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Rest In Peace
Alain Féral (alias Spatz),
18 September 1942 – 24 December 2013

Alain Féral moved to Rennes-le-Château in 1984 with his girlfriend Sonia Moreu, where he opened “L'Atelier du Château” that later became “L'Atelier Empreinte”

Alain Féral manufactured the replica “Visigothic” Pillar made out of resin that replaced the one installed by Saunière in 1891, when that was placed into the ‘Saunière museum’ in 1993, and restored the statue of the Virgin of Lourdes

Alain Féral, Editor & Publisher
-Rennes-le-Château: Clef de Royaume des Morts, N° 1-4 (Text by Anton Göte, illustrations by Spatz; Éditions Atelier Empreinte, 1984-1987)
Dossier N° 1: cadastre (1984)
Dossier N° 2: cimetière (1985)
Dossier N° 3: Église (1986)
Dossier N° 4: Villa Béthania (1987)

Alain Féral, Editor
-Rennes-le-Château: Clef du Royaume des Morts (presentation by Sonia Moreu, illustrations by Spatz, compilation of Dossiers N° 1-4: Éditions Bélisane, 1997)

© Photo Credit: Paul Smith, 1993

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