The “Saunière Bookplate” of 1993

When the ‘Saunière Museum’ was re-opened on 1 July 1993 following its renovation a bookplate was displayed giving the false impression it had once belonged to Bérenger Saunière, when in fact it only served as decoration on the basis of the initials B.S.

The “Saunière bookplate” is from Henricus Madathanus (Adrian von Mynsicht, 1603-1638), Aureum Saeculum Redivivum (“The Golden Age Revived”, 1677 edition)

The Seal on the cover of the Book is also found on a building called The Alchemical Door (Porta Alchemica), built between 1678-1680 by Massimiliano Palombara, Marquis of Pietraforte (1614-1680), in his residence, the Villa Palombara, located on the Esquiline Hill, near Piazza Vittorio, in Rome.

The Alchemical Door also contains the inscription TRIA SUNT MIRABILIA DEUS ET HOMO MATER ET VIRGO TRINUS ET UNUS (“There are three marvels: God and man, mother and virgin, triune and one”).

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