Bérenger Saunière selling Masses – 15 examples

13 December 2010

Example 1
French original

Monsieur Abbé,

Could you please say 2 x 30 masses for two young women who have recently died? Before sending you the details I shall await your response,

Yours etc.

Here is my address.



Example 2
French original

Lyon 12 October 1916

Monsieur l'Abbé B. Saunière.

I enclose the two Thirty Masses for you to say, one for Madame Germaine Fayolle Meunier, and the other for Madame Anne Marie Fayolle Meunier, who were two sisters and who were also the two wives of my own sons,


Madame Fayolle
12 Place de la Martinière, Lyon.

Enclosed: a postal order for 90 francs.



Example 3
French original

Camp de Prats Orphanage, Bayonne, 30 March 1908

Monsieur Curé,

I am very embarrassed to have received a second letter of thanks from you and yet not to have written a word to you. Please excuse me, I have been unwell and I have been able to deal only imperfectly with your request. The two mass requests which I sent you were collected together in haste. If I can renew them some time and enclose some fees with them then I shall be only too happy to do so. But I have so much to do that, in spite of my good intentions, I am only able to offer meagre help. Do not feel obliged, Monsieur Curé, to send me an acknowledgement of receipt of .../... and the postcards. It is not worth the trouble. I am very grateful to you for your kind prayers and send you my most profound respects,

Sister Paradis



Example 4
French original

Paris, 16 October 1909.

Monsieur Abbé,

Please find enclosed a money order for 20 francs for ten masses to be celebrated for our late Sisters and for the late parents of the Sisters at our house. I commend the Community of Sisters and our patients to your prayers in sending you, Monsieur Abbé, my most sincere respects,

Sister Marie-Louise
St. Joseph's Hospital.



Example 5
French original

Pay-Milon, 2 November 1917.

Monsieur Curé,

Your predecessor, the late lamented Monsieur Saunière, was kind enough to say several masses for me during the course of November.

I am writing to ask you whether you would be willing to continue the same relationship with me and to tell me how much you charge for your masses.

As soon as I receive a definite reply from you on this subject I will send you...



Example 6
French original

124 1 April 1916
30 1 October 1916


Valbenoite, 23 March 1915

Monsieur Curé,

I enclose the sum of 250 francs, being the sum total for 250 mass fees at 1 franc each, in other words 124 for our late Sisters, 30 for my late parents, 14 for the parents of one of my companions and 82 for various deceased persons. Please be kind enough to let me know, Monsieur Curé, assuming you are able to do so, at what time you will be able to say these masses, following the order in which they have been given above.

I send you my most profound thanks, Monsieur Curé, for the kind and fervent prayers that you were kind enough to continue saying for us at the Holy Altar, even during our pilgrimage to Lourdes, which gave me great pleasure, since I felt a genuine need for divine aid to fulfil my task, which is becoming harder and harder for me. The entire Community joins with me, Monsieur Curé, in thanking you and offering you our most sincere respect.

Please allow me, Monsieur Curé, to recommend to your pious supplications my only nephew, who died at the beginning of this dreadful war, and who showed no signs of life despite all sorts of medical expedients.

Please forgive me, Monsieur Curé, for not replying to your very much appreciated letters. I am constantly busy, which means that I am always behind with my correspondence.

Please accept, Monsieur Curé, with all my thanks, my most profound homage,

Your very humble servant in Our Lady,

Sister Elisabeth Jamet

House of the Sisters of Charity of Nevers[?]
Rue Coraly Royet 23



Example 7
French original



16 Place de la Liberté


Monsieur Abbé,

Please excuse me for not having written to you sooner to thank you for your kind prayers for the Sisters, for our dear soldiers and for me myself on this blessed soil of Lourdes, the privileged land of Mary! I have been very touched by these gestures and I am very grateful to you, especially for celebrating Mass at the altar of...



Example 8
French original

You are too kind, Monsieur Abbé. I send you my profound thanks.

I am very much behind also in asking you to kindly celebrate Nine Masses for the most neglected of our old people and also those in my own family, something which I promised them during the marriage of my niece which took place only on 2 September last.

Please celebrate them, I beg of you, as soon as possible, and without interruption since these are Nine Masses. I would also like to request a tenth mass from you when you have the time.



Example 9
French original

Maison Saint-Vincent de Macédoine
Zeitenlik near Salonica

24 September 1907


Dear Monsieur Curé,

Today I received your letter, which has followed a very long route indeed to finally reach your humble servant, who will be only too happy to gather together and collect everything you ask for in so far as it is possible.

As you can see, Monsieur Curé, I have left our dear St. Raphael's School after its closure in July 1904. Since then I have not been short of problems of every conceivable kind following our dispersal into the four corners of the world. I was myself sent to Macedonia, where a very impoverished Mission has been entrusted to me: an orphanage, a creche for foundlings and visits to the Bulgarian villages, caring for the sick etc. At the moment we are in full swing building a new orphanage to replace the one I found here, which was falling to pieces. This building, which we needed for the continuation of our work, was urgent, and through this I have contracted an immense debt, which I have entrusted to Providence. Yes, Monsieur Curé, I hope to be able to send you some time a little parcel as a token of my good will and my desire to be of service to you. As for the masses, I cannot send you any, since our own dear missionaries are themselves in search of this little source of income to enable them to live.

I shall be happy to learn the name of the dear Sister of your country who once knew me. I commend myself to her prayers and to your also,

Yours etc.

Your very humble servant Sister .../...
Sister of Charity.



Example 10
French original

Rennes-le-Chateau, via Couiza, Aude, 7 February 1916.

Dear Madam Superior,

A month ago today you wrote to me to ask me if I could say several masses for you …/… during the course of January, and how many I could say for you. Subsequently, in accordance with your wishes, I replied to you that this would be possible for me and that I would be able to say 10 to 15 masses for you, if I recall correctly.

Not having received anything from you to date I have to ask myself if my reply did indeed reach you or if your reply has gone astray. Whatever the case, I thought it best to let you know, and I would be very grateful if you would drop me a line on this subject, for which I thank you in advance.

Yours etc.

B. Saunière, priest.

Rennes-le-Chateau via Couiza (Aude).



Example 11
French original

Seyne-les-Alpes, 2 March 1916


Monsieur Abbé,

In my last letter I asked you if you would be so kind, after the expiry of the Thirty Masses which I requested from you, to continue them without interruption until the end of March.

I am therefore settling the amount owed by enclosing a postal order for 45 francs.



Example 12
French original

Toulouse, 6 September 1919

Monsieur Abbé,

I am writing to ask you if you would say Nine Masses after Saturday 9 September next. I have gone to the Labarthe-de-Rivière region. My niece lives in Martres-de-Rivière. She has her husband at the front of the house and her brother since the 12th. Since their departure she has had a mass said every Saturday. The cure of the parish is unwell. If you could say a mass on his behalf on Saturday 9th next for her husband and her brother it would make him very happy. Nine Masses for Jeanne Pommier for her late parents and another Nine Masses, including 3 for the late Almande Laore and 2 for me for the lost souls in purgatory. Whatever help comes to me I certainly have need of.

Monsieur Curé, please pardon me for this …/… of my lines. I do not know if you can recognise yourself in this,


Jeanne Peyreg



Example 13
French original

10 July 1915

Monsieur Curé,

I am writing to ask you for mass intentions on:
3, 22, 29, 30 August
3, 22, 29, 30 September

I enclose a postal order for 16 francs.

In thanking you...



Example 14
French original

Comte and Comtesse de Soultrait

…./…. but for this month in Paris, at 81 Rue de la Boétie, present their compliments to Monsieur Saunière, asking him to say at the earliest opportunity some masses for the lost souls in purgatory. Enclosed is the sum of 5 francs, the sum required for one undertaking.

9 May 1914



Example 15
French original

Nantes 27 February 1907

Monsieur Curé,

I have learned through my journal ‘La semaine de Suzette’ that a female subscriber to this little magazine recommends sending you postcards to help with the contribution to parish costs. I am happy to contribute to this work in respect of a priest who is perhaps less privileged than those of our Catholic Brittany.

I have therefore selected from among the views of our region 26 postcards which might interest the residents of another part of France.

If, in exchange for my little gift, you would be kind enough to say a little prayer for me then I would be very grateful.


Anne Marie …/…

[address deleted]

Nantes (Loire Inférieure)