Robert Ambelain and Christianity

Paul Smith

28 July 2017

The story of Bérenger Saunière at Rennes-le-Château has got nothing to do with Christian origins. Robert Ambelain (1907-1997) did not link his theories about Jesus Christ with Bérenger Saunière – probably because Ambelain did not believe in a mystery at Rennes-le-Château. Although he did claim that Jesus Christ was married (but no bloodline).

There are only a couple of French conspiracy theorists who link Saunière with Christian origins – and neither of them believe in the silly “Jesus Bloodline” that started in 1982 in The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail.

The Vindicta Salvatoris

There is not one scholar in existence who takes Christian Apocrypha as if it were history. This includes the Vindicta Salvatoris.

Here are the undisputable facts:

1 – The Emperor Tiberius did not know anything about Christianity and was not cured of Leprosy by Veronica’s Veil. Tiberius did not travel to Septimania towards the end of his reign.

2 – Veronica never existed.

3 – The story about Tiberius visiting Septimania (it was not called that before the Sixth Century) in manuscript Paris 5327 is a later development of the story found in the earlier Vindicta Salvatoris St Omer manuscript. The story coincides with the village of St Thibery being on the route to Santiago de Compostella when the pilgrimage originated. There is a village called Saint Thibery named after a historical Saint in the location where the story is set, and the claim that Tiberius travelled to the location in question may have been inspired by the historical Saint Thibery.

4 – Even those scholars who believe and argue that the ending in manuscript Paris 5327 dates from the Seventh Century (that they cannot prove), still do not believe in the historicity of the claim that Tiberius travelled to Septimania towards the end of his reign – for two simple reasons: a) there is nothing in the historical secular record and b) that all Apocryphal works are considered to be pious works of Christian apologetics and works of historical fiction.

5 – It is only sundry conspiracy theorists that have written books – and their cronies and supporters – that take these Apocryphal works seriously – without identifying the fact that the Apocryphal works support the miraculous stories found in the Gospels and believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God – this was why the story about Tiberius being miraculously cured of his leprosy by Veronica’s Veil originated in the first place.

Apocryphal material is a supplement to the miraculous stories found in the Gospels that the believers in the Jesus Bloodline are not interested in.

Finally, if anything is rubbish – it is all those conspiracy theories that link Bérenger Saunière with treasure, mysteries and a silly Jesus Bloodline.

The Rhedesium website needs to provide reasons as to why we need to look for treasures, mysteries and Amazing Stories in relation to Abbés Bérenger Saunière and Henri Boudet.

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