Letter from Tax Collector J. Galibert to Marie Dénarnaud

25 July 2015


Couiza, 30 April 1925

Dear Mademoiselle Dénarnaud,

The Comptroller of Income Tax is asking me for a summary of the tax contributions which you have not yet paid for the tax year ending 1922. At the same time he has ordered me to pursue the amounts involved and to levy costs for the recovery of the amount due.

I would therefore be grateful if you would do everything in your power to let me have the amount that is still owed by you, namely 207 francs and 77 centimes.

I am happy to wait a little while longer, being aware as I am of your situation. I know that you are doing everything you can to pay off the amount in question and that there is no ill-will on your part in respect of this matter, but I am forced to act on the instructions of the Comptroller,

Yours etc.


Marie Dénarnaud – Big Borrower

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