From File Ga P7 in the Paris Prefecture of Police

Police Report on the Statutes of the Alpha Galates dated 6 June 1946

French Original

6 June 1946. 

Statutes of the association known as ‘ALPHA GALATES’ 

The association known as ‘Alpha Galates’, subtitled a ‘Grand ordre d'entr'aide social’ [major social assistance organisation], and which was incorporated on 6 September 1944, was notified to the Préfecture de Police on 12 September following and registered under number 76.501-6873 in conformity with the law of 1 July 1901.

Its registered office is at 10 rue Lebouteux. 

Under the terms of its statutes it has the motto ‘Honneur et Patrie’ [‘Honour and Fatherland’] and has for its insignia a French cockerel and a lion. 

It has as its corporate object:

- The creation, maintenance and development of one or more welfare centres for young people who have suffered from German oppression (forced labour – deportation – imprisonment).

- The organisation of courses, study circles and lectures, of theatrical, cinematographic and musical performances, of education centres for physical training, gymnastics and Scouting and finally, every year, of holidays and trips abroad.

- The publication of a special magazine about the centres, containing publicity about the centres and information about everything relating to them;

- Generally, anything that might contribute to the centres' more effective organisation. 

The association is established without limit of time. 

To be a member of the association it is necessary:

- to complete a membership application form regarding which the decision of the committee shall be final. 

- not to have been a member of any German or pro-German organisation (Milice, LVF (Légion des volontaires français contre le bolchevisme) etc.) 

- to have paid the admission fee of 5 francs and the annual subscription of 50 francs. Life memberships are also available at 500 francs. The annual subscription of the Members of Honour is 1000 francs. 

No document issued by the organisation is valid unless it bears the seal of the President.

The assets of the association consist of subsidies, subscriptions and revenues from its properties. 

In the event of the association being dissolved, the committee shall designate one or more liquidators, and shall determine their powers and the form of their activities. 

At the present time the association Alpha Galates is run by an executive committee consisting of:


- President: M. PLANTARD Pierre, Athanase, Marie, known as "Pierre de France", journalist and lecturer, residing at 10 rue Leboutex (17th arrondissement).

- Secretary: M. GUICHARD Maurice, actor, residing at 7 rue Gustave Flaubert (17th arrondissement).

- Treasurer: Privat-AUBOUARE known as ‘François-Patrice’, actor, residing at 19 rue Faraday (17th arrondissement).

According to the information we have gathered, this association had not up to that time engaged in any activity. It has had about 50 members, who resigned one after the other as soon as they sussed out the President of the association and worked out that it was not a serious enterprise.

File Ga P7 - Police Reports about Pierre Plantard