh Page), 1913-1996, Editors
-UFOs: A Scientific Debate (1972)

Michael Sage, 1863-1931
-Mrs Piper and The Society For Psychical Research (preface by Sir Oliver Lodge [1851-1940], 1903, 1904, 1991, 2006, 2007, 2010; translated by Noralie Robertson, edited by Varla Ventura, 2011; originally published in French entitled Madame Piper et la Société Anglo-Américaine pour les Recherches Psychiques, preface by Camille Flammarion [1842-1925], 1902)
* See also Clark Bell, 1832-1918; Thomson Jay Hudson, 1834-1902
* See also W. H. Salter, 1880-1969
* See also Anne Manning Robbins
* See also Alta L. Piper, 1884-date of death unknown

Louis Sahagun
-Master Of The Mysteries: The Life Of Manly Palmer Hall (2008; Expanded Edition, new preface, 2016)

Arielle Saiber
-Giordano Bruno and The Geometry of Language (2005)

‘Comte de Saint-Germain’ (attributed to; allegedly lived 1712-1784)
-The Most Holy Trinosophia of The Comte de St-Germain (introductory material, commentary, and foreword by Manly P. Hall [1901-1990]; 1963)
* Translation of an 1808 Manuscript located in the Library of Troyes, France
* See also Isabel Cooper-Oakley, c1853-1914
* See also “George R. Preedy”, 1885-1952
* See also Jean Overton Fuller, 1915-2009
* See also Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth C. Prophet, Comte de St-Germain (spirit)

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, 1743-1803
-Mystical Philosophy and Spirit-Manifestations: Selections From The Recently Published Correspondence Between L. C. de Saint-Martin and Kirchberger, Baron de Liebistorf during 1792-97 (translated and edited by Reverend Edward Burton Penny [1804-1872], 1863; also entitled Louis Claude de Saint-Martin: Theosophic Correspondence 1792-1797, 1991)
-Man: His True Nature and Ministry (translated by Reverend Edward Burton Penny [1804-1872], 1864; originally published in France entitled Le Ministère de l'Homme-Esprit, par le Philosophe inconnu, 1802)
* Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin was known as le Philosophe inconnu
* See also Marcel Roggemans

Michel de Saint-Martin
-Revelations: Spiritual Conversations About Maitre Philippe De Lyon (preface by Dr Philippe Encausse [1906-1984], online translation by Piers A. Vaughan, 2006; originally published in French entitled Révélations: Entretiens Spirituels sur le Maître Philippe de Lyon, 1938)

Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre, 1842-1909
-The Kingdom of Agarttha: A Journey Into The Hollow Earth (introduction by Joscelyn Godwin; 2008; first published in France entitled Mission de l’Inde en Europe, 1886)
-The Archeometer: Key To All The Religions & Sciences of Antiquity, Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts (edited with introductory essay by Joscelyn Godwin, originally published in French entitled L'Archéomètre. Clé de Toutes les Religions et de Toutes les Sciences de l'Antiquité. Réforme Synthétique de Tous les Arts Contemporains, edited by Gerard Encausse [“Papus”, 1865-1916], 1911)
* See also Louis Jacolliot, 1837-1890
* See also Ferdinand Ossendowski, 1876-1945

David K. Sakheim, Susan E. Devine
-Out of Darkness: Exploring Satanism and Ritual Abuse (1992)

Robert Salas (Captain Robert L. Salas)
-Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon – How World Governments Have Conspired To Conceal Humanity's Biggest Secret (foreword by Stanton T. Friedman, 2013, 2014)

Robert Salas, James Klotz
-Faded Giant: The 1967 Missile/UFO Incidents (foreword by Raymond E. Fowler, 2004, 2005)

Benson Saler, Charles A. Ziegler, Charles B. Moore
-UFO Crash At Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth (1997)

John A. Saliba
-Perspectives On New Religious Movements (1995, 2016)
-Christian Responses To The New Age Movement: A Critical Assessment (1999)

John A. Saliba; Editor
-Flying Saucer Contactees: A Sociopsychological Perspective (1990)
-Understanding New Religious Movements (introduction by J. Gordon Melton, 1996; Second Edition, 2003)

Anne Salisbury
-Eureka! Understanding and Using The Power of Your Intuition (foreword by C. Norman Shealy, introduction by Stanley Krippner, 2008)

Anne Salisbury, Greg Meyerhoff
-The Path of Intuition: Your Guidebook For Life's Journey (foreword by C. Norman Shealy, 2013)
-Journey To Heaven: An Insider's Guide To The Afterlife (foreword by Penney Peirce, 2016)

Frank B. Salisbury, 1926-2015
-The Creation (foreword by Henry Eyring [1901-1981], 1976)

Frank B. Salisbury, 1926-2015; Joseph Junior Hicks
-The Utah UFO Display: A Biologist's Report (foreword by J. Allen Hynek [1910-1986], 1974; also entitled with new preface, The Utah UFO Display: A Scientist's Report. A Scientist Brings Reason and Logic To Over 400 UFO Sightings in Utah's Uintah Basin, 2010)

Michael E. Salla
-Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence (2004)
-Exposing U.S. Government Policies On Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge Of Exopolitics (2009)
-Galactic Diplomacy: Getting To Yes with ET (2013)
-Kennedy's Last Stand: UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination (2013)
-Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances (Secret Space Programs 1) (2015)
-The U.S. Navy's Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance (Secret Space Programs 2) (foreword by Robert Wood, 2017)

René Salm
-The Myth of Nazareth: The Invented Town of Jesus. Scholar's Edition (edited by Frank R. Zindler, 2008; eBook, 2013)
-NazarethGate: Quack Archeology, Holy Hoaxes, and The Invented Town of Jesus (edited with a foreword by Frank R. Zindler, 2015)

Gaetano Salomone (Reverend Gaetano Salomone)
-The Secret Gospel of Mark and The Burial Shroud of Jesus: Unveiling The Hidden Meaning of Lost Scripture (2010)
* See also Morton Smith, 1915-1991
* See also Quentin Quesnell, 1927-2012
* See also F. F. Bruce, 1910-1990
* See also Scott G. Brown
* See also Stephen C. Carlson
* See also Robert Conner
* See also Peter Jeffery

Jone Salomonsen
-Enchanted Feminism: The Reclaiming Witches of San Francisco (preface by Ursula King & Rita M. Gross; 2002)

W. H. Salter (William Henry Salter), 1880-1969
-Ghosts and Apparitions (1938)
-Psychical Research: Where Do We Stand? (The Frederic W. H. Myers Memorial Lecture 8) (1945)
-The Society For Psychical Research: An Outline of Its History (1948, 1970)
-An Introduction To The Study of Scripts (1948)
-Trance Mediumship: An Introductory Study of Mrs Piper and Mrs Leonard (1950; Revised Edition by Margaret Eastman, 1962)
-Zoar: or The Evidence of Psychical Research Concerning Survival (1961)
* See also Clark Bell, 1832-1918; Thomson Jay Hudson, 1834-1902
* See also Michael Sage, 1863-1931
* See also Anne Manning Robbins
* See also Alta L. Piper, 1884-date of death unknown

Archduke Johann Salvator of Austria, 1852-declared dead in 1911
-Insight Into Spiritualism. By The Imperial Arch-Duke Johann of Austria. An Attack Upon Spiritualism and An Account of How The Materializing Medium, Mr Harry Bastian, was Exposed by His Imperial Highness In Vienna, 1884, In The Presence of The Crown-Prince and an Illustrious Company (1886; originally published in German entitled Einblicke in den Spiritismus, credited to “Johann Erzherzog”, 1884)

Eusèbe Salverte (Anne Joseph Eusèbe Baconnière de Salverte), 1771-1839
-The Occult Sciences: The Philosophy of Magic, Prodigies and Apparent Miracles (with notes by Anthony Todd Thomson [1778-1849], Two Volumes, 1846; originally published in French entitled Des sciences occultes ou Essai sur la Magie, les prodiges et les miracles, 1829)

John Salza
-Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals The Secrets of The Lodge (2006)
-Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons (2009)
* See also John Vennari
* See also G. M. Pachtler, 1825-1889
* See also George F. Dillon, 1836-1893
* See also Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, 1858-1926
* See also Reverend E. Cahill, 1868-1941
* See also Vicomte Léon De Poncins, 1897-1975
* See also Arnaud de Lassus
* See also Deanna L. Spingola
* See also Bro. Charles Madden
* See also Pope Leo XIII, 1810-1903

Ian Sample
-Massive: The Missing Particle That Sparked The Greatest Hunt In Science (2010; Updated Edition entitled Massive: The Missing Particle That Sparked The Greatest Hunt In Science, 2011)
* See also Scientific American, Editors
* See also Leon M. Lederman, Christopher T. Hill
* See also Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi
* See also Edwin Eugene Klingman
* See also Jim Baggott
* See also Sean Carroll

Kenneth R. Samples, Erwin M. de Castro, Richard Abanes, Robert J. Lyle
-Prophets of The Apocalypse: David Koresh & Other American Messiahs (1994)

Gregory Sams
-Sun of gOd: Discover The Self-Organizing Consciousness That Underlies Everything (foreword by Graham Hancock, 2011)

Jamie Sams
-Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings (illustrated by Linda Childers, 1990)
-Dancing The Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths Of Human Transformation (Religion and Spirituality) (1999)
-The Sacred Path Workbook: New Teachings and Tools To Illuminate Your Personal Journey (1991)
-The 13 Original Clan Mothers: Your Sacred Path To Discovering The Gifts, Talents, and Abilities of The Feminine Through The Ancient Teachings of The Sisterhood (1994)
-Earth Medicine: Ancestor's Ways of Harmony For Many Moons (1994)
* See also Page Bryant

Jamie Sams, David Carson
-Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals (illustrated by Angela C. Werneke, 1999)

Lawrence R. Samuel
-Supernatural America: A Cultural History (2011)

Anthony F. Sanchez
-UFO Highway (foreword by Norio Hayakawa, 2011)

Tara Sanchez
-The Temple of Hekate: Exploring The Goddess Hekate Through Ritual, Meditation And Divination (2011)

Victor Sanchez
-The Teachings of Don Carlos: Practical Applications of The Works of Carlos Castaneda (1995; published in Spanish entitled Las enseñanzas de don Carlos: aplicaciones prácticas de la obra de Carlos Castaneda, 1995)
-Toltecs of The New Millennium (1996)
-The Toltec Path of Recapitulation: Healing Your Past To Free Your Soul (2001)
-The Toltec Oracle (2004)
* See also Carlos Castaneda, 1925-1998

Dr Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, Wendelle C. Stevens, 1923-2010
-UFO Contact From Undersea: A Report of The Investigation (1982)

“Sanctilean Syntonium”
-The Impending Golden Age: A Critical Analysis of The World Sickness and Its Cure, by “Sanctilean” (edited by The Most Reverend John Lowell, 1948, 1950, 1958, 2004, 2010, 2013; introduction by Valiant Thor, 2017)
-Human Implications of Our Changing Astronomical Environment (1949)
-Flying Saucers: Portents of These “Last Days” (Sanctilean University Booklet Booklet 2) (1950, 1953; credited to Valiant Thor, edited by John W. Lowell, 2018)
* “Sanctilean” was the name of a being that reputedly lived in “an oblong UFO above the earth,” whose received messages were promulgated through the Sanctilean Foundation and Church and Sanctilean University.
* Promulgation of the “Hra Maiac Revelation”
* See also Sartra Myr

Alex Sanders (Orrell Alexander Carter; “Verbius”), 1926-1988
-The Alex Sanders Lectures (introduction by J. W. Baker, 1984)
-Alex Sanders: Book of Law. With Commentary by Daniel MacDonald (2012)
* The 1970 Vinyl Album LP release “Alex Sanders – A Witch Is Born” (A&M Records, AMLS 984; released on CD in 2009)
* Featured on the 1970 documentary “Legend of The Witches” directed by Malcolm Leigh (Border Film Productions, London)
* See also June Johns
* Alex Sanders was the husband of Maxine Sanders (his second wife)

Ed Sanders
-The Family: The Story of Charles Manson's Dune Buggy Attack Battalion (1971; New Edition 1990)
-Sharon Tate: A Life (Illustrations by Rick Veitch, 2015)

Maxine Sanders (Arline Maxine Morris)
-Maxine: The Witch Queen (1976)
-Fire Child: The Life and Magick of Maxine Sanders, 'Witch Queen' (2007)
* See also Richard Deutch

Pete A. Sanders (Peter A. Sanders Jr)
-You Are Psychic! The Free Soul Method (1989, 1990, 1999)
-Scientific Vortex Information: How To Easily Understand, Find, and Tap Vortex Energy In Sedona and Wherever You Travel! (1992, 2005)
-Access Your Brain's Joy Center: The Free Soul Method (1996)

Ivan T. Sanderson (Ivan Terence Sanderson), 1911-1973
-Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come To Life. The Story of Sub-Humans on Five Continents From The Early Ice Age Until Today (foreword by George A. Agogino [1921-2000], 1961; Revised Abridged Edition, 1968; 1972; introduction by Loren Coleman 2008; 2013)
-Uninvited Visitors: A Biologist Looks At UFOs (1967)
-Things (1967)
-More Things (1969)
-Invisible Residents: A Disquisition upon Certain Matters Maritime, and The Possibility of Intelligent Life Under The Waters of This Earth (1970; also entitled Invisible Residents:The Reality of Underwater UFOs with introduction by David Hatcher Childress, 2005)
-Investigating The Unexplained: Compendium of Disquieting Mysteries Of The Natural World (anthology of essays, 1972, 1978, 2007; also entitled Pursuing The Unexplained: Puzzling Mysteries of The Natural World, 2017)

Christopher Sandford
-Houdini The Great Magician and Conan Doyle Creator of Sherlock Holmes (2011; also entitled Masters of Mystery: The Strange Friendship of Arthur Conan Doyle & Harry Houdini, 2013)
* See also Bernard M. L. Ernst, 1879-1938; Hereward Carrington, 1880-1958
* See also Massimo Polidoro

Jeremy Sandford, 1930-2003
-In Search of The Magic Mushroom: A Journey Through Mexico (1973)

Donald F. Sandner, 1928-1997; Steven H. Wong; Editors
-The Sacred Heritage: The Influence of Shamanism on Analytical Psychology (foreword by Linda Schierse Leonard, 1997, 2012)
* Chapter 5: The “Book of Knowledge” in Shamanism and Mysticism, Universal Image of The Source by Meredith Sabini

Ashwin Sanghi
-The Rozabal Line (Novel, 2007)

Robert Van Santen, Marguerite Miller
-Memories of The Future: Why Are We Here On Earth? (1991)

Hans Stefan Santesson, 1914-1975
-Reincarnation (1969)
-Understanding Mu (1970)
-The Case For Exorcism (1974)

Hans Stefan Santesson, 1914-1975; Editor
-Flying Saucers In Fact and Fiction (1968)

Ray Santilli
* See Tim Shawcross
* See Philip Mantle

Giorgio de Santillana, 1902-1974; Hertha von Dechend, 1915-2001
-Hamlet's Mill: An Essay On Myth & The Frame of Time (1969)

Robert Sardello
-Facing The World With Soul (1992; Revised Edition entitled Facing The World With Soul: The Reimagination of Modern Life, new foreword, 2004)
-Love and The Soul: Creating A Future For Earth (1995; Revised Edition entitled Love and The World: A Guide To Conscious State Practice, 2001; New and Expanded Edition, foreword by Robert Simmons, 2008)
-Freeing The Soul From Fear (1999, 2001)
-The Power of The Soul: Living The Twelve Virtues (2002, 2003, 2012)
-Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness (introduction by Therese Schroeder-Sheker, 2006; Reflections by Cheryl Sanders-Sardello, 2008)
-Steps on The Stone Path: Working With Crystals and Minerals As A Spiritual Practice (foreword by Robert Simmons, 2010)

Robert Sardello; Editor
-Acts of The Heart: Introductions, Forewords and Prefaces (2011)

Jack Sarfatti
-Destiny Matrix: Making Star Trek Real. The Sequel To Space-Time and Beyond by The Real Dancing Wu Li Master (2002)
-Space - Time and Beyond, The Series, Episode 2: “Dark Energy” (2002)
-Super Cosmos: Through Struggles To The Stars (Space-Time and Beyond 3) (2006)
* See also Bob Toben, Jack Sarfatti, Fred Alan Wolf

Epes Sargent, 1813-1880
-Planchette, or The Despair of Science: Being A Full Account of Modern Spiritualism, Its Phenomena, and The Various Theories Regarding It. With A Survey of French Spiritism (1869)
-The Proof Palpable of Immortality (1875)
-The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism (1880)

Robert Sarmast
-Discovery of Atlantis: The Startling Case For The Island of Cyprus (2004; Revised Edition 2005)

Howard Sasportas, 1948-1992
-The Twelve Houses: Exploring The Houses of The Horoscope (1985; New Edition, foreword by Liz Greene, 2010)
-The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and The Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (1989, 2007)

George Sassoon (George Thornycroft Sassoon), 1936-2006, Rodney Dale (Rodney A. M. Dale)
-The Manna-Machine (1978)
-The Kabbalah Decoded (1978)

David R. Saunders, R. Roger Harkins
-UFOs? Yes! Where The Condon Committee Went Wrong (introduction by John G. Fuller [1913-1990], 1968)

Denis Saurat, 1890-1958
-Gods of The People (1947, 1969, 1978)
-Death & The Dreamer (1947)
-Atlantis and The Giants (1957; Abridged Version of Edition originally published in French entitled L’Atlantide et le règne des géants, 1954)
* See also John Robert Colombo

Denis Saurat, 1890-1958; Linda Hilpold
-Early Earth: Comprising Denis Saurat's Atlantis and The Reign of The Giants, The Reign of The Giants and The Civilization of The Insects (translated by Linda Hilpold, foreword by John Robert Colombo, afterword by Harold Saurat, 2006)

Helen Savage, 1899-1993
-Psychic Powers (1940, 1944, 1948, 2007, 2014)
* See also Gottfried de Purucker, 1874-1942

Bourchier Wrey Savile (Reverend Bourchier Wrey Savile), 1817-1888
-Apparitions: A Narrative of Facts (1874)
-Are We Israelites? The Testimony of History, Philology and Ethnology on The Subject (1879)
-Anglo-Israelism & The Great Pyramid: An Examination of The Alleged Claims of H. M. Queen Victoria To The Throne of David, and of The Reasons For Fixing The End of The Age In 1882 (1880; 2011)

John Savino, Marie D. Jones
-SuperVolcano: The Catastrophic Event That Changed The Course of Human History (2008; Revised Edition credited to Marie D. Jones, John Savino, 2015)
* See also Marie D. Jones

Will Savive
-Mentally Ill In Amityville: Murder, Mystery, & Mayhem At 112 Ocean Ave (2008, Second Edition 2012)
-Jonestown: “Don't Drink The Kool-Aid” (The Complete Story Behind Jim Jones & His Mysterious Exodus To Guyana) (2014)

Deonna Kelli Sayed
-Paranormal Obsession: America's Fascination with Ghosts & Hauntings, Spooks & Spirits (2011)
-So You Want To Hunt Ghosts? A Down-to-Earth Guide (2012)

Lo Scarabeo
-Tarot of Sexual Magic (2009)
-Thelema Tarot (2015)
* See also Maria Distefano, Lo Scarabeo
* See also Richard Webster, Lo Scarabeo

Lo Scarabeo, Roberto de Angelis
-Universal Premium Tarot (2015)

Lo Scarabeo, Antonella Castelli
-Art Nouveau Premium Tarot (2015)

Lo Scarabeo, Victoria Frances
-Victoria Frances Gothic Oracle (2015)

Lo Scarabeo, Massimo Rotundo
-Native American Spirituality Oracle Cards (2015)

Daniel C. Scavone
-The Shroud of Turin: Opposing Viewpoints (1989)
-Vampires: Opposing Viewpoints (1990)
-The Importance of Christopher Columbus (1992)

Howard H. Schack
-Sacred Quest: In Search of The Lost Ark of The Covenant (2003)

Robert J. Schadewald (Robert “Bob” J. Schadewald), 1943-2000
-Worlds of Their Own. A Brief History of Misguided Ideas: Creationism, Flat-Earthism, Energy Scams, and The Velikovsky Affair (edited with afterword by Lois A. Schadewald, 2008)

Paul Schatzkin
-Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown (2009)
* Thomas Townsend Brown (1905-1985) helped form the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in 1956

G. Cope Schellhorn
-Extraterrestrials In Biblical Prophecy (1990)
-Discovering The Lost Pyramid (1990)
-When Men Are Gods (1991)
-Surviving Catastrophic Earth Changes: A Practical Guide With Commentary (1994)
-2011: The Evacuation of Planet Earth (1998)
-Man's Quest For Immortality: From Ancient Times To The Present (2008)
-The Book of Wounds: An American Tao Te Ching (2011)
-Discovering Ruins and Rock Art In Brazil and Peru (2012)

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, 1775-1854
-Clara: or, On Nature's Connection To The Spirit World (translated with an introduction by Fiona Steinkamp, 2002; from unpublished handwritten fragments entitled Clara: Über den Zusammenhang der Natur mit der Geisterwelt, circa 1809-1812)

Gerold Schelm
-The Henge at Ludwikowice, Poland: Test Rig For The NAZI-Bell? (online e-text, 2005)
* See also Igor Witkowski
* See also Nick Cook

Lamberto Schiatti
-The Shroud Of Turin: A Guide To The Reading Of An Image Full Of Mystery (1998; originally published in Italian entitled Le Saint Suaire, 1983)

Theodore Schick Jr, Lewis Vaughn
-How To Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking For A New Age (foreword by Martin Gardner [1914-2010]; 1995, 1999, 2002)

Jonael Schickler (Jonael Angelus Schickler), 1976-2002
-Metaphysics As Christology: An Odyssey of The Self From Kant and Hegel To Steiner (foreword by Fraser Watts, preface by George Pattison, 2005)

Lawrence Schiller (Lawrence Julian Schiller)
-The Killing of Sharon Tate: The Exclusive Story by Susan Atkins [1948-2009] (1970)

Hedwig Schleiffer (Hedwig Hedi Schleiffer), 1899-1993; Editor
-Sacred Narcotic Plants of The New World Indians: An Anthology of The Texts From The 16th Century To Date (1974)
-Narcotic Plants of The Old World Used In Rituals and Everyday Life: An Anthology of Texts From Ancient Times To The Present (introduction by Richard Evans Schultes [1915-2001], 1979)

Phyllis V. Schlemmer (Phyllis V. Carmel), 1929-2013; Palden Jenkins
-The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings From Deep Space (edited by Mary Bennett, foreword by Sir John Whitmore, 1993, Revised Edition 1994)
* See also Stuart Holroyd;
* Lois Bader & The Bader Ladies

Gertrude R. Schmeidler (Gertrude Raffel Schmeidler), 1912-2009
-Parapsychology and Psychology: Matches and Mismatches (1988)

Gertrude R. Schmeidler (Gertrude Raffel Schmeidler), 1912-2009; Editor
-Parapsychology: Its Relation To Physics, Biology, Psychology, and Psychiatry (1976)

Gertrude Raffel Schmeidler, 1912-2009; R. A. McConnell (Robert A. McConnell), 1914-2006
-ESP and Personality Patterns (preface by Gardner Murphy [1895-1979], 1958, 1973, 2011)
* R. A. McConnell was the first president of the Parapsychological Association (PA), formed in 1957 under the initiative of Joseph Banks Rhine (1895-1980). The first vice-president was Gertrude R. Schmeidler

Michael Schmicker
-Best Evidence: An Investigative Reporter's Three-Year Quest To Uncover The Best Scientific Evidence For ESP, Psychokinesis, Mental Healing, Ghosts and Poltergeists, Dowsing, Mediums, Near Death Experiences, Reincarnation, and Other Impossible Phenomena That Refuse To Disappear (2000, Second Edition 2002)
* See also Sally Rhine Feather, Michael Schmicker

Eric Leigh Schmidt
-Hearing Things: Religion, Illusion, and The American Enlightenment (2002)
-Heaven's Bride: The Unprintable Life of Ida Craddock, American Mystic, Scholar, Sexologist and Madwoman (2010)
-Restless Souls: The Making of American Spirituality (2012)
-Village Atheists: How America's Unbelievers Made Their Way In A Godly Nation (2016)

Donald R. Schmitt
-UFO Crash at Roswell II: The Chronological Pictorial (foreword by Major General Kenner F. Hertford [1900-1995], 1997, Updated & Revised 2001)

Jim Schnabel
-Round in Circles: Poltergeists, Pranksters and the Secret History of the Cropwatchers (1993)
* Dave Chorley and Doug Bower confessed to having started the practice as a hoax
-Dark White: Aliens, Abductions, and the UFO Obsession (1994)
-Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies (1997)
-Forever Young: Science and the Search for Immortality (1998)
-Everything and Nothing: An Introduction To Quantum Probability (eBook, 2012)

Robert Damon Schneck
-The President's Vampire: Strange-But-True Tales of The United States of America (2005, 2007; also entitled The Bye Bye Man: And Other Strange-But-True Tales, new afterword, 2016)
-Detective Notebook: Are You Psychic? (2007)
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* See Anita Gregory, 1925-1984

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* See also Robert Bauval

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* See also Morton Smith, 1915-1991

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* See also Kazimir de Proszynski

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* See also Xaviant Haze

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* See also Anton Szandor LaVey (Howard Stanton Levey), 1930-1997

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* The Schroeders Founded the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation (AMTF) in 1980 to follow the teachings of the “Bridge To Freedom”, as given 1952-1961
* See also Geraldine Innocente, died 1961

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* See also Margery Purver
* See also Allen G. Debus, 1926-2009

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* A Course In Miracles was published by Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP), that was originally called Foundation for Para-Sensory Investigations, Inc (FPI) in 1971, Founded by Robert Skutch and Judith Skutch-Whitson as a non-profit organization
* See also Gloria Wapnick, Kenneth Wapnick, 1942-2013
* See also Kenneth Wapnick, 1942-2013
* See also Neal Vahle
* See also David Ian Cowan

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* See also Andrew D. Chumbley, 1967-2004
* See also William Kiesel
* See also Martin Duffy

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* See also Alfred Hofmann

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* See also Dr Christian Rätsch

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* Published on the 100th Anniversary of the science of Ethnobotany

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* See also Rudolf Bultmann, 1884-1976
* See also Adolf von Harnack, 1851-1930
* See also Alfred Loisy, 1857-1940
* See also Martin Dibelius, 1883-1947
* See also Lester R. Kurtz

Scientific American, Editors
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* See also Ian Sample
* See also Leon M. Lederman, Christopher T. Hill
* See also Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi
* See also Edwin Eugene Klingman
* See also Jim Baggott
* See also Sean Carroll

Jeffrey Sconce
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* See Grant Lewi (William Grant Lewi II), 1902-1951

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* See also Philip C. Almond

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* Sir Peter Scott gave The Loch Ness Monster the scientific name, “Nessiteras rhombopteryx” – enabling it to be added to a British register of officially protected wildlife
* Scottish politician Nicholas Fairbairn (1933-1995) pointed out that the name was an anagram for “Monster hoax by Sir Peter S” (“Loch Ness Monster Shown A Hoax By Another Name”, New York Times, 19 December 1975, page 78)

Ramsey Scott, Suzanne Ramsey, Frank Thayer
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* See also William J. Birnes

W. Scott-Elliot (William Scott-Elliot); died 1930
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-The Evolution of Humanity (1893)
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* “Historical Notice”, page viii is the origin of the claim that the Knights Templar helped Robert The Bruce win the Battle of Bannockburn, 24 June 1314

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* See also Linda Star Wolf

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* Kelly L. Segraves Founded the San Diego-based Creation-Science Research Center

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* See Robert Athlyi Rogers, 1891-1931
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* See Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church
* See Jeff A. Brown & The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church
* See Nathaniel Samuel Murrell, William David Spencer, Adrian Anthony McFarlane; Editors

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* See also David W. Balsiger, Charles E. Sellier, Jr

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* Walter Semkiw claims to be the reincarnation of John Adams, Second President of the USA

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* See Ian Stevenson, 1918-2007; J. G. Pratt, 1910-1979
* See Jule Eisenbud, 1908-1999
* See Pauline Oehler

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* See also Cameron Adams, David Luke, Anna Waldstein, Ben Sessa, David King; Editors

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* See also Joseph Jerome

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* See also Jinn King Fiqitush, Nineveh Shadrach
* See also Frances Harrison, Nineveh Shadrach

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* Idries Shah claimed descent from the Prophet Mohammed and was accorded the title “Grand Sheikh”
* Idries Shah co-Founded the Institute for Cultural Research in 1965

William Shakespeare, 1564-1616
* See J. M. Feely
* See William F. Friedman, 1891-1969; Elizebeth S. Friedman, 1892-1980
* See Jeffrey Kahan
* See Sarah Taylor Shatford
* See Bertram G. Theobald, 1871-1940
* See John Walsh, 1927-2015
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* Phillip Shallcrass Founded The British Druid Order in 1979
* Philip Shallcrass uses the name Greywolf in Druidry

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* See also Emma Restall Orr

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* See also Gary Lachman

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* Helen Duncan (1897-1956) is generally known as being the second last person in the United Kingdom to have been imprisoned under the English Witchcraft Act of 1735, before it was repealed in 1951 (replaced by the Fraudulent Mediums Act, itself repealed in 2008 replaced by Consumer Protection Regulations)

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* See also Nina Burleigh
* See also Ryan Byrne, Bernadette McNary-Zak; Editors

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* See also Arthur Fanning, Robert Shapiro

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* See Sylvanus G. Morley, 1883-1948

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* See also Liz Greene, Juliet Sharman-Burke

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* See also Ray Palmer, 1910-1977; Richard S. Shaver
* See also Richard Toronto
* See also Jim Wentworth

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* See also Jessie Shaver Jones

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* Tim Shawcross directed the 1995 television documentary “The Roswell Incident” that showed the film footage of an alleged alien autopsy originating from Ray Santilli

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* “The Eye In The Pyramid” apparently contains the source of the “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!” legend, possibly inspired by what was claimed about the Knight Kadosh of the Black and White Eagle 30° Ritual by Albert Pike (1809-1891)
* See also Robert Anton Wilson

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* Robert Sheaffer released 48 pages of documents relating to Betty and Barney Hill, Dr Benjamin Simon and to Philip J. Klass on the internet (PDF) in December 2015
* See also John G. Fuller, 1913-1990
* See also Dr Benjamin Simon, 1904-1981
* See also Martin Kottmeyer
* See also Betty Hill, 1919-2004
* See also Stanton T. Friedman, Kathleen Marden

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* See also Terence McKenna
* See also Ralph Abraham

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* Syntheses and revisions of Lewis Spence's Encyclopaedia of Occultism (1920) and Nandor Fodor's Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science (1934)
* Leslie Shepard Founded The Bram Stoker Society in 1980

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* Kim Sheridan founded The Compassion Circle

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* See also Claude M. Bristol, 1891-1951
* See also Sir Hubert Wilkins, 1888-1958; Harold Sherman, 1898-1987

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* See also Linda S. Godfrey, Lisa A. Shiel

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* See also Richard Dotts
* See also Louise L. Hay

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-A true coppy of Mother Shiptons last prophesies: as they were taken from one Joane Waller, in the year of our Lord 1625. Who died in March last, 1641 being ninety foure yeares of age. Of whom Mother Shipton had prophesied that she would like to heare of wars within the kingdome but not to see them. Also predicting other wonderfull events that should befall in this climate and in these times. With two other strange prophesies thereunto annexed (circa 1648)
-Mother Shipton: A Collection of The Earliest Editions of Her Prophecies (1882; Facsimile Edition entitled Mother Shipton's Prophecies: The Earliest Published Editions of 1641, 1684 and 1686: Together With An Introduction, To Which Is Added, The Story of Knaresborough: Ancient Yorkshire Town of Her Birth [by Arthur Mee, 1875-1943], 1989)
* See also Fabio Araujo

“Frater Shiva”
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* Contains full transcript of “Inside Solar Lodge: Outside The Law”

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* See also Carl Sagan

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* See also Robert Goss

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* Robert Short Founded The Blue Rose Ministry, channelling messages from the Space Brothers, in 1952

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* See also Joshua David Stone, 1953-2005

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* See also David G. Bromley, Anson D. Shupe Jr, 1914-2015

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* See Edmund Gurney, 1847-1888; Frederic W. H. Myers, 1843-1901; Frank Podmore, 1856-1910

Homayun Sidky
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* See also Fritz Lemmermayer, 1857-1932

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* Wirt Sikes had over 20 pen names

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* See also Mark Hofmann
* See also Robert Lindsey
* See also Steven Naifeh, Gregory White Smith, 1951-2014
* See also Richard E. Turley, Jr

Antonio Silva, Hans Holzer, 1920-2009
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* See also Hans Holzer

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* See also Nicholas Campion

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* The DVD, “The Location of Paradise and How Temples Transform The Soul: A Fully Loaded Presentation by David Silva”, 2011

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Robert Simmons, Kathy Warner; Editors
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-Moon Tides, Soul Passages: Your Astrological Cycles For Personal and Spiritual Development (software by Rique Pottenger, 2006)
-Astrology and The Power of Eight (2015)
* See also Neil F. Michelsen, Maria Kay Simms
* See also Maritha Pottenger, Maria Kay Simms, Zipporah Dobyns

-Necronomicon (dedicated to Aleister Crowley [1875-1947]; 1977; new introduction, 1979)
-Necronomicon Spellbook (1981, 1987, 1998)
-Dead Names: The Dark History Of The Necronomicon (2006)
-The Gates of the Necronomicon (2006)
-Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within The Catholic Church (2007)
* Contains the first English translation of the “Grimoire of Pope Honorious”

Dr Benjamin Simon, 1904-1981
-“Hypnosis in the Treatment of Military Neurosis” (Psychiatric Opinion, Volume 4, Number 5, pages 24-28, October 1967)
* See also John G. Fuller, 1913-1990
* See also Betty Hill, 1919-2004
* See also Martin Kottmeyer
* See also Stanton T. Friedman, Kathleen Marden
* See also Robert Sheaffer

Otto T. Simon (Otto Torney Simon), 1860-date of death unknown; Editor
-The Message of Anne Simon (1920)
-The Second Message of Anne Simon (1920)
-The Later Message of Anne Simon (1924)
* Anne McConnor Simon, 1870-1916

Celia Brewer Sinclair, James D. Tabor
-Invitation To The Old Testament (2005)
* See also James D. Tabor

John Sinclair
-Marijuana Revolution (1971)

Jonathan Sinclair (Reverend Sir J. Sinclair)
-Magi Masters: Knights Templar Practice (2011)
-Secret Practice of The Knights Templar (2011)
-Antam Practice: 12th To 14th Degree (2011)
-Secret Lore Of Alka Antam: Fifteenth Through To Priesthood (2011)
-Ninth Craft (2011)
-Templar Rites (2011)
-Wisdom of The Word (2011)
-Magi Watcher (2011)
* Jonathan Sinclair Founded the Church of Knights Templar

Jonathan Sinclair (Reverend Sir J. Sinclair), Reverend Dame Janis Oulfkih
-How To Become A Knight Templar: A Practical Guide For Self-Installations, 1st Through To 10th Degree (2011)

Upton Sinclair (Upton Beall Sinclair, Jr), 1878-1968
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Margaret Thaler Singer, 1921-2003; Janja Lalich
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* See also Janja Lalich

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-Dancing The Fire: A Guide To Neo-Pagan Festivals and Gatherings (2005)
-A Witch's 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines For Everyday Life (2006)
-The Everything Birthday Personology Book: What Your Birthdate Says About Your Life, Relationships, And Destiny (2006)

Marian Singer (Patricia J. Telesco), Trish MacGregor (Patricia Janeshutz MacGregor), Skye Alexander
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* See also Trish MacGregor

Ludovico M. Sinistrari (Reverend Father Luigi Maria Sinistrari of Ameno), 1622/32-1701
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* Latin Manuscript discovered by Isidore Liseux in 1872

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* See also A. Trevor Barker, 1893-1941
* See also Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa, 1875-1953; Editor
* See also Joy Mills, 1920-2015

Zecharia Sitchin, 1920-2010
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-The Complete Earth Chronicles (boxed set of seven books, 2014)
-The Anunnaki Chronicles: A Zecharia Sitchin Reader. Includes Never Before Published Writings (edited with introduction by Janet Sitchin, 2015)
* See also Chris H. Hardy
* See also M. J. Evans

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Monica Sjöö, 1938-2005
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* See also Francis X. King, 1934-1994; Stephen Skinner
* See also Nevill Drury, 1947-2013; Stephen Skinner

Stephen Skinner, Editor
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* Written by Chang Ping Lin in Chinese in 1739
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* Written by Chang Ping Lin in Chinese in 1739
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* Written by Chang Ping Lin in Chinese in 1739
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* Written by Chang Ping Lin in Chinese in late 1739
* See also Emericus Casaubon, 1599-1671; Editor

Stephen Skinner, Marcus Collisson
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Stephen Skinner, Don Karr; Editors
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* Dating from 1564

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D. Sklar (Dusty Sklar; Ethel K. Sklar)
-Gods & Beasts: The Nazis & The Occult (1977; also entitled The Nazis and The Occult, 1987)
* See also Wilhelm Wulff, 1892-1979
* See also Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, 1953-2012
* See also Alan Baker
* See also Michael FitzGerald
* See also Jan Van Helsing
* See also David Luhrssen
* See also Bill Yenne

Mike Skrtic, Bill Whitcomb
-Selections From The Dream Manual (foreword by Antero Alli, 2010)
* See also Bill Whitcomb

Paddy Slade (Patricia Harlow)
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Ann B. Slate, Alan Berry
-Bigfoot (1976)

Joe H. Slate, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, 1930-2015
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* See also Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, Joe H. Slate

Herman Slater, 1935-1992; Editor
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-Magickal Formulary Spellbook: A Companion Volume To The Magickal Formulary To Assist In The Devising of Spells and Rites (1987)
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Diana Slattery
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William T. Smedley (William Thomas Smedley), 1851-date of death unknown
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Andrew Phillip Smith
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-The Lost Teachings of The Cathars: Their Beliefs and Practices (introduction by Sean Martin, 2015)
* “For Lala Ashford-Brown, who unknowingly received a dream consolamentum in a French field in 1973”
-John The Baptist and The Last Gnostics: The Secret History of The Mandaeans (2016)

Angela Thompson Smith
-Remote Perceptions: Out-of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, and Other Normal Abilities (foreword by Ingo Swann [1933-2013], 1998; Updated Edition with new author's note, 2016)
-Diary of An Abduction: A Scientist Probes The Enigma of Her Alien Contact (2001)
-SEER: 30 Years of Remote Viewing ...and Counting (1983-2013) (2016)
* See also C. B. Scott Jones, Angela T. Smith

Caroline Smith
-The Kitchen Witches (2006)

Caroline Smith, John Astrop
-The Elemental Tarot: Use The Symbology of The Elements To Help Understand Your Life (78 Cards; 1999)
-The Moon Oracle: Let The Phases of The Moon Guide Your Life (2000)
-The Oracle of The Radiant Sun: Astrology Cards To Illuminate Your Life (84 Cards; 2003)
-The Runic Tarot (76 Cards; 2003)
-Moon Oracle Deck (2003)

Eleanor Touhey Smith
-Psychic People: An Extraordinary Human Document of Psychic Experience (1968, 1969)

Geoffrey Basil Smith
-Knights of The Solar Cross (1981, 1982, 1983; also entitled Dark Knights of The Solar Cross, 1997)

Grafton Elliot Smith (Sir Grafton Elliot Smith), 1871-1937
-The Ancient Egyptians and The Origin of Civilization (1911)
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* Grafton Elliot Smith published 434 titles

Huston Smith (Huston Cummings Smith)
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-“Do Drugs Have Religious Import?”(Journal of Philosophy 61, Number 18, 17 September 1964, pp. 517–530)
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Huston Smith, Jeffrey Paine
-Tales of Wonder: Adventures Chasing The Divine - An Autobiography (foreword by Pico Iyer, 2009)

Jay M. Smith
-Monsters of The Gévaudan: The Making of A Beast (2011)

Jerry E. Smith (Jerry Elwood Smith), 1950-2010
-HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of The Conspiracy (1998)
* HAARP: High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project in Alaska
-Weather Warfare: The Military's Plan To Draft Mother Nature (2006)

Jerry E. Smith (Jerry Elwood Smith), 1950-2010; George Piccard
-Secrets Of The Holy Lance: The Spear of Destiny In History & Legend (2005)

Jonathan C. Smith
-God Speaks! The Flying Spaghetti Monster In His Own Words (as Jon Smith, edited by Janice M. Frum, 2006)
-1,000,000 Verses Direct From The Flying Spaghetti Monster (as Jon Smith, 2006)
-God Speaks! The Pastafarian Quatrains. A Scholarly Analysis and Critique of The Flying Spaghetti Monster (as Jon Smith, 2008)
-Pseudoscience and Extraordinary Claims of the Paranormal: A Critical Thinker's Toolkit (2009)
-The Pocket Pastafarian Quatrains: Words Direct From The Flying Spaghetti Monster (as Jon Smith, 2010)
* See also Bobby Henderson
* See also Vasudera Torrent

Joseph Smith, Jr., 1805-1844
-The Book of Mormon: An Account Written By The Hand of Mormon, Upon Plates Taken From The Plates of Nephi (1830)
* Joseph Smith claimed to have received a vision from God in 1824 (considered to be the founding event of Mormonism) and to have been visited in 1823 by the angel Moroni, who revealed the location of a buried book of golden plates as well as other artifacts, including a breastplate and a set of spectacles with lenses composed of seer stones. Smith transcribed some of the characters found on the golden plates – that he called “reformed Egyptian” – that became The Book of Mormon (the original plates were later returned to Moroni) – and in 1830 Smith organised the Church of Christ, also known as The Church of Latter Day Saints and Mormon
* See also W. Paul Reeve, Ardis E. Parshall
* See also John L. Brooke
* See also Mark Hofmann

Marcia S. Smith
-Life Beyond Earth (1978)
* Marcia S. Smith is President of The Space and Technology Policy Group, LLC

Matthew D. Smith; Editor
-Anomalous Experiences: Essays From Parapsychological and Psychological Perspectives (2010)

Michael Valentine Smith
-Psychedelic Chemistry (1973, 1974, 1976; Second Edition, 1981; 2014)

Morton Smith (Professor Morton Smith), 1915-1991
-Palestinian Parties and Politics That Shaped The Old Testament (1971)
-The Aretalogy Used By Mark (1973)
-Clement of Alexandria and A Secret Gospel of Mark: English, Greek and Latin Edition (1973, 2003)
* The Secret Gospel of Mark is an eighteenth-century transcription of a letter apparently written by Clement of Alexandria, appended to an edition of the letters of Ignatius of Antioch printed in 1646. It was allegedly discovered by Morton Smith in 1958 and became inaccessible sometime after 1976, when it was last viewed by Gedaliahu A. G. Stroumsa (after Charles W. Hedrick reported he could not find the letter at Mar Saba). The volume containing the Mar Saba letter was taken to the library of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem in 1977, when during the same year the manuscript pages were photographed and kept seperately. These photographs were published in 2000. The Mar Saba letter was included in the revision of the standard edition of works of Clement of Alexandria in 1980
-The Secret Gospel: The Discovery and Interpretation of The Secret Gospel According To Mark (1973; new postscript, 1982; Third Edition, foreword by Elaine Pagels, 2005)
-“On The Authenticity of The Mar Saba Letter of Clement” (Catholic Biblical Quarterly 38, 1976, pages 196-199)
-Jesus The Magician (1978, 1993; also entitled Jesus The Magician: Charlatan or Son of God?, introduction by Russell Shorto, 1998)
-Morton Smith and Gershom Scholem, Correspondence 1945-1982 (Volume 9, Jerusalem Studies in Religion and Culture) (Edited with an introduction by Guy G. Stroumsa, 2008)
* See also Quentin Quesnell, 1927-2012
* See also F. F. Bruce, 1910-1990
* See also Scott G. Brown
* See also Stephen C. Carlson
* See also Robert Conner
* See also Peter Jeffery
* See also Gaetano Salomone
* See also James H. Hunter, 1890-1982
* See also Guy G. Stroumsa
* See also Gershom Scholem, 1897-1982
* See also Charles W. Hedrick

Morton Smith, 1915-1991; R. Joseph Hoffman; Editors
-What The Bible Really Says (1989)
* See also R. Joseph Hoffmann; Editor

Paul H. Smith (Major Paul H. Smith)
-Reading The Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate – America's Psychic Espionage Program (foreword by Jack Anderson, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2013)
* See also Jim Channon
* See also Elmar R. Gruber
* See also James E. Alcock, Jean Burns
* See also John Herlosky
* See also Lyn Buchanan
* See also Loyd Auerbach
* See also W. Adam Mandelbaum
* See also Edwin C. May, Sonali Bhatt Marwaha; Editors
* See also Jonathan D. Moreno
* See also Joseph McMoneagle
* See also David Morehouse
* See also Michael D. Mumford, Andrew M. Rose, David A. Goslin

Raven Smith
-Toltec Recapitulation: Reclaiming The Beauty and Mystery of The Present Moment (2009)
-Awake! Walking A Shamanic Path To Freedom (2009)
-Where Humans Become Divine: A Journey of The Spirit At The Ancient Pyramids of Teotihuacan (photography by Trisha McWaters, 2010)
-Healing Your Relationship With The Angel Of Death – Six Levels of Letting Go Into A More Intimate Relationship With Life (2011)
-Toltec Energy Healing and Meditation – Retrieving Your Essential Nature (2013)

Susy Smith, 1911-2000
-World of The Strange (1963)
-The Mediumship of Mrs Leonard (1964)
-The Enigma of Out-Of-Body Travel (1965, 1968)
-ESP For The Millions (introduction by Professor C. J. Ducasse [1881-1969], 1965; also entitled ESP, 1965; also entitled Understanding ESP, 1968, 1972; also entitled ESP: The Uncanny World of Extrasensory Perception, 2011)
-A Supernatural Primer For The Millions (1966)
-Haunted Houses For The Millions (1967)
-Prominent American Ghosts (1967, 1969)
-Reincarnation For The Millions (1967, 1969)
-Out-Of-Body Experiences For The Millions (1968, 1969)
-Adventures In The Supernormal (1968)
-More ESP For The Millions (1969)
-Widespread Psychic Wonders (1970)
-Today's Witches (1970)
-Ghosts Around The House (1970, 1971)
-Confessions of A Psychic (biography, 1971)
-Susy Smith's Supernatural World (1971)
-ESP & You (1972)
-How To Develop Your ESP (1972, 1973, 1974, 1981, 1982, 1999)
-She Spoke To The Dead: The Life of Gladys Osborne Leonard (1972; also entitled She Speaks To The Dead, 1972)
* Gladys Osborne Leonard, 1882-1968
-ESP & Hypnosis (dedicated to Martin Ebon [1917-2006], 1973, 1999)
-The Book of James: Conversations From Beyond (1974; also entitled The Book of James (William James, That Is): Conversations From Beyond, 1999)
-Life Is Forever: Evidence For Survival After Death (1974; 2000)
-Do We Live After Death? (1974)
-The Power of The Mind (1975)
-Strangers From Space: An Introduction To The Enigma of Flying Saucers (1977)
-Voices Of The Dead? Radio Broadcasts, Psychokinetic Power – Or Messages From Beyond The Grave...? (1977)
-The Conversion of A Psychic: The Story of A Long Search That Led To Christ (1978)
-Ghost Writers In The Sky: More Communication From James (1990, 2000)
-The Afterlife Codes: Searching For Evidence Of The Survival Of The Soul (introduction and conclusion by Gary E. R. Schwartz & Linda G. S. Russek, 2000)
* Susy Smith Founded the Survival Research Foundation and the Susy Smith Project at the University of Arizona

Susy Smith, 1911-2000; Editor
-Human Personality And Its Survival of Bodily Death by F. W. H. Myers (foreword by Aldous Huxley [1894-1963], preface by Susy Smith, unfinished preface by F. W. H. Myers, 1961, 2005)
* F. W. H. Myers, 1843-1901

Dr Thomas Smith, 1638-1710
-The Life of John Dee (translated from the Latin by William Alexander Ayton [1816-1909], 1908; 1992)

Timothy P. Smith, Robert Hostetler
-The Chamberlain Key: Decoding Startling Messages From God, Hidden For Centuries In An Ancient Biblical Manuscript (foreword by Eugene Ulrich, 2017)

Toby Smith
-Little Gray Men: Roswell and The Rise of A Popular Culture (2000)

Warren Smith (Warren William “Billy” Smith), 1931-2003
-Strange Women of The Occult (1968)
-Strange & Miraculous Cures (1969)
-Strange Powers of The Mind (introduction by Brad Steiger, 1968)
-Strange ESP (1969)
-Into The Strange (1969)
-Strange Murderers & Madmen (1969)
-Strange Abominable Snowmen (using material relayed by “Major Stoyanow”, 1970)
-Talking To The Spirits (1971)
-The Strange Ones (1972)
-Triangle of The Lost (1975, 1976)
-The Myth And Mystery of Atlantis (1977)
-The Secret Forces of The Pyramids (1975, 1976, 1977)
-UFO Trek (1976, 1977)
-The Hidden Secrets of The Hollow Earth (1976)
-The Book of Encounters: First Person Case Histories of Close Encounters of The First, Second, and Third Kinds! (1976)
-This Hollow Earth: The Astounding Investigation Into The “Lost Worlds” Beneath Our Planet’s Surface (1977, 1982)
-Lost Cities of The Ancients – Unearthed! (1976)
-Secrets of The Loch Ness Monster (1976)
-Ancient Mysteries of The Mexican & Mayan Pyramids (1977)
-The Secret Origins of Bigfoot (1977, 1982, 2017)
* See also “Eric Norman”
* See also Brad Steiger, Warren Smith
* See also Gabriel Green, 1924-2001; Warren Smith

Wilbert B. Smith (Wilbert Brockhouse Smith), 1910-1962
-The Boys From Topside (1969; reprinted and edited by Timothy Green Beckley, 1996)

Wilfred Cantwell Smith, 1916-2000
-The Meaning and End of Religion: A New Approach To The Religious Traditions of Mankind (1963, 1964, foreword by John Hick [1922-2012], 1978; New Edition 1991)

Wilfred Talbot Smith (Frank Wenham), 1885-1957; Editor
-Aleister Crowley, The Creed of The Thelemites From The Gnostic Catholic Mass (single card sheet, offprint from Aleister Crowley's “Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass”, circa 1943)
* Wilfred Talbot Smith joined the A\A\ and the Thelemite wing of the Ordo Templi Orients (OTO) in 1915; he also began experimenting with the entheogenic properties of Anhalonium (Ariocarpus)
* Wilfred Talbot Smith Formed the OTO Agape Lodge No 1 in Hollywood, Los Angeles in circa 1930, which relocated to Pasadena in 1942. Talbot Smith was ousted from his position and replaced by Jack Parsons (1914-1952)
* See also Martin P. Starr

William Benjamin Smith, 1850-1934
-Ecce Deus: The Pre-Christian Jesus (1894; also entitled Ecce Deus: Studies of Primitive Christianity, 1912)
-The Birth of The Gospel: A Study of The Origin and Purport of The Primitive Allegory of The Jesus (edited by Addison Gulick [1882-1969] 1957; 2011)

Yvonne R. Smith
-Chosen: Recollections of UFO Abductions Through Hypnotherapy (foreword by Paola Harris, preface by Don Schmitt, edited by Paul Loggins, 2008; eBook 2010)

Richard Smoley
-Inner Christianity: A Guide To The Esoteric Tradition (2002)
-Conscious Love: Insights From Mystical Christianity (2008)
-The Dice Game of Shiva: How Consciousness Creates The Universe (2009)
-The Essential Nostradamus: With A New Afterword On Nostradamus And 2012 (translation, historical commentary, biography; 2010)
-Supernatural: Writings On An Unknown History (2013)
-The Deal: A Guide To Radical and Complete Forgiveness (2015)
-How God Became God: What Scholars Are Really Saying About God and The Bible (2016)
* Richard Smoley was Editor of Gnosis magazine during the 1990s

Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney
-Hidden Wisdom: A Guide To The Western Inner Traditions (1999, Revised Edition with new preface, 2006; Audiobook narrated by Ethan Sawyer, 2016)

* See also Jay Kinney

S. Edgar Smoot
-Lost American Antiquities: A Hidden History (2013)

Charles Piazzi Smyth, 1819-1900
-Teneriffe, an Astronomer's Experiment: Or, Specialities of a Residence Above the Clouds (1858)
-Our Inheritance In The Great Pyramid (1864; Enlarged Edition, 1874; also entitled The Great Pyramid: Its Secrets and Mysteries Revealed, 1978)
-Life And Work At The Great Pyramid During The Months of January, February, March, and April, A.D. 1865; With A Discussion Of The Facts Ascertained (Three Volumes, 1867)
-On the Antiquity of Intellectual Man: From a Practical and Astronomical Point of View (1868)
-The Great Pyramid and The Royal Society (1874)
-New Measures of The Great Pyramid (1884)

Frank Smyth
-Modern Witchcraft (Man, Myth & Magic) (1970, 1973)
-Ghosts and Poltergeists (1976)

Frank Smyth, Roy Stemman
-Mysteries of The Afterlife (Great Mysteries) (New Enlarged Edition, 1978, 1979, 1991; originally two books entitled Ghosts and Poltergeists by Frank Smith, 1976; and Spirits and Spirit Worlds by Roy Stemman, 1975)
* See also Roy Stemman
* See also Colin Wilson, 1931-2013; Roy Stemman

Frederick Smyth
-Chronicles of A Chapter Rose Croix From India 1922-1960 (1961)
-The Master-Mason-At-Arms: A Short Study of Freemasonry and The Armed Forces (pamphlet, 1990)
-Brethren In Chivalry 1791-1991 (1991)

Frederick Smyth; Editor
-A Reference Book For Freemasons (1998)
* See also Harry Carr, 1900-1983
* See also Fred L. Pick, 1898; G. Norman Knight, 1891-1978

Brian Snellgrove
-The Unseen Self: Kirlian Photography Explained (1996)
-The Magic In Your Hands: How To See Auras and Use Them For Diagnosis and Healing (illustrated by Kate Aldous, 1998)

Brian Snellgrove, Marita Snellgrove
-The Unseen Self: Your Hidden Potential (1981)

Edward Rowe Snow, 1902-1982
-Mysteries and Adventures Along The Atlantic Coast (1948; updated by Jeremy D'Entremont, 2006)
-True Tales of Buried Treasure (1951; Revised Edition 1960; 1963, 1965, 1967)
* Refers to the stone found in Oak Island with mysterious symbols that translated as “forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried
-Ghosts, Gales and Gold (1972)
-Supernatural Mysteries and Other Tales (1974)
-Boston Bay Mysteries and other Tales (1977)

S. G. Soal (Samuel George Soal), 1889-1975
-Preliminary Studies of A Vaudeville Telepathist (1937)
-The Experimental Situation In Psychical Research (Frederic W. H. Myers Lectures 9) (1947, 1948, 1949)
* See also Rosalind Heywood, 1895-1980

S. G. Soal (Samuel George Soal), 1889-1975; Frederick Bateman
-Modern Experiments In Telepathy (introductory note by G. E. Hutchinson [1903-1991], 1954)

S. G. Soal (Samuel George Soal), 1889-1975; H. T. Bowden (Henry Treacher Bowden)
-The Mind Readers: An Important Recent Development In Telepathy (1959, 1960)

Alan D. Sokal (Alan David Sokal)
-The Sokal Hoax: The Sham That Shook The Academy (2000)
-Beyond The Hoax: Science, Philosophy and Culture (2008, 2010)

Alan Sokal, Jean Bricmont
-Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals' Abuse of Science (1999)

Derek de Solla Price (Derek John de Solla), 1922-1983
-Gears From The Greeks: The Antikythera Mechanism – A Calendar Computer From ca. 80 BC (1974)
* See also Victor J. Kean, 1931-2003
* See also Jo Marchant

David Solomon, 1925-2007; Editor
-LSD: The Consciousness Expanding Drug (introduction by Timothy Leary [1920-1996], 1965)
-The Marihuana Papers (introduction by Dr Alfred R. Lindesmith [1905-1991], 1966)

David Solomon, 1925-2007; George Andrews (George Clinton Andrews), Editors
-Drugs and Sexuality: Boccaccio, Rabelais, de Sade, Baudelaire, Jean Cocteau, Timothy Leary, Terry Southern and many more (1973)
* See also George Andrews; David Solomon, 1925-2007; Editors

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* See also Hans Holzer

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* Includes “The Sources of Madame Blavatsky's Writings” by William Emmette Coleman, 1838-1915

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* Julie Soskin Founded The School of Insight and Intuitions in 1996

Rupert Soskin
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* The DVD “Standing with Stones: A Journey Through Megalithic Britain”, directed by Michael Bott, was released in 2009
* The Video Cassette “The Spirit of The Serpent: An Exploration of Earth Energy”, directed by Tim Walter, was released in 2003, also featuring Hamish Miller, Ba Russell, Jim Lyons, Julie Soskin (released on DVD in 2008)

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* See also José Argüelles, 1939-2011; Stephanie South

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* See also Nicholas J Karolides, Margaret Bald, Dawn B. Sova

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* H. David Sox co-Founded The British Society For The Turin Shroud in 1977

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* See also Fate Magazine, Editors

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David Spangler, William Irwin Thompson
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* With Kenneth Grant (1924-2011), founded “Zos Kia Cultus” in 1952
* See also Kenneth Grant, 1924-2011; Steffi Grant
* See also Neville Drury, 1947-2013
* See also Geraldine Beskin, John Bonner
* See also Robert Ansell
* See also Phil Baker
* See also John Bonner
* See also William Wallace

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* See also J. S. Weiner, 1915-1982
* See also Miles Russell
* See also John Walsh, 1927-2015

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* See also Hilary Evans, 1929-2011; John Spencer; Editors

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* See also Carl Friedrich Koeppen, 1808-1863; Johann Wilhelm Bernhard von Hymmen, 1725-1787
* See also Henry Ridgely Evans, 1861-1949
* See also J. E. S. Tuckett
* See also Jacob M. Landau
* According to Masonic legend, Napoleon Bonaparte was initiated into Freemasonry in a special lodge convened within the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. However, this is contradicted by Napoleon's private secretary in Egypt, Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne (1769-1834), who, in The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte stated “Now the fact is, that Bonaparte never even entered the great pyramid. He never had any thought of entering it. I certainly should have accompanied him had he done so; for I never quitted his side a single moment in the desert” (chapter 22; English translation, 1832)

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* See also William J. Birnes

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-The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction, and Domination (2014)
* See also G. M. Pachtler, 1825-1889
* See also George F. Dillon, 1836-1893
* See also Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, 1858-1926
* See also Reverend E. Cahill, 1868-1941
* See also Vicomte Léon De Poncins, 1897-1975
* See also John Vennari
* See also Arnaud de Lassus
* See also John Salza
* See also Bro. Charles Madden
* See also Pope Leo XIII, 1810-1903

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* See also M. Lamar Keene, 1936-1996

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* See also William V. Rauscher, Allen Spraggett

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* See also Robin de Ruiter, Fritz Springmeier
* See also Cisco Wheeler, Fritz Springmeier
* See also Eric James Rainbowlt, Anthony de Los Santos

Fritz Springmeier, Cisco Wheeler
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* See also Cisco Wheeler, Fritz Springmeier

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* See also Gladys Davis Turner, 1905-1986; Mae Gimbert St Clair; Editors

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* See also Simon Reynolds

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* See also Patrick Huyghe

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* About Policeman Lonnie Zamora (1933-2009) who allegedly witnessed a UFO on 24 April 1964
* Ray Stanford Founded Project Starlight International (PSI) in 1964

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* See also Jenny Randles

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* Starhawk co-Founded The Bay Area Reclaiming Collective

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* See also William R. Newman, Lawrence M. Principe

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* See also Donald N. Yates

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* See also Henrik Bogdan, Martin P. Starr; Editors

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* Bill Startup featured on the BBC 1982 Horizon documentary “The Case of the UFOs” (written and produced by John Groom)

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* Mark Stavish Founded The Institute For Hermetic Studies

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* See also Taylor Caldwell, 1900-1985; Jess Stearn, 1914-2002
* See also Gladys McGarey, Jess Stearn, 1914-2002

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* The Audio CD, “How To Become A Spiritual Alchemist” (2004)
* The Audio CD, “Brad Steiger's Indian Medicine Wheel: Spells, Charms and Ceremonies” (2004)
* See also Art Bell, Brad Steiger
* See also Nick Redfern, Brad Steiger
* See also Dorothy Spence Lauer, Brad Steiger (Eugene E. Olson)
* See also “Eric Norman”
* See also John Pendragon, Brad Steiger
* See also Fred Bell, 1943-2011; Brad Steiger
* See also Edgar “Rothschild” Fouché, Brad Steiger
* See also Lori Jean Flory, Brad Steiger
* See also Komar, Brad Steiger

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* See also Hayden Hewes, Brad Steiger

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* See also John Pendragon, Brad Steiger

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* See also “Eric Norman”

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* See also John White; Editor

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* See also Johannes Tautz, 1914-2008

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* Rudolf Steiner Founded The Anthroposophical Society in 1912
* See also Paul M. Allen

Laurel Steinhice
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Fiona Steinkamp; Editor
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* See also Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, 1775-1854

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* See also Frank Smyth, Roy Stemman
* See also Colin Wilson, 1931-2013; Roy Stemman

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* See also George Burder, 1752-1832
* See also Benjamin F. Bowen
* See also Richard Hakluyt, 1552-1616
* See also Thomas L. James, 1831-1916
* See also Zella Armstrong, 1872-1965
* See also Richard Deacon, 1911-1998
* See also Gwyn A. Williams, 1925-1995
* See also Bernard Knight
* See also Dana Olson
* See also Gwyn Thomas
* See also Paul Muldoon

P. R. Stephenson (Percy Reginald Stephenson, 1901-1965), in collaboration with Aleister Crowley, 1875-1947
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Henry Stevens
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José Stevens (José Luis Stevens)
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* See also Richard Firestone, Allen West, Simon Warwick-Smith

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* Wendelle C. Stevens Founded The World UFO Congress in 1991

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-UFO Photographs Around The World: Volume 2 (1992)

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* See also Joseph Gaither Pratt, 1910-1979

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* See also Robert Kirk, 1644-1692

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* See also John Matthews

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* See also William James Hughan, 1841-1911

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* Revelations from the author's Angelic companion, Jan Fridegård (1897-1968)
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* See also Linda Dearsley

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* During the mid-1990s, Stone claimed that the ET “Ashtar” belonged to the ranks of the Ascended Masters
* Founded and Launched the I AM University (Integrated Ascended Masters University) in 2004
* See also Susan Shumsky

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* See also Marcia Dale Lopez, Barbara Peterson Pazer, Linda Schwecke

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* See also Lisa Isherwood, Mark D. Jordan; Editors
* See also Donald Boisvert, Jay E. Johnson; Editors
* See also Kittredge Cherry
* See also Susannah Cornwall
* See also Raymond-Jean Frontain; Editor
* See also Robert Goss
* See also Deryn Guest, Robert E. Goss, Mona West, Thomas Bohache; Editors
* See also Terrence McNally
* See also Ivan Petrella
* See also Patrick S. Cheng
* See also Stephen D. Moore

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* See also Philip Mantle

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* See also Michael A. Thalbourne, 1955-2010; Lance Storm

Lance Storm; Editor
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* See also Michael A. Thalbourne, Lance Storm; Editors

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* A documentary based on this book, “And Did Those Feet”, was screened at the British Film Institute in London in 2010
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-Millennium VII (epilogue by Valiant Thor, 1998, 2001; also credited to Valiant Thor and Frank E. Stranges entitled Millennium VII Seven: Biblical Secrets For Galactic Ascension In The 21st Century, 2016)
* Frank E. Stranges Founded the National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (NICUFO) in 1967, giving it a board of directors composed mostly of UFO contactees
* The “Stranger at the Pentagon” was Captain Val Valiant Thor from Venus, who landed on Earth in his spaceship Victor One on 16 March 1957; Valiant Thor had three secret meetings with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice-President Richard Nixon

Frank E. Stranges (Dr Frank E. Stranges), 1927-2008; Robert L. Park
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Frank E. Stranges (Dr Frank Ernest Stranges), 1927-2008; Captain Valiant Thor (Harry J. Gardener; also known as Frater VIII°; born Harry Lawrence Juhnke, 1890-1969)
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-DMT and The Soul of Prophecy: A New Science of Spiritual Revelation In The Hebrew Bible (2014)
* Rick Strassman co-Founded the Cottonwood Research Foundation

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Whitley Strieber (Louis Whitley Strieber)
-The Wolfen (Novel, 1979)
* Adapted into a 1981 cinema film entitled “Wolfen” starring Albert Finney and Edward James Olmos, directed by Michael Wadleigh (Orion Pictures)
-Communion: A True Story (1987)
* Adapted into a 1989 cinema film starring Christopher Walken as Whitley Strieber and directed by Philippe Mora
* The 1989 documentary, “Encounters of The Fourth Kind: A Report on Communion”, hosted by Roddy McDowall (1928-1998) with special guest appearance by Christopher Walken. Directed by Drew Cummings (released on DVD in 2010)
-Transformation: The Breakthrough (1988)
-Majestic (Novel, 1989)
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-2012: The War For Souls (Novel, 2007)
-The Omega Point: Beyond 2012 (Novel, 2010)
-The Christmas Spirits (Novel, 2011)
-Solving The Communion Enigma: What Is To Come (2012)
* Whitley Strieber co-Founded The Communion Foundationin 1988
* See also Ed Conroy
* See also Don Ledger, Chris Styles
* See also Dr Roger K. Leir, 1934-2014

Whitley Strieber (Louis Whitley Strieber), Anne Strieber; Editors
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* See also Jeffrey J. Kripal

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Steven Strong, Bruce Fenton, Evan Strong, Daniella Fenton
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* See also Bruce Fenton, Daniella Cardenas

Steven Strong, Evan Strong
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* See also Charles W. Hedrick
* See also Morton Smith, 1915-1991

Jane Struthers
-The Book of Destinies: A Practical Guide To Predicting The Future (1997, 1999)
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-Sun Signs: The Secrets of Every Sign of The Zodiac Revealed (2005)
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-Working With Colour Healing: How To Use Colour To Heal Your Body and Enhance Your Life (2008)
-Red Sky At Night: The Book of Lost Countryside Wisdom (2009)
-Unicorns: An Introduction (illustrations by Elena Kalistratova, 2010)
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-Attracting Abundance: Meditations, Visualizations, and Exercises To Help You Harness Positive Energy (2012)
-The Book of Christmas: Everything We Once Knew And Loved About Christmastime (2012)
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-The Secret Language of Fortune Telling: Decoding The Signs and Symbols of Divination (2014)
-The Secret Language of Star Signs: Decoding The Hidden Language of Astrology (2014)
* See also Uri Geller, Jane Struthers

C. E. Stuart (Charles Edward Stuart), 1907-1947; Joseph Gaither Pratt, 1910-1979
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* See also Joseph Gaither Pratt, J. B. Rhine, 1895-1980; Burke M. Smith, 1912-1998; C. E. Stuart, Joseph Albert Greenwood, 1906-1988

John Stuart (John H. Stuart)
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P. D. Stuart
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-Codeword Barbelon: Anti-Christ Is A Woman, Alive and Well, Again! Or The Catholic Mission In The Third Millennium (Book Two) (2009)
* See also Edmond Paris, 1894-1970

William Stuart
-The Invisible College: The Great European Secret (2010)
-The Invisible College: 9.11 To Armageddon (2011)
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Kocku von Stuckrad
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-Locations Of Knowledge In Medieval And Early Modern Europe: Esoteric Discourse And Western Identities (2010)
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Jeri Studebaker (Jeri Lyn Studebaker)
-Switching To Goddess: Humanity's Ticket To The Future (2008)
-Breaking The Mother Goose Code: How A Fairy-Tale Character Fooled The World For 300 Years (2015)
* See also Bernard Roger

William Stukeley, 1687-1765
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* Stonehenge, a Temple Restored To The British Druids; Abury, A Temple of the British Druids was published in 1984. Stukeley's Stonehenge: An Unpublished Manuscript, 1721-1724 edited by Aubrey Burl and Neil Mortimer was published in 2004. Stonehenge: A Temple Restored To The British Druids was published in 2009, and released as an eBook in the same year
* See also Stuart Piggott, 1910-1996

René Sudre, 1880-1968
-Parapsychology (1960; originally published in French entitled Traité de parapsychologie, 1956)

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John C. Sulak
-The Wizard and The Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism – An Oral History of Oberon Zell and Morning Glory (foreword by Carl Llewellyn Weschke [1930-2015], 2014)
* See also Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart

Danny Sullivan
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Robert Sullivan
-Atlantis Rising: A True Story of A Submerged Land Yeterday and Today (Novel, drawings by Glenn Wolff, 1999)

Robert W. Sullivan IV
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Montague Summers (Reverend Alphonsus Joseph-Mary Augustus Montague Summers), 1880-1948
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* See also Brocard Sewell, 1912-2000
* See also Joseph Jerome
* See also Frederick S. Frank
* See also Timothy d'Arch Smith

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* Reginald Scot, 1538-1599
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* Madeleine Bavent, 1607-1650
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“Mary Jane Superweed” (John Mann)
-Marijuana Consumers and Dealers Guide (1968)
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-Super Grass Growers Guide (1970)
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* See also Adam Gottlieb
* See also John Mann

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Steven Sutcliffe; Editor
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Lawrence Sutin; Editor
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* Collection of largely unpublished or out-of-print essays, journals, speeches, and interviews

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* See also Kris Millegan

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* See also Nicholas R. Mann

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* See also A. E. Waite, 1857-1942; W. P. Swainson

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-Reality Boxes: And Other Black Holes In Human Consciousness (2003)
* Ingo Swann claimed to have “travelled” by method of Remote Viewing to the planet Jupiter on 27 April 1973
* See also Raúl daSilva

Ingo Swann (Ingo Douglas Swann), 1933-2013; Editor
-What Will Happen To You When The Soviets Take Over? (1980)

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* See also Raymond W. Bernard, 1901-1965
* See also Richard E. Byrd, 1888-1957

Tim R. Swartz; Editor
-Reality Of The Inner Earth – Return To The Caverns With Richard Shaver: Featuring, I Have Been In The Caves By Margaret Rogers (2005)

William H. Swatos Jr, Indridi Indridason
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* See also Erlendur Haraldsson, Loftur Gissurarson

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-Arcana Coelestia Indexes: Compiled But Not Published By The Author Himself. Transcribed and Edited by John Elliott (2004)
* See also C. O. Sigstedt, 1888-1959
* See also Signe Toksvig, 1891-1983
* See also Olof Lagercrantz, 1911-2002
* See also William Ross Woofenden, 1921-2012
* See also Jonathan S. Rose
* See also Leonard Fox, Donald L. Rose; Editors
* See also Jonathan S. Rose, Stuart Shotwell, Mary Lou Bertucci; Editors
* See also Marsha Keith Schuchard
* See also Gary Lachman

John Sweeney
-The Church of Fear: Inside The Weird World of Scientology (2013)
* See also Paulette Cooper
* See also Russell Miller
* See also Lawrence Wright
* See also Hugh Urban
* See also Bent Corydon; Ronald DeWolf, 1934-1991
* See also Marc Headley

Michael D. Swords
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Michael Swords, Robert Powell; Editors
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Bryan Sykes
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Bryan Sykes; Editor
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-Everyman’s Dictionary Of Non-Classical Mythology (1952; Revised Edition 1961; 1962, 1965; Revised Edition by Alan Kendall entitled The Routledge Who’s Who In Non-Classical Mythology, 1993, 2003, 2014)
* See also Ignatius Donnelly, 1831-1901; Egerton Sykes

Americus Symmes 1811-date of death unknown
-The Symmes Theory of Concentric Spheres, Demonstrating That The Earth Is Hollow, Habitable Within, And Widely Open About The Poles. Compiled by A. Symmes From The Writings Of His Father J. C. S. (1878)

John Symonds, 1914-2006
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John Symonds, 1914-2006; Kenneth Grant, 1924-2011; Editors
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-Aleister Crowley: Moonchild (The Dennis Wheatley Library of The Occult, 3) (edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, 1974)
* See also Kenneth Grant

Ladislas Szabo (László Szabó de Csekefalva)
-Hitler Is Alive: The New Berchtesgaden in Antarctica (1946, 1951; published in Spanish entitled Hitler Esta Vivo, 1947; published in French entitled Je sais que Hitler est vivant, 1947)
* Ladislas Szabo was a Hungarian refugee living in Argentina who claimed that an impersonator had committed suicide in Hitler's Bunker in 1945
* See also Mattern Friedrich, Christof Friedrich
* See also Colin Summerhayes, Peter Beeching

Gyorgyi Szabo
-The World According To Laszlo: Ervin, Portrait of A Universal Man (preface by Barbara Marx Hubbard, foreword by Riane Eisler and David Loye, 2016)
-The Laszlo Chronicle: A Global Thinker's Journey From Systems To Consciousness and The Akashic Field (foreword by Ervin László, 2017)

Steve Szilagyi
-Photographing Fairies (Novel, 1993)
* The Novel inspired the 1997 film “Photographing Fairies” (directed by Nick Willing)
* See also Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-1930; Edward L. Gardner, 1870-1970

Gyorgy E. Szonyi (Gyorgy Endre Szonyi)
-John Dee's Occultism: Magical Exaltation Through Powerful Signs (Suny Series in Western Esoteric Traditions) (2005)


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