To serve the Double Register of Burials of the Parish of Rennes in the Diocese of Alet, containing 1 stamped sheet of paper, initialled by us, the President and Juge-Mage, Lieutenant-General to the Seneschalship and Presidial Court of Limoux, in conformity with the Declaration of the King of 9 April 1736 for the year seventeen hundred and eighty-one

[omitted: burial record of Pierre Clotes]

There has died: Dame Marie Denègre de Blanchefort.

In the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one on the nineteenth day of January there was buried by us, the Curé of the undersigned parish, the noble Marie de Negres d'Able, Dame de Blanchefort, Seigneuresse of the present parish, who died on the seventeenth day of the said month aged approximately sixty-seven years after receiving the sacraments of penitence and holy communion. The funeral ceremony took place in the presence of Messieurs Charles Vital de Rabouillet and ../.. Rougé of the said parish who duly appeared, and in the presence of the great assembly of the parish, in witness thereof

Archives Départementales de l’Aude. Cote 3 E 7446

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