Rennes-le-Château Church Excavation Update

Paul Smith

23 March 2017

Whatever happened to the updates to the proposed excavation of the Rennes-le-Château church crypt that was to prove that Abbé Saunière’s treasure was mere Fairy Gold...

It seems that the conspiracy theorists and believers wish to keep this update a secret.

There were absolutely no updates to something that received plenty of advance publicity in 2013.

There are two things that the believers in the fantasy treasure of Abbé Bérenger Saunière wish to keep quiet, viz:

1# Bérenger Saunière’s Correspondence Record 1898-1915 that shows the priest received over 200,000 francs from selling masses during that period of time

2# Updates on the proposed 2013 excavation of the church of Rennes-le-Château. The French Gazette de Rennes-le-Château website run by Johan Netchacovitch has not offered any information at all.

Perhaps DRAC knew about Bérenger Saunière’s Correspondence Record 1898-1915 all the time (as well as the long history of debunkings into “Saunière’s Treasure”, showing it was always a bad conspiracy theory).

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