Transcript from part of a short radio broadcast on the BBC Northern Home Service, dating from 23 January 1956, where John Marco Allegro claimed:

“Probably hardly a decade after they had established themselves in their simple buildings at Qumran, the terrible Jannaeus, the Wicked Priest as they called him, stormed down to their new home, dragged forth the Teacher, and as now seems probable, gave him into the hands of his Gentile troops to be crucified. Already in Jerusalem this Jewish tyrant had displayed his bestiality by inflicting the same awful death on eight hundred rebels, and a Qumran Manuscript speaks in shocked tones of rhe enormity of this crime. For a Jew, this death was the most accursed of all, since the body normally found no resting place but was left to moulder on the cross.

But when the Jewish king had left, (the sectarians) took down the broken body of their Master to stand guard over it until Judgment Day. For they believed that the terrible events of their time were surely heralding the Visitation of God himself, when the enemies of Truth would be scattered and the Kingdom of Heaven come on earth. In that glorious day, they believed their Master would rise again and lead his faithful flock (the people of the new testament, as they called themselves), to a new and purified Jerusalem”

Cited from Judith Anne Brown's book, John Marco Allegro: The Maverick of the Dead Sea Scrolls, page 77 (Eerdmans, 2005).

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