Henri Boudet, M. Marty
Raymond Sagarzazu

Paul Smith  

26 January 2018

Put Online at 17:20 GMT

The latest on the chit-chat forums (messages by Sheila Hendry & Sandy Hamblett below) raised the following names in relation to Henri Boudet:

1) Monsieur Marty: the alleged person “Marty” was a product of Philippe de Chérisey’s imagination in his 1978 document “L’Enigme de Rennes” – making up part of his haphazard narratives in that document (De Chérisey reproduces letters from people he mentions in that document, but not a single letter from “Marty” – de Chèrisey lifted the name from the person who deposited Elie Tisseyre’s brochure-version article in Carcassonne in 1931).

2) Philippe de Chérisey – of course, Philippe de Chérisey is very important to Sandy Hamblett because he ONCE wrote about Mary Magdalene in private correspondence – and Sandy Hamblett takes the Jesus Bloodline very seriously.

3) Raymond Sagarzazu – he hasn’t contributed anything to the subject matter of Rennes-le-Château except heaps and heaps of mystification in the tradition of “Aronnax” (François Lange) and “Philémon” (Philippe Duquesnois).

The Maraval-Cros-Maziéres stuff in relation to treasure and a tombstone is all bogus fantasy and wishful thinking not based on the slightest bit of evidence – the “Redis Cellis Stone” was faked by Noël Corbu – only first mentioned on a French radio broadcast in July 1962 – it was never mentioned at all by Ernest Cros who died in 1946! (Just because Corbu claimed it was discovered by Cros does not mean it was true.)

Such is the chit-chat that exists on the believers’ forums – they never mention that Boudet’s La Vraie Langue Celtique was an offbeat example of another “primordial language study” that never took off and that French Right-Wingers liked to speculate upon (Umberto Eco wrote a book about this subject matter, The Search For The Perfect Language, 1995).

The believers never mention Saunière’s Trial 1910-1911 and the subsequent stripping of his priesthood – and any references to Saunière making over 250,000 francs from selling masses – thus explaining his source of wealth and activities – is also strictly taboo.

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