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Authors - J

Baker Jacinto, Mama Indigo, Sim1 Indigo
-The Indigo Child Survival Guide: Unlock Your Supernatural Powers and Thrive As An Indigo Child (2012)
-Indigo Wisdom: A Collection of Inspirational Quotes For Everyday Living (introduction by Mama Indigo, 2013)

Albert Jack (Graham Willmott)
-Pop Goes The Weasel: The Secret Meanings of Nursery Rhymes (1994, 2010)
-That's B*ll*cks! Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories & Old Wives’ Tales (2006; also entitled Phantom Hitchhikers and Decoy Ducks: The Strange Stories Behind The Urban Legends We Can't Stop Telling Each Other, 2008; also entitled Phantom Hitchhikers and Other Urban Legends: The Strange Stories Behind Tall Tales, 2013)
-Albert Jack's Ten-Minute Mysteries: The World's Secrets Explained – From The Real Loch Ness Monster To Who Killed Marilyn Monroe (2007; also entitled Loch Ness Monsters and Raining Frogs: The World's Most Puzzling Mysteries Solved, 2008)
-Paranormal Mysteries: Real Life Mysteries. Ten Tales of The Paranormal (2014)
-Mysteries of The World: Real Life Mysteries. The World's Top Ten Real Life Mysteries Explained (2014)
-Unsolved Mysteries: Real Life Mysteries. Ten Famous Disappearances (2014)
-Children's Nursery Rhymes: The Dark History & Origins of Kid's Nursery Rhymes (2014)
-The President's Brain Is Missing: And Other Urban Legends (2013, 2015)
-Last Man In London And The New World Order (Novel, 2014; also entitled Bilderberg: The New World Order and The Bilderberg Conspiracy, 2014; also entitled New World Order: The Bilderberg Conspiracy and The Last Man In London, 2015)
-Bermuda Triangle: Real Life Mysteries, Unsolved Mysteries (2015)
-Urban Myths & Legends: Good Short Stories. Tales of Revenge and The Rich & Famous (The Myths, Legends & Lies 1) (2015)
-British Myths & Legends: Good Short Stories. Legends That Made Britain Great (Myths, Legends & Lies 2) (2015)
-The Flying Dutchman: Sea Mysteries. Mary Celeste, Bermuda Triangle, Eilean Mor, Buster Crabb, USO (2015)
-Fatima's Secret: The Catholic Church & The Fatima Pilgrimage (2015)
-Bigfoot: Real Life Mysteries. Unsolved Mysteries (2015)
-Crop Circles: World Famous Mysteries. Unsolved Mysteries (2015)
-September 11: WTC, Twin Towers. 9/11 Conspiracy (2015)
-Are Aliens Real? UFO Sightings: Aurora Spaceman, America's First Reported UFO (2015)
-Was Walt Disney Frozen? Famous Urban Myths: And Other Legends (2015)
-Mona Lisa Smile: The Real Da Vinci Code. Where Is Mona Lisa? (2016)

A. C. F. Jackson (Brigadier Alexander Cosby Fishburn Jackson), 1903-2000
-Rose Croix: The History of The Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales (1980)
-A Commentary On The Rose Croix Ritual (1983)
-The English Masonic Exposures of 1760-1769: With Full Transcripts of Three Distinct Knocks, 1760; Jachin and Boaz, 1762; Shibboleth, 1765 (with commentaries by A. C. F. Jackson; 1986)
-A Glossary of The Craft and Holy Royal Arch Rituals of Freemasonry (1992)

Devon Jackson
-Conspiranoia! The Mother of All Conspiracy Theories (2000)

Herbert G. Jackson Jr
-The Spirit Rappers: The Strange Story of Kate and Maggie Fox, Founders of The American Spiritualist Movement (1972)

John G. Jackson (John Glover Jackson), 1907-1993
-Pagan Origins of The Christ Myth (1941, 1988)
-The African Origin of Christianity (1981)
-The African Origin of The Myths and Legends of The Garden of Eden (1984)
-Was Jesus Christ A Negro? (1984)
-Christianity Before Christ (foreword by Frank R. Zindler, 1985)

Nigel Jackson (Nigel Aldcroft Jackson)
-The Call of The Horned Piper (1994)
-Compleat Vampyre: Vampyre Shaman, Werewolves, Witchery and The Dark Mythology of The Undead (1995)
-Masks of Misrule: Horned God and His Cult In Europe (1996)
-The Nigel Jackson Tarot (2000; also entitled Medieval Enchantment: The Nigel Jackson Tarot, 2000)
-Celestial Magic: Principles and Practises of The Talismanic Art (2003)
-Rumi Tarot Kit (78 Cards, 2009)
-Fortuna's Wheel: The Mysteries of Medieval Tarot (foreword by Christopher Warnock, 2010, 2016)
* See also Silver RavenWolf, Nigel Jackson

Nigel Jackson (Nigel Aldcroft Jackson), Michael Howard, 1948-2015
-The Pillars of Tubal Cain (2000)
* See also Michael Howard

Nigel Jackson (Nigel Aldcroft Jackson), Nigel Pennick (Nigel Campbell Pennick)
-New Celtic Oracle (1997; also credited to Nigel Pennick, Nigel Jackson, entitled The Celtic Oracle: A Complete Guide To Using The Cards, 1992)
* See also Nigel Pennick

Nigel Jackson, Silver RavenWolf (Jenine E. Trayer)
-The Rune Oracle: Includes Book & Deck (1998)
* See also Silver RavenWolf, Nigel Jackson

Robert Jackson
-U.F.O.s: The Sightings of Alien People and Spacecraft From The Earliest Centuries To The Present Day (1992)
-Mysteries of Witchcraft & The Occult (1997, 2002)

Joseph W. Jacob
-Medical Uses of Marijuana (2009)

Margaret Jacob (Margaret C. Jacob)
-The Radical Enlightenment: Pantheists, Freemasons and Republicans (1981; Second Revised Edition, 2003, 2006)
-Living The Enlightenment: Freemasonry and Politics In Eighteenth-Century Europe (1991)
-The Origins of Freemasonry: Facts and Fictions (2005, 2006, 2007)

Simcha Jacobovici, Charles Pellegrino
-The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery, The Investigation, And The Evidence That Could Change History (foreword by James Cameron; 2007; Revised & Expanded Edition entitled The Jesus Family Tomb: The Evidence Behind The Discovery No One Wanted To Find, 2008, also entitled The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery That Will Change History Forever, 2008; Audiobook narrated by Michael Ciulla, 2007)
* Alleges that ossuaries found in the Talpiot Tomb in Jerusalem contained the remains of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and their son Judah.
* Companion book to “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” documentary first aired by The Discovery Channel on 4 March 2007.
* Widescreen DVD “The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Has Physical Evidence Been Discovered?”(The Discovery Channel, 92 minutes, 2007);
* Director’s Cut DVD, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Has The 2,000 Year-Old Mystery Finally Been Solved?” (Bonus Features, 106 minutes, Koch Vision, 2007)
* Simcha Jacobovici has also been involved in the documentary “Quest For The Lost Tribes” (co-director, 2003), the documentary “The Exodus Decoded” (director, 2006), “The Naked Archaeologist” series (host, producer, 2005-2008, VisionTV, Canada) and “Secrets of Christianity” series (host, producer & director, 2011, The History Channel)

Simcha Jacobovici, Barrie Wilson (Barrie A. Wilson)
-The Lost Gospel: Decoding The Sacred Text That Reveals Jesus' Marriage To Mary Magdalene (2014; originally scheduled for publication in 2011; provisionally entitled The Lost Gospel: Jesus’ Marriage to Mary Magdalene, Bride of God; Audiobook narrated by Bob Souer, 2014)
* Claims that the story of Joseph and Aseneth is a coded reference to the marriage of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and that they also had two sons
* From the Preface: “What the Vatican feared – and Dan Brown only suspected – has come true”
* See also Barrie Wilson

David M. Jacobs (David Michael Jacobs)
-The UFO Controversy In America (foreword by J. Allen Hynek [1910-1986], 1975)
-Secret Life: First-Hand Accounts of UFO Abductions (foreword by John E. Mack [1929-2004], 1992; also entitled Alien Encounters: First-Hand Accounts of UFO Abductions, 1994, 1996)
-The Threat: Revealing The Secret Alien Agenda (1998)
-Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan To Control Humanity (2015)

David M. Jacobs (David Michael Jacobs), Editor
-UFOs & Abductions: Challenging The Borders of Knowledge (2000)

Annie Jacobsen (Annie M. Jacobsen)
-Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base (2011, 2012)

Steven Jacobson
-Mind Control In The United States (introduction by Antony Cyril Sutton [1925-2002], 1985; Revised and Updated Edition, 2015)

Louis Jacolliot, 1837-1890
-The Bible In India, or The Life of Iezeus Christna (1869; also entitled The Bible In India: Hindoo Origin of Hebrew and Christian Revelation, 1870; originally published in French entitled La Bible dans l'Inde: vie de Iezeus Christna, 1869)
-Occult Science In India and Among The Ancients, with An Account of Their Mystic Initiations, and The History of Spiritism (1884; originally published in France entitled Le Spiritisme dans le Monde: l'Initiation et les Sciences Occultes dans l'Inde et chez tous les Peuples de l'Antiquité, 1875)
* Louis Jacolliot first revealed the existence of “Asgartha”, the solar capital of India in his book “Les Fils de Dieu” (1873)
* See also Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre, 1842-1909
* See also Ferdinand Ossendowski, 1876-1945

John H. Jacques (Canon and Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral)
-The Mushroom and The Bride: A Believer's Examination and Refutation of J. M. Allegro's Book “The Sacred Mushroom & the Cross” (1970)

Dale Jacquette; Editor
-Cannabis: Philosophy For Everyone – What Were We Just Talking About? (foreword by Rick Cusick, 2010)

David Jaher
-The Witch of Lime Street: Séance, Seduction, and Houdini In The Spirit World (2015)

Robert G. Jahn, Brenda Dunne
-Margins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness In The Physical World (1987, 2009)
-Consciousness and The Source of Reality: The PEAR Odyssey (2011)
-Quirks of The Quantum Mind (2012)
-Molecular Memories (2015)

R. A. Jairazbhoy (Rafique Ali Jairazbhoy)
-Ancient Egypt, Mexico and The United States (1951)
-Ancient Egyptians and Chinese in America (1974, 1976)
-Old World Origins of American Civilisation (1974)
-Asians In Pre-Columbian Mexico (Old World Origins of American Civilisation 2) (1976)
-Ancient Egyptians In Middle and South America (Old World Origins of American Civilisation 3) (1981)
-The Spread of Ancient Civilisations (1982)
-Ancient Egyptian Survivals In The Pacific (1990)
-Rameses III: Father of Ancient America (1992)

James Stuart (James IV King of Scotland, 1567-1625; James I King of England, 1603-1625); 1566-1625
-Daemonologie, In Forme of a Dialogie, Diuided into three Bookes. By James Rx (1597, 1603)

Andrew Barrett James
-The Silent Gospel: The Science of Divinity – Creation of The Shroud of Turin (2007)

David James (David Pelham James, MBE, DSC), 1919-1986
-Loch Ness Investigation (booklet, circa 1968)
* David James co-Founded The Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau (LNPIB) that existed 1962–1972
* David James MP (Conservative) 1959-1964, 1970-1979

John James (David John James), 1923-1993
-The Fourth Gwenevere (Novel, completed by Caitlin and John Matthews, 2014)

Laura DeWitt James
-The Word Went Forth (Rosicrucian Library XX) (1943, 1944, 2012)
-William Blake: The Finger on The Furnace (1956; also entitled William Blake and The Tree of Life, 1971, 1974)
* See also H. Spencer Lewis, 1883-1939

M. R. James (Montague Rhodes James), 1862-1936
-Lists of Manuscripts formerly owned by Dr John Dee with Preface and Identifications (1921)

Peter James
-The Sunken Kingdom: Atlantis Mystery Solved (1995, 1996)

Peter James, Nick Thorpe
-Ancient Mysteries: Discover The Latest Intriguing, Scientifically Sound Explanations To Age-Old Puzzles (1994, 1999, 2001, 2007)

Simon James
-The Atlantic Celts: Ancient People or Modern Invention? (1999)

Thomas L. James (Thomas Lemuel James), 1831-1916
-America Discovered By The Welsh (1892)
* See also George Burder, 1752-1832
* See also Thomas Stephens, 1821-1875
* See also Benjamin F. Bowen
* See also Richard Hakluyt, 1552-1616
* See also Zella Armstrong, 1872-1965
* See also Richard Deacon, 1911-1998
* See also Gwyn A. Williams, 1925-1995
* See also Bernard Knight
* See also Dana Olson
* See also Gwyn Thomas
* See also Paul Muldoon

William James, 1842-1910
-The Will To Believe, and Other Essays In Popular Philosophy (1897, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014)
-Human Immortality: Two Supposed Objections To The Doctrine (Second Edition 1898; 1977, 1978, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2011)
-The Varieties Of Religious Experience: A Study In Human Nature – Being The Clifford Lectures On Natural Religion Delivered At Edinburgh In 1901-1902 (1902)
-Pragmatism (1907)
-A Pluralistic Universe (1909)
-The Meaning of Truth: A Sequel To Pragmatism (1909)
-Principles of Psychology (1910)
-Some Problems of Philosophy: A Beginning of An Introduction To Philosophy (edited by Henry James, Jr [1843-1916], 1911)
-Essays In Psychical Research (The Works of William James) (General Editor, Frederick Burkhardt [1912-2007], introduction by Robert A. McDermott, 1986, 1992, 2008)
-William James, Writings 1902-1910: The Varieties of Religious Experience, Pragmatism, A Pluralistic Universe, The Meaning of Truth, Some Problems of Philosophy, Essays (1987)
* William James co-Founded The American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) in 1884
* See also Deborah Blum

W. C. Jameson
-Ghosts, Spirits, and Monsters of The Ozarks (1998)
-Unsolved Mysteries of The Old West (1999; Second Edition 2013)
-Lost Treasures of American History (2006)
-Ozark Tales of Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, and Monsters (edited by Steven Anderson Law, 2007)
-Billy The Kid: Beyond The Grave (foreword by Max McCoy, 2008)
-Treasure Hunter: Caches, Curses and Deadly Confrontations (2011)
-Butch Cassidy: Beyond The Grave (2012)
-John Wilkes Booth: Beyond The Grave (2013)
-Amelia Earhart: Beyond The Grave (foreword by Gregory A. Feith, 2016)

Janosh (Janosh Anders)
-Sacred Geometry: Unlock Your Potential with The Keys of The Arcturians (booklet, cards, CD, 2007)
-God Meets God: The Connection That Reveals The Secret of Our Life (2014)
* See also Norma J. Milanovich, Betty Rice, Cynthia Ploski
* See also David D. Brewer
* See also David K. Miller
* See also Patricia Pereira
* See also Gregory Zorzos

Archie Jarman
-Dr Gauld and Mr Myers (1964)

Leon Jaroff (Leon Morton Jaroff), 1927-2012
-“The Man Who Spread The Myth” (Time Magazine, Volume 149, Number 15, page 46, 14 April 1997)
* See also Courtney Brown

Karl Jaspers (Karl Theodor Jaspers), 1883-1969; Rudolf Bultmann (Rudolf Karl Bultmann), 1884-1976
-Myth & Christianity: An Inquiry Into The Possibility Of Religion Without Myth (1958, 1960, 1964, 1971; introduction by R. Joseph Hoffmann, 2005; originally published in German entitled Die Frage der Entmythologisierung, 1954)
* See also Rudolf Bultmann

Ray Jayawardhana
-Strange New Worlds: The Search For Alien Planets and Life Beyond Our Solar System (2011, New afterword 2013)
-The Neutrino Hunters: The Chase For The Ghost Particle and The Secrets of The Universe (2015)

H. Paul Jeffers, 1934-2009
-Freemasons: Inside The World's Oldest Secret Society (2005)
-The Freemasons In America: Inside The Secret Society (2007)
-The Bilderberg Conspiracy: Inside The World's Most Powerful Secret Society (2009)
-Dark Mysteries Of The Vatican (2010)

Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826
-The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (1895; introduction by Elizabeth Campbell, 2012)

William Jefferson
-The Story of The Maharishi (1976)

Peter Jeffery
-The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled: Imagined Rituals of Sex, Death, and Madness in A Biblical Forgery (2007)
* See also Morton Smith, 1915-1991
* See also Quentin Quesnell, 1927-2012
* See also F. F. Bruce, 1910-1990
* See also Scott G. Brown
* See also Stephen C. Carlson
* See also Robert Conner
* See also Gaetano Salomone

Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey, 1916-1990
-Triangle Of Terror And Other Eerie Areas (1970; also entitled Terror Zones, 1978)
-Witches And Wizards (illustrated by Howard Mueller, 1971)
-Ghosts In The Valley: True Hauntings In The Delaware Valley (1972; 2007; Revised Edition, edited by Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey-Plott, “The Ultimate Ghost Series, Part One”, 2011)
-The Bermuda Triangle (with Fold-Out Map; 1973)
-More Ghosts In The Valley: More True Hauntings In The Delaware Valley (1973; 2007; Revised Edition, edited by Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey-Plott, “The Ultimate Ghost Series, Part Two”, 2014)
-Across The Land From Ghost To Ghost (1975, 1994)
-They Dared The Devil's Triangle (1975)
-Ghosts Of The Revolution (1976)
-Parallel Universe (1977)
-Ghost To Ghost From Across The Land: Authentic Ghost Tales From Sea To Shining Sea (2007)

Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey, 1916-1990; Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey (Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey-Plott)
-Haunted Village & Valley: A Ghostly Journey Through New Hope And The Delaware Valley (2010)

Francis Jeffrey, John C. Lilly (John Cunningham Lilly), 1915-2001
-John Lilly, so far... (1990)
* See also John C. Lilly

C. W. Jenkins
-The Treasure Of St Remy: Unlocking The Secrets In The Prophecies Of Nostradamus (2002)

John Major Jenkins
-Journey To The Mayan Underworld (1989)
-Mirror In The Sky (1991)
-Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies (1992-1994)
-Mayan Sacred Science (1994)
-Jaloj Kexoj and PHI-64: The Dual Principle Core Paradigm of Mayan Time Philosophy and Its Conceptual Parallel In Old World Thought (1994)
-The Center of Mayan Time (1995)
-Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of The Maya Calendar End Date (introduction by Terence K. McKenna [1946-2000], 1998)
-Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According To Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions (2002)
-The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind The Most Intriguing Date In History (2009)

John Major Jenkins, Martin Matz
-Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex, Spiritual Ascent At The End of Time (foreword by Barbara A. Matz, 2004)

Mark Collins Jenkins
-Vampire Forensics: Uncovering The Origins of An Enduring Legend (2011)

Philip Jenkins
-Mystics and Messiahs: Cults and New Religions In American History (2000)
-Hidden Gospels: How The Search For Jesus Lost Its Way (2002)
-Dream Catchers: How Mainstream America Discovered Native Spirituality (2004)

Stephen Jenkins
-The Undiscovered Country: Adventures Into Other Dimensions (1977, 1978; also entitled The Undiscovered Country: Adventures In Ufology, Tibetan Buddhism, and Other Dimensions of Reality, 2017)

Timothy R. Jenkins, 1821-1884
-The Ten Tribes of Israel: or The True History of The North American Indians, Showing That They Are The Descendants of These Ten Tribes (1883, 2005)

Greg Jenner
-Planet X And The Kolbrin Bible Connection: Why The Kolbrin Bible Is The Rosetta Stone Of Planet X (foreword by Marshall Masters, 2008)
* See also Marshall Masters
* See also Jacco van der Worp, Marshall Masters, Janice Manning

Hargrave Jennings, 1817-1890
-Indian Religions, or Results of the Mysterious Buddhism (1858)
-Curious Things of the Outside World: Last Fire (1861)
-The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries (dedicated to John Camden Hotten [1832-1873], 1870; Corrected and Enlarged Edition, new preface, 1879; edited by Michael R. Poll, 2016)
-Live Lights and Dead Lights (1873)
-One of the Thirty, a Strange History (1873)
-The Obelisk: Notices of the Origin, Purpose and History of Obelisks (1877)
-Phallic Worship (published anonymously; 1880)
-Childishness and Brutality of the Time (1883)
-Phallicism, Celestial and Terrestrial, Heathen and Christian (1884)
-Charon: Sermons from the Styx: a Posthumous Work by Frederick the Great (1886)
-Phallism: A Description of the Worship of Lingam-Yoni (published anonymously; 1889)
-Ophiolatreia: An Account of the Rites and Mysteries Connected with the Origin, Rise, and Development of Serpent Worship (published anonymously; 1889)
-Phallic Objects, Monuments, and Remains (published anonymously; 1889)
-Cultus Arborum: A Descriptive Account of Phallic Tree Worship (published anonymously; 1890)
-Fishes, Flowers, and Fire as Elements and Deities in the Phallic Faiths and Worship (published anonymously; 1890)
-Archaic Rock Inscriptions: An Account of the Cup and Ring Marking (published anonymously; 1890)
-Nature Worship: An Account of Phallic Faiths and Practices (published anonymously; 1891)
-Phallic Miscellanies: Facts and Phases of Ancient and Modern Sex Worship, as Explained Chiefly in the Religions of India (published anonymously; 1891)
-Mysteries of the Rosie Cross, or the History of that Curious Sect of the Middle Ages, known as the Rosicrucians (published anonymously; 1891)

Peter Jennings (Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings, CM), 1938-2005, Editor
-Face To Face With The Turin Shroud (foreword by Magnus Magnusson [1929-2007]; 1978)

Tim Jensen, Mikael Rothstein; Editors
-Secular Theories on Religion: A Selection of Recent Academic Perspectives (2000)
* See also Olav Hammer, Mikael Rothstein; Editors
* See also R. Kranenborg, Mikael Rothstein; Editors

Joseph Jerome (Brocard Sewell, real name Michael Seymour Sewell, 1912-2000)
-Montague Summers: A Memoir (foreword by Dame Sybil Thorndike [1882-1976], 1965)
* See also Brocard Sewell

Morris K. Jessup (Morris Ketchum Jessup), 1900-1959
-The Case For The UFO (introduction by Frank Edwards [1908-1967]; 1955; 1957; 1973; 2014)
* Introduction of The Philadelphia Experiment
-The UFO Reporter: A Supplement To The Case For The UFO (8-page pamphlet, 1955)
-UFO and The Bible (1956)
-The Expanding Case For The UFO (1957; 2014)
-The Case For The UFO (Annotated Edition, Limited Mimeographed Edition published by a manufacturing company that produced equipment for the Military, with red ink representing the annotated text; introduction by Michael Ann Dunn [1939-2007], 1958, Facsimile Edition with preface by Gray Barker [1925-1984], 1973; 2014)
-The Allende Letters And The VARO Edition of The Case For The UFOs (New Edition by Timothy Green Beckley, 2007; also entitled The Allende Letters And The Case For The UFO: “VARO” Edition)
* “Carlos Miguel Allende” was Carl Meredith Allen, 1925-1994
* See also Riley H. Crabb, 1912-1994
* See also Anna Lykins Genzlinger
* See also “P. J. Dowers”

Morris K. Jessup (Morris Ketchum Jessup), 1900-1959; Editor
-The UFO Annual (1956)

Cathy Jewell, Aurora Greenbough
-The Complete Idiot's Guide To Spells and Spellcraft (2004)
* See also Arlene Tognetti, Stephanie Jourdan, Cathy Jewell

Penn Jillette (Penn Fraser Jillette)
-God, No! Signs You May Already Be An Atheist and Other Magical Tales (2011)
-Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday! More Magical Tales From The Bestselling Author of God, No! (2012)

Rufus Jimerson (Dr Rufus Jimerson)
-The Karmatic Presidency (2012)
-Time Travel From The Past: The Cyclical Nature of Traversing Time and Great Civilizations (2012)
-From The Stars: The Origin of Intellectual Design, Evolution, Western Civilization (2013)
-Time Travelers: Ancient Astronauts From The Future (2013)
-The Lasting Legacy of The Council of Nicea: The Creation, Roots, and Distorted Usage of Christianity (2016)
-We Were Kings, Queens, Emperors, Messiahs, Disciples, and Saints (2016)

Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa, 1875-1953
-In His Name (1913, 1918, 1922, 1923, 1925, 1961)
-The Bhagavad Gita (1915, 1930; edited by Elithe Nisewanger [1900-1997], 1953)
-Art As A Factor In The Soul's Evolution (1915)
-How We Remember Our Past Lives, and Other Essays on Reincarnation (1915, 1970, 1973, 1990, 1995, 2001)
-The Nature of Mysticism (1917, 1934, 1943, 1948)
-First Principles of Theosophy (1923, 1960, 1963, 1967, 1976, 1990)
-The Mediator and Other Theosophical Essays (1926, 1927; Second Edition entitled The Secret of The Ages: And Other Theosophical Essays, 1988)
-The God Without and The God Within (1930, 1933)
-What Theosophists Believe (1933, 1948, 1966)
-Did Madame Blavatsky Forge The Mahatma Letters? (1934)
-Discourses on The Bhagavad Gita (Lectures given at Bangladore, 1946; edited by Elithe Nieswanger [1900-1997], 1953)
-Fragments: From The World of C. Jinarajadasa (compiled by Elithe Nieswanger [1900-1997], 1980)
* President of the Theosophical Society 1945-1953

Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa, 1875-1953; Editor
-Letters From The Masters of The Wisdom: 1881-1888, transcribed and compiled by C. Jinarajadasa (foreword by Annie Besant [1847-1933], 1919, 1923, 1925, 2010)
-The Early Teachings of The Masters: 1881-1883 (1923, 1995)
-Letters From The Masters of The Wisdom: Second Series, transcribed and annotated by c. Jinarajadasa (foreword by Annie Besant [1847-1933], 1925, 1926, 1948, 1973, 1977, 1988)
-The Golden Book of The Theosophical Society: A Brief History of The Society's Growth From 1875-1925. Issued In Commemoration of The Jubilee of The Theosophical Society by Its General Council (1925, 2003)
-The “K. H.” Letters To C.W. Leadbeater. With A Commentary by C. Jinarajadasa (1941, 1943, 1980, 2013)
* See also Annie Besant, 1847-1933
* See also Alice A. Bailey, 1880-1949
* See also Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, 1831-1891
* See also A. P. Sinnett, 1840-1921
* See also A. Trevor Barker, 1893-1941
* See also Joy Mills

Tony Jinks
-An Introduction To The Psychology of Paranormal Belief and Experience (2011)
-Disappearing Object Phenomenon: An Investigation (2016)

Anne Jirsch, Monica Cafferky
-Instant Intuition: A Psychic's Guide To Finding Answers To Life's Important Question (foreword by Paul McKenna, 2007, 2008)
-Cosmic Energy: How To Harness The Invisible Power Around You To Transform Your Life (foreword by Paul McKenna, 2009, 2011)
-The Future Is Yours: Introducing Future Life Progression - The Dynamic Technique That Reveals Your Destiny (foreword by Paul McKenna, 2011)

Anne Jirsch, Anthea Courtenay
-Create Your Perfect Future: Heal Your Past To Create The Life of Your Dreams (foreword by Paul McKenna, 2013)
* See also Anthea Courtenay

J. R Jochmans (Joseph Robert Jochmans), 1950-2003
-The Testimony of Ancient Monuments (1975)
-The Legacy of Methuselah: Evidence of Antediluvian Technology Surviving Into The Post-Flood Era (1975)
-Nostradamus on World War III (1976)
-Saint Malachy? Life and Prophecies (1979)
-Strange Relics From The Depths Of The Earth... (1979, 1984)
-Rolling Thunder: The Coming Earth Changes (foreword by Skip Whitson; 1980)
-Nostradamus: Now Warnings of Upcoming Political and Economic Disasters (1993)
-Forgotten Ages: Evidence For Advanced Technologies and Lost Civilizations Millions of Years Old (1995)
-Time-Capsule: The Search For The Lost Hall of Records In Ancient Egypt; A Comprehensive Study Into The Greatest Mystery of The Ages (1995)
-Time-Capsule 2: An Update of Recent Findings Reflecting on The Coming Discovery of Egypt's Lost Hall of Records (1996)
-Nostradamus Now (1999)
* See also René Noorbergen, 1928-1995
* Jochmans edited the journal “Journeys Into Meta-Creation: A Special Experiential New Birth-New Earth Series” 1997-

Billie Walker John, 1950-2000
-The Setian: The Mysteries of The Shadows (edited and introduced by Alan Richardson, 2003; credited to Billie Walker John and “Melusine Draco”, 2016)
* See also “Melusine Draco”
* See also Alan Richardson, Billie Walker John

June Johns
-King of the Witches: The World of Alex Sanders [1926-1988] (photographs by Jack Smith; 1969)
-Black Magic Today (1971)
* See also Alex Sanders, 1926-1988

Anthony Johnson
-Solving Stonehenge: The New Key To An Ancient Enigma (2008)

DeWayne B. Johnson (Dr DeWayne B. “Doc” Johnson)
-Flying Saucers, Fact or Fiction? (typewritten dissertation, 1950)
* Professor DeWayne B. Johnson successfully sued David Hatcher Childress in 1998 for republishing his 1950 Master’s Thesis without authorization or compensation

DeWayne B. Johnson (Dr DeWayne B. “Doc” Johnson), Kenn Thomas
-Flying Saucers Over Los Angeles: The UFO Craze of the 50s (annotations and commentary by David Hatcher Childress, with reporting by Kenn Thomas, 1998)

Edwin Johnson, 1842–1901
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-The Homunculus (Novel, 1982)
* See also Zarkon
* See also Robert Scrutton
* See also Genevieve Dubois

Kenneth Rayner Johnson; Editor
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* See also Zarkon

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-A Late Lark Singing (posthumous, anthology of works edited by Alan Moore, Limited Edition of 100 copies, 2012)
* See also Alan Moore

Robert G. Johnson, Janey Westin
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Thomas Crawford Johnston
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* See also Joseph Corey Ayoob
* See also Charles M. Boland
* See also Ronald H. Fritze
* See also Cyrus H. Gordon, 1908-2001
* See also Eugene R. Fingerhut

Paul Joire (Dr Paul Martial Joseph Joire), 1856-date of death unknown
-Psychical and Supernormal Phenomena: Their Observation and Experimentation (translated by Dudley Wright [1868-1949], 1916; first published in France entitled Les Phénomènes Psychiques et Supernormaux, leur Observation, leur Expérimentation, 1909)
* Paul Joire was one of the first people to use the term Extra Sensory Perception in his book Précis théorique et pratique de neuro-hypnologie, études sur l'hypnotisme, 1892

Maurice Joly, 1829-1878
-The Dialogue In Hell Between Machiavelli And Montesquieu (translated, edited, with commentary by John S. Waggoner, 2002; originally published anonymously in French entitled Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ou la Politique de Machiavel au XIXe siècle, 1864)
* See also Matvei Golovinski, 1865-1920
* See also Will Eisner, 1917-2005
* See also Norman Cohn, 1915-2007
* See also Cesare G. de Michelis
* See also Esther Webman, Editor
* See also Herman Bernstein, 1876-1935

Alex Jones
-Seven Mansions of Color (1982)
-Creative Thought Remedies (1986)
-9-11 Descent Into Tyranny: The New World Order's Dark Plans To Turn Earth Into A Prison Planet (2002)

Aurelia Louise Jones
-Message From Angelo To All People of This Planet: Angelo, The Angel Cat, Speaks On Behalf Of All Beings Of The Animal Kingdom Of This Planet (Aurelia's Writings) (with the cat Angelo, Second Edition 2000)
-Revelations of The New Lemuria (Telos 1) (2004)
-Messages For The Enlightenment of A Humanity In Transformation (Telos 2) (2004)
-Protocols of The Fifth Dimension (Telos 3) (2006)
-The Seven Sacred Flames (2007)
-Prayers To The Seven Sacred Flames (2007)
-The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality (2007)
* See also Dianne Robbins

C. B. Scott Jones, Angela T. Smith (Angela Thompson Smith)
-Voices From The Cosmos (2014)
* See also Angela Thompson Smith

Charles Stansfield Jones (Charles Robert Stansfield Jones, “Frater Achad”), 1886-1950
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-XXXI Hymns To The Star Goddess Who Is Not (1923; facsimile reprint 1975)
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-The Anatomy of The Body of God: Being The Supreme Revelation of Cosmic Consciousness Explained and and Depicted in Graphic Form. With designs (1925; 1992)
-The Incoming of The Aeons of Maat (in preparation)
* Charles Stansfield Jones was accepted by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) as his Magical Child, or Babe of The Abyss.
* Charles Stansfield Jones announced “The Incoming of The Aeons of Maat” in April 1948

Christine Jones
-Sybil Leek: Out of The Shadows (2010)

Dantalion Jones
-Cult Control: The Building Of A Cult (2006)
-Perfected Mind Control: The Unauthorized Black Book Of Hypnotic Mind Control (2006)
-Mind Control 101: How To Influence The Thoughts And Actions Of Others Without Them Knowing Or Caring (2007)
-Mind Control Language Patterns (2008)
-Mind Control Hypnosis: What All The Other Hypnotists Don't Want You To Know About Hypnosis (2009; Second Edition entitled Mind Control Hypnosis: Hypnosis Without Suggestion, 2014)
-The Handbook Of Psychic Cold Reading: Psychic Reading For The Non-Psychic (2009)
-Building Your Cult: Power, Politics and People (2010)
-The Mind Control Manual of Dantalion Jones: What I Would Teach If I Had My Own Cult Following (2011)
-Luck Through Mind Control: How A SIMPLE Change In Thinking Changes EVERYTHING (2015)

Dantalion Jones; Editor
-The CIA Document Of Human Manipulation: Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, July 1963 (2008)

Dantalion Jones, Henry Bono
-Motivational Imperative: How The Largest Idea You Can Think Will Revolutionize Your Life From The Inside Out (2013)

David E. Jones, 1942-2016
-Visions Of Time: Experiments In Psychic Archaeology (1979)
-Evil In Our Midst: A Chilling Glimpse of Our Most Feared and Frightening Demons (2001)

Evan John Jones, 1936-2003; Editor
-The Roebuck in the Thicket: An Anthology of The Robert Cochrane Witchcraft Tradition (edited by Michael Howard [1948-2015], 2001)
-The Robert Cochrane Letters: An Insight Into Modern Traditional Witchcraft (edited with introduction by Michael Howard [1948-2015], 2002)
* Robert Cochrane (born Roy Bowers, 1931-1966) co-Founded Cochrane's Craft (also known as Cochranianism) during the early 1960s in the form of a coven called Clan of Tubal-Cain
* Following Robert Cochrane's suicide in 1966, co-Founders of Clan of Tubal Cain George Stannard (c1912-1983) and Ronald White (1928-1998) went on to form a Pagan Order called The Regency
* See also Shani Oates
* See also Michael Howard, 1948-2015

Evan John Jones, 1936-2003; Chas S. Clifton
-Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance (1996)
* See also Chas S. Clifton

Evan John Jones, 1966-1998; Shani Oates
-Origins: Evan John Jones 1966-1998. The Legend of Tubal Cain (The Star Crossed Serpent I) (2012)
* See also Shani Oates

Evan John Jones, 1936-2003; Doreen Valiente, 1922-1999
-Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed (1990)
* See also Doreen Valiente

Jessie Shaver Jones
-She Follows The Psychic Path: Psychic Experiences Of Jessie Shaver Jones (edited by Ruth Shaver, 1964)
* See also Ruth Shaver

Jim Jones (James Warren “Jim” Jones), 1931-1978
* See Deborah Layton
* See Leigh Fondakowski
* See Tim Reiterman, John Jacobs
* See Will Savive
* See Jeff Guinn
* See also Mary McCormick Maaga

Julia Jones
-A Primer To Giordano Bruno: New Age Prophet, Mystic and Heretic. On The Four Hundredth Anniversary of His Burning At The Stake on February 17, 1600 (The Essential Giordano Bruno 1) (2000; eBook, 2014)

Marie D. Jones
-Looking For God In All The Wrong Places (2003)
-2013: The End of Days or A New Beginning? Envisioning The World After The Events of 2012 (2008)
-Modern Science and The Paranormal (Haunted: Ghosts and The Paranormal) (2009)
-Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will (2011)
-Who Owns God? The Battle Between Spirituality and Religion (eBook, 2012)
-Trinity Symbolism Throughout The Ages (eBook, 2012)
-PSIence (2012)
* Marie D. Jones is a New Thought Minister holding a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Studies

Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman
-The Resonance Key: Exploring The Links Between Vibration, Consciousness, and The Zero Point Grid (2009)
-11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences, and Synchronicities (2009)
-The Déjà Vu Enigma: A Journey Through The Anomalies of Mind, Memory and Time (2010)
-The Trinity Secret: The Power of Three and The Code of Creation (2011)
-This Book Is From The Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Worm Holes, and Other Adventures In Time Travel (2012)
-Conspiracy Queen: The Story of Mae Brussell (ParaExplorers Series) (eBook, 2012)
-Death, The Science of The Tarot, and Christmas Symbolism: 3 Articles (ParaExplorers Series) (eBook, 2012)
-The Grid: Exploring The Hidden Infrastructure of Reality (2013)
-Viral Mythology: How The Truth of The Ancients was Encoded and Passed Down Through Legend, Art, and Architecture (2014)
-ParaEx Files, Volume One (2014)
-ParaEx Files, Volume Two (2014)
-Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by The Government, Media, and Secret Societies (2015)
* See also Larry Flaxman, Marie D. Jones

Marie D. Jones, John Savino
-SuperVolcano: The Catastrophic Event That Changed The Course of Human History (Revised Edition, 2016; First Edition credited to John Savino, Marie D. Jones, 2015)

Marjorie G. Jones
-Frances Yates and The Hermetic Tradition (2008)

Prudence Jones
-Eight And Nine: Sacred Numbers Of Sun And Moon In The Pagan North (1982)
-Sundial And Compass Rose: The Eightfold Division Of Time And Space In Northern Europe (1982)

Prudence Jones, Caitlin Matthews, Editors
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Sidian Morning Star Jones, Stanley Krippner
-The Voice of Rolling Thunder: A Medicine Man's Wisdom For Walking The Red Road (foreword by Carolyn Fireside, 2012)
* See also Stanley Krippner

Sidian Morning Star Jones, Stanley Krippner; Editors
-The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder: As Experienced by Alberto Villoldo, John Perry Barlow, Larry Dossey, and Others (2016)

Terry Jones (Terence Graham Parry “Terry” Jones)
-Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book (Parody Novel, illustrated by Brian Froud, 1994, 1998, 2001, 2003; Tenth Anniversary Edition with Bonus DVD, 2004; 2005)
-Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Journal (illustrated by Brian Froud, 1998)
* See also Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-1930; Edward L. Gardner, 1870-1970
* See also Frances Mary Griffiths, 1907-1986; Christine Lynch
* See also Ari Berk

Terry Jones, Brian Froud
-Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells: Based on Quentin Cottington's Journal of Faery Research (1996, 1997)
* See also Brian Froud, Terry Jones

Warren H. Jones (Warren Hurst Jones), 1945-2016; Dan W. Russell (Daniel Wayne Russell), Ted W. Nickel
-Belief In The Paranormal Scale: An Objective Instrument To Measure Belief In Magical Phenomena and Causes (1977)
* See also Leonard Zusne, 1924-2003; Warren H. Jones

Jackie Jones-Hunt
-Moses and Jesus: The Shamans (forewords by Professor Archie E. Roy [1924-2012], Dr Crawford Knox, Archibald Lawrie, 2011)
-Animal Souls: Tao of Animals (foreword by John F. Robins, 2013)
-Proof Animals Have Souls (Animal Souls Serialization) (2014)

H.M.E. De Jong (Helena Maria Elisabeth De Jong)
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Ben Jonson, c.1573-1637
-The Fortunate Isles and Their Union: A Masque (transcript of a Courtly Play referring to the Rosicrucians, 1625, 1641)
* See also Francis Bacon, 1561-1626
* See also Samuel Hartlib, c.1600-1662
* See also Robert Boyle, 1627-1691
* See also Margery Purver

Christiane L. Joost-Gaugier
-Measuring Heaven: Pythagoras and His Influence on Thought and Art In Antiquity and The Middle Ages (2007)
-Pythagoras and Renaissance Europe: Finding Heaven (2009)

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Paul Jordan
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Andrew Jordon
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-Our Dolphin Ancestors: Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom (2016)
-The Real War of The Worlds: A History of Close Encounters Between Earth’s Armed Forces and Extraterrestrial Intruders (2017)
* Frank Joseph was editor-in-chief of Ancient American magazine 1993-2007
* See also Veronica Kuzniar Clark

Frank Joseph (Francis Joseph Cohen, Francis Joseph “Frank” Collin); Editor
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Frank Joseph (Francis Joseph Cohen), Laura Beaudoin
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Lawrence E. Joseph
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Michael Joseph
-Love from Diana (2003)
* Life after death from Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997

Peter Joseph, D.M. Murdock (“Acharya S”), 1960-2015
-The Zeitgeist Sourcebook: The Greatest Story Ever Told (2011)
* “Zeitgeist: The Movie” was released on video-cassette in 2007, directed by Peter Joseph
* See also D. M. Murdock

R. Gabriel Joseph; Editor
-Biological Cosmology, Astrobiology, Extraterrestrial Life (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014)

C. H. Josten (Conrad Hermann Hubertus Maria Apollinaris Josten, also known as Kurt Josten), 1912-1994; Editor
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Pierre Jovanovic
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Dan Joy, Cam Cloud
-Acid Trips and Chemistry (1999)
* See also Cam Cloud
* See also Ken Goffman a.k.a. R.U. Sirius, Dan Joy

Donovan Joyce (Donovan Maxwell Joyce), 1910-1980
-The Jesus Scroll: A Time Bomb For Christianity? (1973)

Judith Joyce
-The Weiser Field Guide To The Paranormal: Abductions, Apparitions, ESP, Synchronicity, and More Unexplained Phenomena From Other Realms (2010)

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-Epitome of Theosophical Teachings: Being An Extension of A Tract Issued by New York Theosophists (1888)
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* Leader of the Theosophical Society 1891-1896
* See also Annie Besant, 1847-1933

Mark Juergensmeyer
-The New Cold War? Religious Nationalism Confronts The Secular State (Comparative Studies in Religion and Society) (1994; new introduction to Paperback Edition, 1994)
* See also Craig Calhoun, Mark Juergensmeyer, Jonathan VanAntwerpen; Editors

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* See also Sonu Shamdasani
* See also David Tacey
* See also Gerald H. Slusser
* See also Richard Noll

Manfred M. Junius (Professor Manfred M. Junius), 1929-2004
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* The word Spagyric was created by Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Shari L. Just, Carolyn Flynn
-The Complete Idiot's Guide To Creative Visualization (2005)
* See also Marci Pliskin, Shari L. Just
* See also Arlene Tognetti, Carolyn Flynn

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