Letter from the architect Tiburce Caminade to Abbé Saunière, 29 September 1903 (from the Diocesan Archives, Carcassonne).

Limoux, 29 September 1903

Dear Monsieur Curé,

Monsieur Oscar Vila, our cabinet-maker, came to see me this morning to ask me to pay him for the work which he has done for you up to today's date at Rennes-le-Château.

He said that he needs two hundred and fifty francs to cancel the order for wood which has been supplied to him by the House of Idrac. I do not think it would be inappropriate for you to hand over this sum to him, even though it is slightly higher than the price of the work actually supplied.

As of today's date he is owed for the following in total:

1 tray for sand


2 other trays for the mason, together


Parquet flooring, 104 square metres at 0F.40 a sq. metre


6 pairs of shutters of Northern Oak at 23F.00 each




Yours etc.

T. Caminade.

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