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Rest In Peace
Stephen Crouch Plantard de St Clair
25 January 1955 – 7 February 2015

“Stephen Crouch was registered at Companies House as a director under the name Stephen Crouch Plantard de St Clair” (The Guardian, 26 October 2011). The Company in question was B. D. G. Management Limited.

Stephen Crouch was also described as the illegitimate child of Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair (The Times, Obituaries, 4 March 2015).

His third wife was author Miranda Twiss.

The names of Stephen and Miranda Crouch are given in the acknowledgements of the book by David and Jennifer Elkington, Discovering The Lead Codices: The Book of Seven Seals and The Secret Teachings of Jesus (Watkins Publishing, 2014)

Photo Credit © The Guardian 2011

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