From File Ga P7 in the Paris Prefecture of Police

Police Report on Pierre Plantard dated 4 May 1954

French Original


4 May 1954


Regarding Monsieur PLANTARD,
who has requested the issue of
a 'certificate of confinement'.


Monsieur PLANTARD, Pierre Athanase Marie, otherwise known as 'Pierre de France', otherwise known as 'Varran de Verestra', born on 18 March 1920 in Paris (7th arrondissement), son of the late Pierre and RAULO Amélie, is married and has a daughter aged about three.

Before his marriage he had lived with his mother since 1942 at 10 Rue Lebouteux (17th arrondissement). His mother, who had heard nothing from him since May 1951, states that he is currently residing in the Annemasse region (Haute Savoie).

Monsieur PLANTARD calls himself a journalist but, in fact, he was supported until his marriage entirely by his mother, who is entitled to a pension that was granted to her following her husband's accidental death.

He is regarded by his peer group as a pretentious young man, without very much in the way of education who, from the onset of the Occupation tried, by creating more or less fictitious organisations, to acquire sufficient importance to win the consideration and support of the Government.

Anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic, he announced his aim during the Occupation as being 'the purification and renewal of France'.

It was in this spirit that on 16 December 1940 he sent a letter to ex-Field Marshal Pétain in which he exposed an alleged Jewish/Gaullist conspiracy which, as the subsequent enquiry showed, never actually existed. He also founded, in May 1941, a group called 'Rénovation Nationale Française', which was never active, as in September 1941 the German authorities refused to issue the necessary authorisation that would allow this organisation to function.

On 24 October 1942 Monsieur PLANTARD also formed the subject of an investigation at the request of the German authorities for having requested permission to establish the association known as 'Alpha Galatès', permission for which was also refused.

On the subject of the arrest of Monsieur PLANTARD, his mother states: 'My son was arrested by the Germans on a date that I am unable to recall precisely, as I suffer from amnesia. His apartment was not searched by the French police but by German gendarmes accompanied by German civilians. My son remained in Fresnes Prison for 4-5 months where he was subjected to numerous physical abuses'.

Checks made with the various departments of the Prefecture of Police have not revealed any trace of the arrest of Monsieur PLANTARD.

He does not have a criminal record.

File Ga P7 - Police Reports about Pierre Plantard