Anna-Maria Mandelli, Comtesse de Chambord
Bérenger Saunière

Paul Smith  

27 January 2018

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It has been repeated many times – there is no evidence in Saunière’s Account Books (carnets) that he ever received a donation from the Countess of Chambord.

It is one of Saunière’s inventions that he produced during his 1910-1911 Trial to divert attention away from his Account Books (carnets) and his trafficking in masses activities (Item 8 in his “List of Donors”).

Anna-Maria Mandelli can only present theories based upon Saunière’s Chambord deception during his trial – Mandelli can only point references to obscure passages found in certain Chambord correspondence which may not be about Bérenger Saunière at all.

If we are to seriously believe that Bérenger Saunière obtained a donation from the Countess of Chambord based on his “List of Donors” – then we should give equal consideration to Saunière’s letter dated 25 March 1911 given to the Commission that investigated his activities (and who did not believe anything Saunière claimed).

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