Bérenger Saunière and his Mass Trafficking...

Paul Smith

11 April 2016

Once again the Rhedesium website is bringing to attention Laurent ‘Octonovo’ Buchholtzer's 10 year-old stance on Saunière's Mass-Trafficking activities.

According to one French source, it was Pierre Jarnac who informed Laurent Buchholtzer about the existence of Saunière's Correspondence Record 1896-1915 that is lodged in Carcassonne on microfilm – and this same Saunière archive was used by René Descadeillas while researching for his book Mythologie du Trésor de Rennes, published in 1974.

Buchholtzer's claims as found on an online interview (Johan Netchacovitch website) and in his 2008 book, Rennes-le-Château: Une Affaire Paradoxale are out-of-date because they have been challenged without any response from Buchholtzer.

Those who endorse and support Buchholtzer's theories about Bérenger Saunière are predictably silent about DRAC not endorsing the excavation of the church of Rennes-le-Château 2009-2013 because DRAC maintains it is a bogus subject matter.

Buchholtzer's theories about Saunière's Mass-Trafficking activities and his claims that Saunière's actions were part of “a secret Roman Catholic Network” were challenged by David Rossoni in his book: L'Histoire Rêvée de Rennes-le-Château: Eclairages sur un Récit Collectif Contemporain (Books on Demand Editions, 2010).

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