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Authors - R

Jean Rabe, Stephen D. Sullivan, Nick Redfern, Robert E. Vardeman
-Uncanny Encounters: Roswell (2009)
* See also Nick Redfern

Shelley Rabinovitch (Shelley Tsivia Rabinovitch), James Lewis; Editors
-The Encyclopedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism (2002; Second Edition credited to Shelley Tsivia Rabinovitch, 2011)
* See also James R. Lewis

Oskar K. Rabinowicz, 1902-1969
-The Shapira Scroll: A Nineteenth-Century Forgery (1965)
* Offprint from “The Jewish Quarterly Review”, New Series, Volume 56, Number 1, 1965
* See also John Marco Allegro, 1923-1988

Benjamin Radford
-Media Mythmakers: How Journalists, Activists, and Advertisers Mislead Us (2003)
-Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How To Solve Unexplained Mysteries (edited by Lisa Jong-Soon Goodlin, 2010)
-Bizarre Cases: From The Files of The Skeptical Inquirer (2010)
-Tracking The Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast In Fact, Fiction, and Folklore (2011)
-Mysterious New Mexico: Miracles, Magic, and Monsters In The Land of Enchantment (2014)
* See also Robert E. Bartholomew, Benjamin Radford

Benjamin Radford, Joe Nickell
-Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating The World's Most Elusive Creatures (2006)
* See also Joe Nickell

C. A. Ralegh Radford (Dr Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford), 1900-1999
-The Pictorial History of Glastonbury Abbey (1964)
-Glastonbury Abbey: The Isle of Avalon [text based on an original text by C. A. Ralegh Radford] (circa 1992)
* See also Lesley Abrams, James P. Carley; Editors

C. A. Ralegh Radford, 1900-1999; Michael J. Swanton (Michael James Swanton)
-Arthurian Sites In The West (1975; Revised Edition, 2002)

Edwin Radford, 1891-1973; Mona Augusta Radford, 1894-1990
-Encyclopaedia of Superstitions (1948; Revised and Enlarged by Christina Hole [1896-1985], 1961)

Dean Radin (Dean I. Radin)
-The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena (1997, 1998; also entitled The Noetic Universe, with new foreword, 2009)
-Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality (2006)
-Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and The Evidence For Extraordinary Psychic Abilities (foreword by Deepak Chopra, 2013)
* Dean Radin Founded the Consciousness Research Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“Raël” (Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon)
-Space Aliens Took Me To Their Planet: The Book Which Tells The Truth (1978; translations of Le Livre qui dit la vérité, 1974; Les Extra-Terrestres m'ont emmené sur leur planète, 1975)
-The Message Given To Me By Extra-Terrestrials: They Took Me To Their Planet (1989; originally published in French entitled Les Extra-Terrestres m'ont emmené sur leur planète, 1975)
-The True Face of God: Neither supernatural god, nor evolution – The truth about our extraterrestrial origins (1998)
-The Final Message: Humanity's Origins and Our Future Explained (1998)
-Intelligent Design: Message From The Designers (2005; combined version of Le Livre qui dit la vérité, 1974; Les extra-terrestres m'ont emmené sur leur planète, 1975; Accueillir les extra-terrestres, 1979)
* Claude Vorilhon Founded Raëlism in 1974
* See also Susan J. Palmer
* See also Daniel Vandinja

Carl Christian Rafn, 1795-1864
-Antiquitates Americanæ, Sive Scriptores Septentrionales Rerum Ante-Columbianarum In America (1831)
-America Discovered In The Tenth Century (1838)
* First person to link the Newport Tower in Rhode Island with the Vikings, in “Supplement To The Antiquitates Americanae: Account of An Ancient Structure In Newport, Rhode-Island, The Vinland of The Scandinavians” (1839)

Jim Ragsdale, 1950-2014
-Roswell: The “Naked” Truth About The 1947 UFO Crash at Roswell (1996; also entitled The Jim Ragsdale Story: A Closer Look At The Roswell Incident, 1996)

Otto Rahn (Otto Wilhelm Rahn), 1904-1939
-Crusade Against The Grail: The Struggle Between The Cathars, The Templars, and The Church of Rome (2006; originally published in German entitled Kreuzzug gegen den Gral: Die Geschichte der Albigenser, 1934)
-Lucifer's Court: A Heretic's Journey in Search of The Light Bringers (2008; originally published in German entitled Luzifers Hofgesind, eine Reise zu den guten Geistern, 1937)

Eric James Rainbowlt, Anthony de Los Santos
-The UNtruth of The World: How The Illuminati International Bankers Hijacked America And Kept Her A Sheep (2004)
* See also Fritz Springmeier

Kathleen Raine (Kathleen Jessie Raine CBE), 1908-2003
-William Blake (1969)
-Yeats, The Tarot and The Golden Dawn (New Yeats Papers 2) (1972)
-Blake and The New Age (1979, 2012)
-Blake and Antiquity (Two Volumes, 1979; Second Edition, 2002)
-The Human Face of God: William Blake and The Book of Job (1982)
-Yeats The Initiate: Essays On Certain Themes In The Writings Of W.B. Yeats (1986)
-Golgonooza, City of Imagination: Last Studies In William Blake (1991)
-W. B. Yeats and The Learning of The Imagination (1999)
-Blake and Tradition (2002)

Yacki Raizizun, 1892-1966
-Your Personal Forces and How To Develop Them (1923)
-Occult and Drugless Therapeutics (1924, 2003)
-The Secret of Dreams (2007, digitized into an Audio Book)

Karen Ralls
-The Templars and The Grail: Knights of The Quest (foreword by John Matthews, 2003)
-Knights Templar Encyclopedia: The Essential Guide To The People, Places, Events, & Symbols of The Order of The Temple (2007)
-Medieval Mysteries: A Guide To History, Lore, Places and Symbolism (2013)
-Gothic Cathedrals: A Guide To The History, Places, Art, and Symbolism (2015)

Karen Ralls-MacLeod
-Music and The Celtic Otherworld: From Ireland To Iona (2000)
* See also Graham Harvey, Karen Ralls MacLeod, Editors

Karen Ralls-MacLeod, Ian Robertson
-The Quest For The Celtic Key (2002, 2003, 2005; eBook, 2013)

Sumathi Ramaswamy
-The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories (2004)

Sandra Ramdhanie
-Trapped Between Two Worlds: Experiences Of A ‘Ghost Buster’ (1995)

Ottavio Cesare Ramotti
-The Nostradamus Code: The Lost Manuscript That Unlocks The Secrets of The Master Prophet (1998; also entitled Nostradamus: The Lost Manuscript That Unlocks The Secrets of The Master Prophet, 2002; originally published in Italian entitled Scienza Temporale Papi del Futuro Illustrati da Nostradamus. Ritrovato un antico manoscritto, 1995)

Mama San Ra'ab Rampa (real name, Sarah Anne Pattison)
-Pussywillow (1976, 1985, 2016)
-Tigerlily: My Continuing Life With T. Lobsang Rampa (1978, 1980, 2016; also entitled Flight of The Pussywillow: My Continuing Life With T. Lobsang Rampa, Edited by Timothy Green Beckley, 2008)
-Autumn Lady: More of My Life With T. Lobsang Rampa (1980, 1983, 2016)

T. Lobsang Rampa (Tuesday Lobsang Rampa; real name Cyril Henry Hoskin), 1910-1981
-The Third Eye: The Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama (1956)
-My Visit To Venus (unpublished, 1957; Limited Edition published by Gray Barker [1925-1984] using Rampa's name without permission, 1966; edited by Timothy Green Beckley with new layout, commentary by John Keel [1930-2009], 1988)
-Doctor From Lhasa (introduction by Gray Barker [1925-1984], 1959, 2014, 2017)
-The Rampa Story (1960)
-The Cave of the Ancients (1963)
-Living with The Lama (1964)
* Rampa claimed this book was dictated to him by his pet Siamese cat, Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers
-You - Forever (1965; Revised Edition, 1968)
-Wisdom of The Ancients (1965)
-The Saffron Robe (1966)
-Chapters of Life (1967)
-Beyond The Tenth (1969)
-Feeding the Flame (1971)
-The Hermit (1971)
-The Thirteenth Candle (1972)
-Candlelight (1973)
-Twilight (1975)
-As It Was! (1976)
-I Believe (1976)
-Three Lives (1977)
-Tibetan Sage (1980)
-The Long Lost Books of Rampa Featuring... My Visit To Agharta (edited by Timothy Green Beckley and Tim R. Swartz, introduction by Timothy Green Beckley; 2012)
* The British newspaper “The Daily Mail” revealed in January 1958 that Rampa was the unemployed son of a plumber from Devonshire, married to registered nurse Sarah Anna Pattison

Raymond H. Ramsay
-No Longer On The Map: Discovering Places That Never Were (1972)

Jay Ramsey, Editor
-Prophet Priest and King: The Poetry of Philip Ross Nichols (introduction by Jay Ramsey, woodcuts by David Lazarus; 2001)

John T. Ramsey, A. Lewis Licht
-The Comet of 44 B.C. And Caesar's Funeral Games (American Classical Studies 39) (foreword by Brian G. Marsden [1937-2010], 1997)

William Ramsey
-Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and The New World Order (2010)

Katherine Ramsland
-Piercing The Darkness: Undercover with Vampires In America Today (1998)
-Ghost: Investigating The Other Side – A Firsthand Account Into The World of Paranormal Activity (2002)
-The Science of Vampires (2002)
* See also Mark V. Nesbitt, Katherine Ramsland

Katherine Ramsland, Dana DeVito
-Bethlehem Ghosts: Historical Hauntings In & Around Pennsylvania's Christmas City (2007)

-Love Yourself Into Life (edited by Steven Lee Weinberg, 1983)
-The Plane of Bliss: On Earth As It Is In Heaven (edited by Debbie Christie, Greg Simmons and Pat Richker, 1985, 1997)
-Ramtha (edited by Steven Lee Weinberg, 1986; Revised Edition, 1999)
-Between Two Worlds: The Message of Ramtha (edited and channeled by Ronald Heridonius Kaufmann, 1987)
-Ramtha: An Introduction (edited by Steven Lee Weinberg, 1988)
-Last Waltz Of The Tyrants: The Prophecy (edited by Judi Pope Koteen [Judi Zion], 1989, 1991; Revised Edition entitled Last Waltz Of The Tyrants: The Prophecy REVISITED, 2009)
-UFOs and The Nature of Reality: Understanding Alien Consciousness and Interdimensional Mind (edited by Judi Pope Koteen [Judi Zion], 1990)
-Ramtha: The New Kingdom of God. The Masterpiece Collection of Ramtha (as channeled by Ronald Heridonius Kaufmann, 1990)
-To Life! A Collection of Prayers From Ramtha (compiled by Diane Munoz-Smith, 1997)
-The Ancient Schools of Wisdom: A Selection of Teachings From Ramtha (compiled by Diane Munoz-Smith, 1998)
-Ramtha: The Children's View of Destiny and Purpose (edited by J. Z. Knight, 1998)
-Ramtha: The Mystery of Birth and Death: Redefining The Self (2000; Revised Edition, 2001; 2008)
-A Master's Reflection on The History of Humanity, Part I: Human Civilization, Origins and Evolution (2002)
-A Master's Reflection on The History of Humanity, Part II: Rediscovering The Pearl of Ancient Wisdom (2003)
* See also J. Z. Knight, “Ramtha”
* See also Deborah Kerins; Editor
* See also J. Gordon Melton

“Ramtha”, Douglas Mahr (Douglas James Mahr)
-The Ominous Dragoon of Dothdura (illustrated by Jerry Banghart, 1985)
-Voyage To The New World: An Adventure Into Unlimitedness (1985, 1987)
-Destination Freedom: A Time-Travel Adventure. Stage II: Arrival Instruction (1989)
* Douglas Mahr first encountered “Ramtha” in 1981

Howard B. Rand (Howard Benjamin Rand), 1889-1991
-Joel's Prophetic Message and Warning (1930)
-Study In Revelation (1941)
-Digest of The Divine Law (1943)
-Study In Jeremiah (1947)
* Howard B. Rand Co-Founded the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America in 1930
* Howard B. Rand established “Destiny Publishers” in 1937, was the editor of the journal “The Message of The Covenant”, that was later renamed “Destiny Magazine”, until 1968
* See also William J. Cameron (William John “Billy” Cameron), 1878-1955

John L. Randall (John Leslie Randall), 1933-2011
-Parapsychology and The Nature of Life (1975, 1977)
-Tests For Extrasensory Perception & Psychokinesis: An Introduction Guide (1978)
-Psychokinesis: A Study of Paranormal Forces Through The Ages (1982)

H. C. Randall-Stevens (Hugh Clayton Randall-Stevens), 1896-date of death unknown
-The Book of Truth; or, The Voice of Osiris. Set Down In The House of El Eros-El Erua, They Being Male-Female, Born According To The Laws Governing The Dhuman-Adamic Race, This Being Their Fourth Incarnation (introduction by Peter Miles, 1926; also credited to “Osiris” (Spirit), H. C. Randall-Stevens, 1975; also entitled The Teachings of Osiris, Set Down In The House of El Eros-El Rua, etc, 1927)
-The Chronicles of Osiris: Set Down In The House of El Eros-El Erua, They Being Male-Female, Born According To The Laws Governing The Dhuman-Adamic Race, This Being Their Fourth Incarnation (1928)
-A Voice Out of Egypt: An Adventure In Clair-Audience (1935)
-Atlantis To The Latter Days: Inspirationally Dictated To H. C. Randall-Stevens (El Eros) By The Masters Oneferu and Adolemy of The Osirian Group (1954; Second Edition, 1957; Third Edition, 1966; Fourth Edition, 1981)
-The Wisdom of The Soul (1956, 1962, 1973, 1974)
-Revelations: Inspirationally Dictated To H. C. Randall-Stevens (El Eros), with Commentary by Tobie Nichols (Osiris) (first published 1980-1983 in serial form, 1983)
* H. C. Randall-Stevens Founded Order of the Knights Templars of Aquarius in 1954

H. C. Randall-Stevens (“El Eros”), Margaret Randall-Stevens (“El Rua”)
-Jewels of Wisdom (circa 1900s; 1972)
-Fruits of The Tree of Knowledge (1976)

James Randi (Randall James Hamilton Zwinge) (Sceptic)
-The Magic of Uri Geller: The Astonishing Truth About The Psychic Superstar of The Century! (as “The Amazing Randi”, 1975; Revised and Updated Edition entitled The Truth About Uri Geller, preface by Leon Jaroff [1927-2012], 1982)
-“Geller a fake, says ex-manager” (New Scientist, 6 April 1978, Volume 78, Number 1097, page 11)
-“Geller Replies” [with response from James Randi] (New Scientist, 1 June 1978, Volume 78, Number 1105, page 614)
-Flim Flam! The Truth about Unicorns, Parapsychology, and other Delusions (introduction by Isaac Asimov [1920-1992], 1980; also entitled Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns and other Delusions, 1982; eBook with new preface, 2011)
-Test Your ESP Potential: A Complete Kit with Instructions, Scorecards, and Apparatus (1982)
-The Faith Healers (foreword by Carl Sagan [1934-1996], 1987; Second Revised Edition 1989)
-The Magic World of The Amazing Randi (1989)
-The Mask of Nostradamus: The Prophecies Of The World's Most Famous Seer (1990, 1993)
-James Randi: Psychic Investigator (1991)
-An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of The Occult and Supernatural (foreword by Arthur C. Clarke [1917-2008]; 1995, 1997; Updated and Expanded eBook, 2011; also entitled The Supernatural A-Z: The Truth and The Lies, 1995, 1997)
* James Randi Founded The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) in 1996, offering 1 million dollars to any individual being able to successfully perform paranormal powers
* The 2014 documentary film “An Honest Liar” directed by Tyler Measom, Justin Weinstein (Pure Mutt Productions, Left Turn Films)
* See also Robert McLuhan

Kevin D. Randle (Dr Kevin Douglas Randle, Captain, U.S.A.F.R.)
-The October Scenario: UFO Abductions, Theories About Them And a Prediction of When They Will Return (1988)
-The UFO Casebook: The Definitive Book on Today's Most Provocative Subject (1989)
-Jefferson's War: The Galactic Silver Star (Graphic Novel, 1990)
-Galactic MI (Novel, 1993)
-The Citadel (Galactic MI) (Novel, 1994)
-Conclusions On Operation Majestic Twelve (booklet, 1994)
-A History of UFO Crashes: Document Proof of UFO Visits To Earth (1995)
-Roswell UFO Crash Update: Exposing The Military Cover-up of the Century (1995)
-Lost Gold & Buried Treasure: A Treasure Hunter's Guide To 250 Fortunes Waiting To Be Found (1995)
-The Randle Report: UFOs In The '90s (1997)
-Project Blue Book Exposed (1998)
-Conspiracy of Silence: From Roswell To Project Blue Book – What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About UFOs (1998)
-Project Moon Dust: Beyond Roswell – Exposing The Government's Covert Investigations And Cover-Ups (1999)
-Scientific Ufology: How The Application of Scientific Methodology Can Analyze, Illuminate, and Prove The Reality of UFOs (1999)
-The Roswell Encyclopedia (2000)
-Scientific Ufology: Roswell and Beyond – How Scientific Methodology Can Prove The Reality of UFOs (2000)
-The Spaceships of The Visitors: An Illustrated Guide To Alien Spacecraft (2000)
-Invasion Washington: UFOs Over The Capitol (2001)
-Operation Roswell (Novel, 2002, 2004)
-Case MJ-12: The True Story Behind The Government's UFO Conspiracies (2002)
-Signals. The Exploration Chronicles: Book One (Novel, 2003)
-Starship. The Exploration Chronicles: Book Two (Novel, 2003)
-F. T. L. The Exploration Chronicles: Book Three (Novel, 2004)
-The Gate. The Exploration Chronicles: Book Four (Novel, 2006)
-Crash: When UFOs Fall From The Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups (2010)
-Roswell, UFOs and The Unusual (2011)
-Reflections of A UFO Investigator (2012)
-Alien Mysteries, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups (2013)
-The Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-Up (2014)
-The UFO Dossier: 100 Years of Government Secrets, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups (2015)
-“The Roswell Slides” (UFO Today, Issue 5, Special Roswell Slides Edition, pages 37-43, eMagazine, April 2015)
-Roswell In The 21st Century (2016)

Kevin D. Randle, William P. Cone, Russ Estes
-The Abduction Enigma: The Truth Behind The Mass Alien Abductions Of The Late Twentieth Century (2000)

Kevin D. Randle, Russ Estes
-Faces of The Visitors: An Illustrated Reference To Alien Contact (1997)
-Spaceships of The Visitors: An Illustrated Guide To Alien Spacecraft (2000)

Kevin D. Randle, Donald R. Schmitt
-UFO Crash At Roswell (1991, Second Edition with new introduction by Kevin D. Randle 1991)
* See also George M. Eberhart, The Roswell Report: A Historical Perspective, 1991
-The Report On The Conclusions of The Recent Air Force Analysis of The Roswell Incident (1994)
-The Truth About The UFO Crash at Roswell (1994, 1997)
* See also Thomas J. Carey, Donald R. Schmitt

Jenny Randles (born Christopher P. Randles)
-UFO Study: A Handbook for Enthusiasts (1981; Updated with introduction by Robert Moore, online e-text, 2007)
-The Pennine UFO Mystery (1983)
-UFO Reality: A Critical Look At The Physical Evidence (1983)
-Beyond Explanation: The Paranormal Experiences Of...[Famous People] (1986)
-Sixth Sense: Psychic Powers and Your Five Senses (1987)
-The UFO Conspiracy: The First Forty Years (1987, 1988, 1990, 1993; also entitled The UFO Conspiracy: From The Official Case Files of The World's Leading Nations, 1987)
-Abduction: Over 200 Documented UFO Kidnappings Investigated (1988; also entitled Alien Abductions: The Mystery Solved, 1988)
-Phantoms of The Soap Operas: And Other Showbiz Enigmas (1989, 1990)
-Mind Monsters: Invaders From Inner Space? (1990)
-UFOs and How to See Them (1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2002)
-The Paranormal Year: 1992 (1993)
-Aliens: The Real Story (illustrations by Roy Sandbach; 1993; also entitled Alien Contacts & Abductions: The Real Story From The Other Side, 1994)
-From Out of The Blue: The Facts In The UFO Cover-Up at Bentwaters NATO Air Base (1993)
-The Unexplained: Great Mysteries of The 20th Century (1994; also entitled Strange & Unexplained Mysteries of The 20th Century, 1994)
-Star Children: The True Story Of Alien Offspring Among Us (1994, 1995)
-Time Travel: Fact, Fiction & Possibility (1994)
-UFO Retrievals: The Recovery of Alien Spacecraft (1995, 1996, 1997)
-Strange But True? Casebook [Book 2]: Amazing Stories of The Paranormal From The New TV Series (introduction by Michael Aspel; 1995)
* Companion book to the Television series “Strange But True?” 1993-1997 directed by Nigel Miller, John Morgan and Mark Redhead. Jenny Randles was the Story Consultant to the Television series. Presented by Michael Aspel. The 2 Disc DVD “Strange But True?” was released in 2008
-The Paranormal Source Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Strange Phenomena Worldwide (1996, 1997; New Edition, 1999)
-Alien Contact: The First Fifty Years (1997)
-MIB: Investigating The Truth Behind The Men in Black Phenomenon (1997; also entitled The Truth Behind Men In Black: Government Agents – Or Visitors From Beyond, 1997)
-UFO Crash Landing? Friend or Foe? The Full Story Of The Rendlesham Forest Close Encounter (1998)
-Truly Weird: Real-Life Cases of The Paranormal (1998)
-Something in The Air: Over 100 Sensational UFO Encounters With Aircraft (1998; also entitled UFO! Danger In The Air, 1999)
-The Complete Book of Aliens + Abductions (1999)
-The Little Giant Encyclopedia of UFOs (2000)
-Time Storms: The Amazing Evidence of Time Warps, Space Rifts and Time Travel (2001, 2002)
-Supernatural Pennines (2002)
-Supernatural Isle of Man (2003, 2006, 2014)
-Breaking The Time Barrier: The Race To Build The First Time Machine (2005, 2008, 2014)
* See also Roger H. Stanway, Jenny Randles; Editors

Jenny Randles, Paul Fuller
-Crop Circles: A Mystery Solved (1990, 1991; New Edition, 1993)
* See also Paul Fuller, Jenny Randles

Jenny Randles, Peter Hough (Peter A. Hough)
-Death By Supernatural Causes? (1988)
-Scary Stories: A Supernatural Yearbook (1991)
-Spontaneous Human Combustion (1992, 1993, 1994, 2007)
-The Afterlife: An Investigation into The Mysteries of Life After Death (1993, 1994; Revised Edition, 1998)
-Strange But True? [Book 1] Stories of The Paranormal, From Reincarnation and UFOs To Miracle Healers and Psychic Detectives (introduction by Michael Aspel; 1994)
* Companion book to the Television series “Strange But True?” 1993-1997 directed by Nigel Miller, John Morgan and Mark Redhead. Jenny Randles was the Story Consultant to the Television series. Presented by Michael Aspel. The 2 Disc DVD “Strange But True?” was released in 2008
-World’s Best “True” UFO Stories (illustrated by Jason Hurst, 1994, 1995)
-The Complete Book of UFOs: An Investigation Into Alien Contacts & Encounters (1995, 1996; Revised and Updated Edition, 1997)
-Encyclopedia of The Unexplained (1995, 1998, 2002)
-Life After Death And The World Beyond: Investigating Heaven And The Spiritual Dimension (1996, 1998)
-The Complete Book of UFOs: Fifty Years of Alien Contacts and Encounters (Updated Edition, 1997; previously credited to Peter Hough, Jenny Randles, 1995, 1996)
-Looking For The Aliens: A Psychological, Imaginative, and Scientific Investigation (The UFO Files) (1999; previously credited to Peter Hough, Jenny Randles, 1991, 1992, 1997)
-Psychic Detectives: The Mysterious Use of Paranormal Phenomena In Solving True Crimes (2001, 2002)
* See also Peter Hough, Jenny Randles

Jenny Randles, Andy Roberts, David Clarke
-The UFOs That Never Were (2000)
* See also David Clarke, Andy Roberts

Jenny Randles, Peter Warrington
-UFOs: A British Viewpoint (1979, 1981)
-Science and The UFOs (1985, 1987)

Jenny Randles, Paul Whetnall
-Alien Contact: Window on Another World. Close Encounters of The Extra-Terrestrial Kind. A True Story (1981, 1983)

P. B. Randolph (Dr Paschal Beverly Randolph), 1825-1875
-Clayrvoyance: How To Produce It, and Perfect It, With An Essay on “Hashish, Its Benefits and Its Dangers”. Also, “How To Make The Magic Glass, or Mirror of The Dead, by Means of Which The Oriental Magi Are Said To Have Held Intelligence Commerce With Spirits” (1860)
-The Grand Secret or, Physical Love In Health and Disease (1861-1862)
-Dealings With The Dead: The Human Soul, Its Migrations and Its Transmigrations (preface signed G. D. S., 1861, 1900, 2007; originally serialised in the newspaper “Banner of Light” using the pseudonym ‘Le Rosicrucien’, 1859)
-The Wonderful Story of Ravalette; also, Tom Clark and His Wife: Their Double Dreams and The Curious Things That Befell Them Therein, or, The Rosicrucian's Story (Novel, 1863, 1887; also entitled Ravalette: The Rosicrucian's Story containing prologue, notes and epilogue by R. Swinburne Clymer [1878-1966], 1939)
-Pre-Adamite Man: The Story of The Human Race, From 35,000 To 100,000 Years Ago (under the pseudonym Griffin Lee, 1863; also entitled Pre-Adamite Man: Demonstrating The Existence of The Human Race Upon This Earth 100,000 Years Ago! Third Edition, 1864; 1869, 1873, 1888, 1996, 2001)
-The Guide To Clairvoyance, and Clairvoyant's Guide: A Practical Manual For Those Who Aim at Perfect Clear Seeing and Psychometry, Also, A Special Paper Concerning Hashish, Its Uses, Abuses, and Dangers, Its Extasia, Fantasia, and Illuminati (1867)
-Love and Its Hidden History: also, The Master Passion, or, The Curtain Raised on Woman, Love, and Marriage: Female Beauty, Its Attainment, Culture and Retention, with Hints For The Increase of Woman's Power: A Book For Woman, Man, Husbands and Lovers (using the pseudonym ‘Count de St Leon’, 1869)
-Seership! The Magnetic Mirror: A Practical Guide To Those Who Aspire To Clairvoyance-Absolute. Original and Selected From Various European and Asiatic Adepts (1870)
-The Evils of The Tobacco Habit: Method For Its Cure Found To Be Higly Successful If Followed Consistently, Reinforced By A Sincere Desire To Be Free From It (1872)
-The New Mola! The Secret of Mediumship; A Hand Book of White Magic, Magnetism and Clairvoyance. The New Doctrine of Mixed Identities! Rules For Obtaining The Phenomena, and The Celebrated Rules of Asgill, A Physician's Legacy, and The Ansairetic Mystery (1873)
-Eulis! The History of Love: Its Wondrous Magic Chemistry, Rules, Modes, Laws, Modes and Rationale; Being The Third Revelation of Soul and Sex. Also, Reply To “Why Is Man Immortal?” The Solution To The Darwin Problem. An Entirely New Theory (Second Edition, 1874, 2015)
-The Book of The Triplicate Order: Rosicrucia, Eulis, Pythianx (1875)
-Sexual Magic (1988; also entitled Magia Sexualis: Sexual Practices For Magical Power, introduction and notes by David Traxler, 2012; originally published in French entitled Magia Sexualis, translated by Maria Naglowska [1883-1936], 1931)
* P. B. Randolph Founded Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (FRC); “Fraternity of The Rosy Cross” in 1858
* See also Maria Naglowska, 1883-1936
* See also John Patrick Deveney
* See also Isabella Duncan, 1812-1878
* See also Philip C. Almond

P. B. Randolph, 1825-1875; Mary J. Randolph (Mary Jane Randolph)
-Human Love, In Health and In Disease; or, The Grand Secret (1860)

Otto Rank (Otto Rosenfeld), 1884-1939
-The Myth of The Birth of The Hero: and Other Writings (edited by Philip Freund [1909-2007], 1964; Expanded and Updated Edition entitled The Myth of The Birth of The Hero: A Psychological Exploration of Myth with introduction by Robert A. Segal, 2004; originally published in German entitled Der Mythus von der Geburt des Helden, Versuch einer Psychologischen Mythendeutung, 1909)

David Rankine
-Magick without Peers: A Course in Progressive Witchcraft for The Solitary Practitioner (1997)
-Crystals, Healing & Folklore (2002)
-Becoming Magick: New and Revised Magicks from The New Aeon (2004)
-Climbing the Tree of Life: A Manual of Practical Magickal Qabalah (2005)
-Heka: The Practices of Ancient Egyptian Ritual and Magic - An Exploration of the Beliefs, Practices and Magic of Ancient Egypt from a Historical and Modern Practical Perspective (2006)
-The Book of Treasure Spirits: A 17th Century Grimoire of Magical Conjurations to Increase Wealth and Catch Thieves Through the Invocation of Spirits, Fallen Angels, Demons and Fairies (2009)
-The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet (2011)

David Rankine, Paul Harry Barron
-The Book of Gold (Le Livre D'Or): A 17th Century Magical Grimoire of Amulets, Charms, Prayers, Sigils and Spells Using the Biblical Psalms of King David (2010)
-The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius (2013)

David Rankine, Sorita D'Este
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* See also Sorita D'Este, David Rankine

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* See also Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Christian Rätsch, Wolf-Dieter Storl
* See also Richard Evans Schultes, 1915-2001; Albert Hofmann, 1906-2008; Christian Rätsch

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* See also Allen Spraggett, William V. Rauscher

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* See also Nigel Jackson

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* D. H. Rawcliffe coined the term Retrospective Falsification

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* See also Timothy Green Beckley, Brent Raynes; Editors

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* See also Kurt Berna

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* See also Dr Robert M. Wood, Nick Redfern
* See also Jean Rabe, Stephen D. Sullivan, Nick Redfern, Robert E. Vardeman
* See also Ken Gerhard, Nick Redfern
* See also Chase Kloetzke, Richard M. Dolan

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* See also Jonathan Downes; Editor

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* See also David Clarke, Andy Roberts

Nick Redfern, Brad Steiger (Eugene E. Olson)
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* See also Brad Steiger

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James Redfield
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* Adapted into a 2006 movie “The Celestine Prophecy”, directed by Armand Mastroianni (Celestine Films LLC)
-The Tenth Insight: Holding The Vision (Celestine Prophecy 2) (Novel, 1996)
-The Celestine Vision: Living The New Spiritual Awareness (1997)
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James Redfield, Carol Adrienne
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* See also Carol Adrienne

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* See also “Philo Agape”

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* See also Kevin J. Todeschi, Henry Reed

Henry Reed; Editor
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Valery Rees
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* See also Stephen Clucas, Peter J. Forshaw, Valery Rees; Editors

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Bryant Reeve, Helen Reeve
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W. Paul Reeve, Ardis E. Parshall; Editors
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* See also Joseph Smith, Jr., 1805-1844
* See also John L. Brooke

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* Israel Regardie was Aleister Crowley's Secretary using the name “The Serpent”, 1928-1932
* Israel Regardie joined the Magical Order of Stella Matutina in 1934 that spread the traditional teachings of the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn
* The Regardie Tapes series were published in 1982 as a companion to Israel Regardie’s “Twelve Steps To Spiritual Englightenment”, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt (1943-2008)
* The Israel Regardie Golden Dawn Tapes Series, 1984
* The Golden Dawn Audios CDs in 4 volumes, 2001
* See also Gerald Suster, 1951-2001

Israel Regardie (Francis Israel Regudy), 1907-1985, Editor
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Wilhelm Reich, 1897-1957
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* Proposed that his father could have originated from Outer Space
* Dr Wilhelm Reich discovered “Orgone Energy”: an alleged type of primordial and omnipresent cosmic energy responsible for the colour of the sky, gravity, galaxies, the failure of most political revolutions, and a good orgasm.
* See also Jerome Eden, 1925-1989

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* See also Oscar Bagnall, 1893-1978
* See also Dora van Gelder Kunz, 1904-1999
* See also Dolores Krieger

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* See also Deborah Layton
* See also Leigh Fondakowski
* See also Jeff Guinn
* See also Mary McCormick Maaga

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* See also Philip Shallcrass, Emma Restall Orr

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* See also Ellic Howe, 1910-1991; Helmut Möller

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* Charles Cardell's attempt to discredit Gerald B. Gardner; first time that extracts from Gardner's “Book of Shadows” were published

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* See also Graham St. John

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* See also Joseph Gaither Pratt, 1910-1979; J. B. Rhine; Burke M. Smith, 1912-1998; C. E. Stuart, 1907-1947; Joseph Albert Greenwood, 1906-1988
* See also K. Ramakrishna Rao; Editor
* See also Denis Brian

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* See also Timothy Green Beckley, Editor, 2009

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* See also Ean Begg
* See also Deike Begg

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* See also Jo Clark, Alan Richardson; Editors

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* Frank Bennett, 1868-1930, known under his Magical Name “Frater Progradior”

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* Robert J. M. Rickard co-Founded The Association for The Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) in 1981
* Robert J. M. Rickard Founded The Charles Fort Institute (CFI) in 2000
* See also Robert E. Bartholomew, Bob Rickard

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* See also Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino

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* See also Michael Winkelman

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* See also Debbie McGillivray, Eve Adamson

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* Claims that “Fulcanelli” was Eugène Canseliet (1899-1982)

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* See also Aurelia Louise Jones

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* See also Susan J. Palmer

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* See Scottish Templars

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* See also Robert Macoy, 1815-1895

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* See also Chester L. Quarles, 1944-2013

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* Jane Roberts was taught the secrets of the cosmos by a spiritual teacher named Seth, the information channelled through a Ouija board (possibly modelled on the spiritual teacher who initiated Mrs W. B. Yeats in A Vision)
* See also Susan M. Watkins

J. M. Roberts (John Morris Roberts), 1928-2003
-The Mythology Of The Secret Societies (1972; reprinted 2008)

Llyn Roberts
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-Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness: Heal and Transform Yourself and Our World With Ancient Shamanic and Modern Methods (introduction by John Perkins, 2011)
* See also Sandra Ingerman, Llyn Roberts

Llyn Roberts, Robert Levy
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Mike Roberts (Michael J. Roberts)
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Scott Alan Roberts (“Scotty Roberts”)
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-The Secret History of The Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of The Serpent In Human History, Religion and Alien Mythos (foreword by Philip Coppens [1971-2012], 2013)
* Founded the Paradigm Symposium
* Publisher, Intrepid Magazine (started February 2011)

Scott Alan Roberts, John Richard Ward
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Susan Roberts
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Thomas B. Roberts; Editor
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* Olivia Robertson co-Founded The Fellowship of Isis (FOI) in 1976

Olivia Robertson (Olivia Melian Robertson), Editor
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Pat Robertson (Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson)
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Sandy Robertson
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* See also S. Baring-Gould, 1834-1924
* See also Lionel Smithett Lewis, 1867-1953
* See also Cyril C. Dobson, 1879-1960
* See also Henry A. Lewis, 1879-1957

Jonathan Robinson
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Lynn A. Robinson, LaVonne Carlson-Finnerty
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“Rowan Robinson” (pseudonym)
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-Proofs Of A Conspiracy Against All The Religions And Governments Of Europe, Carried On In The Secret Meetings Of Free-Masons, Illuminati And Reading Societies, Collected From Good Authorities (1797)
* See also Adam Weishaupt, 1748-1830
* See also Baron Adolph Von Knigge, 1752-1796
* See also Jean-Joseph Mounier, 1758-1806
* See also Nicholas Bonneville, 1760-1828
* See also Abbé Barruel, 1741-1820
* See also Seth Payson, 1758-1820
* See also George F. Dillon, 1836-1893
* See also Terry Melanson

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* See also Stanley Krippner, Adam J. Rock, Julie Beischel, Harris L. Friedman, Cheryl L. Fracasso; Editors

Adam J. Rock, Stanley Krippner
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* See also Stanley Krippner

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* See also Lance Storm; Editor

Timothy Roderick
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Bernard Roger
-The Initiatory Path In Fairy Tales: The Alchemical Secrets of Mother Goose (2015)
* See also Jeri Studebaker

Edmund Rogers (Edmund Dawson Rogers), 1823-1910
-Life and Experiences of Edmund Dawson Rogers, Spiritualist and Journalist (1911, 2004)
* Edmund Rogers Co-Founded the British National Association of Spiritualists in 1873
* Edmund Rogers Founded the spiritualist journal Light, which he edited 1894-1910
* Edmund Rogers Co-Founded the Society for Psychical Research in 1881-1882
* Edmund Rogers Co-Founded the London Spiritualist Alliance in 1884, later called The College of Psychic Studies, and was its president 1892-1910

Ken Rogers
-The Warminster Triangle: Astounding UFO and Crop Circle Sightings (foreword by The Marquess of Bath [Alexander George Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath, Viscount Weymouth], 1994)

Margaret Rogers, 1891-1955
-I Have Been In The Caves (“Amazing Stories”, Volume 21, Issue 1, January 1947)
-Beginning (1947)
* See also Tim R. Swartz; Editor

Raymond N. Rogers, 1927-2005
-A Chemist's Perspective On The Shroud Of Turin (2008)

Robert Athlyi Rogers (Shepherd Robert Athlyi Rogers), 1891-1931
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* Robert Athlyi Rogers Founded the Afro Athlican Constructive Church, where Ethiopians (in the Biblical sense of Black Africans) were The Chosen People of God and prominent Black Nationalist Marcus Mosiah Garvey (1887-1940) was declared an Apostle
* See also Fitz Balintine Pettersburg
* See also G. G. Maragh, 1898-1981

Marcel Roggemans
-History of Martinism and The F.U.D.O.S.I. (2009; first published in Dutch entitled Geschiedenis Van de Occulte En Mystieke Broederschappen, 2008)

D. Scott Rogo (David Scott Rogo), 1950-1990
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* See also Ann Druffel, D. Scott Rogo, 1950-1990

D. Scott Rogo, 1950-1990; Editor
-Mind Beyond The Body: The Mystery of ESP Projection (1978)
-UFO Abductions: True Cases Of Alien Kidnappings (1980)

D. Scott Rogo, 1950-1990; Raymond Bayless, 1920-2004
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* See also Raymond Bayless

D. Scott Rogo, 1950-1990; Jerome Clark
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* See also Jerome Clark

David M. Rohl (David Michael Rohl)
-A Test of Time: The Bible – From Myth to History (1995; also entitled Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest, 1995)
* Companion book to the 1995 Television series entitled Pharaohs and Kings, the Video cassette and DVD was released in 1995
-Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation (1999)
-The Lost Testament: From Eden to Exile The Five-Thousand-Year History Of The People Of The Bible (2002; also entitled Eden To Exile: The Epic History of The People of The Bible, 2003)
* In Search of Eden DVD released in 2002
-The Lords of Avaris: Investigating The Origins Of Western Civilisation (2008)
* The Bible, Myth or Reality? A New Chronology Study Day DVD released in 2005

Sax Rohmer (Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward), 1883-1959
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Richard Rohr
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-Immortal Diamond: The Search For Our True Self (2013)
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Richard Rohr, Andreas Ebert
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* See also Rupert Matthews, Paul Roland

Paul Roland, Sylvia Gainsford
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* See also Rita Berkowitz, Deborah S. Romaine

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Stan Romanek
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-Answers: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story Continues (2012)

“Romulus The Monk”
-The Light and The Word. Volume One (preface by “F.B.”, 1931)
* See also Frederick Bligh Bond, 1864-1945

Christopher Rondina
-Vampire Legends of Rhode Island (1997)
-Vampires of New England (2007)
-Ghost Ships of New England: Mysterious Tales of The Sea From Yankee History & Folklore (2009)
-Ghosts of New England: Twilight Tales & Dark Legends From Yankee Folklore (2012)

Jon Ronson
-Them: Adventures With Extremists (2001)
-The Men Who Stare At Goats (2004)
* Companion book to the three-part Channel 4 television series “The Crazy Rulers of The World” shown in 2004, presented, written and directed by Jon Ronson.
* Adapted into a 2009 movie of the same name directed by Grant Heslov and starring George Clooney
-Out Of The Ordinary: True Tales of Everyday Craziness (2006)
-What I Do: More True Tales of Everyday Craziness (2007)
-The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through The Madness Industry (2011)
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* See also Daniel Pinchbeck

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* See also Martin Ebon, 1917-2006

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Will Roscoe
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* See also Robert Goss
* See also Robert Everett Shore-Goss, Thomas Bohache, Patrick S. Cheng, Mona West; Editors
* See also Deryn Guest, Robert E. Goss, Mona West, Thomas Bohache; Editors
* See also Marcella Althaus-Reid (Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid), 1952-2009
* See also Lisa Isherwood, Mark D. Jordan; Editors
* See also Donald Boisvert, Jay E. Johnson; Editors
* See also Kittredge Cherry
* See also Susannah Cornwall
* See also Raymond-Jean Frontain; Editor
* See also Terrence McNally
* See also Ivan Petrella
* See also Ken Stone
* See also Patrick S. Cheng
* See also Stephen D. Moore
* See also Rollan McCleary

Carol Rose
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* See also William Ross Woofenden, 1921-2012

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-Tarot Card Meanings: The 72 Hour Crash Course And Absolute Beginner's Guide To Tarot Card Reading (2015)
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Mia Rose, Karen Ferguson
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Sharron Rose
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* See also Jürgen Matthäus, Frank Bajohr
* See also Arthur de Gobineau, 1816-1882
* See also Guido von List, 1848-1919
* See also Houston Stewart Chamberlain, 1855-1927
* See also Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945
* See also Karl Maria Wiligut, 1866-1946

Christian Rosencreutz (Johannes Valentinus Andreae, 1586-1654)
-The Hermetick Romance: or The Chymical Wedding. Written in High Dutch by Christian Rosencreutz (translated by Ezechiel Foxcroft [1633-1676], 1690; originally published anonymously in Strasbourg in German entitled Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459, 1616)
-The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (translated by Joscelyn Godwin; introduction and commentary by Adam McLean; 1991)
-The Chemical Wedding by Christian Rosencreutz: A Romance In Eight Days by Johann Valentin Andreae In A New Version by John Crowley (illustrated by Theo Fadel, 2016)
* In his autobiography, Vita ab ibso conscripta, ex autographo primum (published in 1849), Andreae reflected, “In contrast (to my writings that have perished), the Chemical Wedding survived, with its foetus fruitful of monsters, a fantasy, which you may wonder was evaluated and interpreted with subtle ingenuity by some people, foolishly enough, in demonstration of the inanity of the curious”
* See also Robert Fludd, 1574-1637
* See also Michael Maier, c.1568-1622
* See also Eugenius Philalethes
* See also John Wilkins, 1614-1672
* See also John Heydon, 1629-c.1667
* See also Samuel Hartlib, c.1600-1662
* See also Frances A. Yates, 1899-1981
* See also John Warwick Montgomery
* See also Christopher Hill, 1912-2003
* See also Thomas Willard
* See also Christopher McIntosh, Donate Pahnke McIntosh; Editors
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* See also Fritz Springmeier

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* See also Patrick Wells, Douglas Rushkoff

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* The book contained a Pyramid Chart of The Ages that represented Russell’s Eschatological beliefs illustrating God's purpose for humankind
-The Time Is At Hand (Millennial Dawn 2) (1889)
-Thy Kingdom Come (Millennial Dawn 3) (1891)
-The Battle of Armageddon (Millennial Dawn 4) (1897; also entitled The Day of Vengeance, 1911)
-The At-one-ment Between God and Men (Millennial Dawn 5) (1899)
-The New Creation (Millennial Dawn 6) (1916; written in 1904)
-The Finished Mystery (Millenial Dawn 7) (posthumous, prepared by Clayton J. Woodworth [1870-1951] and George H. Fisher [died 1926], edited by Joseph Franklin Rutherford [1869-1942], 1917)
* Began publication of Zion's Watchtower and Herald of Christ's Presence in July 1879 (since renamed The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence, since 1 January 1909; The Watchtower and Herald of Christ's Presence, since 15 October 1931; The Watchtower and Herald of Christ's Kingdom, since 1 January 1939; The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom, since 1 March 1939)
* Founded Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society on 16 February, 1881
* Originally called Millennial Dawnism, Russell's successor and second Pressident of the Society, Joseph Franlin Rutherford, adopted “Jehova's Witnesses” as the official name of the movement
* The Millennial Dawn series was also entitled Studies In The Scriptures
* The years of 1874, 1914, 1918, 1925 and 1975 were all considered to be arrivals of a New Messianic Kingdom
* See also Nelson H. Barbour, 1824-1905
* See also William Miller, 1782-1849
* See also M. James Penton
* See also Andrew Holden
* See also George D. Chryssides

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* See also J. S. Weiner, 1915-1982
* See also Frank Spencer, 1941-1999
* See also John Walsh, 1927-2015

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-From Science To God: A Physicist's Journey Into The Mystery of Consciousness (2002, 2003, 2005)
-The 2012 Mindshift: Meditations For Times of Accelerating Change (2008)
* See also Ervin László, Stanislav Grof, Peter Russell
* See also Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1918-2008
* See also Denise Denniston; Peter McWilliams, 1949-2000
* See also Nat Goldhaber, Denise Denniston, Peter McWilliams, 1949-2000
* See also Harold H. Bloomfield, Michael Peter Cain, Dennis T. Jaffe, Robert Bruce Kory

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-A New Revelation In The Great Pyramid: The Controversy of The Cubits Settled (1945, 1948, 1953, 1957, 2003)
-Armageddon: The Battle of The Great Day of God Almighty, In 1955-1956 (undated, 1950s)
-Outline of Pyramidology (1958; also entitled Pyramidology: Book 1, Elements of Pyramidology Revealing The Divine Plan For Our Planet, 1961; Third Edition, Five Volumes, 1968)
-Pyramidology: Book 2, The Glory of Christ As Revealed By The Great Pyramid (1962, 1963; Second Edition, 1970)
-Pyramidology: Book 3, Co-ordination of The Great Pyramid's Chronograph, Bible Chronology and Archaeology (1964)
-Pyramidology: Book 4, The History of The Great Pyramid and Pyramidology From The Glimmer of Pyramidographia To The Glories of Pyramidology (1972)

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* See also David Creighton, Brian Fidler, Chris Rutkowski

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Harley D. Rutledge, 1926-2006
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Bruce Rux
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-Hollywood Vs. The Aliens: The Motion Picture Industry's Participation In UFO Disinformation (1998)

Charles J. Ryan (Charles James Ryan), 1865-1949
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* See also Grace F. Knoche

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* See also John Matthews

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-The Norse Shaman: Ancient Spiritual Practices of The Northern Tradition (2016)

Milan Rýzl, 1928-2011
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Milan Rýzl, 1928-2011; Lubor Kysucan
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