“Monsieur Marty”
Roger Marty

Paul Smith  

28 January 2018

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Revised 29 January 2018

Two different people.
Two different Martys.

The first Marty – referred to in the 1978 document by Philippe de Chérisey “L’Énigme de Rennes” – was non-existent – which was why Philippe de Chérisey could only write to him – but not receive any letters from him. Philippe de Chérisey reproduced many letters in “L’Énigme de Rennes” but only wrote about the letters he received from Marty.

Philippe de Chérisey lifted the name of the person who deposited the brochure-version of Elie Tisseyre’s 1906 article in the Municipal Library of Carcassonne in 1931, who signed himself as Marty without giving his first name. Philippe de Chérisey never addresses Monsieur Marty in “L’Énigme de Rennes” by his first name.

Elie Tisseyre’s article gives the inscription on Marie de Blanchefort’s gravestone that Philippe de Chérisey utilised to create the “encoding/decoding” of the Large Parchment. Philippe de Chérisey wrote about how he fabricated both parchments in “L’Énigme de Rennes”.

The second Marty, the grandson of Marius Fatin, wrote an esoteric book about Rennes-le-Château: Roger Marty, La Falaise des Audiences: Sur un Certain Blason des Hautpoul-Blanchefort de Rennes-le-Château (2002).

If anyone believes that the first Marty and the second Marty are both one and the same person, they should present the evidence, Marty is a common French surname.

It is unlikely that Philippe de Chérisey’s letter below is to the real Roger Marty, since de Chérisey holds conversations with several non-existent people in his document “L’Énigme de Rennes” – like for example Henri de Lenoncourt and Myriam David – all figments of the imagination.

The believers call this “evidence”, which is a reference to this.

On 29 January the believers posted this – still without giving any proof. Mentioning Abbé Marty does not validate that the “Monsieur Marty” mentioned by Philippe de Chérisey was also the real Roger Marty (Philippe de Chérisey interacted with non-existent people).

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