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Rest In Peace
Jacques Rivière
1 August 1945 – 23 April 2006

“The two electoral rounds of 4 and 18 October 1885 threw the village of Rennes-le-Château into turmoil, thanks to the partisan attitude of its parish priest. Here he is, climbing into the pulpit to exhort the faithful to vote “anti-republican”:

“The results of the 4 October have been magnificent, but victory is not complete… The moment has come; we must use every resource at our disposal against our enemies. We must vote, and vote wisely. The ladies of the parish must seek to enlighten uneducated members of the electorate, so as to convince them of the importance of returning to office the defenders of the faith.”

He described the enemy in the following terms: “The Republicans are the Devil, who must be vanquished and forced to bend the knee before the faith and its adherents…”

In his sermon, Saunière was drawing on the ideas of Nicolas Pavillon, who had taken advantage of the large female labour-pool by founding a seminary of young women ‘regents’ to spread learning and piety among uneducated and unlettered country-folk. What a sermon! It was the talk of the whole village for days afterwards.”

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