Folklore (Aude), Number 8, 1938, page 137

The Fairy-Mitouno as a Lamb

“At Rennes-le-Château the malicious fairies played a wicked trick on the shepherd Jean D... One evening when it was time for the flock to return, the latter was surprised to find that one Lamb was missing. Having closed his shed, he retraced his steps and spotted the animal by the nearby Mill. He called it: the Lamb did not move. He approached it to try and make it move: but his efforts were in vain. Checking to see if its feet were not injured, he did what all other shepherds do in similar circumstances – placed the animal on his shoulders and carried it to the sheepfold. At the village entrance he heard a voice ask: “Who carries thee, Mitouno?” – “Jean D…” replied the Lamb. Needless to say, the Lamb was quickly placed on the ground – if not thrown down – and poor Jean D… never saw it again”