Philippe Duquesnois
Large Parchment

The French Believers

Paul Smith  

2 February 2018

Put Online at 21:20 GMT

Philippe Duquesnois, alias Philémon, overlooks the fact that the “decoded” message Bergère, pas de tentation on the Large Parchment is 1960s French – Philippe de Chérisey made basic mistakes when faking his parchments – he wasted his time on eighth century Latin Uncials! Duquesnois should also know that the Codex Bezae is only the title of a collection of books that includes the Gospel of Luke.

All French believers overlook such basic facts – including Léa Rosi – who imagines that the death of Marie de Blanchefort is the “heart of the Rennes-le-Château enigma.”

The 250,000 francs that Bérenger Saunière raised from trafficking in masses – the believers don’t want to know about that. That is taboo information. Saunière’s church contains conventional Roman Catholic symbolism that is not unique to Rennes-le-Château.

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