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Authors - U

Frater U ∴ D ∴ (Ralph Tegtmeier, U D standing for Ubique Daemon Ubique Deus)
-Practical Sigil Magic: Creating Personal Symbols For Success (1990, 2012; originally published in German entitled Sigillenmagie in der Praxis, 1988)
-Secrets of The German Sex Magicians: A Practical Handbook For Men & Women (1991; Revised and Enlarged Edition entitled Secrets of Sex Magic: A Practical Handbook For Men and Women, 1995; also entitled Secrets of Western Sex Magic: Magical Energy & Gnostic Trance, 2001; originally published in German entitled Handbuch der Sexualmagie: praktische Wege zum eingeweihten Umgang mit den subtilen Kräften des Sexus, 1986)
-High Magic: Theory & Practice (2005; originally published in German in Two Volumes entitled Die Schule der Hohen Magie, 2001)
-High Magic II: Theory and Practice Expanded (2008)
-Where Do Demons Live? Everything You Want To Know About Magic (2010; originally published in German entitled Was Sie noch nie über Magie wissen wollten – Tante Klaras Kummertempel, Band I, 1989)
-Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity In Its True Element (2011; originally published in German entitled Geldmagie: Reichtum anziehen, mehren, schützen, 2007)
-The Magical Shield: Protection Magic To Ward Off Negative Forces (2016)
* Frater U ∴ D ∴ Founded Pragmatic Magic and Ice Magic, and developed the concept of Cyber Magic

Montague Ullman, 1916-2008; Stanley Krippner, Alan Vaughan, 1937-2001
-Dream Telepathy: Experiments In Nocturnal ESP (foreword by Gardner Murphy [1895-1979], 1973; Second Edition 1989)
* See also Stanley Krippner
* See also Alan Vaughan

A. Leah Underhill (Ann Leah Underhill), 1814-1890
-The Missing Link In Modern Spiritualism (1885)

Dr A. Underhill; Abby Warner
-The Arrest, Trial and Acquittal of Abby Warner, For Spirit Rapping: In St Timothy's Church, Massillon, Ohio (1852)

Evelyn Underhill, 1875-1941
-Mysticism: A Study of The Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness (1911; Twelfth Edition, 2015)
-The Mystic Way: A Psychological Study In Christian Origins (1913, 1929, 1975)
-Practical Mysticism: A Little Book For Normal People (1915)
-The Essentials of Mysticism and Other Essays (1920)
-The Life of The Spirit and The Life of To-Day (1922)
-The Mystics of The Church (1925, 1975)
-Man and The Supernatural (1927)
-The House of The Soul (1930)
-The Golden Sequence: A Fourfold Study of The Spiritual Life (1932, 1933)
-The Spiritual Life (1937)
-The Letters of Evelyn Underhill (edited with introduction by Charles Williams [1886-1945], 1943, 1956)
-Collected Papers of Evelyn Underhill (introduction by Lumsden Barkway [1878-1968], edited by Lucy Menzies [1882-1954], 1946)
-Selections From The Writings of Evelyn Underhill (edited by Douglas V. Steere [1901-1995], 1961)
-The Evelyn Underhill Reader (compiled by Thomas S. Kepler [1897-1963], 1962)
-Evelyn Underhill: Modern Guide To The Ancient Quest For The Holy (edited with introduction by Dana Greene, 1988)
-Fragments From An Inner Life: The Notebooks of Evelyn Underhill (foreword by Arthur Macdonald Allchin [1930-2010], edited with introduction by Dana Greene, 1993)
-Evelyn Underhill: Essential Writings (edited with introduction by Emilie Griffin, 2003)
-The Making of A Mystic: New and Selected Letters of Evelyn Underhill (edited by Carol Poston, 2010)
* See also Dana Greene

Guy Underwood, 1883-1964
-The Pattern of The Past (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974)
* Published posthumously because Underwood feared the reaction of professional archaeologists
* Thought-up the name “Geodetic System” to the lines and patterns he perceived with his dowsing rod
* His unpublished papers were inherited by Dennis Wheatley
* See also Dennis Wheatley, died 2006

Peter Underwood, 1923-2014
-Gazeteer of British Ghosts: An Illustrated Guide To 236 Haunted Sites (Frontiers of The Unknown) (1971, Revised Edition 1973; also entitled The A-Z of British Ghosts, 1971, 1992, 1995)
-Horror Man: The Life of Boris Karloff, with An Appendix of The Films In Which He Appeared (1972)
-Into the Occult (1972, 1973, 1974)
-A Host of Hauntings: A Shuddersome Book of Ghosts and Ghostly Adventures (1973)
-Haunted London (photographs by Chris Underwood; 1973, 1974, 1975, Revised Edition 2010)
-A Gazetteer of Scottish and Irish Ghosts (1973, 1975)
-Deeper Into The Occult (1975)
-Hauntings: New Light on The Greatest True Ghost Stories of The World (1977)
-Dictionary of The Occult & Supernatural: An A To Z of Hauntings, Possession, Witchcraft, Demonology and Other Occult Phenomena (illustrated by Marion Neville, 1978, 1979)
-Ghosts of Wales (1978, 1980)
-Ghosts of North-West England (1978)
-The Complete Book of Dowsing and Divining (1980)
-A Ghost Hunter's Handbook (1980)
-Ghosts of Devon (1982; also entitled Ghosts of North Devon, 1982, 1999, Second Edition 2009)
-Ghosts of Cornwall (1983)
-No Common Task: The Autobiography of a Ghost-Hunter (1983)
-Ghosts of Hampshire & The Isle of Wight (1983)
-Ghosts of Kent: Authentic Ghost Stories From The Gardens of England (1984, 1985)
-This Haunted Isle: The Ghosts and Legends of Britain's Historic Buildings (1984, 1986, Second Revised Edition 1993; 1998, 2001)
-The Ghost Hunters: Who They Are And What They Do (1985)
-Ghosts of Somerset (1985; Second Edition 1999; Third Edition 2011)
-The Ghost Hunter's Guide (1986, 1988)
-Westcountry Hauntings (1986)
-Queen Victoria's Other World (1986)
-Jack the Ripper: One Hundred Years of Mystery (1987)
-Ghosts of Dorset (1988, 2006)
-Mysterious Places (1988)
-Ghosts of Wiltshire (1989)
-Exorcism! (1990)
-Death In Hollywood (1992)
-Ghostly Encounters (1992; Abridged Edition 2002; 2005)
-The Ghosthunters Almanac (1993)
-Ghosts and Phantoms of The West (1993)
-Ghosts: And How To See Them (1993; New Edition 1994; 1996, 2002)
-Nights In Haunted Houses (1994)
-Peter Underwood's Guide To Ghosts and Haunted Places (1996, 1999)
-The Ghost Club Society: A History (booklet, Limited Edition of 200 copies, 2000)
-Borley Postscript (2001)
-The Murder Club (2004)
-The Ghost Club: A History (booklet, 2010)
-Where The Ghosts Walk: The Gazetteer of Haunted Britain (2013)
-Haunted Farnham (2013)
-Ghost Hunting with Peter Underwood (2014)
* President, Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies
* President of The Ghost Club 1962-1993
* President of The Ghost Club Society 1993
* See also Paul Tabori, 1908-1974; Peter Underwood
* See also Paul Adams, Eddie Brazil, Peter Underwood

Peter Underwood, 1923-2014; Editor
-The Vampire's Bedside Companion: The Amazing World of Vampires in Fact and Fiction (drawings by Geoffrey Bourne-Taylor, 1975, 1976)

Peter Underwood, 1923-2014; Leonard Wilder
-Lives To Remember: A Case Book on Reincarnation (foreword by Bernard Finch, 1975)

Merrill Unger (Merrill Frederick Unger), 1909-1980
-The Haunting of Bishop Pike: A Christian View of THE OTHER SIDE (1971; also entitled The Mystery of Bishop Pike: A Christian View of THE OTHER SIDE, 1971)
-Demons In The World Today: A Study of Occultism In The Light of God's World (1971)

Daniel T. Unterbrink
-Judas The Galilean: The Flesh and Blood Jesus (2004)
-New Testament Lies: The Greatest Challenge To Traditional Christianity (2006)
-The Three Messiahs: The Historical Judas The Galilean, The Revelatory Christ Jesus, and The Mythical Jesus of Nazareth (2010)
-Judas of Nazareth: How The Greatest Teacher of First-Century Israel Was Replaced by A Literary Creation (foreword by Barrie Wilson, 2014)
-Who Were The Historical Jesus of Nazareth and Paul of Tarsus? (2016)

United States Air Force (Col. Richard L. Weaver, USAF; 1st LT. James McAndrew, USAFR)
-The Roswell Report: Fact versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert (foreword by Richard P. Hallion, 1995; new introduction by Stanton T. Friedman, 2012; Abridged Edition entitled Roswell: The Official US Air Force Reports on The UFO Crash In New Mexico, also includes The Roswell Report: Case Closed, 2017)
* The Discovery Channel documentary series UFO: Down To Earth – Episode Three “Retrieval” used material from this Report to demonstrate what really happened at Roswell, involving the testimonies of Professor Charles Moore and Warrant Officer Irving Newton (Producer Jeremy Evans, Four Winds Productions, 1996).

United States Air Force (1st LT. James McAndrew, USAFR)
-The Roswell Report: Case Closed. The Declassified Evidence: The Complete United States Air Force Report (1997, 2002, 2013)

Walter Uphoff (Walter Henry Uphoff), 1913-1998; Mary Jo Uphoff, 1911-2012
-New Psychic Frontiers: Your Key To New Worlds (foreword by Harold Sherman [1898-1987], 1975; Second Edition 1977; Third Edition 1980)
-Mind Over Matter: Implications of Masuaki Kiyota's PK Feats With Metal and Film For Healing, Physics, Psychiatry, War & Peace, et cetera (foreword by Berthold E. Schwarz [1924-2010], 1980)

Hugh B. Urban
-Tantra: Sex, Secrecy, Politics, and Power In The Study of Religion (2003)
-Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation In Modern Western Esotericism (2006)
-The Secrets Of The Kingdom: Religion and Concealment In The Bush Administration (2007)
-The Church Of Scientology: A History Of A New Religion (eBook, 2011)
-New Age, Neopagan, and New Religious Movements: Alternative Spirituality In Contemporary America (2015)
-Zorba The Buddha: Sex, Spirituality, and Capitalism In The Global Osho Movement (2016)

US News & World Report
-Secrets of The Lost Symbol: The Unauthorised Guide To Dan Brown's New Bestseller. Special Collector's Edition (2010)

Mellie Uyldert, 1908-2009
-The Psychic Garden Plants and Their Esoteric Relationship with Man (illustrated by Jos van Uytregt, 1980; Second Edition entitled Plant Wisdom: Allies, Friends and Helpers In Your Garden, 1980, 1996; originally published in Dutch entitled Plantenzielen, 1974)
-Metal Magic: The Escoteric Properties and Uses of Metals (1980; also entitled Metal Magic: The Hidden Secrets of The Mineral World, 1980; originally published in Dutch entitled Wezen en Krachten der Metalen, 1977)
-The Magic of Precious Stones: The Hidden Powers of Gems and Their Influence on Man (1981; originally published in Dutch entitled Verborgen Krachten der Edelstenen, 1971)
-Plant Wisdom: Friends, Allies and Helpers In Your Garden (1996; originally published in German entitled Verborgene Kräfte der Pflanzen, 1984)


Priory of Sion Bibliography

The Da Vinci Code Documentaries and DVDs