Abbé Henri Boudet and La Saponaire
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Paul Smith

30 November 2017
Put online at: 8:20 PM GMT
Revised 1 December 2017

The grotto of La Saponaire was so special to Abbé Henri Boudet that he did not even mention it once in his 1886 book La Vraie Langue Celtique.

The believers regard any mention of any cave by Abbé Boudet as being of “immense significance” – even though there is no evidence that Abbé Boudet ever referred to any mysteries or any treasures in any of his books and articles – despite his being an amateur archaeologist as well as a priest.

The 1912 source connecting Abbé Boudet to the grotto of La Saponaire remains a mystery because French Believers do not cite references in their respective discussion forums (the 2010 article by Louis Ducoin is not the “source”).

There is no requirement for the Rhedesium website to concern itself with sources because it is not a serious research database – it is a comfort zone for uncritical believers.

The rejoinder below is a reminder of the Fake, Fake, Fake research by uncritical believers in absurdities…

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