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Rest In Peace
Lionel de Roulet
1910 – 1990

Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986), while writing about events in 1934 in her book La force l’âge (entitled The Prime of Life in English, 1960), commented:

“While Sartre was away I gave philosophy lessons to Lionel de Roulet, who was now living in Paris. He and a few friends had founded a so-called Merovingian Party, which advocated, by means of posters and pamphlets, the return of Chilperic’s descendants to the throne. I scolded him for giving up, as I found, far too much time to such nonsense; but he had a natural talent for philosophy, and I felt very warmly towards him”.

Lionel de Roulet, a pupil and disciple of Jean-Paul Sartre, married Simone de Beauvoir’s sister in 1942, Hélène (1910-2001).

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