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Paul Smith

16 March 2017
Revised 19 March 2017

Today’s addition to the Rhedesium Website (entitled “Saunière & the learned societies of his time”, translation of an article by Jérome Chôloux dating from 2011) makes an attempt at analysing Saunière’s activities with individuals that may shed some light on his activities – in an extremely clumsy and diffuse way – Jérome Chôloux wrote an extremely interesting study into Saunière’s trafficking in masses activities in 2009, but seems to believe there is something special about the priest (unlike Roger Crouquet in 1948, who didn’t regard Saunière as special).

There are literally no valid reasons for believing in the existence of a “mystery” or a “treasure” at Rennes-le-Château – not only because no such chit-chat existed during Bérenger Saunière’s lifetime – but also because of the thousands of pages in Saunière’s own notebooks in his own handwriting. The French believers in this subject matter are equally guilty of overlooking the most basic of facts because they should really know much better.

For example, when French author and webmaster Laurent “Octonovo” Buchholtzer published his book Rennes-le-Château: Une Affaire Paradoxale in 2008 about Saunière’s Correspondence record of letters sent and receved by the curé of Rennes-le-Château 1896-1915 as found on microfilm in Carcassonne (File numbers 1Mi8l/l and IMi8l/2), he left out the most interesting fact. This material was originally borrowed from Antoine Captier and Claire Corbu, and never returned. It was later discovered by Pierre Jarnac who passed on the information to his friends.

When the amounts in this record are totalled up, they come to hundreds of thousands of francs. Anyone with a modicum of common sense will then realise that if Saunière’s trafficking in masses activities produced that amount of money, any notions of a “mystery ” or a “treasure” are a waste of time – with the priest’s activities solved. Of course, the trafficking in masses solution is a real bummer of a letdown.

Nowhere in his book did Laurent “Octonovo” Buchholtzer ever give the total sum of money involved in Saunière’s Correspondence record 1896-1915. (Although to correct my previous statement, he has provided the Grand Total of 213,653,76 francs on his website; while on page 85 of his book Rennes-le-Château: Une Affaire Paradoxale Buchholtzer produces a Table of Saunière’s income from selling masses developed from the Correspondence Record that adds up to 222,407,56 francs, without giving the Grand Total, he also stated that Saunière received 209,000 francs between 1897-1915 in an online interview with Johan Netchacovitch.)

There is also the material in the possession of Antoine Captier and Claire Corbu – how many more hundreds of thousands of francs from trafficking in masses is recorded there…

Antoine Captier has never published this material – and asks for a lot of money from people who wish to access and consult it.

This is all that researchers into Bérenger Saunière’s activities need to do – access his trafficking in masses notebooks – and then total up the sums involved that the priest was receiving – it comes to a lot more than the 193,000 francs Saunière claimed he spent during his 1910-1911 Ecclesiastical Trial.

Nobody in France has added up all the figures from Saunière’s Notebooks, yet.

Father François-Sylvain Bonnaves, Father Jean-Jacques Boudet, A. Coll, Louis Combes, Father Jacques Dégua, Auguste Fons, Michel Jordy, Henri Malric, Father Pierre Prosper Mario, Antoine Maynard, Guillaume Noubel, Michel Raynaud, Henri Roudière, Michel Sabatier, Antoine Sabarthès, Alfred Saunière, Narcisse Tragan - none of these people knew anything about a treasure or a mystery...

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