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Authors - O

Shani Oates
-Tubelo's Green Fire: Myths, Ethos, Female, Male & Priestly Mysteries of The Clan of Tubal Cain (2010; Special Edition 2012)
-The Arcane Veil: Ten Discourses on The Craft and The History of Magic (2011)
-The People of Goda (preface dating from 2003 by Evan John Jones [1936-2003], 2012)
-A Paean For Hekate (2012)
-The Clan of Tubal Cain Today: The Legacy Continues: Shani Oates (1998- (The Star Crossed Serpent II) (2012)
-The Taper That Lights The Way: The Letters of Robert Cochrane Revealed (The Star Crossed Serpent III) (2016)
-Tubal's Mill: The Round of Life (2016)
-Tubal's Mill: Legend (Document Scans of Evan John Jones Letters) (2016)
* Shani Oates is Maid of the coven Clan of Tubal-Cain
* See also Evan John Jones, 1966-1998, Shani Oates
* See also “John of Monmouth”, Gillian Spraggs, Shani Oates
* See also People of Goda; Editors

James E. Oberg (James Edward Oberg)
-UFOs & Outer Space Mysteries: A Sympathetic Skeptic's Report (1982)
-“UFO Book Based on Questionable Foundation” (online NBC News article, 2010; updated 2013)
* James E. Oberg featured on the BBC 1982 Horizon documentary “The Case of the UFOs” (written and produced by John Groom)

Cathy O'Brien
-PTSD: Time To Heal (2016)

Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips
-Trance: Formation of America. The True Life Story of A CIA Mind Control Slave (1995; Fourth Edition, 1995; Revised Edition, 2005)
-Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. The Documented Journey From CIA Mind Control Slave To Successful U.S. Government Whistleblower (2004)

Christian A. E. O'Brien, 1914-2001
-The Wandlebury-Hatfield Heath Astronomical Complex (1975)
-The Megalithic Odyssey: A Search For The Master Builders of The Bodmin Moor Astronomical Complex of Stone Circles and Giant Cairns (1983)

Christian A. E. O'Brien, 1914-2001; Barbara Joy O'Brien
-Genius Of The Few: The Story of Those Who Founded The Garden In Eden (1985, 1999)
-The Shining Ones: An Account of The Development of Early Civilizations Through The Direct Assistance of Powers Incarnated on Earth (1997, 2001)

Christopher O'Brien
-The Mysterious Valley (1996)
-Enter The Valley: UFOs, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilations, and Other Unexplained Phenomena in The San Luis Valley (foreword by David Perkins, 1999)
-Secrets of The Mysterious Valley (2007)
-Stalking The Tricksters: Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Dark Adepts and 2012 (2009)
-Stalking The Herd: Unraveling The Cattle Mutilation Mystery (introduction and analysis by David Perkins, 2013)

Terry J. O’Brien
-Fair Gods and Feathered Serpents: A Search For Ancient America’s Bearded White God (1997)

Bernard O'Connor
-How To Investigate UFOs: A Step By Step Guide To Professional Research Techniques (1979)

D'Arcy O'Connor
-The Money Pit: The Story of Oak Island And The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt (1978; Revised Updated Edition entitled The Big Dig: The $10 Million Search For Oak Island's Legendary Treasure, 1988; Third Revised Edition entitled The Secret Treasure of Oak Island: The Amazing True Story of A Centuries-Old Treasure Hunt, 2004)

Mark O'Connor, Raje Airey
-Symbols, Signs & Visual Codes: A Practical Guide To Understanding And Decoding The Universal Icons, Signs And Symbols That Are Used In Literature, Art, Religion, Astrology, Communication, Advertising, Mythology And Science (2014)
* See also Raje Airey

Edward Odlum (Edward Faraday Odlum), 1850-1935
-God's Covenant Man: British-Israel (1916; Second Revised and Enlarged Edition entitled God's Covenant Man: British Israelism, 1927)
-The Bible: Basis of A Perpetual Israel Kingdom Governed By The Royal Line of David (booklet, 1924)
-Great Britain: Great (booklet, 1926)

Elliott O'Donnell, 1872-1965
-For Satan's Sake (Novel, 1904)
-Unknown Depths (1905)
-Some Haunted Houses (1908)
-Haunted Houses of London (1909)
-Reminiscences of Mrs.E. M. Ward (1910)
-Byways of Ghostland (1911, 2003)
-The Meaning of Dreams (1911)
-Scottish Ghost Stories (1912)
-The Sorcery Club (Novel, 1912, 2010)
-Werewolves (1912, 2008)
-Animal Ghosts, or, Animal Hauntings and The Hereafter (1913, 2003, republished in 2009 entitled It's Raining Cats and Dogs: Ghostly Pets, Phantom Felines and Haunted Houses, with additional material by Diane Tessman and Sean Casteel)
-Ghostly Phenomena (1913)
-Haunted Highways and Byways (1914)
-The Irish Abroad (1915)
-Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter (1916)
-The Haunted Man (1917)
-Spiritualism Explained (1917)
-Fortunes (1918)
-Haunted Places in England (1919)
-Menace of Spiritualism (1920)
-More Haunted Houses of London (1920)
-Ghosts, Helpful and Harmful (1924, 2003)
-The Banshee (1907)
-Strange Disappearances (1927)
-Strange Sea Mysteries (1927)
-Confessions of a Ghost Hunter (1928)
-Great Thames Mysteries (1929)
-Famous Curses (1929)
-Fatal Kisses In History and Tradition (1929)
-The Boys' Book of Sea Mysteries (1930)
-Rooms of Mystery (1931)
-Ghosts of London (1932)
-The Devil In The Pulpit (1932)
-Family Ghosts (1934)
-Strange Cults & Secret Societies of Modern London (1934)
-Spookerisms; Twenty-five Weird Happenings (1936)
-Haunted Churches (1939)
-Haunted Britain (1949, 1952)
-Ghosts With A Purpose (1952)
-Dead Riders (1953)
-Phantoms of The Night (1956)
-Haunted Waters, and Trees of Ghostly Dread (1958)
-The Screaming Skulls and Other Ghost Stories: The Collected True Tales and Legends of Elliott O'Donnell, Ghost-Hunter For More Than Half A Century (arranged by H. Ludlam, 1966)
-True Stories From The Great Ghost Hunter Elliott O'Donnell (edited by Harry Ludlam, 1990)

Pauline Oehler
-Report on The Psychic Photography of Ted Serios (1962; Reprinted from “Fate” magazine, Volume 15, Number 12, December 1962)

Jason Offutt
-Ghosthunting Missouri (2006)
-Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide To The Show-Me State's Most Spirited Spots (2007)
-Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us (2009)
-Paranormal Missouri: Show Me Your Monsters (2010)
-What Lurks Beyond: The Paranormal In Your Backyard (2010)

Richard Ogden
-The Case For George Adamski's Contacts With Flying Saucers (Two Volumes, 1962)

Tom Ogden
-Wizards and Sorcerers: From Abracadabra To Zoroaster (1998)
-The Complete Idiot's Guide To Ghosts and Hauntings (1999; Second Edition, 2004; 2007)
-Haunted Highways: Spooky Stories, Strange Happenings, And Supernatural Sightings (2008, 2011)
-Haunted Theaters: Playhouse Phantoms, Opera House Horrors, And Backstage Banshees (2009)
-Haunted Hollywood: Tinseltown Terrors, Filmdom Phantoms, And Movieland Mayhem (2009; Second Edition, 2015)
-Haunted Hotels: Eerie Inns, Ghoulish Guests, And Creepy Caretakers (2010)
-Haunted Cemeteries: Creepy Crypts, Spine-Tingling Spirits, And Midnight Mayhem (2010)
-Haunted Greenwich Village: Bohemian Banshees, Spooky Sites, And Gonzo Ghost Walks (2012)
-Haunted Chicago: Famous Phantoms, Sinister Sites, and Lingering Legends (2014)
-Haunted Colleges and Universities: Creepy Campuses, Scary Scholars, and Deadly Dorms (2014)
-Haunted Washington, DC: Federal Phantoms, Government Ghosts, And Beltway Banshees (2016)

Chris Ogilvie-Herald
-The Forgotten Survivor: Was This Man The Last Survivor of The Expedition That Discovered Tutankhamun? (foreword by Dr Nicholas Reeves, 2015)
* See also Ian Lawton, Chris Ogilvie-Herald
* See also Andrew Collins, Chris Ogilvie-Herald

J. E. Oglesby (James Oglesby)
-Proof of Extraterrestrial Intelligence: The Cape Canaveral Apollo Program Chronicles. Presenting Significant Historical Evidence (2008; also entitled Alien Liaisons During The Apollo Program, 2011)
-Travelers From Space: Solving A Phenomenon From The Inside Out (2015)

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, 1919-1995
-Why I Am An Atheist: Including A History of Materialism (1966; Revised Edition, 1980; Second Revised Edition, 1991, 1992)
-What On Earth Is An Atheist! (1969, 1977, 1982, 1984, 1989, 1992, 2003)
-An Atheist Epic: Bill Murray, The Bible, and The Baltimore Board of Education (1970; also entitled An Atheist Epic: The Complete Unexpurgated Story of How Bible and Prayers Were Removed From The Public Schools of The United States, 1989)
-Freedom Under Siege: The Impact of Organized Religion on Your Liberty and Your Pocketbook (1974)
-Our Constitution: The Way It Was (American Atheist Radio Series) (1982; Revised Edition, 1988)
-Atheists: The Last Minority (1990)
-Atheist Heroes and Heroines (American Atheist Radio Series) (1991)
* Madalyn Murray O'Hair is known for the Murray versus Curlett Lawsuit, which led to a landmark Supreme Court Ruling ending official Bible-Reading in American Public Schools in 1963
* See also Ann Rowe Seaman
* See also Bryan F. Le Beau

Daniel O'Keefe (Daniel Lawrence O'Keefe), 1928-2012
-Stolen Lightning: The Social Theory of Magic (1982, 1983)

Ciarán O'Keeffe (Ciarán James O'Keeffe), Billy Roberts
-The Great Paranormal Clash (foreword by Jane Goldman, 2008; also entitled Science and Seance: A Discussion Between A Parapsychologist and A Clairvoyant, 2016)
* See also Yvette Fielding, Ciarán O'Keeffe

Henry Steel Olcott (Colonel Henry Steel Olcott), 1832-1907
-People From The Other World (illustrated by Alfred Kappes [1850-1894] and T. W. Williams, 1875; new introduction by Terence Barrow [1923-2001], 1972; 2010, 2011, 2013)
-A Collection of Lectures on Theosophy and Archaic Religions, Delivered In India and Ceylon (1883)
-Theosophy; Religion, and Occult Science ... with Glossary of Eastern Words (1885; Facsimile Edition, 1993, 2011)
-To Students of Occultism. Occultism and Truth (1894)
-Old Diary Leaves: The True Story of The Theosophical Society (1895; also entitled Inside The Occult: The True Story of Madame H. P. Blavatsky, Notes by Daniel Grotta-Kurska [Daniel T. Grotta, 1944-2015], 1975; also entitled Isis In America: The Classic Eyewitness Account of Madame Blavatsky's Journey To America and The Occult Revolution She Ignited, 2014)
-The Count de Saint-Germain and H. P. B., Two Messengers of The White Lodge (Adyar Pamphlets Volume VIII, Number 90) (1918; Reprinted from “The Theosophist”, July, 1905)
-Applied Theosophy and Other Essays (1975)
* Henry Steel Olcott co-Founded The Theosophical Society in 1875

Bret Oldham
-Children of The Greys (foreword by Dr R. Leo Sprinkle, edited by Brent Raynes, contributions by Brad Steiger, Kathleen Marden, Sandy Nichols, 2013)

Kenneth Oldmeadow
-Traditionalism: Religion In The Light Of The Perennial Philosophy (2000)

Darren Oldridge
-The Devil In Early Modern England (2000; Revised Edition entitled The Devil: In Tudor and Stuart England, 2010)
-Strange Histories: The Trial of The Pig, The Walking Dead, and Other Matters of Fact From The Medieval and Renaissance Worlds (2005)
-The Devil: A Very Short Introduction (2012)
-The Supernatural In Tudor and Stuart England (2016)

Darren Oldridge; Editor
-The Witchcraft Reader (2002, 2008)

Brian O'Leary (Brian Todd O'Leary), 1940-2011
-The Making of An Ex-Astronaut (1970)
-The Fertile Stars: Man's Look At Space As The New Source of Food and Energy (1981)
-Project Space Station: Plans For A Permanent Manned Space Center (1983)
-Mars 1999: Exclusive Preview of The U.S.-Soviet Manned Mission (1987)
-Exploring Inner & Outer Space: A Scientist's Perspective on Personal and Planetary Transformation (1989)
-The Second Coming of Science: An Intimate Report on The New Science (1993)
-Miracle In The Void: Free Energy, UFOs and Other Scientific Revelations (1996)
-Reinheriting The Earth: Awakening To Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths (2003)
-The Energy Solution Revolution: A Socio-Political Journey Through The Tangled World of Free and Clean Energy, Its Promise, Its Suppression and Its Logical Necessity For Our Survival (2008; Second Edition with foreword by Dr Shaun A. Saunders and introduction by Michael Moore, 2009)
* The Video-Cassette “Miracle In The Void: Free Energy, New Science, Consciousness & The Earth” was released in 2000 (2 DVD Special released in 2005)

John Oliphant
-Brother Twelve: The Incredible Story of Canada’s False Prophet and His Doomed Cult of Gold, Sex, and Black Magic (foreword by Colin Wilson [1931-2013], 1991; new foreword, 2006)
* Brother XII, “Edward Arthur Wilson” (born J. C. Skottowe), 1878-1934, Founded The Aquarian Foundation in 1927

George Oliver (Reverend George Oliver), 1782-1867
-The Antiquities of Free-Masonry: Comprising Illustrations of The Five Grand Periods of Masonry, From The Creation of The World To The Dedication of Solomon's Temple (1823, 1843, 1855; Expanded Edition 1856; 1868, 1899, 1993, 1995, 2008)
-The Star In The East: Shewing The Analogy Which Exists Between The Lectures of Freemasonry, The Mechanism of Initiation Into Its Mysteries, and The Christian Religion (1825; New Edition, 1842, 1855, 1856, 1866)
-Signs and Symbols Illustrated and Explained In A Course of Twelve Lectures on Freemasonry, Grimsby (1826; 1837, New Edition, 1857, 1866, 1891, 1906, 1992)
-The History of Initiation: Comprising A Detailed Account of The Rites, Ceremonies, &c., of All The Secret Institutions of The Ancient World (1829, 1841; New Edition 1866, 1867, 1888, 1899, 1923, 1992, 2000, 2003)
-The Theocratic Philosophy of Freemasonry (1840, 1856, 1866, 1995, 2000)
-History of Freemasonry, From The Year 1829 To The Present Time (1841, 1854, 1855)
-A Brief History of The Witham Lodge, Lincoln, London (1841)
-The Historical Landmarks and other Evidences of Freemasonry Explained: In A Series of Practical Lectures, With Copious Notes (Two Volumes, 1840, 1846, 1851, 1855, 1856, 1865, 1867, 2003)
-An Apology For The Freemasons: Being The Substance of Three Articles In The Freemasons Quarterly Review (1846)
-The Insignia of The Royal Arch, As It Was Used At The First Establishment of The Degree, Illustrated and Explained, In A Second Letter To R. T. Crucefix (1847)
-The Golden Remains of The Early Masonic Writers, Illustrating The Institutes of The Order (Five Volumes, 1847-1850)
-Some Account of The Schism Which Took Place During The Last Century Among The Free and Accepted Masons In England, Showing The Presumed Origin of The Royal Arch Degree (booklet, 1847)
-A Mirror For The Johannite Masons In A Series of Letters To The Right Hon The Earl of Aboyne (1848, 1855, 1866)
-Institutes of Masonic Jurisprudence: Being An Exemplification of The English Book of Constitutions (1849; Revised and Corrected Edition 1859; 1864, 1879, 1986)
-Book of The Lodge: or Officer's Manual (1849; Second Edition, to which was added A Century of Aphorisms, 1856; Third Edition, 1864; Fourth Edition, 1879)
-The Symbol of Glory: Shewing The Object and End of Free-Masonry (1850, 1855, 1856, 1865, 1870, 1899)
-A Dictionary of Symbolical Masonry: Including The Royal Arch Degree; According To The System Prescribed by The Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter of England (1853, 1855, 1856)
-The Revelations of A Square, Exhibiting A Graphic Display of The Sayings and Doings of Eminent Free and Accepted Masons From The Revival In 1717 by Dr Desaguliers, To The Reunion In 1813 by Their R.H. The Duke of Kent and Sussex (1854, 1855, 1866)
-The Freemason's Treasury: Fifty-Two Short Lectures On The Theory and Practice of Symbolical Masonry (1863)
-Papal Teachings In Freemasonry: Being A Rectification of The Errors and Misrepresentations Contained In A Recent Allocution, Promulgated by Pope Pius IX (1866)
-The Origin of The Royal Arch Order of Masonry Historically Considered: Including An Explanatory View of Its Primitive Rituals, Doctrines, and Symbols, and of Their Progressive Improvements To The Present Time (Dedicated To The Most Noble The Duke of St Albans, Earl of Burford, Baron of Heddington [William Amelius Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, 1840-1898] 1867)
-The Pythagorean Triangle, or The Science of Numbers (posthumous, 1875, 1975, 1984, 1993, 1994)
-The Discrepancies of Freemasonry (posthumous, 1875, 2003)
* See also Jonathan Ashe, 1766-1842
* See also William Hutchinson, 1732-1814
* See also William Preston, 1742-1818

George Oliver (Reverend George Oliver), 1782-1867; Editor
-History of Masonic Persecutions on Different Quarters of The Globe (1867)

George Oliver (Reverend George Oliver), 1782-1867; Robert Macoy, 1815-1895; Editor
-A Cyclopedia of Freemasonry; Embracing The Whole of Bro. George Oliver's Dictionary of Symbolical Masonry (1867)
* See also Robert Macoy, 1815-1895; George Oliver

Norman Oliver
-Sequel To Scoriton (pamphlet, 1968)
* See also Eileen Buckle

Brad Olsen (Bradford C. Olsen)
-Sacred Places: 101 Spiritual Sites Around The World (foreword by Mark John Maxam, 2000)
-Sacred Places Around The World: 108 Destinations (Second Edition, foreword by Mark J. Maxam, 2004)
-Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations (foreword by Martin Gray, 2007)
-Sacred Places: North America. 108 Destinations (Second Edition, foreword by David Hatcher Childress, 2008, 2012)
-Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms (Esoteric Series 2) (2013; Second Edition, 2016)
-Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses (Esoteric Series 1) (2014)

Karin E. Olsen, Jan R. Veenstra; Editors
-Airy Nothings: Imagining The Otherworld of Faerie From The Middle Ages To The Age of Reason (Essays In Honour of Alasdair A. Macdonald) (Brill's Studies In Intellectual History 222) (2013, 2014)

Edward Olshaker
-Witnesses To The Unsolved: Prominent Psychic Detectives and Mediums Explore Our Most Haunting Mysteries (foreword by Colin Wilson [1931-2013], 2005, new foreword, 2012)

Dana Olson
-Prince Madoc, Founder of Clark County, Indiana (1987; also entitled The Legend of Prince Madoc and The White Indians, 1987; Revised Edition entitled The Legend of Prince Madoc: Discoverer of America In 1170 A.D. and The History of The Welsh Colonists, 2001; also entitled The White Indians or The Moon-Eyed People, 2001)
* See also George Burder, 1752-1832
* See also Thomas Stephens, 1821-1875
* See also Benjamin F. Bowen
* See also Richard Hakluyt, 1552-1616
* See also Thomas L. James, 1831-1916
* See also Zella Armstrong, 1872-1965
* See also Richard Deacon, 1911-1998
* See also Gwyn A. Williams, 1925-1995
* See also Bernard Knight
* See also Gwyn Thomas
* See also Paul Muldoon

Suzanne Olsson (Suzanne Marie Olsson)
-In Search Of Jesus: Last Starchild Of The Old Silk Road (2004)
-Jesus in Kashmir, The Lost Tomb (2006, the 2011 reprint contains ‘Bonus Section The DNA of God Project’; Revised Edition 2014. eBook, 2017)
* See also Fida Hassnain, 1924-2016; Suzanne Olsson
* See also Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, 1835-1908
* Suzanne Olsson was inspired by the books of Gene D. Matlock

Fr Réginald-Omez, O. P. (Révérend Père Réginald-Omez), 1895-1973
-Psychical Phenomena (A Faith & Fact Book) (translated by Renée Haynes [1906-1994], 1959; published in French entitled Supranormal ou Surnaturel? Les Sciences Métapsychiques, 1959)

“Omnec Onec” (Sheila Gibson)
-UFO: From Venus I Came. As Told To Rainer Luedtke (Limited Edition of 1,000 copies, published by Wendelle C. Stevens [1923-2010], 1986, 1991; Updated Edition entitled Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus, with additional material by Wendelle C. Stevens, edited by Timothy Green Beckley and Sean Casteel, 2008)
* Omnec Onec's books From Venus I Came, Angels Don't Cry and My Message have been published as a compiled edition (latter two titles translated from German, 2012), with a DVD-Lecture The Unknown History of the Solar System and The Spiritual Transformation of The Earth. Also released are Meditation-CDs entitled Soul Journey, My Mission on Planet Earth and From Venus With Love. Additional material in PDF entitled The True Story of Christ, Venusian Script, and Meeting A Wood Gnome (part of the “Collection of Texts” series) have also been made available
* Omnec Onec spoke at the First World UFO Congress held in Tucson in May 1991
* Omnec Onec (Sheila Gibson) worked as a bar maid and cashier before deciding to claim she was a visitor from Venus

Gerard K. O'Neill (Gerard Kitchen O'Neill), 1927-1992; Editor
-The High Frontier: Colonies In Outer Space (preface by Roger O'Neill, introduction by Freeman Dyson, 1977, 1978; preface by Kathy Sullivan [Astronaut], 1989)
* The book won the 1977 Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science

J. P. O'Neill (Junella Pusbach O'Neill)
-The Great New England Sea Serpent: An Account of Unknown Creatures Sighted by Many Respectable Persons Between 1638 and The Present Day (1999, 2003)

Henk van Oort
-Anthroposophy: A Concise Introduction To Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Philosophy (2008; originally published in Dutch entitled Antroposofie: Een kennismaking, 2006)
-Anthroposophy A-Z: A Glossary of Terms Relating To Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Philosophy (2011; originally published in Dutch entitled Lexicon antroposofie, 2010)
-The Inner Rainbow: An Illustrated History of Human Consciousness From Ancient India To The Present Day (2014)

Ophiel (Edward C. Peach, 1904-1988)
-The Art & Practice Of Astral Projection (1961, 1974, 1989, 1992, 1994)
-The Art & Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualization (1967; also entitled The Art & Practice of Creative Visualization, 1997)
-The Art & Practice of The Occult (1968, 1969, 1972, 1976)
-The Oracle of Fortuna (1969, 1970, 1971, 1973)
-The Art & Practice of Clairvoyance (1969, 1971, 1975)
-The Art & Practice of Talismanic Magic (1973, 1979)
-The Art & Practice of Caballa Magic (1977, 1981, 1986, 2004)
-The Art & Practice of Contacting The Demiurge (1978)

Janet Oppenheim, 1948-1994
-The Other World: Spiritualism and Psychical Research In England, 1850-1914 (1985)

Cyril O'Regan (Cyril J. O'Regan)
-Gnostic Apocalypse: Jacob's Boehme's Haunted Narrative (2002)

Loretta Orion
-Never Again the Burning Times: Paganism Revived (1994)

Giovanni A. Orlando
-The Book of Apocalypse Explained by Archangel Michael and The Family of Light (Galactic Alignment 2) (2010)
-443 Questions and Answers on New Age (Galactic Alignment 4) (2010; Third Edition with new chapter on 2012, 2012)
-The Holy Bible... Revisited The Family of Light (Galactic Alignment 5) (2011)
-FT Lunar Calendar 2012: The Calendar For The New Aquarian Age (2011)
-The Forgotten Science ...and Its Return (Forgotten Science and New Age 10) (2012)
-The 144,000 ...The Crown of The Light of The World (Galactic Alignment 3) (2012)
-FT Lunar Calendar 2013: The Calendar For The New Aquarian Age (2012)
-Saint Germain on Alchemy (Forgotten Science and New Age) (2012)
-The Art of Wealth: Discover The Wealth of God In The New Age of Brotherhood and Light (Lessons of Happiness 1) (2012)
-The Absolute Truth: A Path To God-Self (Lessons of Happiness 2) (2013)
-New Age Vocabulary ...More Than 300 Terms! (Galactic Alignment 11) (Third Edition 2013)
-The Sacred Science (Forgotten Science and New Age 30) (2013)
-FT Lunar Calendar 2014: The Best Calendar For The New Age (2013)
-FT Lunar Calendar 2015: The Best Calendar For The New Age (2014)
-A Treatise on The Brain ...From Heaven (High School, College and University 4) (2014)
-America: An Incomplete Process (America, Europe and The New Politics 2) (2015)
* See also Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth C. Prophet, Giovanni A. Orlando

Rodney Orpheus
-Abrahadabra: Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thelemic Magick (1995; introduction by Lon Milo DuQuette, 2005)

Rodney Orpheus; Editor
-Grimoire of Aleister Crowley: Group Rituals In The Age of Thelema (foreword by Lon Milo DuQuette; eBook, 2011)

Ahmed Osman
-Stranger In The Valley Of The Kings: Solving The Mystery Of An Ancient Egyptian Mummy (1987, also entitled Stranger In The Valley Of The Kings: The Identification Of Yuya As The Patriarch Joseph, 1988; also entitled Stranger In The Valley Of The Kings, 1994; also entitled Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt: The Secret Lineage of The Patriarch Joseph, 2001, 2003)
-Moses: Pharaoh of Egypt: The Mystery of Akhenaten Resolved (1990; also entitled Moses and Akhenaten: The Secret History of Egypt At The Time of The Exodus, 2002)
-The House of The Messiah: Controversial Revelations on The Historical Jesus (1992; also entitled The House of The Messiah: A Brilliant New Solution To The Enduring Mystery of The Historical Jesus, 1994; also entitled Jesus In The House Of The Pharaohs: The Essene Revelations On The Historical Jesus, 2004)
-Out Of Egypt: The Roots of Christianity Revealed (1999)
-Moses and Akhenaten: The Secret History of Egypt at The Time of The Exodus (2002)
-Christianity: An Ancient Egyptian Religion (2005)
-Christianity and Political Islam (with Mounir Ghabbour, 2010)
-The Lost City of The Exodus: The Archaeological Evidence Behind The Journey Out of Egypt (2014)
* See also Richard Bauval, Ahmed Osman

Sam Osmanagich (Semir Osmanagić)
-The World of The Maya (2005)
-Bosnian Valley Of The Pyramids (2006)
-Pyramids Around The World (eBook, 2012)
* Sam Osmanagich in 2007 narrated a 12 episode documentary series entitled "Search For Lost Civilizations" for the State Bosnian Television Channel FTViH

Sam Osmanagic (Semir Osmanagić), Peggy Sue Skipper
-Ancient History From Beyond The Veil: An Akashic Records Experiment by Dr. sci. Semir Osmanagich Bridges The Gap Between Science and Spirituality (eBook, 2011)

Ferdinand Ossendowski (Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski), 1876-1945
-Beasts, Men and Gods (Explanatory Note by Lewis Stanton Palen [1876-1945], 1922)
-Man and Mystery in Asia (1924)
-Shadow of the Gloomy East (1925)
-Slaves of the Sun (1928)
* See also Louis Jacolliot, 1837-1890
* See also Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre, 1842-1909

Andrew Osta
-Shamans and Healers: The Untold Ayahuasca Story From A Shaman's Apprentice (2010, eBook 2012)
-The Myth of Javier DaSilva: Exposing Unethical Spiritual Practices In Amazonian Shamanism (2013)

Douglas Osto
-Altered States: Buddhism and Psychedelic Spirituality In America (2016)

Sheila Ostrander, Lynn Schroeder
-Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain (introduction by Ivan T. Sanderson [1911-1973], 1970, 1984)
-Astrological Birth Control (1972)
-Handbook of PSI Discoveries (1974; entitled Handbook of Psychic Discoveries in 1980)
-The ESP Papers: Scientists Speak Out From Behind The Iron Curtain (1976)
-Psychic Experiences: E.S.P. Investigated (1977)
-Super-Learning (with Nancy Ostrander, 1980, 1992)
-Supermemory: The Revolution (1991)
-Cosmic Memory: The Supermemory Revolution (1992)
-Super-Learning 2000: New Triple Fast Ways You Can Learn, Earn, and Succeed In The 21st Century (with Nancy Ostrander, 1994, 1997, 2012)
-Psychic Discoveries: The Iron Curtain Lifted (1997, 1999)
-Performance Super-Learning (2001)

Jonathan Ott
-Hallucinogenic Plants of North America (1976)
-Pharmacotheon: Entheogenic Drugs, Their Plant Sources and History (foreword by Albert Hofmann [1906-2008], 1993)
-Ayahuasca Analogues: Pangaean Entheogens (1995)
-The Age of Entheogens & The Angels' Dictionary (1995)
-Pharmacophilia or The Natural Paradise (1997)
-Shamanic Snuffs or Entheogenic Errhines (2001)

Jonathan Ott, Jeremy Bigwood; Editors
-Teonanacatl: Hallucinogenic Mushrooms of North America (1978)

A. C. Oudemans (Antoon Cornelis Oudemans), 1858-1943
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