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Rest In Peace
J. R. Church (Jerry Rolan Church, Sr)
17 November 1938 – 22 March 2011

Jerry Rolan Church founded the Television and Satellite broadcast company Prophecy In The News Ministry. His interest in God's “Plan of the Ages” inspired an interest in prophetic research – a staunch believer in the Second Coming of Christ – The Rapture – J. R. Church was famous for his saying “Keep Looking Up!

His 1989 book Guardians of The Grail suggested that the Bloodline theory as argued in the 1982 book The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail dealt with the Coming of the Anti-Christ.

“The primary purpose of this book is to present a scenario showing that this world is now ready to be duped into the most outrageously deceptive scheme ever perpetrated on mankind. In short, the world is soon going to accept a man as its leader. He will not only be accepted, he will be idolized and worshipped. Many will believe he is God. Not just a god, but God Almighty!”

J. R. Church
-Guardians Of The Grail: And The Men Who Plan To Rule The World! (editorial and research: Ralph G. Griffin & G. G. Stearman, Prophecy Publications, 1989)

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