From File Ga P7 in the Paris Prefecture of Police

Pierre Plantard's Letter to Marshall Petain dated 16 December 1940

French Original


Paris, 16 December 1940

Field Marshal PÉTAIN
French Head of State


Please forgive me for taking the liberty of writing to you this evening. Despite my various commitments, my lectures and my magazine, I am perhaps still unknown to you. Just another unknown youngster, but what does that matter? You must try to understand what I am saying and, above all, to believe what I am saying.

I am writing to you this evening, just as I wrote on 8 September 1939 (by registered letter of 9.9.39 Nº 255 from Paris post office Nº 37) to Edouard Daladier, to beg you to 'put a stop to a war started by the Jews in which so many human lives have been lost and which we cannot hope to win'. Being myself in a reserved occupation it is my duty to reveal to you the truth in a few short phrases.

I know that, in the depths of your soldier's heart, you are suffering from the knowledge that the people of France are questioning your sincerity and your patriotism, and are suffering more perhaps from that than from the effects of our recent disaster. But I know also of your great love for our country, and I am certain that you will do everything possible to save it once more.

Sir, you must act - and quickly. Please do not think I am giving you orders: these are merely entreaties, entreaties from a young Frenchman who has studied the matter, someone who knows the truth and who has tried for three years now to use what little he knows to help his country. I believe that by crying at the top of my voice that which must be heard that I will be heard, and that what I know could be of some use in limiting the harm that threatens to befall our country. Through this action, however futile it might prove, I have made it my duty, even if I go unheard, to once again let people know the truth, no matter how terrible that truth might me: 'Sir, your life is in danger, the revolution is already underway'. You do not have much time. In just eight days it may perhaps be in full swing.

YOU MUST ACT! Immediately upon receiving this letter you must issue strict but totally confidential orders. You must put an immediate stop to this terrible 'Masonic and Jewish' conspiracy in order to save both France and the world as a whole from terrible carnage.

At present I have about a hundred reliable men under me who are devoted to our cause. They are ready to fight to the bitter end in response to your orders. But what is a hundred men when faced with the might of our enemies? Whatever the case may be, they will fight alongside me for our cause.


Varran de Verestra

Varran de Vérestra
22 Place Malesherbes
Paris 17

File Ga P7 - Police Reports about Pierre Plantard