Rennes-le-Château Believers’ Polemic

Paul Smith

17 December 2017
Put online at: 3:45 PM GMT

How many times have we heard this baseless rhetoric and polemic from Sandy Hamblett (Rhedesium) before…

If Sandy Hamblett believes she’s got anything to contribute in relation to a mystery or a treasure in Rennes-le-Château, then she should pass that on to DRAC – the archaeological body of France – that represents the French Ministry of Culture. But like all other believers, Sandy Hamblett has rejected mainstream archaeology – and pursues – without any substance other than satisfying her own wishful thinking (and tunnel vision) – the daydream beliefs in treasures, bloodlines, mysteries and secrets – all started during the 1950s.

Sandy Hamblett’s polemic is boring, boring, boring because her statements below rely on the denial of the demonstrable facts that have been repeated and presented over and over again in the regional press since the publication of L’Or de Rennes by Gérard de Sède in 1967 – well before the debunkings by René Descadeillas.

The evidence exists that Saunière obtained over 250,000 francs from the trafficking in masses. Like Vice-Admiral Nelson, the believers choose to place the telescope to their blind eye – because they don’t like what they can see with the good eye.

Hamblett’s bolshie attitude below:

Rennes-le-Château Timeline