The Journal of Rennes-le-Château Studies

Marie Dénarnaud

Paul Smith

18 October 2017
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There is nothing in existence originating directly from Marie Dénarnaud where she claimed to possess a secret about Bérenger Saunière – these allegations were only first made by Noël Corbu – after her death – in regional newspapers dating from the late 1950s.

Noël Corbu never disclosed the information that he found her living in abject poverty in 1946 and that he personally settled her financial debts of 31,259 francs while he was publicising the treasure of Rennes-le-Château from the mid-1950s on.

In other words, the evidence points to Corbu’s initial claims about a treasure being a publicity gimmick to attract customers to his restaurant – like hoteliers opening their establishments in Loch Ness since the 1930s for tourists to see “the monster”.

There is a huge “monster” of financial profits to be made from Tourism to Rennes-le-Château, drawing on the same factors of human credulity and gullibility as at Loch Ness.

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