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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

This is my will and testament.

Done and dated with my own hand.

I hereby disinherit all my family.

By this will and testament I make Monsieur Noël Corbu and Madame Corbu, née Henriette Col, my sole heirs.

Done at Rennes-le-Château,

22 July 1946

Marie Dénarnaud

Ne varietur*
Limoux 2 February 1953
Presiding Judge

[*Not to be altered]

Ne varietur*
Limoux 2 February 1953
Chief Clerk of the Court

[Note in margin]
Attached to the original draft of a certificate of execution of a will received by Monsieur Ruffie, notary with chambers in Limoux, undersigned 9 February 1953.

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