The Pierre Plantard Conferences 17 January

Paul Smith  

30 January 2018

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The Pierre Plantard 17 January Conferences in Rennes-le-Château of the 1960s.

First of all, nobody in Rennes-le-Château can remember any “Pierre Plantard conferences” – this was mentioned when Jean-Luc Chaumeil’s book, Rennes-le-Château – Gisors – Le Testament du Prieuré de Sion, containing the alleged transcripts, was first published in 2006.

Secondly, although he does not mention it in his book, Chaumeil has stated the chapter about Plantard’s Rennes-le-Château conferences lack provenance – there’s nothing to suggest they are authentic transcripts of actual conferences.

Thirdly, these alleged transcripts are reminiscent of the type of Plantard essays that were published by Jean-Pierre Deloux in the book Archives secrètes du Prieuré de Sion (2006) – an anthology of Plantard’s esoteric writings (thus explaining why Rennes-le-Château is not mentioned).

Therefore – Plantard travelled back in time in a trance to Rennes-le-Château on 17 January 1965 when he wrote those essays – imagining he was there – just like Plantard communicated with the spirit of Godfrey de Bouillon in séances.

Quoting a believer:

Plantard delivered several speeches to conferences held at RLC in the 60's. These conferences that Plantard delivered at Rennes-le-Chateau, to me, are quite extraordinary. Apart from the fact that he doesn't really talk about RLC that much, and apart from the fact that, from one human being to another, i'm thinking a lot of what Plantard says makes sense to me, it still doesn't explain why Plantard talked about what he did! Particularly about the way society runs and where power lies. However the very extraordinary things are the comments he makes about the historical figure of Jesus Christ. I still cant understand why

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