Conspiracy Theory Bias & Fake Saunière “mysteries”

Paul Smith

14 January 2017

The webmaster of the Rhedesium website, “bergeredearcadie”, who uncritically accepts conspiracy theories about Bérenger Saunière that were started by Noël Corbu during the 1950s, and then later developed by Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chèrisey from the mid-1960s on (later with Gérard de Sède), wrote the following about me:

He is certainly biased. His bias takes the form of Plantard and Cherisey being crooks and liars, and that Sauniere and his money can be explained by him being a crook and a liar.

Of course, I am in good company – I share the views of Lucien Gibert the former employee of the Banque de France and former co-owner of the Château de Montazels who knew Marie Dénarnaud and that Saunière’s wealth originated from trafficking in masses.

That Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey were liars and crooks is an established fact. For example when Gérard de Sède ran off with all the profits of his 1967 book L’Or de Rennes – Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey admitted that the so-called “parchments” were fakes. The “real parchments” were contained in a safe-deposit box in a London bank. (Pierre Plantard’s name was on the book contract, which he reproduced in 1989 in one of the issues of Vaincre).

The so-called “parchments” originated within the environment of Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey - and Gérard de Sède received the “parchments” from them to put into his book. The “parchments” were first referred to in the Priory of Sion document “Les Descendants Mérovingiens ou l’énigme du Razès wisigoth” attributed to Madeleine Blancassall, deposited in the Bibliothèque Nationale on 26 August 1965.

Pierre Plantard himself admitted that he wanted to make money out of the conspiracy theory when he admitted that Gérard de Sède re-wrote his manuscript, and later wanted to make his own documentary following his appearance on the 1979 BBC 2 documentary “Shadow of the Templars” (referred to in Le Point, N° 1112, January 1994)

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