Bérenger Saunière and Les Veillées des Chaumières (1911)

Paul Smith

19 May 2016

It is desperate times at the Rhedesium website with it continuing to copy material from this website without providing any acknowledgement.

The latest Blog offering (17 May, below) gives references to Saunière's trafficking in masses in the L'Indépendant article by Pierre Sourbès (1967) and the references to Saunière's ad for masses in the magazine Les Veillées des Chaumières on 11 December 1910.

A sarcastic response to this ad was made on 11 February 1911 in the pro-Republican French paper Le XIXe Siècle comparing Saunière's trafficking in masses activities (at discount prices compared to other priests) to the activities of the money-lenders in the Jerusalem Temple (this very same response was also published in several other French papers, not just in Le XIXe Siècle), because it was first published in La Semaine Religieuse De Carcassonne, on 3 February 1911

Saunière's ad for masses in Les Veillées des Chaumières was used as an example and evidence against him by the Carcassonne Bishopric during his ecclesiastical trial 1910-1911.

Saunière had no choice but to deny he placed the ad in Les Veillées des Chaumières – since he produced his fake “List of Donors” to try and cover-up the fact that he sold masses through ads in journals, magazines and newspapers. Saunière never produced his carnets during his ecclesiastical trial (he only appeared in one of the trials he was asked to attend).

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