Bérenger Saunière Letter Requesting Masses, 1913

Paul Smith

17 October 2017
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The translation of the following letter below by Bérenger Saunière originated from people involved on this website. A scan of the original letter was first published by Jean-Jacques Bedu, Rennes-le-Château: Autopsie d'Un Mythe (First Edition, Portet-sur-Garonne: Loubatières, 1990).

There is no need to cite this letter if there’s evidence in Saunière’s Correspondence Record 1896-1915 showing he obtained over 200,000 francs from selling masses (over 800 pages).

Conspiracy theorists and believers in fantasies know all about being sceptical – they know how to be sceptical towards the documented facts that discredit their beliefs in their fantasies and taking books like The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail seriously (still a Bible to many people, in 2017).

Letter from Saunière asking a religious house for masses, postcards, stamps and other objects which he was collecting. It should be noted that, at this time, he was under suspension, though this does not seem to have stopped him from touting for mass fees.

+ Rennes-le-Château via Couiza, Aude
27 May 1913

Monsieur l’Abbé Saunière, after presenting his compliments to the Reverend Mother and to the venerable company of the Convent of the Rue du Commune, was pleased to acknowledged receipt of the large parcel of postcards and postmarked stamps, despatch of which had previously been announced in her kind letter of 22 May and, on behalf of the little works that he is currently undertaking, and which are so dear to him, was pleased to thank her for her kind gift which he has found particularly welcome, and which arrived in the best possible condition thanks to the excellent idea she had had of placing the contents inside a stitched linen bag. After closely examining the postcards, which were found to be quite clean, very pretty and extremely interesting and genuinely artistic, and this huge collection of stamps, which are so varied and cover several important and out-of-the-way subjects, Abbé Saunière is happy to assure the Reverend Mother that he will continue his prayers and mementoes at the sacred altar for her and her community, for the preservation of their health and for the continuation of their good works as well as for all the spiritual and temporal needs of their Convent,

Signed: B. Saunière, priest

Many thanks in advance for the fees for the masses that you have suggested and for sending them to me as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I will receive them with the very greatest gratitude.

NB: If, by any chance, you know of any other convents that, following the example of your own house, would be only too happy to send me postcards and postmarked stamps, then I would be very grateful if you would give them my address (which you will find below and which I am also putting on a separate sheet of paper to send to people whom you judge worthy of it). Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks in advance.

My address is:
Monsieur l’Abbé Saunière, retired priest at Rennes-le-Château via Couiza, Aude
Railway station: Couiza – Montazels

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