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Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, 9 April 1919 – 27 February 1985

Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk was a British officer of arms and genealogist who believed in the authenticity of the “Westford Knight”, identifying the “carving” as being that of Sir James Gunn (born 1360). He wrote: “Henry Sinclair was related to the Gunns... so the discovery at Westford of what is apparently an effigy of a fourteenth century knight in bascinet, mail, and surcoat, with a heater-shaped shield bearing devices of a Norse-Scottish character as might have been expected of a knight in Jarl Henry Sinclair's entourage.”

Sir Iain Moncreiffe worked with T. C. Lethbridge (1901-1971) on the "Westford Knight".

Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk
-The Highland Clans: The Dynastic Origins, Chiefs and Background of The Clans connected with Highland History and of Some Other Families (photographs by David Hicks, Barrie & Rockliff, 1967; New Revised Edition, Barrie and Jenkins, 1982)

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