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Rest In Peace
Jean Pellet, 1931-10/11 September 2012

Jean Pellet was notable for writing the 1972 article with Gérard de Sède that started the mistaken belief that the Louis Lawrence tomb in Les Pontils (Peyrolles) was the same one as depicted by Nicolas Poussin in his 17th century painting Les Bergers d’Arcadie

Jean Pellet, Gérard de Sède
-Le secret de Nicolas Poussin (“Le Grand-Albert, Journal des Sciences Secrets”, N° 9, pp.46-48, 1972; reprinted in “Pégase: Le Chainon manquant, Rennes-le-Château. Le Bulletin”, N° 2, pp.19-21, Janvier-Avril 2002)

Rennes-le-Château Researchers & Hoaxsters