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Rest In Peace
James P. Whittall II, 15 July 1932 – 18 November 1998

Former Director of The Archaeological Department of The New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA), James P. Whittall believed The Newport Tower was built as a church by Earl Henry Sinclair toward the end of his voyage to America. Whittall brought to attention the fact that the “Westford Knight” was called “The Old Indian” and that Edward “Pete” Fisher (1874-1953) added a peace pipe to the “carving”.

In 1994 James P. Whittall made a mould of the rock that bears the “carving” of “The Westford Knight” and made a casting of it, enabling copies of it to be made

James P. Whittall II, Gertrude Johnson, Editors
-T.C. Lethbridge – Frank Glynn Correspondence: 1950-1966 From Early Sites Research Society's Files (Early Sites Research Society, 1980; Revised Edition 1998)

James P. Whittall II, Mark Stoughton
-Ground Penetrating Radar Survey, Newport Tower Site, Touro Park, Newport, Rhode Island, 1994 (Early Sites Research Society, 1995)

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