From File Ga P7 in the Paris Prefecture of Police

Letter by Pierre Plantard to the Paris Prefecture of Police 21 April 1941

French Original

22 Place Malesherbes
Paris 17

PARIS, 21 April 1941

Prefecture de Police
Boulevard du Palais

Dear Monsieur Préfet,

We are writing to inform you that - as was also the case with the 'Rassemblement National Populaire' - we have decided, for the purpose of our group entitled 'RENOVATION NATIONALE FRANÇAISE' for which an official declaration was submitted on 4 April 1941, to take possession (being supported in our decision by the German Authorities) of the unoccupied premises located at 22 place Malesherbes, 1st floor, at the far end of the courtyard (the 'URBAINE building' - managed by Monsieur FLAMANT, 10 Bd. Haussmann), which are currently let to an English Jew, Mr. SHAPIRO, who is presently fighting alongside his fellows in the British armed forces.

In the light of the above decision we beg you, Monsieur Préfet, to kindly do whatever is necessary regarding the drafting of the routine report that our situation demands when we take possession of these premises on Saturday 26 April 1941 at 3.00 p.m. precisely.

Purely for the record, we would like to inform you that the rental for these premises, amounting to 12,000 francs, has not yet been paid.

Yours etc.,

For the R.N.F.
The Director

Signed: Plantard, known as 'Varran de Verestra'.

File Ga P7 - Police Reports about Pierre Plantard