From File Ga P7 in the Paris Prefecture of Police

Police Report on 'French National Renewal' dated 9 May 1941

French Original


9 May 1941

Re: 'Renovation
Nationale Française'


A group has just been formed under the terms of the Law of 1 July 1901 called 'Renovation Nationale Française'.

Its registered office is at 24 Place Malesherbes.

According to its statutes its corporate object is 'to bring young people together and to create for them a healthy educational and pioneering ideal to be known as 'Action Socio-vratique[?]'.

To this end it organises, principally:

-study groups, lectures and events of all kinds,
-meetings for physical education, sports, youth camps,
-sports halls, meetings for recreational and artistic purposes and film screenings.

The Directors of the association intend creating a section in the capital of each département, a division in the capital of each canton, and groups in the communes.

'Renovation Nationale Française' is run by a director, assisted by a council made up as follows: a president, a secretary-general, an assistant secretary, a treasurer, four members of the publicity, disciplinary, health and youth camp departments respectively, and twelve members holding various posts within the association, thus numbering 20 persons in total.

Each of the sections, divisions, centres and groups will have a president, a secretary and a treasurer.

To become a member of the association a person must be at least 17 years old but be no more than 40 years old. Young people between the ages of 7 and 17 can also be admitted to junior membership subject to their parents' agreement.

The council members must possess at least the Certificat d'Etudes primaires.

The Management Committee of 'Renovation Nationale Française' is currently composed as follows:

Director: M. PLANTARD
President: M. BERGERAND
Secretary: Mlle BUE
Treasurer: Mlle GRUBIUS


M. PLANTARD, Pierre Athanase Marie, known as 'Varran de Verestra', born on 18 March 1920 in Paris (7th), son of the late Pierre and Raulo Amélie, is a bachelor.

He lives with his mother, who has resided for the past 15 years at 22 Place Malesherbes, where the annual rental is 1600 francs.

M. Plantard describes himself as a journalist; in fact he lives entirely off his mother, who holds a pension granted to her following the accidental death of her husband.

Of the Catholic faith, anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic, Monsieur Plantard states his aim as the 'purification and renewal of France'.

In 1938 he asked Monsieur Daladier for permission to publish a journal entitled 'Renovation Française'. Permission having been refused, Monsieur Plantard published this magazine as a weekly pamphlet with a circulation of 10,000 copies which were freely distributed.

After 'La Renovation Française' ceased publication in 1939, Plantard approached the Occupation authorities in October 1940 with a request to resume publication of this magazine. This request does not seem to have been approved.

Monsieur Plantard ran the 'Groupement Catholique de la Jeunesse', an unofficial organisation concerned with recreational activities for young people from various parishes whose members gathered in the youth clubs of the capital. Each year this group organised a holiday camp at Plestin-les-Grèves (Côte-du-Nord). In 1939, this camp welcomed 75 youngsters.

Plantard has spoken at several conferences for young people organised by the 'Groupement Catholique de la Jeunesse', notably on 20 June 1939 in the 'Salle Villiers' in Rue de Rocher.

Plantard, who boasts of having links with numerous politicians, seems to be one of those dotty, pretentious young men who run more or less fictitious groups in an effort to look important and who are taking advantage of the present trend towards taking a greater interest in young people in order to attract the Government's attention.

Plantard's private life has not given rise to any comment.

He has no criminal record.


M. BERGERAND, André, Charles, was born on 22 January 1920 in Paris, is a bachelor.

He lives at 23 Allée de la Perspective in Draveil (Seine-et-Oise).


Mlle BUE, Simone Gabrielle, was born on 5 May 1920 in La Garenne-Colombes (Seine).

She lives with her parents at 12 Rue Kleber, in La Garenne-Colombes, where the annual rent is 1300 francs.

She works as a shorthand typist in a firm in La Garenne-Colombes.

Her father is a maître d'hôtel in a club.

She is of the Catholic faith.

Mlle Bué's private life has not given rise to any comment.

She has not attracted any attention because of political activities.

She has no criminal record.


Mme GRUBIUS's maiden name was France Berot. She was born on 7 April 1917 in Pau (Basses-Pyrénées).

She lives at 47 Rue Jouffroy, where the annual rent is 2400 francs.

Her husband is a prisoner of war in Germany.

She works as a secretary in a firm selling cleaning products.

She is of the Catholic faith.

Mme Grubius's private life has not given rise to any comment.

She has not attracted any attention because of political activities.

She does not have a criminal record.


'La Renovation Nationale Française' seems to be a 'phantom' group whose existence is purely a figment of the imagination of M. Plantard. Plantard claims 3245 members, whereas this organisation currently only has four members (the executive committee). It is worth noting that one member of this committee, Mme Grubius, is the daughter of the concierge at 22 Place Malesherbes, where the premises are located that are rented out to M. Shapiro, a Jew, which M. Plantard, who claims to have the requisite permission from the German authorities, wishes to use as the headquarters of his association. Since Monsieur Plantard has never been able to produce this permission, the premises have not been occupied.

The registered office of 'La Renovation Nationale Française' is located at the home of M. Plantard who, along with his mother, occupies only the 6th floor, consisting of two maid's rooms which are sublet by the concierge of the property.

To date no meetings have been held at M. Plantard's home.

It would seem that this organisation is doomed to failure.

File Ga P7 - Police Reports about Pierre Plantard